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transcribed #M4A, @HeinisHardNews: "All right. So I found this statistic pretty interesting. 124,000 New Jersians lost health insurance at the height of the pandemic in 2020 leaving 700,000 uninsured, and 13.5% of people in Hudson County to this day do not have health insurance."
@HeinisHardNews "Now this week, @BernieSanders reintroduced the #MedicareForAll act of the Senate alongside one of our senators and that's @CoryBooker and last year in the House was actually co-sponsored by quite a few people including @FrankPallone, @RepBonnie, @DonaldNorcross, @RepDonaldPayne"
"...and it had a lot of national support from labor groups, as well - I won't read them all, but the point is, if elected, would you sign on as a co-sponsor in the for the #MedicareForAll act in 2022? And we'll start with Rob this time."
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Just been staring in awe at these tweets for several minutes. This is absolutely the peak of Substack brain.
The Substack grifters are almost all wealthy white dudes who face no oppression and get paid $1000s a month to sit on their computers (in their mansions) and burp out takes about how white conservatives are the real oppressed, while downplaying anything the GOP does.
In a way it makes logical sense. States passing laws to criminalize Trans children or making it illegal for a teacher to mention their partner...none of that effects a Matt Taibbi. Banning someone from their Twitter account for pushing Ivermectin? That has Matt terrified.
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@davidaxelrod When I waitressed, I had to pay $100s/month for the privilege of paying thousands in deductibles each year for ACA insurance that didn’t really cover RXs. It was cheaper/the best $ option to just go uninsured and prayed nothing happened. One reason why I support Medicare for All
@davidaxelrod I remember vividly one day I decided to walk around and ask everyone I worked with - waiters, bussers, cooks - what insurance they had. Everyone had the same answer: none. It was better for us to save up the money we’d otherwise pay on premiums & spend it on actual medicine/care
@davidaxelrod I went uninsured until I was sworn into Congress. Members of Congress (as you know) receive Gold plans off the ACA that we co-pay for. We buy it using the same exchanges I haggled w/ as a waitress, & I STILL have what’s considered a “high deductible” plan. #M4A is the way
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The House Oversight Committee will be holding a #MedicareForAll hearing on Tuesday — the first since the pandemic began and exposed just how much harm our for-profit healthcare system has done to families and our economy.

🧵Here are 🔟 things you may not know about #M4A ⬇️
1⃣ Health insurance ≠ healthcare.

#MedicareForAll would guarantee high-quality healthcare to every single person in America. "Healthcare is a human right," means there are no physical, bureaucratic or financial barriers to care — which is what #M4A delivers. ⬇️
2⃣ #MedicareForAll removes the red tape and financial barriers to care. When you're sick, you can just see your doctor. There would be no more worrying about which doctors are in your insurance company's network, if you've hit your deductible or if your visit will be covered. ⬇️
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#WomensHistoryMonth Before Reconstruction, before the end of the Civil War, Black women have been physicians. March 16, 1846 the 2nd Black woman doctor, Rebecca Cole, was born.

Who was Dr. Rebecca Cole? #GladYouAsked
But wait, there's more. Dr. Cole wasn't the first Black woman to become a doctor in the US - that would be Dr. Rebecca Crumpler, who graduated from the New England Medical School three years earlier.

Unfortunately, no images of these Queens exist.
Born free in Philly, one of five children, she began her schooling at the Institute for Colored Youth and graduated in 1863. She then attended the New England Female Medical College and graduated in 1864 after completing her thesis titled “The Eye and Its Appendages.”
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President Joe Biden laid out a vision to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis that have challenged working families across the country. ⬇️
If our federal government can come together to adopt progressive policies that prioritize working families over corporations…
there is a path forward that allows us to emerge from this period of collective struggle as a healthier, more equitable, and more compassionate society than we have ever been before.
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Starting soon! Make sure to tune in - we have important issues to discuss for working families. #MedicareForAll, #GreenNewDeal, #PROAct, and #StopLine5 are all on the line. LINK:
#Proven #ProWorker #Progressive @OurWisconsinRev
@OurWisconsinRev I will never take fossil fuel money. Fossil fuel interests are holding us back from real progress on fighting climate change, including passing a #GreenNewDeal - @OurWisconsinRev #WISen
“Don’t forget. This is the senate seat of Russ Feingold. There is an obligation for the next Senator to continue his legacy.”
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Universal healthcare is a necessary, moral and fiscally responsible solution to our country's healthcare crisis.

So why don't we have #MedicareForAll? And why is there so much misinformation spread about it?

Let's bust some #M4A myths:
Health insurance is not the same as healthcare.

People would move from their restrictive insurance plans and upgrade to #MedicareForAll

No more private insurance with varying degrees of coverage, restrictive networks, dealing with insurance bureaucracy or medical bills.
Universal healthcare with #MedicareForAll would be government-funded, not government-run.

Government funding would go directly to paying for your healthcare— eliminating your co-pays and premiums, instead of going towards insurance industry subsidies.
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People are living longer, earning less and their quality of life is declining. The dream of retirement isn’t something many seniors can realize.
#NY3 has over 155,000 adults over the age of 65. The problems they face are policy choices we can correct. Here are some ways how:
Over 60% of seniors depend on Social Security for most of their income and one-third rely on it for virtually all of it.

Without Social Security, the poverty rate of seniors would be nearly 41%. We must protect and expand it.
The average adult over 65 receives a social security check of $1,437.55 per month. Unfortunately, the average expenses of an adult 65 and older is $4,008.83.

A cause of this problem? Right now, a billionaire pays as much into social security as someone who is middle class.
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I just don't understand how the people- & it's always the same exact people- don't get outrage fatigue from the constant outrages at all these benign, throw-away comments or like 6-second hard-edited clips posted by like the RNC comms guy. It just seems all so incredibly tiring.
And then you search it & see endless tweets from guys named like F. John Daniel Davidson IV & the literal stereotype of out-of-touch Hollywood elite Susan Sarandon doing some performative, 'The Dems just keep proving their contempt for the common man' and it's all just so sad.
Like I said, it's always the same thing: Leftists and the entire RW: Hannity, the RNC and a bunch of people with #M4A in their profiles, who loudly insist to anyone around that, 'they only care about the issues.'
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Red or Blue, the Criminalization of Poverty & #Homelessness is the cruel result of hypercapitalism, cronyism & corruption. We need a #newparty that values HUMAN worth, not economic worth.
It is telling that the most "progressive" states suffer the highest rates of homelessness in the nation per capita. This is neoliberal elitism in action.
California - 161,000 homeless
New York - 91,000 homeless
Washington - 23000 homeless
Massachusetts - 18000 homeless
Oregon - 14500 homeless…
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@RedBeretsM4All @shansen614 @LouisTheCellist @jeffchao228 @JENFL23 @GeoDavenport @WholeWashington @M4M4ALL @StephanieKelton Not just me. @realityisralph @netbacker @SherryWise1 @JefferyDenton & @DesnoyersScott r all members of the MMT community, & also supporters of Red Berets/WW, 2 at least the same degree as the RP critics who have stated opposition to the #FOAF strategy of RB/WW. In addition...,
@RedBeretsM4All @shansen614 @LouisTheCellist @jeffchao228 @JENFL23 @GeoDavenport @WholeWashington @M4M4ALL @StephanieKelton @realityisralph @netbacker @SherryWise1 @JefferyDenton @DesnoyersScott .... I believe there r other recognizable members of the #MMT community, who have been reluctant 2 go public, who are either supporters of FOAF strategy or who think RP has gone 2 far in trying 2 compel belief its strategy 2 the exclusion of FOAF. I can't say whether they will...
@RedBeretsM4All @shansen614 @LouisTheCellist @jeffchao228 @JENFL23 @GeoDavenport @WholeWashington @M4M4ALL @StephanieKelton @realityisralph @netbacker @SherryWise1 @JefferyDenton @DesnoyersScott ever come forward, given their understandable reluctance 2 engage in public conflict w/RP leaders, but I urge them to do so now. It is damaging 2 the #MMT community to be associated w/a group that refuses to recognize a basic rule of civil debate, specifically:
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1) This tweet storm is a lengthy reply to Birrion Sondahl’s “Medicare for All, Not for Some” a critique of efforts working for Universal Health Care programs at the State-level including S-P Programs. See:…
2) Birrion compares a #NIMA strategy w/a State-by-State one. But, Red Berets/WW strategy is "fight on all fronts." (FOAF) It is a strategy pressuring 4 #NIMA, & also supporting State-level Single-Payer (S-P). So, his critique doesn't on its face apply to FOAF.
3) Birrion repeatedly says that only the most wealthy States can afford Single-P. Not true. Savings delivered by S-P can be viewed in terms of savings/person/yr w/upwards of 90% of ppl saving money under S-P, perhaps as much as $3,000. Savings/person critical 2 success!
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We need to talk. As I stated days ago, You were just 6.1% behind. It's not a loss. It means you got to change the lane & keep hitting the Gas Pedal.

Is it possible for you to run by registering yourself for the write in on Nov 2?
Think about what I just asked. Is it possible? Because 6.1% is very easy to grab back & gain more.

I do not know if that's possible, but you do @ninaturner & I am asking you. Is it? Image
Pick yourself up & fight back like you have never done it before @ninaturner. You've seen everything that happened.

Learn the mistakes & change the lane by registering yourself for the write in for this Nov 2 General Election. Image
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Been in Toronto for 2 weeks. Every single Canadian I talk to I ask about healthcare. Each & every one of them LOVES it even if they have to wait for elective procedures.
Know why?!
Because it’s:
O, dear American friends. Tell us your healthcare provider love stories. (I’ll explain why you don’t know what you’re taking about)
Here’s a question:
When you owe taxes, like back taxes, let’s say… let’s say a lot of money…
When you’re carried into a hospital with a heart scare or something, does the tax collector come with a clipboard and ask for you to pay up before they admit you?
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Guaranteeing healthcare for every American isn't "radical" or "divisive."

Allowing people to die because they can't afford to see a doctor is.

#MedicareForAll is moral, fiscally responsible and the only policy that treats healthcare as a right.

🧵⬇️ Here are 10 things to know:
#MedicareForAll is fiscally responsible.

Our current healthcare system is inefficient and wasteful. #MedicareForAll would save $450 Billion per year. #M4A would also cost an estimated $650 Billion less per year compared to the proposed Public Option.
The status quo is killing us.

We are the wealthiest country in the world but rank dead last for access to care, equity and healthcare outcomes.

Protecting a healthcare system that values profit over saving lives is a policy choice.

Passing #MedicareForAll will save lives.
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Black and white progressives arguing Black folks are "weaponizing empathy and identity" are no different from conservatives and Republicans arguing against "liberal guilt" or "playing the race card."

It's the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT. Full stop.
Black and white progressives arguing that #M4A although it doesn't specifically address racism in the medical field will still help Black people and people of color are no different from supply-side Republicans who argued tax cuts will trickle down to impoverished communities.
Black and white progressives arguing for progressive purity and fealty to #GND #M4A and Bernie's platform and no exceptions are no different than Tea Party Republicans who demanded purity and fealty to their platform of wealthy tax cuts and deregulation 10 years ago.
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No one should die or go into debt because they can't afford to see a doctor or get medical treatment.

Insurance, pharma and medical lobbyists disagree— spending billions buying politicians and spreading lies.

Let's cut through their BS with some #MedicareForAll mythbusting:
Health insurance ≠ healthcare.

Having "access," to purchase health insurance doesn't mean you'll be able to afford it, or the out of pocket costs associated with using it. It also doesn't guarantee your insurance provider will cover your doctor visits or treatments.
If you're on a flight and get upgraded from coach to 1st class, you didn't just get "kicked off of air travel."

#MedicareForAll is a huge upgrade that guarantees high-quality healthcare, saves money, & expands your choices of doctors.

#M4A eliminates barriers to healthcare.
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The way some of these so-called progressives talk about Black women is very telling. It’s not enough to demonize Shontel Brown or a Black woman that grew up in #OH11 but now Nina Turner’s supporters are disrespecting her dead mother? These folks are a whole ass mess.
This is not even the first time a member of the Bernie adjacent fauxgressive left criticized a Black woman for the temerity of discussing their grief over their dead mother.…
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At what point do we ask ourselves are these folks fighting "against the establishment" just interlopers trying to overturn the will of the Black base of the Democratic Party? There's something very weird about jamming your agenda down the throat of folks that don't want it.
If you listen to them, they'll quote all kinds of surveys about how popular their agenda is. But in practicality they have problems answering about how they will get it done. And they really struggle at times with persuading Black folks to join their cause.
And they seem rather impatient. No real hunger for the work or grind. They want it all RIGHT NOW. And if you don't give them what they feel entitled to then the here comes the name calling

Establishment Dem
Corporate Dem
And on and on ...
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Call these Progressives in Congress who ran on #M4A out. They must make a stand. The time has come for them to draw a line.

Now is the time. NOT next Election Cycle. Candidates who are running right now (Except @ninaturner) are speaking on 7/24 & they don't know?

#RallyForM4A! ImageImageImageImage
Rep Raul Grijavia
202 225 2435

Call him & explain that #MedicareForAll is a human right & it's an emergency. There are Marches happening throughout the USA on 7/24.

Ask him if he will join in. Yes Or No.

#RallyForM4A! ImageImageImageImage
Rep Cori Bush
202 225 2406

Call her & explain that #M4All is an emergency & is a human right & it's an emergency. There are Marches happening throughout the USA on 7/24.

Ask her if she will join in. Yes Or No.

#RallyForM4A! ImageImageImageImage
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I first met with @ShahidForChange last year to talk #GeneralStrike. Then he and @EFF helped recover my Twitter account from hackers, and later he joined our call with @FlyingWithSara.

I interviewed him on everything, including the allegations against him

During our 60-min conversation, lawyer, organizer, Congressional candidate and rapper @ShahidForChange and I talked Mike Gravel, the Squad and #ForceTheVote, the George Floyd Act, police reform, #DefundThePolice and abolition, and power in protest music

"Mike Gravel was like an actual real-life Jedi… He’s one of the only members of congress in the entire last century to show up for work"

- @ShahidForChange on Mike Gravel, who endorsed Shahid and whose legacy continues today through @GravelInstitute

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"Corruption" conjures images of bags of cash changing hands in deserted parking garages, but I'd like to propose a simple and concrete definition that goes beyond that: "Corruption" is when something bad happens because its harms are diffused and its gains are concentrated.

1/ A Gilded Age antitrust cartoon depicting the Senate chamber,
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Here's what I mean. West Virginia is known as coal country, but coal is actually a small, dwindling industry in WV; WV's biggest industry is chemical processing, dominated by Dow - chem processing, like many industries, is heavily concentrated into a few global monopolies.

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Oops we accidentally did an oopsie (gave a well known White Supremacist a keynote speaking slot at our event).
"After learning who Matthew Heimbach was, we have replaced him with a new keynote speaker, #M4A activist Richard S. Pencer."
"We only agreed to let Mr. Heimbach lead us all in repeatedly chanting, 'Sieg Heil', only because he told us that that meant, 'Free Healthcare' in German."
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