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#Venus Isn’t Habitable Today, and It May All Be #Jupiter’s Fault: Study…

(📸: JAXA/ISAS/DARTS/Damia Bouic)

By @kun5k Image
In early September 2020, potential indicators of life were discovered on #Venus, when scientists detected the presence of phosphine on its clouds.
However, as of now, #Earth’s sister planet remains a world that is not conducive to life as we know it, and the biggest planet in our #solarsystem might be the one to blame for this shortcoming.
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Err hello @PakistanBar have all the women lawyers moved to #Venus that men from #Mars have taken to defend the freedoms? In a country that boasted of #AsmaJahangir? You couldn't find a single female lawyer to be included in this Committee which has been set up for a good purpose? Image
If the women lawyers were approached by the @PakistanBar and they didn't sign on then I shall be the first to apologise for this tweet and will take it down ... Were they asked ? What were the reasons for refusal... I am aware this sign up is voluntary
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Married Life Predictions With Navamansa Chart

Navamsa, the harmonic chart representing the microscopic view of 9th house is the most crucial chart for analyzing the married life of native. Nowadays, relationships are becoming more complex and therefore proper Image
evaluation of chart is important for deciphering the success in the same. Your birth chart shows all your karmas but in order to deeply analyze various areas of life such as money, education, career, relationships, parents, siblings, etc., Rishi Parashara has given us
divisional charts. Today, many relationship predictions just fail due to the fact that #navamansa chart was not given due consideration while giving predictions. Therefore, we always do a through study of the chart in order to give accurate predictions about the chart.
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Rahu-Ketu transit - September 23, 2020
Today, the mystical shadow planets will change sign & the most important astrological event of the year is on cards. Rahu will transit 2 its exalted sign ruled by #Venus i.e. #Taurus. Ketu will transit to its own house #Scorpio
You might be thinking that why this transit is so important ?
And the straight answer is that quantum of effects produced by this shift. There will be many micro and macro level changes which will lead your life after this transit.
👉Rahu will be transiting 1st house of
India's natal chart.This will bring many structural changes in India.
👉Communal violence will be on the rise. Secret anti -India sources will become very active and govt. has to do lot of planning to defeat them.
👉Rahu is smoky planet. Its transiting natural 2nd house
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Interpretation of Love 🪔Role of #Venus ♀️
💘 ❤ 💕 💖 💗
1. ♀️Strong Venus gives attraction to opposite sex early in life and conjugal bliss.
2. Venus in 3/6/10/11H or benefic Venus in 7H makes one fortune after marriage.

3. ♀️Venus in Kendra in Own House or exaltation gives material gains, conjugal bliss, and all sorts of comforts in life.

4. ♀️Venus in 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12 signs in more beneficial than in other signs. In Capricorn indicates excessive attachment and aggressive ambition.
5.♀️ Venus in 12H good for conjugal bliss, but also secret love affairs and excessive greed for money. It should not be in the Navamsha of Saturn.


#SamayaVidya 🪔
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(1/3) Pos li recent decovrition de fosfine in li nubes del planete #Venus, quam felici coincidentie li mission #BepiColombo a #Mercurie va survolar Venus ye 15 octobre. Li unesim de du survolas, ti-ci vez it va passar ye un altitudine de 10907 km, presc

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/3) certmen tro distant por far observationes confirmant li presentie del vive sur #Venus, ma totvez auxiliant por plu comprender it. Poy un duesim survola va evenir, ti-ta vez mult plu proxim a un altitudine de solmen 1 007 km. In tot, li observationes a far es quam seque:
(3/3) Temperatura e densitá del atmosfere, composition chimic del atmosfere, circulation global, li structura intern del planete, radiation solari, energic particules, interactiones plasmatic, local camp magnetic interplanetari, poy camp electric plus plasma- e radio-ondes.
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OK, buckle up, kiddos—here's a 🧵 on our new Geology paper about the enigmatic tesserae on #Venus, and what our new results mean for our understanding of the Hell Planet

Here we go!
First off: what *are* the tesserae (sing. "tessera")?

In short: dunno! Ha.

The longer answer is that they're very heavily tectonically deformed rocks, and where they're found they're the oldest things around: everything else is on top of them.

Here's what they look like:
Lots of work has focused on the tesserae since they were discovered in the 1980s (and named by Russian scientists for parquet flooring!).

We've found lines in several tessera units that curve in such a way that they seem to follow topography. And that's a bit... unexpected.
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16/09 > Les paléontologues identifient un nouvel événement d'extinction de masse via @scinewscom #LaMethSci Image
[L’étude à découvrir] 16/17 > Extinction et aube du monde moderne au #Carnien (Trias tardif) via @ScienceAdvances #LaMethSci
16/09 > #BepiColombo pourrait être en mesure de rechercher des signes de vie en passant devant #Vénus via @newscientist #LaMethSci Image
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#LifeAfterDeath: James Webb Telescope to Hunt for Life on Planets Orbiting Dead Stars…

(📸: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle) Image
Following the recent discovery of phosphine in the clouds of #Venus, intense debates over the presence of life on our neighbouring planet are once again underway in full force.

And while scientists argue whether this phosphine is evidence for microbial life on #Venus, another group of researchers has devised a potential method to hunt for life outside our solar system—on planets orbiting dead stars!

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Things have quietened enough that I'm going to share my thoughts about the detection of #phosphine on #Venus announced yesterday.

In short: this is a BIG fucking deal. And here's why:

(a 🧵)
Phosphine (PH₃) is a fairly rare gas. It forms in giant planets, like #Jupiter, because of the extreme conditions inside them (and because of their hydrogen-rich atmospheres). Neither condition applies to Venus.

PH₃ is also produced by biological activity.
As a result, it's thought to be a useful thing to look for in the atmospheres of #exoplanets that might be habitable.

But nobody expected to find it in the atmosphere of Venus—a world the team led by Prof. Greaves (@jgreaves6) used to test their detection methods.
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14/09 > Un gaz associé à la vie découvert dans les nuages de #Vénus via @Sciences_Avenir #LaMethSci Image
[L’étude à découvrir] 14/09 > Gaz #phosphine dans les ponts de nuages de #Vénus via @NatureAstronomy #LaMethSci
09/09 > Plus de chats pourraient être positifs au #CoVid19 qu'on ne le croyait au départ, selon une étude via @ScienceDaily #LaMethSci Image
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¿Cómo eran los festejos de la Independencia en el siglo XIX?
Desde 1825 hasta fines del porfiriato, la #Alameda Alameda tuvo un gran protagonismo dentro de las celebraciones civiles y entre ellas las referidas a la conmemoración de la independencia. (1/6) Image
El 16 de septiembre, todas las autoridades se desplazaban a este lugar desde el palacio de gobierno para escuchar, año con año, el discurso cívico encargado a personajes prominentes de la política o de las letras. (2/6)
La ceremonia congregaba a todo tipo de público como se puede apreciar en este óleo de autor desconocido del #MuseoNacionaldeHistoria en el #CastillodeChapultepec. La escena está situada en la glorieta central de la (3/6)
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It's not shocking if there's alien life on Venus. It's alien to Venus because it likely came from Earth. If Earth bacteria can live on Venus, we should revive HAVOC and stop microfocusing on cold, dead Mars and look at building cloud cities on #Venus.
"Extraterrestrial life" on Venus (I think it's Earth life that's been there a long time, after hitching a cosmic ride).…
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Catching up on the exciting news about #Venus? We've just been taking a look at the way the UK press has reported the story about phosphine being detected in the atmosphere of Venus. Ready for a newspaper review? Buckle-up, here we go! #VenusNews
(Only) two papers decided to put the Venus story on their front page - @thetimes and @theipaper #VenusNews #Venus Both of them note that it's not Mars we're talking about in the search for life this time...
The Times piece is measured and gives a clear explanation of the story - noting that @jgreaves6 was "stunned" by the discovery. Final line is a quote from Caleb Sharf, Director of the Columbia Astrobiology Centre who doesn't seem so excited by the result. #VenusNews #Venus
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Astronomers found a gas in #Venus's clouds that could signal #alien life… Image
#Venus' carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere and high temperatures make the planet's surface inhospitable to life. But new research suggests the clouds surrounding Venus could harbor microbial life.

#LifeOnVenus #space
A new study found traces of #Phosphine — a gas typically produced by anaerobic microbes on Earth — in the upper reaches of #Venus's clouds. The researchers said the phosphine's origin "could be unknown photochemistry or geochemistry, or possibly life."

#LifeOnVenus #space
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Si usted creía que el 2020 no se podía poner más interesante, hoy se publicó un estudio en la revista @NatureAstronomy donde se reporta la detección de un posible biomarcador en la atmósfera del planeta #Venus. Y esto qué tiene de interesante? En #ElDesparche se lo contamos. 1/
Parte de la comunidad astronómica está interesada en la búsqueda de “biomarcadores”: Gases/Compuestos que son producto de la actividad biológica y que *podrían* indicar la presencia de vida. En la Tierra tenemos por ejemplo el Oxígeno, el Ozono y el Metano! #ElDesparche 2/
El Fosfano (PH3) es un potencial biomarcador, ya que en la Tierra se relaciona únicamente con procesos biológicos, en particular, con ecosistemas y microorganismos que no necesitan de Oxígeno. También se produce industrialmente para la elaboración de insecticidas. #ElDesparche 3/
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Toinen mielenkiintoinen näkökulma sivilisaatioiden esiintymistiheyteen maailmankaikkeudessa ja omalla planeetallamme on "Silurian hypothesis" eli aikaisempi lyhytikäinen teollinen sivilisaatio syvässä geologisessa historiassa. Miten se todennettaisiin? 1/…
Ihminen on elänyt planeetalla 300,000 vuotta mutta käyttänyt edistyneempää teknologiaa vain viimeisimpien vuosisatojen aikana.

Tämä teknologia on perustunut lähes kategorisesti polttamiselle, joten olemme muokanneet ilmakehää nopeammin ja enemmän kuin luonnolliset prosessit. 2/ Image
Eroosio ja mannerlaattojen liikkeet olisivat tuhonneet kaikenlaiset rakennelmat ja teknologiat joita edellinen sivilisaatio olisi saanut aikaan: pitäisi tutkia siis sedimenttien kemiallisia ja hiilen isotooppien poikkeamia. 3/
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Unexplained Chemical Process Detected in #Venus’s Clouds; Scientists Debate If it’s a Sign of Life - by @deekshith_np…

(Image credit: SSV, MIPL, Magellan Team, NASA) Image
The detection of #phosphine—a colourless, flammable gas—on the clouds of Venus, has kicked off an intense debate over the presence of life on the Earth’s sister planet.

According to the paper published in the reputed Nature Astronomy journal on Monday, #phosphine could originate from unknown photochemical or geochemical processes on Venus, or it could be a biological product from the presence of life.

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Astronomers exploring whether gas discovery on Venus indicates organisms are living in planet's clouds via @BBC breaking news.
Life on Venus? Astronomers See a Signal in Its Clouds

The detection of a gas in the planet’s atmosphere could turn scientists’ gaze to a planet long overlooked in the search for extraterrestrial life.…
Change of plans? @elonmusk 😂

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Scientists appear to have found strong evidence of life on the planet #Venus. Image
News under embargo until official publication on September 14 that has slipped out early suggests that is indeed the case.
The surface of Venus is a hellish landscape that no carbon-based lifeforms are able to survive – temperatures can reach almost 900 F/500 C – but there is a ‘habitable zone’ in the planet’s cloudy atmosphere that is similar to Earthly conditions, in terms of temperature/pressure.
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Venus has been known for its weird cloud formations for more than 50 years. For example, a large Y-shaped feature was first observed in ultraviolet light; the Mariner 10 spacecraft in 1973 discovered that this feature was also moving independently of clouds in the same region.
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Une preuve indirecte de vie dans les nuages de Vénus ?
C'est l'annonce imminente qui devrait être faite dans la revue Nature, après la découverte de phosphine dans les nuages de Vénus, qu'aucun processus non biologique ne pourrait expliquer.
Un extrait de la vidéo Molécules de phosphine (PH₃...
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Saturday, 5th September 2020

#Moon is transiting through the Revati, the 27th nakshatra ruled by #Mercury. Mercury is exalted in #virgo which is directly aspecting the moon. Moon- mercury opposition makes us quite calculative & the free flow of emotions is not there. However Image
#Revatinakshatra gifts prosperity and nourishment. The month of #september is filled with many planetary transformations. #Venus has changed house and is currently transiting #cancer. Mercury is in its exalted state in #Virgo. #Jupiter is going to become direct on Sep 13, 2020.
#Rahu and #ketu are changing signs on Sep 23, 2020. As ketu will leave Mula, Major relief from Corona can be seen. Also,we can expect some good news regarding vaccinee in coming days due to changing cosmic weather.

#Astrology #astroquote #SaturdayVibes #SaturdayMorning
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1-Today we shall continue to dive deeper into the aspects of #Past #Life #Astrology.

And the very first word that comes to mind is #Karma.

#Karma is actually a poorly understood term.

Most people think of Karma and might think of punishment and retribution. (1/25)
2-The fact is Karma is like a #Cosmic, ongoing, Instruction Design of God.

Karma is rather concerned with #Evolution and #Growth.

@BabaRamDass used to often say, “May be the #Law of #Karma itself is #God” (2/25)

3-Just like Ether, Karma is all-embracing and has a myriad of #Manifestations

The #Cosmos operates at different levels of #Karma –from Personal Karma to the Karma of entire nations or communities. (3/25)

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