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Just learned about #TeamPillowForts while blocking another account tweeting #disinformation. Turns out there's a 😠nest of accounts that ties back @LouiseMensch and therefore to Rupert Murdoch.

These times are hard enough without fake resisters gaining then abusing our trust.
@LouiseMensch Rupert Murdoch owns Fox Entertainment Group, which includes the Fox News entertainment channel.
Louise Mensch (2016): "A News Corp spokesman confirmed that Mensch has been working for the company owned by Rupert Murdoch on 'digital projects in the creative/strategic arena.'"
"But what is she doing? 'Fun stuff,' Mensch tells Monkey. Which perhaps explains why she is spending so much time on Twitter."
"'The primary challenge that Mensch and Cernovich pose is that they take strong political positions and have drawn a number of likeminded followers who want to believe the information that they share, regardless of its veracity,' said Anzalone."
"Confirmation bias and motivated reasoning divert them from the search for facts."
Patribotics and Claude Taylor @/TrueFactsStated:
😭Spicy Files (@SpicyFiles, @MaddogSpicy) had me FOOLED! I was SO grateful for her "dedicated efforts." What a betrayal.
More Mensch:
Mensch's "unhinged" Tweet "instantly raised questions about Twitter’s verification process: by establishing Mensch as an authority with her 264,000 followers, is the platform also facilitating the spread of misinformation?"
Geez, not only are they spreading #disinformation, some are conservatives and Republicans.

Here are John Schindler (@/20committee) and @/counterchekist:
Enter @/TheRickWilson and @/ericgarland: vox.com/world/2017/5/1…
"Mensch has become increasingly outspoken in labeling accounts who disagree with her 'Kremlin shills,' 'Putinbots,' and 'RIS,' Russian intelligence services."
"The aforementioned Mensch, a noted loon who thinks Putin murdered Andrew Breitbart but has somehow been put front and center by The Times and HBO’s Real Time, has denounced an extraordinary list of Kremlin plants."
Harassment. I'm including this non-MSM piece because I experienced firsthand being ganged up on when I questioned a bad source, as I have screenshots of #TeamPillowForts people tossing the ball to each other like a baseball team in terms of validating each other's assertions.
"The 'You’re RIS!' finger-pointing to anyone in disagreement with her is a ridiculous and common course for her to make, I’m told, which we all know diminishes its meaning every time she’s wrong. I can only imagine how often that is."
Aw gee, another one? @/LeahMcElrath too?
Here's a sample of John Schindler's (@/20committee) work: observer.com/2016/09/fbi-da…
Ok, if one goal is to sow division, that ties with their sharing of disinformation and disparaging comments about @AOC and #JusticeDemocrats.
Non-MSM source with thorough screenshotting. Nadine states they're showing division within the #Resisters.
Relevant to @AOC and alleged FEC complaint by far-right lobbying group. Enter @/KarolCummins:
Rumors of @AOC-Russia connection. I couldn't understand why all around me there were rumors about this, and I dreaded checking them out because I thought sure they were true.
As it turned out, the rumors only existed in far-right #disinformation sources: Fox News entertainment, Washington Times, and RT•COM (aka Russia Today).

I realize now that I was following multiple #TeamPatriot accounts that were repeating the rumors.
Then we have another @/CitJourno Tweeter, @/LincolnsBible, making something out of the A-OK hand signal, which - in 2013 - meant...

(drumroll 🥁)


and still does to most people.

Unless you're an evil, racist bigot, this ➡👌 just means OK.

There's more, but this will have to do for now.

💙 I have a request: please do NOT just take my word that these accounts are bad actors.

Check out the #TeamPillowForts & #TeamPatriots

Search each account + AOC, or Washington Times, etc. & look for patterns.

YOU decide.
Enter @/ninaandtito and @/ericgarland teaming up with divisive tweets designed to cast suspicions on Justice Democrats and @AOC.

@xJackTheCatx calls it. What Eric Garland is doing here is like pulling one of your Twitter followers out of the hat and using him/her against you.
Thank you @ScottMStedman (and @MalcolmNance). Now I realize why it seemed like "everyone" was talking about you as if you were frauds and bad guys, because I was following all of them and they tag-team the same themes:
#TeamPillowForts #TeamPatriot
Re above Tweet, Eric Garland then goes OFF into this ridiculous rant, even pulling the elementary school "I know secret things that you don't know" stunt.
Here's a less-prominent group of bad actors. Besides characterizing @AOC as the left end of the horseshoe & like Gabbard (😂), bashing @SethAbramson is another favorite theme with #TeamPatriot.

Notice that Susan has listed many of them in her mentions:
Notice more tag-teaming plus the lumping together of bad actors (i.e. Gabbard, IMO) with those whom they wish to malign.

➡@/ninaandtito tag teams @/counterchekist
➡@/mtylr23 tag teams @/ninaandtito

And so on.

verb (used without object)

to talk or act insincerely or deceitfully; lie or use trickery.

Source: @thesauruscom

"Obfuscation is the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language."

💭I think this would also apply to technical gobbledygook.
"A weasel word, or anonymous authority, is an informal term for words and phrases such as "researchers believe" and "most people think" which make arguments appear specific or meaningful, even though these terms are at best ambiguous and vague. "
"A glittering generality (also called glowing generality) is an emotionally appealing phrase so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that it carries conviction without supporting information or reason."

💭Like "Patriot."
"Loaded language... is rhetoric used to influence an audience by using words and phrases with strong connotations associated with them in order to invoke an emotional response and/or exploit stereotypes."

💭Like "socialism (OMG! 😲😒)
Geez. @nadinevdVelde has identified a bunch more bad actors with #TeamPatriot.
Here's an example of why Scribd isn't a reliable "source." When @/karolcummins referenced a Scribd upload as "proof" a rumor was true, those of us who requested reputable sources were ganged up on and/or blocked.

"Special Counsel Report 'LEAKED!'" 😒
The screenshots speak for themselves.
@TwitterSafety, @TwitterSupport see thread above, please, for evidence of a #disinformation network.

Cc: @FBIRecordsVault
Apparently #TeamPatriot people find amusement in the confusion their victims feel when surrounded by a bunch of accounts referencing similar rumors for which there's little to no evidence in reputable media sources.

Apparently requesting valid sources = trolling in their world.
Here's the thread referenced. At the time, I want aware that EC was in cahoots with KC, so it was quite a Twilight Zone - am I going crazy? - experience.

That KC has equated defending truth as trolling is all anyone needs to know about her character.
More accounts involved:
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