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Are you participating in #BlackoutDay?

I have some suggestions for you.

I see so many #FBR parties and honestly, they’re traps for trolls and bots to follow you and anyone who posts on them.

Let me suggest a few ways to gain followers that gives you solid people who interact
How do you gain good followers?
Several ways:
🌀 Post original content
🌀 Interact & reply to people on your feed & the feed of people you like
🌀 Stay active
🌀 Use trending hashtags & words to make your tweets visible
🌀Vet followers & followback
🌀Give a synopsis of articles
Posting original content:
🖊️Make sure you have a good balance of RT/QT and original tweets
🖊️Use MEMEs, photos and GIFS to grab attract attention
🖊️Tag people in your photos
🖊️Give your opinion of an article, don't just repeat the headline
🖊️Try a thread, just reply to yourself!
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For those who are new to Twitter "#resistance" let's talk about all these people collecting FBRs and not-so-hidden FBRs. The not-so-hidden ones are those 50 person "we love our own group!" threads that never go away.

Some history: I was told that FBRs

began around 2015ish when an organized group of anti-Trump twitter accts started a "geek" resistance team. i think it was called "SVRU" or like. That group did FBRs to teambuild AND to amplify their political messaging and calls to action [CTA = "call Congress abt X"]

That group of "geek" accounts and others eventually imploded. That big group broke into 4-5 hashtagged groups, incl GeeksResist, HeroesResist, DumbledoresArmy [now WWWResist] LibertyTree. Geeks later split into RebelScum and current GeeksResist - who often hide their affiliation
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During and now after the midterms, we saw the proliferation of Russian Infiltrator Trolls trying to embed themselves in the #Resistance in order to sabotage the primary process.

Here are a few of the Russians' tells.

The name:
Older Russian troll accounts often had serial numbers in their handle (i.e. Jenny8675309).

Most Russian accounts now "overshare" and give faux full names in a way no American would, because it would be self-doxxing.


Not every account that jumps or starts #FBR threads is a Russian, but Russians LOVE #FBR threads, because they can gain access to many #Resisters if they gain the trust of just one or two. Be careful who you endorse, please!

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Of trolls and catfishing and mass reporting and twitter jail and trying to stay sane in the hot psyops war that is Twitter. Feel free to chime in trollhunters @tundraeatsyou @GWillicker8 @WarfareNavel or oft attacked @truefactsstated, @spicyfiles @louisemensch @marykerry thread
My introduction to troll culture on twitter was brief and steep. In August, 2017 I went public as @truefactsstated lawyer in the case filed against him by Cassandra Fairbanks, notorious operative and then working for Sputnik.
Within minutes of that announcement, I was being tweeted at by those that I now know are professional trolls. At the time, I was pretty naive, and while I was aware of harsh comments, I was not aware of organized, mass trolling.
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The @GOP says "The Democrats don't abide by laws."

Let's look at the scoreboard, folks!

Criminal charges per administration since 1970:

TRUMP: +100 (so far)
GWB: 16

If you're counting:

R's: 220
D's: 3

Someone pointed out that David Petraeus should count against Obama. Ok. Petraeus had one criminal charge.

Also, the exact number of criminal charges for the Trump administration is 191.

So add 1 to Democrats.

...Then add 91 to Republicans.

R: 311
D: 4…
This thread got more attention than I expected.

Well, I don't have anything to plug, and I wouldn't ask you to buy me a coffee.

...How about a follow instead? 😄

I vet and follow back! ✌

#FBR #FollowBackResistance
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@AnnCoulter And some orange men prefer golden showers but it doesn't make them experts on sewage?
@AnnCoulter And some presidents get called to army 5 times but doesn't make them military experts.
@AnnCoulter @SPD2212 Some presidents have multiple bankruptcies but doesnt mean they know about business.

Wow this is fun ann thanks for the game.

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Trump: Day 638
-Calls Saudi 'Fist Fight' Story Credible
-Pulling Out of Nuclear Forces Treaty
-Seeks Another Large Scale Tax Cut
-Replies 2 Reporter "Don't be a Baby"
-Judicial Nominees Withholding Info
-Sinclair Orders Pro-GOP Segments
-Held 3rd Campaign Rally in 3 Days
Day 743 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 594 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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You are something else - yes, you, the one reading this tweet. You don't even know what you're doing, or the significance of it, but take a moment, read this thread, and pat yourself on the back.
(1 of 8)
YOU have risen up to #resist. Without any centralized or organizational foundation, you helped grow a massive online movement. Through #FBRParty #FBR and other hashtag advocacy, you did this.
(2 of 8)
YOU have created an international coalition, bringing together a diverse group of people who are raising up to demand change, not just here in America but across the world. You have inspired people to speak up.
(3 of 8)
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thanks to @AshaRangappa_ for pointing out these foreign IFTTT bots:
55 of them.
All created at the same time.
Bios have some version of these hashtags:
#NotMyPresident #TheResistance #FuckTrump #FBR #TRE45ON #TreasonousTrump

twitter list here:…
here you can see they all share similar stats.
and have their twitter UI set to "id" or Ino6jt3EYAu5
They are "trying" to use IFTTT to retweet specific accounts, but they didn't set it up c555qwlswtl
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What I tweeted about earlier. This tweet from Rick Scott keeps appearing in my feed because someone likes it. Look who liked this and their profile. Look at the bio description #TheResistance. I never followed this account. I am now following it.
This is the 5th time that Rick Scott tweet appeared in my feed today. For months I told you guys about these fake #Resistance & #FBR lists. For months I kept warning you guys about how there was something not right about those threads and to be on the lookout for them.
This is why I kept saying to keep me off these lists. Was I following accounts back in the beginning, yes. Until I saw the pattern of bots and trolls many months ago. Then I started calling it out. How many of you guys followed these accounts back as well & kept doing it?
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This thread is to arm fellow European British with essential info about our POSSIBLE future relationship with the WTO and what it would mean for the UK in a no deal situation. Use it to rebut Brexiteer disengenuity and nonsense on the matter - facts matter. /1
WTO RULES state that you can’t treat other nations more favourably in trade deals. So, the EU be in breach of their own international Treaties to accept the Chequers Accord. This is highly unlikely; they’d have to make these same allowances for more than 50 other countries. /2
Central to WTO rules is, to trade favourably, then a country must have a hard border to control good entering & leaving the country (as ratified by all 164 WTO members). S.10 of the EUWA18 makes this impossible: the UK can’t create a hard border in Ireland (protecting the GFA)./3
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[Ref illegality & corruption THREAD 👇👇]

Been asked to summarise the Susan Wilson (@Suewilson91) v Prime Minister case. This thread gives the basics of the pleadings and relief sought. /1


#VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw #FBPE #WATON #FBR @abcpoppins #StopBrexit
There is a principal issue underlying the case that poses a simple question: is a lawful, free and fair vote one of the constitutional requirements of the UK? It's asked after 2 Electoral Commission (EC) Reports found that illegality & corruption dogged the ref campaign. /2
Let me make this clear. The EC findings were to the criminal standard of proof (beyond reasonable doubt) & serious offences were committed by the designated campaign for leaving the EU (& others), in breach of the statutory framework established by Parliament for the ref. /3
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You fucking Congress people say you can't live on $174,000 plus stipend, but expect us to live on $7.25/hr?!?!?! You can fuck right off. You should get minimum wage.
I'm actually surprised by how much attention this tweet is getting, considering the fact it's littered with the f-Bomb.
If you like this tweet, follow me for more fun!!! I'll follow back!!! I just cleared out 800 non-followers to make room to follow back.
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Facts: If you come at me with some bullshit insult or some condescending attitude, be prepared for me to snap back at you. I don't go into anyone's mentions. I don't quote tweet folk. I don't reply to people's tweets unless it's a verified account. I don't look for folk's tweets.
I stay on my page. If a tweet shows up anywhere in my feed and I don't agree, I keep my happy ass moving. Learn to do the same. And if you think I'm gonna sit here quietly and not answer your insults back with fire you found the wrong one. Keep your shit elsewhere.
I reiterate a tweet from a few months ago. Please keep me off these Follow Back Resistance lists. Most accounts coming at me are ones who followed me recently & have #FBR or #Resistance on their profiles. Their only purpose in following folk is to be combatative & to troll folk.
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2. A fundamental principle of the common law is that votes can be declared void for substantial irregularity. If irregularity affects the result of an election it is by itself enough to compel the tribunal to declare the election void.
3. The result doesn't need to be affected. Only a ‘substantial departure’ from the rules, or the election being ‘conducted so badly that it was not substantially in accordance with the law’ is needed to void the ballot.
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1. This is a good time to revisit the importance of due-diligence on social media, particularly as it relates to spheres of influence within political Twitter. In these times of chaos, anger and desperation, we are particularly vulnerable to misinformation.
2. The rallying cry of #TheResistance, increasing activism and growing civic involvement is a good thing. But, accepting the information presented by anyone with an #FBR or posting bias-confirming information is dangerous. As with any collective, beware of questionable actors.
3. It's a problem that's more complex than identifying bots and trolls, "chaos" agents and "deza" - the latter being designations easily weaponized and that should immediately trigger healthy skepticism. Particularly when the accuser has a history of using these labels.
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It's been asserted that the #Resistance and associated hashtags are a Kremlin social media operation. @ZellaQuixote and myself decided to try testing this statistically.
We performed a few statistical comparisons between the hashtags alleged to be Kremlin-related (#BlueWave2018, #FBR, #NotMyPresident, #Resist, #Resistance, #TheResistance) with the hashtags that were pushed by the Internet Research Agency per Mueller's February indictment.
First, are these hashtags being pushed by botnets? We tested for some traits associated with bots (24/7 operation, use of automation services, default profile pic). The hashtags from the indictment score higher across the board than the #Resistance ones.
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Blocking accounts (trolls & bots) thread
A lot of #remain ers don't really understand the situation they are facing on Twitter, they see an online debate where #Leave and #Remain put their points forward and whoever has the best logic wins.


#stopbrexit #FBPE #PeoplesVote
That isn't what's happening. At this point #Leave (left or right) don't need to convince people of anything, they don't need to win debates.

All they need to do to win is to stop #Remain from reaching people and the tactics they are using are designed to do that.

Those tactics are to distract, discredit & disrupt Remain attempts to convince people.

They use name calling & insults. This is to discredit #Remain.

Also they hope to goad Remainers into an emotional response so they appear overly motivated and therefore less convincing.
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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
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#AltAltGov: Why Fonts Where Uppercase "I" Looks Like Lowercase "L" Are Stupid
Earlier this morning, a curious response to a @LalaBova tweet from a @PalmerReport doppelganger (@PaImerReport - uses an uppercase "I" in place of a lowercase "L") crossed our radar.
This isn't the first time we've noticed an account like this in recent history. Here's an example of an interaction between @propornot and @AIt_uscis - once again, an uppercase "I" instead lowercase "L".
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The new updated Blue list of Dem candidates running everywhere for everything:
Updated 7/6/18
Omar Vaid
Muslim-American union worker & dog dad of two rescues. Democrat running for Congress in NY-11 contributor:
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Trump: Day 526
-120th Day at a Trump Golf Club
-163rd Day at a Trump Property
-Separation Policy Protested Against
-Lies About Not Pushing House Bill
-Appointing WH Lawyer as DEA Chief
-White House Called "Den of Deceit"
-FEMA Ends Puerto Rico Vouchers
Day 631 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 483 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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#FBR Party. Come one, come all.
Please add tags and gifs and memes.

1. Follow everyone.
2. Follow back everyone who follows you.
3. Follow everyone.
4. Follow back everyone who follows you.

My Special Guests of Honor are these beautiful souls:
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I've been thinking about this whole #FBR thing and have some thoughts. I've had the good fortune to "meet" many of you here on Twitter and am honored to call you friends even if I've never met you personally... HOWEVER, I need to say: I find that the sheep...
...mentality and intellectual dishonesty is every bit as pervasive, and every bit as disturbing as on the right. Kids in cages, ripped from their families evil right? It's terrible of course. But let's not pretend this is a brand new thing, and exclusive to Trump. Some...
of those heart rending photos were taken back in 2014. Fact: they were published by AP in June 2014. How about Elian Gonzalez? Fact is it's been going on under every President since Clinton and before. How about Japanese families under Democrat idol FDR? Or the Jews fleeing...
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