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@realDonaldTrump @marcthiessen In a messaging war, does Mueller's quiet honesty stand a chance against Trump's lies?…
@realDonaldTrump @marcthiessen After the Mueller Report, the majority of voters (56%) believe it revealed President Trump was engaged in wrongdoing. This number rises among Americans who have heard a lot or some about the report- to 65%. Let's get folks reading! #MuellerBookClub…
@realDonaldTrump @marcthiessen I'd like to know how we can hear over and over that Russia SUCCESSFULLY interfered in the 2016 election and INFLUENCED the results and still call trump the legitimate President of the United States. HOW?
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“You don’t have to take it to the full house. Only the judiciary voted to move forward with [Nixon] impeachment. You don’t shelve it. It’s on the table”—Hillary Clinton

Let’s talk about impeachment…

A Thread


"There were multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election. That allegation deserves the attention of every American"

Those saying “vote them out in 2020" are willfully ignoring how Russia & GOP is guaranteeing 2020 elections are not free & fair
✅Incumbent Scott Morrison wins despite all polls in Australia
✅Incumbent Narendra Modi wins despite all polls in India
✅Far right–wing France’s Le Pen & Italy’s Matteo win EU elections
⚠️Incumbent Donald Trump…

Trump WILL win 2020 unless Dems impeach
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@realDonaldTrump I'd like to know how we can hear over and over that Russia SUCCESSFULLY interfered in the 2016 election and INFLUENCED the results and still call trump the legitimate President of the United States. HOW?
@realDonaldTrump “The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion,” Mueller wrote. This help “favored presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.”

@realDonaldTrump After the Mueller Report, the majority of voters (56%) believe it revealed President Trump was engaged in wrongdoing. This number rises among Americans who have heard a lot or some about the report- to 65%. Let's get folks reading! #MuellerBookClub…
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@WhiteHouse LAWS are for EVERYONE. It's too bad the White House is no longer anything but a PROPAGANDA arm of the Trump Crime Syndicate.
@WhiteHouse The cost is well worth the 215 criminal charges
38 indictments or pleas
5 prison sentences
500 search warrants
2800 subpoenas
13 requests to foreign governments for evidence
@WhiteHouse President Trump's Vacations Cost More Than These 11 Things The Government Spends Money On
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@realDonaldTrump The most important line in the Mueller report appears in the introduction to Volume I: “The Russian government interfered with the 2016 election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” Our president’s response has fallen woefully short. And now we know why.…
@realDonaldTrump This must be exposed ---> The State Dept. Was Granted $120,000,000 to Fight Russian Meddling. It Has Spent $0.00…
@realDonaldTrump White House blocks bill that would protect elections - A bill that would have significantly bolstered the nation’s defenses against electoral interference has been held up in the Senate at the behest of the WH, which opposed the proposed legislation...
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1. Abdulkareem al-Hawaj was a juvenile at age 16 when they arrested him. He was killed today by the Saudis.

His crime: apparently he "confessed" to being near a protest.
2. Mujtaba Al Suweikat was on his was to Michigan to study finance. But you know how they got him?Patriot Act!

The British government tipped of the Saudis. His crime: Attending a protest and "social media incitement"
3. Munir Al-Adam was arrested in April 2012 for again, the crime of "participating in peaceful protests." The Saudi authorities tortured him so badly that he became fully deaf and he is also partially blind. He was executed today.
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1/ My Personal Thank You to Donald J. Trump...

Human beings are tribal.

We define ourselves relative to our affiliations, our social networks, our tribes.

Our nationality. Our religion. Our ethnicity. Our school. Our political affiliation. Our profession. Our sports teams...
2/ The neighborhood we were born in. The city we were born in. All are tribes of one sort or another.

With our tribal behavior comes certain prejudices, certain judgements that we render against those of a different tribe.

I've had them my whole life. ..
3/ We all have them, to one degree or another, whether or not we admit it to ourselves.

It's in recognition of that fact that I have to personally thank Donald J. Trump for freeing me of those prejudices, those judgements...
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💣It turns out Al Green D-TX and Brad Sherman D-CA did introduce House Resolution 13 on January 3, 2019.

Guess what HR 13 is?



⚖It was referred to the Judiciary Committee.…
🔮I know what you're thinking!

Who's on the House Judiciary Committee?

📱You know what to do. 👇
💣Not only that...

🤠There is a Texas House Concurrent Resolution 66 to...

You guessed it.

🍊Urge the U.S. Congress to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

From #Texas!! TX HCR66…
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Trump delivers belligerent 25-minute rant on fake 'national emergency'… #InstabilityInChief #AmericanSociopath
Cue the articles of impeachment. 🚨 #NationalEmergencyDeclaration
Cue the #25thAmendmentNow. 🚨
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I can’t take this #SOTU.

Trump’s references to NATO, Eisenhower, D-Day, “ripping babies from their mothers,” denouncing anti-semitism, cheering for those released from Nazi concentration camps, attacking immigrants w/racist & xenophobic rhetoric...

The hypocrisy is too much.
1. He’s trying to destroy NATO for Putin—the alliance we built during World War II that’s kept post-war America safe.

2. Eisenhower warned against a military industrial complex. Trump’s SecDef is a Boeing exec.

3. Child Separation = Nazi Lebensborn

4. Refugees aren’t criminals
Of the tens of thousands of refugee children that Trump kidnapped, those that he didn’t put in “foster homes” or lose forever — Trump put them in concentration camps all over OUR country.

Make no mistake: he is turning our great nation into Nazi Germany.

#SOTU #ImpeachTheMF ✊🏽
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What kind of man would consider it appropriate or acceptable to troll a holiday dedicated to the memory of perhaps the greatest American Civil Rights leader of the 20th century?

What kind of man would find doing so humorous?

The answer?


What kind of man would speak about any of his children as sexual objects?

What man would talk of dating his own daughter or telling the world that the one thing they have in common is sex?

What man would think these photos are acceptable?

The answer:


What kind of man could look the whole world in eye and tell over 6000 provable lies in under two years?

What kind of man could manage 125 lies in only a two hour period?

Or then ever expect anyone to believe a single word they ever say again?

The answer:


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@GeorgeTakei We ARE at WAR, no doubt about it.
An undeclared #CYBERWAR and we have been victims of #CyberWarfare for years.

This #CorruptGOP #PutinsPuppets have been complicit and compromised in denying it to the public.

A clear violation of their duties and oath of office. #ImpeachTrump
@GeorgeTakei #WeThePeople ask @HouseDemocrats not to stand for Trump AT ALL. To HONOR a NATION, that is lied to daily, its coffers are being emptied every second of every minute of every day. His Presidency has been a NIGHTMARE, and our country, and people will be lucky to survive it.
His very presence is an insult to the world and every Ally of the United States. #SOTU
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Return of the Impeach-O-Meter: Wow, So This Really Might Happen After All… via @slate #ImpeachTheMF #LockHimUp
‘If true, he’s done’: Internet dances on Trump’s political grave after report the president suborned perjury via @rawstory
Trump Takes a Step Closer to Impeachment… via @business
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.@ResistOrganize I blame the deaths of four Americans in Syria on the blatant disregard for their safety as #POTUS publicly announced their troop movements with a timeline. Making them targets and inspiring ISIS recruitment; more blood will be spilled. #TreasonIsTheReason
Operational security is the process used to deny enemy access to our intentions and capabilities by identifying, controlling, and protecting indicators associated with our planning or operations.

The OPSEC process often restricts informing ANYONE of future troop movements.
Even inadvertently exposing unit information (e.g. deployment schedule, troop movements, locations, size, capabilities, etc.) is a betrayal of your duty to the safety of every member of the team.

Since coward bonespurs used their lives as political pawns, #POTUS is responsible.
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First New Port In 50 years imports Russian Steel Slabs daily. This material is then formed by US companies into “US Steel”.
Trump now want steel wall to benefit his Russian sponsors. @POTUS

First import of Russian steel arrives at new Paulsboro port…
Russia’s largest steel exporter, NLMK, says they can’t stay profitable with Trump Tariffs.

@larry_kudlow @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @VP #BorderWall… | NLMK Pa. chief: We can’t sustain tariffs
Russian company seeks tariff exemption. Wilbur Ross to decide on their free pass.

@POTUS @PressSec @larry_kudlow @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @GOP
#BorderWall… | NLMK could be in trouble without quick action on tariffs
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ICYMI: #Trump Sold Out US Farms to #Putin who profits from Tariffs & Supplies China ALL it Needs

This is market share, farmland & Treasury the US will NEVER get back. Not to mention, Democracy handed over to Foreign Powers.

#ImpeachTheMF #TrumpShutdown…
#Putin Gives Thanks: US Surrendered the ME & US Farmers

Putin said on Wednesday, Russia would supply soy beans & poultry meat to China because the US had effectively 'given up' on that market.

No, the US Farmer was SOLD OUT.
#ImpeachTheMF #GOPShutdown…
China buys Bankrupt US Farms to cut out the middleman & compete in US Food Supply. Specifically, Alibaba is targeting Walmart.

#Trump & Bankers describe these foreclosure steals as 'good business' just like Wilbur Ross' US mortgage crisis.

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Just know this, if Trump would have said what Rashida Tlaib said CNN would cover it 24/7 for a month straight and doxxed every person that liked the tweet.

Brain Stelter would have an entire “Reliable sources” show dedicated to the word and its history of it being degrading to ALL women.

You know I’m right.
But instead of the headlines being ‘Anti-Semite won election’ we get the whole “Oops, she said a bad word because of her passion” bull crap.
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The Democrats insist that Donald Trump is an intemperate foul-mouthed boor who is damaging our institutions.

Then a Democrat rep launches an #ImpeachTheMF f-bomb at the President while another introduces a bill to eliminate the Electoral College.
Here's a hint: If you constantly bitch and whine about Trump's 'hateful tone' or his 'coarsening language' while cheering on some classless back-bencher on your side braying #impeachtheMF, go ahead and sit this one out.
The more I think about it, I think Democrats don't really hate Trump because of his policies. They hate him because he's revealed the Dems to be just as tacky and gauche as he is.

In many ways they're even bigger heels than Trump.

They hate that people can see that now.
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My husband’s boss worked for @realDonaldTrump as a contractor for his golf course in South Florida.

Trump poached his employees, didn’t pay him, and told him that’s what happens to “backwoods po-dunks”.

Just in case you wondered what he really thinks of people here in Florida.
The best part of this story is that I know it’s 100% true because EVEN THOUGH Trump completely fucked him over he STILL voted for him in 2016. His boss is over 70, openly racist/sexist, and said every other word out of Trump’s mouth was a swear/slur.

They’re two peas in a pod.
Just another reason why #ImpeachtheMF is trending!!
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Days after insisting that Mexico is paying for the wall through USMCA,
Trump exposes himself as an unhinged liar yet again.

Trump mulls declaring national emergency in an effort to secure wall funding #NoWall…
Hundreds of TSA screeners, who are required to work without pay through the #TrumpShutdown, have called out sick at major airports…
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What utter bullshit. The Trump-supporting GOP has precisely zero moral high ground to criticize @RashidaTlaib for profanity.

The Motherfucker In Chief is the real obscenity here.…
What snowflakes, the GOP - wounded by a word. Funny they’re objecting to profanity when a brown Muslim woman utters it, instead of the president and his minions.

Rashida Tlaib has nothing to apologize for. #UnapologeticallyMe too.
Keep in mind, the same people crying about Rashida Tlaib’s cursing are the ones hysterical about creeping sharia.

If anything, the GOP should be thrilled at the display of Muslim integration - her discourse is positively all-American, even... presidential.
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While the right is busy clutching pearls and gnashing teeth about Rashida Tlaib's use of the word motherfucker, I have one word for you. #fridayfeeling #fridaymotivation #impeachtheMF
Here's the entire compilation of Trump swearing up a fucking storm.

If you are offended by Rashida Tlaib's colorful language but not Trump's, your problem might not be the language.

#fridayfeeling #fridaymotivation
As I was saying...

Nancy Pelosi: Rashida Tlaib’s Impeachment Comment ‘Nothing Worse Than the President Has Said’

#Fridayfeeling #fridaymotivation #fridaythoughts…
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