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Okay my friends, I’m on my soap box again.
I want ever resister to have thousands of followers,each of us to have a large ,loud voice for 2022 and bring new resisters into the movement. 😁👊🌊
Please vet and follow anyone who responds to this tweet and follow back! #Resisters
There are a lot of people responding to this thread ...YAY!!! 😁👏👏👏 👏👏👏so we will have to be a little patient with follow backs. It,I gut take a few days!🌊🌊🌊💙💙💙 #ResistersUnite #wecare
Please follow everyone who comments on this thread.😁and follow back..👍 I know it will take time but we can do it. Don’t wait to be followed, jump in and follow, you’ll get your follow back! 🌊💙 we are building our movement with each follow! #ResistersUnite YAY! 😁👏👏👏
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THREAD: #Election2020 Results On The Statewide Level In A Whole New Light! Let This Guide All #Resisters In Our #Resistance To Trumpism In Future Elections!

#byebyetrump #BidenWon #BidenHarris2020 #ResistersUnite #BuildBackBetter #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica #DemVoice1 #FBRParty
I based the color scheme on traffic lights. Green is good, red is bad & yellow is something in the middle! Hope this is easy to follow for the remainder of the thread!

#GreenWall #GreenEnergy #BlueWave2020 #BlueWave #BidenWon #ByeDon #BidenCalm #BuildBackBetter #DemVoice1 #FBR
Michigan Headline: That’s A Bit More Like It!

2016: -10,704 -0.23%
2020: +154,188 +2.78%
Difference: +164,992 +3.01%

+16 Electoral Votes For @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris!

#Michigan #BidenWon #DemCastMI #ResistersUnite #Resisters #FBRParty #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica
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GEORGIA #RESISTERS, TODAY IS THE DAY! Your vote will do more than determine who controls the Senate, your vote means much needed $2k in stimulus. It’s also a statement against Trump’s attempted solicitation & Loeffler’s willingness to object the will of the American...
..people! Be sure if you haven’t done already to have a voting plan in place & even bring a friend. It’ll take all hands on deck. Georgia Resisters, are you ready to make history?! Let’s elect @ReverendWarnock & @ossoff to the US Senate!
LET’S BRING IT HOME & WIN FOR GEORGIA & AMERICA!!!! LETS #VoteWarnockOssoffToday! #ResistOn🇺🇸
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#Resisters #Resist #FBR
#GA is voting RIGHT NOW ON who their next SENATORS are going to be, and it’s going to be decided by constituent turn out!

this election is so important for the Democrats. It will decide if they take the lead in the Senate 1/..
2/.. over Mitch McConnel! We need to be tweeting about it night and day, filling up Twitter so everyone knows the name of
Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock over Loefller & Perdue!


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One year ago today, Donald Trump became only the 3rd President in US History to be Impeached. This was in part by all of you incredible #Resisters who called your Reps & those who were part of organizations like the #ImpeachmentTaskForce.
Even though in the end, Trump was Acquitted he, shall remain #ForeverImpeached. Now with him having been defeated by We The People, let us celebrate the fact we made the attempt back then to hold him accountable & that we proved our organization skills & #PeoplePower...
...which we then used to come together as a broadened #ResistanceCoalition, with some of us even putting country over preferred party, to defeat him in the Election. So once more, I’d like to wish you all a VERY Merry #Impeachmas!
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#Resisters #Resist. #FBR

Right now this country needs every single #Resister in this country to RETWEET TO YOUR FOLLOWERS Over and over to contact their representatives, especially Republican Senate, to get Mitch McConnell off his butt
and get a #STIMULUS bill 1/
2/...passed for all Americans NOW. They don’t get to leave Congress for the holidays until they have one passed, or THEY do not get paid! The money is there! People all over are going to be on the streets. MILLIONS already can’t afford the necessities to live! ...
3/... and in the middle of this, 109 Senate Republicans are teaming with Trump to overthrow the election.



Those Senate Republicans work for you and me. Get on the phone and call them, get your friends to call, and tell them...
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@ossoff @ReverendWarnock #FBR #FBRParty #Resist #Resisters @sargy1703 @S3333Angel
1. "I adamantly oppose the Black Lives Matter political movement, which has advocated for the defunding of police. They also advocate violence and destruction across the country.”--Kelly Loeffler
2. Let's have a closer look. First, neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris has ever advocated to defund the police. That would be sheer idiocy. This trope was picked up as a calculated talking point in order for #Trunt to stir up his base into a frenzy, and to continue the hatred.
3. Her abject hatred for #BLM speaks volumes on its own. We need to look at her statements regarding #BLM caused violence and compare this statement against a sitting president openly calling for his pets, the ProudBoys to LIBERATE MICHIGAN and OHIO. And what happened.
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For those who do not take it serious, it tells me you have not lost someone from this virus!

if everyone starts TODAY Wearing masks, distancing, staying home, perhaps the Christmas surge won’t be quite as bad!


Give your family the present of staying home this Christmas or they may not be here next Christmas!

DO WHAT WE KNOW WORKS! And we could start to improve now, not next spring or summer!

#Resisters. #Resist
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Take note msm money-grubbing exec, TV script-reading-shills, professional-stenographers, juvenile-instigators, and High-Stool-Tabloid reporters, — 

Your attempt at demonizing, undermining, and swiftboating of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala 1/6
Harris, will be met with —

unadulterated-humiliation, public-dragging, and unapologetic-shaming, by Biden-Harris social media War-room #Resisters

Resisters, please [@] tag all the swiftboaters, Flame-throwers-of-napalm-of-negativity, 2/6
dishonest, and disingenuous attackers of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris.

Some of the methods they will use are:

• Manufacturing a controversy/narrative to advance a lying talking-point,
• Engaging in False-equivalence,
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I’m going to miss the NOTORIOUS #RBG this is breaking so MANY 💔💔

We have to keep the FIGHT for #GenderEquality #CivilRights FOR #WOMEN
We also need to think of her family during this time—they should be in our 🙏
#RIPRuthBaderGinsburg 🙏😢😢😢💙💙💙💙💙
#Vote in her memory
#Resist TRUMP & #GOP

She sent a letter to her granddaughter
“When I die I don’t want #DonaldTrump to replace me”
a LOSE to 🇺🇸

#Resisters WE CAN’T LET HIM
#VoteBidenHarris2020 for 🇺🇸
#RBG would be so proud of

#Women #LGBTQ #CivilRights VOTE FOR HER too 💙
#Republicans WOULD NOT ALLOW a Democrat SCOTUS from Obama to be picked

BUT let’s mourn her FIRST—THANK God we had her on the bench, and her wonderful life..and then..

We will CELEBRATE HER LIFE & ignore the HATERS tonight
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#Resisters - I believe 1) we need to move beyond tweets, 2) to grow from a group of random individuals into a genuine movement, we need to create ways for busy people to participate.

Agree? Then RT this list of things everyone can do.


I just mailed this postcard.

Then I went to the WH website and submitted a comment telling him that he should resign TODAY.

Then I called the WH at (202) 456-1111 and received this message: "Our office is temporarily closed." (weird)

#15MinResistance ImageImage
I just realized that my first point was poorly phrased, bc it might be taken as suggesting that nobody's doing anything but tweeting. I only meant to suggest that tweeting alone is not enough. If you're already doing more, feel free to say so here, so that we can celebrate you!
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If the @HouseJudiciary @HouseIntel @ForeignAffairs or @HomelandDems do not have immediate hearings regarding the following issues, they are betraying the American people.
1. Foreign influence in government
2. DOJ obstruction of justice
Why bother?
Here's why:
Hearings will expose the actual truth about Trump and his associates, and show his traitorous allegiance to Putin, Erdogan and MBS. Self dealings with China. What Ukraine was actually about. It will show the American people that he is nothing but a grifter,
and he played his supporters like fools.
Hearings will expose the enormous corruption perpetrated by Barr, not only with the Mueller Report and protecting Trump, but miscarriage of justice on an international scale.
By exposing Trump and Barr, as well as their associates,
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Trump has turned the words 'Democrat Run' Cities into a dog whistle of hate & shame. He's turned BLM into the same thing. He's done the same to media, FBI, Joe, & anything counter to building community. He's trained his #GOP to do this too. This is a Nazi technique for division!
Therefore, if you know Trump supporters, they are idiots to believe his words, but they will because they are brainwashed. They live in total fear. The #MAGA2020 folks are so afraid, they believe his lies. They are abused mentally like the rest of us, but they can't cope so...
...they sell their souls to the devil in order to fool themselves into thinking they are right, correct, and safe. Sadly, they are lost souls, needy & weak. Confused and angry. Why are the Trump supporters so angry all the time? Is it because they know they are only...
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Good evening, #Resistance! Throughout this week, I’ve tried to offer something political to talk about that isn’t filled with fear-mongering, flat-out lies & Russian propaganda. I’ve tried to talk strategically about every way we can increase turnout & maximize the
margin by which @JoeBiden will defeat Donald Trump. But if we need anymore reminding of just what kind of moment this election, I want you to help remind someone you know just what it is they’re thinking of voting for. Right now, there are many people throughout the #Resistance
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A single man cannot be allowed to destroy our country!
Trump has 35% of the voters that see he him as their savior. The rest of us are terrified of him.
Normally, impeachment this close to an election would be unthinkable - political suicide.
But our nation has never faced a rising dictator, intent on destroying our democracy.
This is the SUM OF ALL FEARS.
A madman with no controls on his actions, no oversight to his rampant profiteering, and all checks and balances trampled.
He acts on impulse, with no regard to
the damage his decisions cause. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered, millions sickened, a devastated economy are just collateral damage he cares nothing about.

Letters and complaints and hearings with Trump's underlings will do nothing to stop him from
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As I sit here drinking coffee, the sun shining in my she shed window, I'm reflecting on the last 4 years; I was pegged a loony when I went to the mall & held a one-person talking point session, from the downtown open-air mall. Me, w my megaphone, milk crate to stand on, and...
...the book, 'The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, A Duty to Warn.' People were angry, thought I was nuts to say our Democracy was in danger under this #45. Refuse Fascism couldn't get traction and I didn't understand why people couldn't see it? Our Democracy has been...
...Withering on the vine. I could see the end of governmental institutions coming. I could see the incompetence being accepted over truth and sound logic. Reasoning and calling Trump out were not happening and I was so frustrated. To no avail, I was the outlier to be sure..
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THREAD: #Trump is intentionally sabotaging the #USPS to cheat in the election, as he knows he will lose in a fair election.


USPS removing mailboxes in Eugene, #Oregon…
#USPS deactivating sorting machines used to sort mail, the inevitable outcome will delay the #USMail and intefere with prompt delivery of ballots.

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Dear friends and #Resisters. As you might know, I am a #COVID19 survivor. It took 91 days the first round, and 27 the second to get on my feet. Many of my tweets in the next few days will be about the impact on my town (1/x) #NorthCarolina
Due to the poor planning of @unc to account for the fact that having students return to a community in which cases were already rising, @KevinGuskiewicz and other #UNC personnel are endangering the lives of those living here #ChapelHill #Hillsborough #carrboro (2/n)
This is also endangering the lives of our lowest paid workers at the university. @unc4cola , @workersunionunc , including graduate students, black and brown staff members and of course, the housekeepers. (3/n) Listen to staff and students and community
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#Resisters With #100DaysToGo until #ElectionDay, this thread is a detailed plan for all members of the #Resistance to exert their rightful influence over #Election2020! We got #OneChance to make these 100 days useful so let’s build the #JOEMENTUM! #ResistersUnite #Biden2020 #FBR
Step 1: Assist @JoeBiden:

Like & Share All Posts
Allow the Biden Campaign & Joe himself to make the pro-Joe case
Prioritize “Biden For President” monetarily & organizationally
Text United to 30330
Learn all “Biden Plans”
Cite “Joe’s Story”

#JOEMENTUM #Biden2020 #RidinWithBiden
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I am in the process of unfollowing a number of people especially those who claim to be #FBR but don't reciprocate. Being at my follow limit, I need to thin the numbers of those I follow. #TwitterLife #QuarantineLife #GhostLife
So if you are a genuine reporter/public intellectual who doesn't follow me back (who would? I'm just a ghost formerly from NJ) I am not unfollowing you but I have to engage and build my network among real #resisters and not posers. OK? It's just business, nothing personal.
I cherish those who follow me and react to my sometimes silly, sometimes corny, sometimes deadly serious, tweets. But this nonsense with the 5K follower limit is forcing my hand. Apologies to those getting the ax for not FBing me.
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1/ Little Thread about all The Misleading Medical Information still floating around about #Hydroxychloroquine & #Chloroquine & #Azithromycin & #ZelenkoProtocol - by 1 doctor - @zev_dr & #Remdesivir & more

Despite #TrumpIsNotADoctor has stopped saying "What do you have to lose?".
2/ #TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER

First, why it has been political all the way, suspected from day one:

"Trump had been touting HCQ for weeks, sparking worldwide shortages of HCQ & prompting negotiations with Indian PM Modi to lift export restrictions"…
3/ #Trump2020

Indian PM Modi and Trump held a rally together.

"Mr Trump wanted to show people in the US that he was hugely popular abroad and that he was capable of negotiating good deals out of a country he once described as the king of tariffs"…
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THREAD: @JoeBiden & The #ElectoralCollege: There are 2 basic factors of electability nearly every major Democrat candidate in 2020 could reach: 1. Win the national popular vote and 2. Win back Michigan, Wisconsin & Pennsylvania. The easiest & barest levels of electability. But...
2/Suppose we are overestimating the #Resistance to Donald Trump in 2020? Suppose just one of the key 3 states in 2016 put Trump over the top in 2020? Which candidate could get to 270 electoral votes a different way? Who is best positioned to win in Florida? In Arizona? In North..
3/Carolina? In Ohio? It's those bigger thresholds that make @JoeBiden the best positioned to beat Trump. Two groups give Biden a unique electoral advantage. First, an incredible strength among older voters. Of the top 10 oldest states as of 2018, 3 are crucial swing states:
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1/ WTH? @TeamTrump Campaign goes full North Korea? That App Promo Video is literally what you can expect to see in Dictatorships & Cults. #Resist #Resisters #Resistance #TrumpIsAnIdiot
2/ Not weird that the #TrumpLiesPeopleDie App uses #Phunware after seeing these slides! They're not hard to understand. Gives you a sense of total lack of privacy. Guess #TrumpCult users should be warned! ImageImage
3/ #Phunware claims:

"Ability to collect Location Data from more than 1 Billion Active Mobile *Devices* per Month"

Said in 2019 when there was about 3.2 billions smartphones in the world.

So collecting almost 1/3 per month?

There's your #Trump & #PrivacyNotIncluded

👇 + 👇 ImageImage
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1. #Resisters #democrats and fellow humans, please keep in mind that #Russia has already made their presence felt in the #Democratic primaries. Our intelligence bureaus already announced that #Putin is busy making sure #Trump is elected again. The stakes are higher than ever and
2. the pressure is mounting. #disinformation is the name of the game. As we get closer to November, you will be bombarded by information from all sides; some true, some untrue. The point of it all is to sow mistrust and suspicion among us. The weaker we Are, the easier we are to
3. beat. Don't you let them win! The battle is for the very soul of our great nation. Stay strong and be firm. Do not let them control the conversation. As the #OuterLimits opening stated, "We control the horizontal. We control the vertical." Putin knows he can't fight a strong
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