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We're nearly 20 years into the new millennium and instead of enjoying flying cars and self-cleaning kitchens, we're all hostages to a bunch of racist pedophiles who are kidnapping children and locking up American citizens based on their ancestry.
Have you learned about Putin's oligarchs? This is very important.


💭 For info about Putin's oligarchs & the Russian mafia, watch Active Measures, read @craigunger, listen to @gaslitnation, search the internet.
Why is Pelosi trying to prevent Trump from being impeached? Why aren't we seeing "public hearings for public men?"

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Update on @AOC's accusers:

"This is Jen Kirkman. She wants to sell her comedy albums. She also smears Bernie Sanders."

"The accounts she [Jen Kirkman] references link to a variety of domains and post using IFTTT which indicates that they are spambots and farming pay-per-click revenue, they will link to anything that has a high click success rate."
"Jen made a lazy evidence-free conjecture to smear Senator Sanders and meld him with the Russian hack narrative."
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We're nearly 20 years into the new millennium and instead of enjoying flying cars and self-cleaning kitchens, we're all hostages to a bunch of racist pedophiles who are kidnapping children and locking up American citizens based on their ancestry.
What follows is a thread of threads with background research into how we got here and the mistakes we're repeating.

💭FTR, I'm part nerd, part geek. Some peers think I read the dictionary for fun, others think I'm Luna Lovegood.
Some of thread are of theories I've defended with sources, others are just relevant dots I've connected, a talent I developed in the corporate world, impacting millions in revenue and receivables.
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More of @/karolcummins sowing seeds of doubt and division by amplifying post of fellow #TeamPatriot connection @/Counterchekist, adding her own bits - notice the commenter seems puzzled for good reason - then used the Politico article to round things up.
Remember, Politico recently compared Trump to John F. Kennedy.

And notice how Politico chose to characterize Congresswoman Omar in image two.

Does Politico have a "thing" against Democrats? See image 3.
Framing the @justicedems as EXTREME left and opposite the extreme right GOP on the "horseshoe" is a common theme with @/karolcummins & #TeamPatriot.

Here, Karol is "teaching" us about the big, scary "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION" conspiracy by the "INSURGENTS!" OMG! 😱

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Just learned about #TeamPillowForts while blocking another account tweeting #disinformation. Turns out there's a 😠nest of accounts that ties back @LouiseMensch and therefore to Rupert Murdoch.

These times are hard enough without fake resisters gaining then abusing our trust.
@LouiseMensch Rupert Murdoch owns Fox Entertainment Group, which includes the Fox News entertainment channel.…
Louise Mensch (2016): "A News Corp spokesman confirmed that Mensch has been working for the company owned by Rupert Murdoch on 'digital projects in the creative/strategic arena.'"…
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Quick Public Service THREAD about Who Is Good, Who Is Real, and How To Tell
We all know there are bots, trolls and complicit Americans (a/k/a treasonweasels) all over Twitter.
We all know Twitter won't properly police their site because the Russians own a big piece of it.
So what if we're unsure of someone's identity or loyalties?
Twitter verifications can be trusted as far as I am aware, but that doesn't apply to most accounts.
Bad hats often have sock-puppet accounts. They also impersonate former Twitter accounts, like Broadsword6.
Who can we trust? I have three tips.
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Hey @MSNBC, is your "intelligence expert" going to disavow the anonymous trolls who "happen" to attack all his enemies on Twitter? Or is Malcolm Nance fine with Russian intelligence going after people as long as their targets have hurt his feelings before?

@MSNBC @MSNBCPR The trolls don't care if a non-state hostile intelligence service shares their work. Do you?
"But all we did was retweet Wikileaks!"

Yeah, that's exactly the problem. Maybe "intelligence experts" should stop associating with anonymous accounts on Twitter that don't know why amplifying WikiLeaks matters.
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Gaslight is always on.

Whose sock account is this supposed to be, Doug? Be specific.

Are you going to answer, or will you slink back to Gab to threaten journalists again?

FYI, Douglas Matthew Stewart, the account who said that #TeamPillowForts is "totally unhinged" on Gab was ... @dmatthewstewart *NOT* @Microchip.

cc @lukeobrien
@dmatthewstewart @microchip @lukeobrien Oh, he answered on Gab. Apparently Doug is saying this is your sock account, @LouiseMensch. It isn't, and he knows it isn't.

Gaslight is always on. cc @TrumpPrisonDate @Grzabjj
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Microchip, Roger Stone, John Cardillo, Kurt Schlichter, RT, Sputnik, The Federalist, Steve King and now Laura Loomer are all telling us the new Civil War is coming or already here.

Why is @MSNBC's Malcolm Nance pushing the same message?

#TeamPillowForts #WhoFundsGhostOfStew
I like posting receipts, so I figured I would share them now. It's important to show your work, of course.

Microchip says they'll "bring down the Western world as you know it" despite all the people trying to prevent this. Okay then.
Roger Stone said, "if there is an illegal attempt to remove the president,” he says, “you’re going to have a civil war in this country.”

An "illegal attempt" being whatever Roger Stone, frequent guest of RT and co-host of Infowars, decides it is.…
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