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Sunday, 23rd August 2020

Today the #moon will be passing through #chitranakshatra whose ruler is #mars according vimshottari dasha. Mars has just crossed #Gandata and currently transiting its own mool trikona sign of #Aries.Though mars appears to be in powerful position but it Image
is in reality weak as it has to cross the same gandanta many times.This has made its energy compromised & it cannot fructify to its fullest. Worshipping to God Karthikeya will help you get positive energy of Mars.Also,mars and #ketu are still together in #navamsha in aries sign.
Two major malefics meeting in fiery sign for a long time in navamsha is not a good sign. It can lead to violence, arguments and conflicts.The current arrest of ISIS terrorist and killing of 5 terrorists in Punjab May be also related to this conjunction and over activation of
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Sunday, 9th August 2020

Today is Shashti tithi and moon is transiting through Revati nakshatra. Mars is currently transiting Revati nakshatra forming close conjunction with moon. Don't be frustrated and keep your cool. Today is balarama jayanti, birth anniversary of Image
Shree Balarama, the elder brother of Shree Krishna.

It is also believed that he is the incarnation of sheeshnag. Shree Balrama is the first source to assess spiritual world of Shree Krishna whose master is Shree Krishna himself. So worshipping Shree Krishna and Balrama Ji can
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Sunday, 02nd August 2020

Today, #moon is transiting Purvashada Nakshatra during sunrise till 6:52. Moon is conjunct #Jupiter in mooltrikona #Sagittarius just opposite to #Venus and #rahu. #Mars is aspecting Venus and rahu with its 4th aspect.

Therefore both Venus and moon, Image
the two watery planets are afflicted in the sky. You may fall short of liquid money in the next 2 days. Dont indulge your mind in un- necessary fights in relationships and deal with anger issues. You also keep a check on your sensuality.

Chant Aditya Hrudyam strotam and surya
Gayatri mantra for blessings of #sun God on this day. Praying to #LordGanesha when moon transits through #uttarabhadrapada will ensure that there are no obstacles on your path and you will attain success.

#GajananSays #Astrology #astroquote #SundayWisdom #sundayvibes #astrology
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