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1/ I've worked in tech policy for a decade. In most rooms, I'm usually the only Latino - almost always the only Latinx immigrant.

If you care about immigrants or Latinx people, if you care about kids, I need you to care about Palantir's IPO next Tuesday.…
2/ Palantir wrote the final layer of code facilitating countless deportations - and Trump's first systematic family separations.

When confronted, Palantir's CEO has made demonstrably false denials. He has lied.

Their stock goes on sale Tuesday as if none of this had happened.
3/ A teen arrives alone at the border after traveling 2,000 miles to escape a violent uncle. Feds ask his brother to take him in.

The brother asks: If I say yes, will ICE come for me? They say no.

7 months later, ICE shows up at his house and arrests him…
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We are excited to finally release our organization's first report:

"Reports of a Silicon-Valley/Military Divide Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"…

Here is some of the history and what it contains. 🧵
Our org is largely tech workers who've stood against abuses in our industry -- be they surveillance, suppression of dissent, or strong-arming workers into contributing to oppressive systems.

As a result, many of us have spoken at the UN or with high-level military officials.
One of the common themes has been the DoD -- and its affiliates, such as the Hoover Inst. -- taking it as given that the U.S. military must further privatize into Silicon Valley in order to credibly deter the government of China.

For example:…
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When our ppl began to ask us:

"How did ICE know that I lived here? How did they know that so & so is my cousin? How did they know that I worked at this place and would travel from this location everyday?"
—Jacinta González

We realized that ICE was accessing our private data.
This realization lead us to begin researching & uncovering the tech companies propping up ICE's massive data surveillance system.

You can read the report here 👇…
Thru our research we learned that over 15% of DHS's budget is exclusively dedicated to data management.

That means the surveillance, arrest & deportation of our ppl is a lucrative business for tech.

And thus, we began to call out those tech companies:
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We know there's a revolving door b/w Silicon Valley & the fed gov.

Tech gets richer while our ppl increasingly disappear at the hands of ICE.

Now we know how willing co. like Thompson Reuters are to not only work with ICE, but to create targeted lists of our ppl. ⬇️
Docs show how TR Special Services employees track changes in personal info (names, addresses, jail bookings, driver’s license info, phone numbers & more) & subject location, updating ICE agents & helping them refine deportation investigations

See docs ⬇️…
This work also involves “risk mitigation services” (a $4 million contract) which is supposed to track threats against agents.

In reality, this has just been used to retaliate against undocumented immigrant activist & others who protest ICE's activities.
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Today, Palantir's CEO gave an interview at Davos. He admitted they help hunt down undocumented people.

This is after *months* of denial, saying they help fight trafficking & terrorism, deflecting when asked about ICE.

Gig's up @PalantirTech #NoTechforICE…
Alex Karp says "It's a de minimis part of our work, finding people in our country who are undocumented, but it's a legitimate, complex issue."

What's complex about arresting parents at work, leaving kids home alone, ruining families?

Nothing. It's wrong—but Palantir enables it.
There is nothing complex about human rights violations. There is nothing complex about complicity.

If you help ICE, if you help deportations, you separate families, you ruin lives, you enable an anti-immigrant crackdown.

This is an easy moral choice—& they're still failing.
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Perfect example of corporate obfuscation: Palantir works w/the part of ICE that doesn't lead on deportations & family separation—so they say they're not behind Trump's atrocities.

It's a lie. Their tech is involved in both things. We'll explain. 👇👇👇…
Palantir works for Homeland Security Investigations, the part of ICE that does "transnational crime" but is *also* closely involved in deportations through workplace raids, as their chief admits here.

Thousands are arrested in these raids every year.…
These raids are brutal. ICE agents storm into offices, factories, workplaces, guns drawn, tackling people to the ground & arresting them.

These are HSI agents—look at the photos—who've used Palantir software to get these targets & use Palantir software to keep track of them.
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🧵THREAD: Tonight, there was a great panel discussion @MIT on "The Promise and Peril of Artificial Intelligence," ft. a fantastic cast of scholars. You can find my full notes below, and I'll post some of my highlights/key takeaways below.…
1/ First, an aside: the interactions between @histoftech and @random_walker were spectacular: they showed how interdisciplinary conversations can be constructive, rigorous, & provocative. It was also a great demo of why understanding history + CS is crucial to studying AI.
[Personally, it was super useful & exciting to see two parts of my academic identity -- as a grad student working both @HASTS_MIT and @MIT_CSAIL -- engage in a substantive way. It was, as they say, #goals.]
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TL today will be tweeting about #ColorOfSurveillance. @GeorgetownCPT event focusing on the surveillance of poor & working folks.

@alvarombedoya kicks us off with lit review overview. "This is not new. The poor have always been monitored."
Covers Why have the rich always monitored the poor? Powerful must do so to...
1. Distinguish good & bad.
2. Define & demarcate Whiteness
3. Confirm that poor people aren't working 'hard enough'
Samuel Bentham invented the infamous Panopticon not for prisons. The idea was primarily to watch the *workers* at his factories.
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The music community will not be complicit! We invite musicians to stand in solidarity against ICE and tech companies like Amazon that power it. Take the pledge at
#NoMusicForICE #NoTechForIce
With this letter & petition, we call on musicians to publicly pledge not to participate in Amazon-sponsored events, or engage in exclusive partnerships with Amazon until they stop powering ICE, CBP, & other bad actors that commit human rights abuses.
Full text of open letter:
It has recently come to light that Amazon Web Services, an Amazon subsidiary with known ties to ICE and law enforcement, is hosting a festival (@intersectfest) marketed as an experience “where music, technology, and art converge.”
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I’m heading back to San Antonio from #bbcon19, a tech fundraising conference, where I confronted @awscloud employees about the company’s active support of ICE and their technology built to terrorize families. Here’s how that exchange went👇
Unsurprisingly, they didn’t know what I was talking about. So I explained that the DHS contracts with @PalantirTech (to the tune of $51M) for software that helps track down immigrants, and @awscloud hosts those databases, allowing ICE to target communities and rip families apart.
One man suggested I check out @Amazon’s new platform released this week ( “It will resonate with you,” he said. “Great!” I replied. “Let’s look it up now and read it together.” That’s when things really got interesting. Here’s a summary of our discussion:
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Dear @NatFriedman,

We stand with @Githubbers in demanding an end to Github's collaboration with ICE.

Nebane Abienwi
Roberto Rodriguez-Espinoza
Pedro Arriago-Santoya
Yimi Alexis Balderramos-Torres
Johana Medina Leon
Simratpal Singh
Abel Reyes-Clemente
@natfriedman @githubbers Guerman Volkov
Mergensana Amar
Wilfredo Padron
Augustina Ramirez-Arreola
Efrain De La Rosa
Huy Chi Tran
Zeresenay Ermias Testfatsion
Roxana Hernandez
Ronald Cruz
Gourgen Mirimanian
Luis Ramirez-Marcano
Yulio Castro-Garrido
Kamyar Samimi
Felipe Almazan-Ruiz
@natfriedman @githubbers Osvadis Montesino-Cabrera
Carlos Mejia-Bonilla
Vicente Caceres-Maradiaga
Atulkumar Babubhai Patel
Jean Jimenez-Joseph
Sergio Alonso Lopez
Osmar Epifanio Gonzalez-Gadba
Roger Rayson

All of these people died in ICE Custody during the Trump administration.
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@eli_schiff Vlad seems like the sort of person who goes into an emotional meltdown when you bring up the tradeoffs of policy. So you want to shut down ICE, because ICE "hurts others." Okay, fine.

ICE is responsible for expelling child sex traffickers from the country. Now what?
@eli_schiff I find when you bring up tradeoffs, people's brains short out, and they usually end up angry. Talk about the people being hurt by the homeless on 6th St in ATX, the people hurt by human trafficking at the border...bzzzt!
@eli_schiff So we just stick with #AbolishICE and #NoTechForICE ...okay, well, you can buy a 10-year-old girl for about $80 in Guatemala and traffic her to the border. I assume the ~2 dozen times she got raped on the way hurt her. That's what open borders does. What's your solution?
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Someone just sent this to @fightfortheftr. An internal email showing that @github, which is now owned by @Microsoft recently renewed a $200,000 contract with ICE.

Full email here:…
These parts jumped out at me:

"The revenue from the purchase is less than $200,000 and not financially material for our company."

"GitHub has no visibility into how this software is being used"

Write GitHub senior management ... as if that somehow makes it okay?
Then the letter goes full on "ICE is actually kinda good and if we don't take their money then the terrorists win"
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BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE, immigrants, and their allies are disrupting the Amazon Job Fair in Boston, MA.

We are asking job-seekers to avoid applying for positions at Amazon and its subsidiaries until the org breaks its contracts with ICE and DHS. #NeverAgainIsNow #NoTech4ICE
IBM built systems that enabled the Nazis to track, detain, deport and ultimately murder millions of people. We wish people had taken action to shut down IBM to prevent the Holocaust and so we are doing today what we wish people had done for the Jews in the 1930s. #NeverAgainIsNow
IBM sold tech to Nazis.
Amazon sells tech to ICE.
Never Again means #NoTech4ICE.
Never Again means no business with Amazon.
Never Again means don't build for ICE!
Which side are you on?
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#JewsAgainstICE and allies with @CloseTheCampsBA are marching on @PalantirTech to say no to providing ICE tech to terrorize families. Watch live now:
@CloseTheCampsBA @PalantirTech "No human being will ever be illegal."

@CloseTheCampsBA @PalantirTech This morning @NeverAgainActn @JFREJNYC @ConMijente shut down @PalantirHQ NYC to demand they stop collaborating with ICE. Now we are at @PalantirTech in the Bay because we have seen this before. How many of our people would have lived if IBM hadn't helped the Nazis? #NoTechForICE
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BOSTON: We’re gathering at the New England Holocaust Memorial, getting ready to march against the businesses in our community making money helping ICE persecute immigrants.

This is a crisis, and we have to act like it #NeverAgainIsNow

We were raised with the stories of our ancestors and our people. We don’t make comparisons to the Holocaust lightly.

What we see happening to immigrants of color in the U.S. looks like the early stages of what happened to us and others in Nazi Germany.

ICE and CBP can’t do their evil work alone. They rely on the greed of corporations who see our immigrant neighbors living in fear & living in cages, and see dollar signs instead of human beings.

It’s up to us to make it stop: #NoBusinessWithICE!

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We just found out Palantir has renewed its ICE contract thru 2022. 😡😡😡

Amounts redacted, but they'll make MILLIONS.

Workplace raids, family members arrested at the border, protests every week, worker concerns—& Palantir is doubling down?!

Palantir helped arrest at least *443* ppl in a 90-day period, we revealed this year, helping ICE nab family members of kids who crossed border alone, including families who tried to claim them.

That's apparently not enough for them to stop working w/ICE.…
Hundreds of academics got Palantir dropped as a sponsor of a prestigious privacy conference at Cal. The academic community came together to say they will not be associated with an enabler of terror.

That's not enough for them to stop working w/ICE.…
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BREAKING: We're releasing a new report: "The War Against Immigrants: Trump's Tech Tools Powered by Palantir" today.

It's a comprehensive look at Palantir’s work & the web of personal connections that make it all happen, all centered around Peter Thiel.
Yday ICE arrested 680 people in raids of food processing plants in Mississippi. The raids were a result of a year long HSI investigation & led to 100s of family separations.

Palantir says they don't separate families (that they help HSI w/investigations, not ERO).
However, yesterday's raids were carried out by HSI, casting doubt on Palantir's position and the companies role in family separations.

These raids are just the latest cruel implementation of the war against immigrations, powered by Palantir's technology.
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Trump’s war on immigrants is escalating.

Days after the deadly attack on Latinos in El Paso, hours before ‘offering condolences’ to the people he helped target, Trump gave the OK to carry out the largest single-state raid in our nation’s history. [1/x]…
Today, that war shattered nearly 700 families, more than 700 lives.

It’s no coincidence that the raids took place across 7 sites in areas that are hard to reach, where there is little to no infrastructure in place to help deal with the aftermath. [2/x]…
Our community is scared, tired, and enraged. And as we grieve, we also support one another to recharge and keep fighting.

We have a long road ahead. But we are committed. [3/5]…
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This is about to be a thread to educate a CEO about Border Patrol and why people want to #CloseTheCamps and why workers are saying #WeWontBeComplicit.
I'm GRATEFUL to the @ogilvy employees who, like the #WayfairWalkout, don't want to be part of what's happening at the border. The hashtag #dontlookaway is aimed at all of us. #NoTechForICE could also be #NoPRforTheCamps
After 3 weeks of press coverage detailing how @ogilvy recruits for the border patrol agency running the camps, @jseifert79, the CEO, told workers raising concerns that "I don’t have enough information to indict this [organization]."…
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Welcome to today’s Twitter chat! We’ll break down how @AWScloud & @PalantirTech power ICE’s deportation-detention machine w/ our partners: @ConMijente @CosechaMovement @StandUpNash @LaColectiVA703 @MaketheRoadNY @DenshoProject @popdemoc @UndocuBlack & @CAAAV!

In light of news that ICE used facial recog software to mine state driver databases & track down immigrants—it's extra crucial to break down the relationship between ICE, @PalantirTech & @awscloud (which houses Rekognition, @Amazon's facial recog software) #AmazonVSImmigrants
More on ICE's mining of state driver databases using facial recognition software here 👇 #AmazonVSImmigrants #NoTechForICE…
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The ACLU just revealed the full breadth of ICE's contract w/@ThomsonReuters.

Guess what? That information is integrated with @PalantirTech. The gov. EXPLICITLY demanded that the Reuters program be compatible w/Palantir.

Our report released last year shows how. #NoTechforICE
Thousands of ICE agents have access to BILLIONS of license plate records from across the country—even from sanctuary cities

They use this info to track people in real time.

Those license plates are fed into Palantir to "narrow in and locate persons & assets of interest."
This is by design.

When ICE contracted Thomson-Reuters, it SPECIFICALLY required the database be compatible w/Palantir so it could be used by ICE agents on the ground.

ICE agents use Palantir to "store, search, analyze, & visualize" data to target immigrants for deportation.
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At the teach-in, "A.I. can't fix this: MIT, imperialism, and the future of A.I." #helloworld
Sally haslanger: we have to push back against plutocracy in the University. Who gets to decide the research agenda? Why should billionaires decide?
Elena sobrino: MIT never divested from apartheid South Africa, despite students organizing shantytowns and protests.
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Our report details how firms like @Amazon @Microsoft @Palantir profit from detention & deportations.

We show how tech lobbying —> massive gov. contracts —> storing biometric data on millions & providing tech for deportations #NoTechForICE
.@Amazon is *far ahead* of any other tech company in storing sensitive data—it has 204 FEDRamp authorizations, compared to Microsoft's 150, Oracle's 34, Salesforce's 31, & Google's 27.

It & other tech co's gave $250K to Congress, then won contracts to privatize gov data storage.
They’re part of a new #CloudIndustrialComplex that lobbies legislators in Washington, DC to prioritize cloud storage for sensitive data, resulting in a huge migration of sensitive data to private cloud firms like Amazon, which get multi-million contracts to store the data.
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