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I accidently built a PixelArt-Editor into my #Indiegame and drew a Charmander because people in my Stream challenged me to do that...

Just a normal day as a #gamedev ... xD

#pixelart #madewithunity #metroidvania #ドット絵 Image
Since many people asked:

I use @aseprite for my Pixelart Assets and I can not recommend it enough <3
You can find the game here :)…
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How do you start drawing pixel art? a beginners guide.

Thread! 🧵
#pixelart Image
The first really important thing before you learn pixel is to know the basics of geometry and perspective. for this i recommend the 100 box course. its free. and VERY good. however it takes a very long time to finish and a LOT of practice
after you know the basic shapes and perspective. start practicing on pixel art. i suggest a mouse but a pen can work too. practice basic geometry. so squares. perspective lines etc on pixel
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It has come to my attention to all of you that @skeddles has clearly decided to block me on purpose FOR NO REASON, after called out his use of A.I. as a way of touching up his pixel piece right here... like the scathing coward he truly is: ImageImage
Here was my original message, and I tried to be nice as I was only making a brutally honest declaration that I AM *NOT* GONNA USE A.I. AT ALL in any of my works, even in my pixelart going forward, too.

Was that too damned much to ask, @skeddles!?! 😡

Seriously, 𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐅𝐔𝐂𝐊 is wrong with him!?

Even after all I have been through for the past 5+ years in supporting him and his site @LospecOfficial in inspiring you people with my own palettes since 2017-18, going ALL THE WAY BACK to my dearest, #AAP64 palette, too: ImageImageImageImage
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Absolutely painful. 🤮💔

If I wanted to create any artwork period, I WOULD NOT EVEN REMOTELY USE A.I. to as a crutch for improving or making any so-called ‘touch-ups’ to any work to make it ‘bEttER’... 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫. Pixel art or otherwise.

I am going hand-made entirely. NO AI.
I am *not* saying it to be rude at all. Rather, I am saying it with the honesty of all of my heart, even if what I say can be brutal to swallow at times.

That is indeed why when I create my artworks, I make it all 𝟏𝟎𝟎% 𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐄 from start to fucking finish. Period.
The same goes for when I create my own pixel-art as well, because if you want to know the truth, ALL A.I. ‘aRt’ DISGUSTS ME. Period, final... since it is all ‘built’ precisely off the backs of stealing art and its resources from the original creators in the first place.
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We played a LOT of games in 2022. And fell in love with a lot of them as well. Now while they all can't get #GOTY, we can give out a bunch of silly awards to show these games just how much they mean to us.…

#indiegames ImageImageImageImage

Our 'The Bob Barker Award' goes to none other than @rednexusgames for Peglin!

"This game lets me live out my Plinko dreams and does fun things to my brain."

Congrats @DylanGedig! We gotta bring you back on the show again real soon.

#peglin #plinko #indiedev #indiegames Image

Our 'The Best RPG That None Of Us Talked About Award' goes to @ChainedEchoes!

@arkheiral is our hero. We didn't talk about your amazing game at all in 2022. Let's fix that. We have a cozy spot waiting for you on our podcast.

#rpg #pixelart #indiedev #indiegames Image
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As all of us head right into the #NewYear2023 together, ladies and gentlemen, I will reflect us back on my first FIVE (5) years on Twitter in regards of my own limited-color #pixelart palettes that I created during that time, from #AAP64 (2017) to #DGA16 (2022). 😊💖

🧵 (01/12)
October 10, 2017. The day that when I signed onto Twitter myself for the very first time, I immediately launched my very first-ever palette weighing in at just 64 colors.

It was called #AAP64, and it was a HUGE runaway success on my first three (3) days on Twitter!!! 🤯

Immediately riding the tsunami of sheer success on Twitter indeed, I forwarded ahead with my first 16-color palette that I had made that same 2017 year called #AAP16, which was simply designed for beginners who want to get their feet wet in the world of pixel artistry...

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Bookmark this tweet for an amazing run of #GIJoe Art - Artist Profiles, both Fans & Pros, already on its way and ready to explode in 2023!🔥…
#GIJoeArt #GIJoeNation #Cobra @GIJoeOfficial @Hasbro ImageImageImageImage
G.I. Joe Art - Jen Broomall…
Check out ALL the #GIJoe Art by @JenBroomallArt in this profile! 🔥

#GIJoeNation #GIJoeArt #Cobra Image
G.I. Joe Art - John Giang…
Check out ALL the #GIJoe Art by @johngiang_art in this profile! 🔥 Image
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20 tests with AI to increase the resolution INSANITY mode.

From #pixelart to megadetail with #stablediffusion.

Left: "Initial image" VS Right: result "imagined".

I will also explain step by step how you can try yourself! Your head will blow up 🤯

1. Super Mario.

More 🧵👇 Super Mario, highly detailed, smooth, sharp focus, 8k, ray t
2. Guybrush Threepwood.
3. Wizzard.
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This is how I generated 180 #pixelart flowers (16 types, one consistent style) in 20 min.

This 🧵is also a @Scenario_gg run-through (web app) - with the prompts I used and the step-by-step workflow.

Reach out for any questions.

#StableDiffusion #AI #AIart #Gaming #GameAssets
I started from a (royalty-free) dataset available on #Craftpix, with 10 images of pixelated flowers (such as the ones below).
Since the dimension of each image was only 32 × 32, I upscaled them 16x using @LospecOfficial, to get 512× 512 images.

Here's a before/after comparison.

Each image was sRGB / 8-bit.

I kept the grey background this time (I often remove it otherwise).
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Muchos desarrolladores indie deben estar usando MidJourney / StableDiffusion de forma intensiva a día de hoy.

Algunas pruebas rápidas (30 minutos) 🧵👇
Fondos para una aventura gráfica. SE SALE. Me flipa tantísimo que me dan ganas de ponerme manos a la obra. Entonces recuerdo la novela y los muchos caldos que ya estoy sorbiendo... jeje.
Es entrañable cómo intenta incluso generar #pixelart
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How I made an infinite world for my 3D Pixel Art game!

A thread 🧵#indiegame #pixelart #gamedev
Each chunk consists of 9 quadrants.
If the camera is in the middle one (5), nothing has to happen since the main chunk covers the whole camera view.
However, this changes once the player starts moving to the outside of the chunk -> Image
Now moving to the right, the camera can see outside of the main chunk and we should spawn a new one. We do this on the middle right side of the current main chunk, since the camera is in the middle right quadrant! Image
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Come, for I will show you all of my unusually fascinating, masterful-quality creativity that celebrates #pixelart, #digitalart, and sheer masterful beauty like NEVER before... all on the grand opening of my official artworks on @inkblot_art starting NOW!!! 🥰🎨

Link in thread. Image
And here it is, all ready to open:…

Be warned though: many of my artworks you see are 18+, and so I marked my account there as such. 😊❤️‍🔥
There, the majority of my art dates from all the way back to 𝟏𝟗𝟗𝟖, right into the present day in 2022... and beyond.

And so, here are some of my own #pixelart and #palettes you will soon be seeing on my OFFICIAL artworks page on @inkblot_art: ImageImageImageImage
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How I added obstacle avoidance to my game!

A thread🧵#gamedev #indiegame #pixelart
I work with Raycasts, kinda like whiskers.
They make the boat steer the opposite direction when they collide with an obstacle!
Just like for cats it helps with limited vision! (since the boat obviously doesn't have eyes)
The boats avoid each other using the 'boids' algorithm.
There's three simple rules: 1. seperation 2. alignment 3. cohesion.
These 3 make for really cool effects!
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How do you design a 2D GAME CAMERA that properly frames the action? A whirlwind tour of different solutions, animated! #pixelart #gamedev

The setup: you've made your platform game's player character and need to make the camera follow them. Easy, right...?
...Well, there's more to it than that. If you just lock the center of the camera to the center of the character, it won't give the player a very good view.

In fact, nearly half of the screen real estate is now dedicated to showing the ground texture... not helpful!
Easy fix: move the camera up a little bit! Now the player can see all of the blocks above, at least. But our work isn't done yet.

For one thing, the camera shows the menacing out-of-bounds void when the player walks near the edge of the map.
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How does ROLLBACK NETCODE work, and why is it so difficult to program? A whirlwind tour of different solutions #pixelart #gamedev

The setup: you have a video game with couch co-op (pictured) and want to add online multiplayer. Easy, right...?

Well, it's not so simple. If you send each player's button presses over the internet (big arrows), there's some delay due to how far the signal must travel. So the inputs get out of sync between the 2 screens.

Notice that the order of the characters jumping changes.
...This out-of-sync thing is a problem because it can make a player succeed on one screen but fail on the other. A few frames doesn't sound like a lot, but it can be the difference between victory and defeat in an action game.

E.g. Mario gets/misses the coin.
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10 tests con IA para aumentar la resolución modo LOCURA.

De #pixelart a megadetalle con #stablediffusion. Las img. de la izq. las he utilizado como "Initial image" y las de las der. son el resultado tras ser "imaginadas".

Os va a volar la cabeza 🤯

1. "Super Mario".

Abro 🧵👇 ImageImage
2. Wizzard. ImageImage
3. Cute girls (varias versiones). ImageImageImageImage
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10 prompts de IA 🤖 para generar recursos gráficos destinados a videojuegos.

¿Se pueden utilizar herramientas de inteligencia artificial como Stable Diffusion o MidJouney para crear gráficos que puedan usarse en el desarrollo de un videojuego?


1. ¿Un mapa isométrico de una fase a lo Super Nintendo?

"Isometric paradise island surrounded by tropical water, zelda, super nintendo, breath of the wild, video game, 8k".

#stablediffusion Image
2. ¿Unos árboles para un juego de plataformas indie?

"A very detailed beautiful image of a watercolor tree #pixelart".

#midjourney Image
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Tokyo Stories -working title-
produced by Drecom Co., Ltd.


The city continues to tell her story, even after her disappearance.

beats by @newly______
#tky_stories #indiedev #pixelart



A girl who came to this town to bring back her disappeared friend.

#tky_stories #pixelart Image


A young man who came to this town with a secret he cannot share.

#tky_stories #pixelart Image
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For today's #screenshotsaturday, I want to take you on a trip through memory lane and show off the procedurally-generated planet closeups in Slipways evolved. 🚀
This is how they look today, but we'll be going as far back as 2017 in the🧵below!
#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame
We're starting in August 2017, when I decided to push #pico8 a bit and make it render a textured planet in 3D.
At the time, I didn't even know if this would work. PICO-8 did not have any texture support back then - I had to do it the hard way, carrying pixels uphill both ways 😤
A few months later, in early 2018, I was working on the #pico8 version of Slipways.
No room for fancy procgen here, so the planets became #pixelart sprites. These humble 9x9 images would define the basic look of the various planet types in every future iteration.
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1/7 How I Make My Levels/Environment🧵✨

#indiedev #pixelart #gamedev #zeldalike
2/7 Overworld Map 🧵✨

I start with a simple map to design the overall flow of an area. I spend a lot of time in this stage thinking through little secrets, puzzles, and enemy placements.

Here's a small snapshot of a couple of zones (click for more if it crops weird)

3/7 Making Art! 🧵✨

Here's that same section, but with some polished art applied to it. The art is all done in 2D, in aseprite (with occasional 3d references done in blender) It's all done by hand without a grid or tilemap, but I do reuse some foliage.
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201,975 pixels colocados 🟥
204 personas pintando 🖌️
4 horas de streaming 📺
3 horas de pintada ⏰
2 años de @DeFi_LATAM 🎂
1 ganador del NFT: @datactuary 🏅
∞ gracias a todas las personas que se sumaron 🥰

Gracias @POAPart

Miralo en…
Gracias a @perrovolpe que se sumó a la conducción del streaming durante 4 horas con toda su alegría y su carisma. Impecable trabajo está haciendo desde la #CalypsoArmy

Por más streamings juntos 🥂
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alright it's @midjourney imagining time baby

1. a king on a throne in a psychedelic kingdom
@midjourney when you give it a prompt it gives you 4 choices that you can then double down on

here's 2. "a hindu god as a final boss in a video game"

it's incomplete, I gotta pick one to dream further... I like all of them but I think I'll go with... the second?
@midjourney enhanced...
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I don't usually draw fur eyes at that angle but I tried :D Fun exercise!
@Pixel_Dailies Just realized I forgot the whiskers, but... I kind of like it without it? Makes the intention more clear
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btw all these studies were done on my streams! ✨-
all these studies were done from the beautiful works of David Mensing - he's a master of his craft and I learned so much from his choices on the canvas 🌱
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