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Pourquoi @Le_Figaro parle de 16000 morts dues à l'#hydroxychloroquine sans donner de sources?
Parce que ça vole pas très haut.… Le raisonnement?
"10% de TOUS ceux qui sont morts avec l'HCQ sont morts à cause de l'HCQ, car l'étude Recovery l'a dit".😆⏬1/6
Basé sur cette présentation au simplisme effarant, 8min La méthode? Il a pris le nombre d'hospitalisations Covid, le % de prescriptions HCQ puis le nbre de morts. Et décide que... "10% des morts c'est à cause de l'HCQ parce que la méta-analyse le dit." 2/6
Oui, la même vieille étude Recovery qui filait une overdose HCQ: 2400mg soit 4x la dose🤦‍♀️
Qui avait une mortalité à 25% déjà rien que dans le groupe contrôle (soit des malades au stade sévère). Et financée par la fondation Gates… 3/6 ImageImage
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🔛 DAY 2 of the final #SHERPAconference is here! 🙌

And we start with @occs13 and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys welcoming attendees and introducing the agenda of the day. Image
🌄 Mario Milouchev from @EUAgri is opening the second and final day of the final #SHERPAconference thanking the many platforms engaging in the project and implementing the #RuralVision.

🗣️ "It’s time to think outside of the box" Image
🎯 It’s time to discuss participatory budgeting and how #SHERPA can contribute with recommendations for future #rural policy. Our project coordinator Olivier and Elodie from @Ecorys are setting the scene.

Stay tuned! 👂 Image
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The intensifying clamp down on #protest is just capitalism & the capitalist state “out in the open”. Climate activism, worker struggle and opposition to the clowning of a new King show people are less willing to passively accept their domination. So it must be done forcibly (1/5)
Significantly, it’s now being experienced more by those not used to it. They should be justifiably outraged. But there are many in our society who’ve been subjected to unjust and discriminatory punitive actions from police, politics and the legal system their entire lives.
This has been central to the critique of the climate activist space as too white and middle class, especially when it came to tactics of “wilful arrest”. State repression and violence is not new, it’s always been necessary for maintaining this system of hierarchy and oppression.
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Excellent new piece in the (paywalled) @FT from @jburnmurdoch on #diversity, #racism, & #immigration: 'Progressives are winning the immigration debate — but it doesn’t feel like it'.

John Burn-Murdoch explores the data, & possible explanations.…
"Remember the rise of the right? First #Brexit, then Trump, then a wave of rightwing populism broke over Europe. There were dozens of news articles on the “rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment”. Except it turns out that in the west, 2016 was a high water mark for such views." Image
"The most dramatic shifts have come in the US, Canada and, in particular, Britain, where the share of people saying there should be strict limits — if not an outright ban — on immigration has more than halved from 66% on the eve of the EU referendum to 31% last year." 🇬🇧 Image
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A refreshingly candid political analysis. But who is it by?

"The destructive legacy of Thatcherism is typically analysed through an economic lens, namely that free-market dogmatism rewarded corporate greed at the expense of our public services."
"Less focus is paid to another kind of war she had to wage to win this economic battle; by curtailing the rights of trade unionists, disempowering local governments and handing over public resources to unaccountable private companies, Thatcher was waging a war on democracy."
"40 years later, the Conservative government’s anti-democratic assault rages on. The Minimum Service Levels Bill overrides our fundamental right to strike."
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A handful of billionaires own most of the corporations, corporate media and social media and practically every major institution that affects our collective and individual quality of life.…
A handful of billionaires have unprecedented control over banking, financial institutions, what’s invested in and what isn’t, the food we eat and the water we drink.
#PalmOilFree in ‘23…
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1. 🧵Six important lessons that can be learned from the death of the #Solidarity Charter:

1- Monarchists not only cannot be removed, but they are the most powerful, real, and effective trend in Iran's political and national sphere.
2. 2- Great things can be done on Twitter that the news media cannot do with all that capital and support.
3. 3- Monarchists showed that, contrary to the claims of their opponents, they are the most democratic and pluralist political movement in Iran and are not afraid of criticizing and being criticized, even to the first person of the country, Reza Shah II.
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Complete #solidarity to @DragoslavicM - and a little 🧵on protection of #journalists granted also by Article 21 (#rightofpeacefulassembly), not only Article 19 (#freedomofexpression), ICCPR
#UN #humanrightscommittee General Comment 37 on Article 21, ICCPR: "The role of #journalists, #humanrightsdefenders, election monitors & others involved in monitoring or reporting on assemblies is of particular importance for the full enjoyment of the #rightofpeacefulassembly."
"Those persons are entitled to protection under the Covenant. They may not be prohibited from, or unduly limited in, exercising these functions, including with respect to monitoring the actions of #lawenforcement officials."
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Local #Atlanta Interfaith Clergy holds a Press Conference to demand Mayor Andre Dickens #StopCopCity. The #ATL police are stating "outside agitators" are against this $90M project but that is a lie. Local residents of #ATL "do not want Cop City."
🧵 We heard the Interfaith Clergy loud and clear: "We don't want more policing and terrorizing of Black, Brown, and Indigenous bodies in our community." #StopCopCity
✊"All of this is a fight over land, which white people have been wagging since the beginning of time." #Landback #StopCopCity #Solidarity
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This week, we are sharing an exclusive interview with 𝗔𝗿𝗲𝗹𝘆 𝗥𝗲𝘆𝗲𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗹, interviewed by our FiLiA volunteer from #Mexico (M.E.) and presented to you here in Spanish and in English.…
“The persecution against me, my detention, and the media lynching have been exhausting, and have resulted in anxiety, paranoia, and post-traumatic stress for me.”
𝗔𝗿𝗲𝗹𝘆 𝗥𝗲𝘆𝗲𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗹…
You can read our statement of #solidarity with Mexican #Feminists from May 2022 here:

‘Sisters in #Mexico are being tortured because they stand up and demonstrate demanding justice for rapes, abductions, and femicides.'…
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@cupenovascotia School Support workers across Nova Scotia have voted 97.5% in favour of taking strike action if an agreement that lifts education workers out of poverty cannot be reached. #nsed #nslab #nspoli #CUPE #canlab @BeckyDruhan @suzyhfx @DannyNSFL…
2) “We are holding a province-wide Day of Action today, Feb. 28, to tell the @TimHoustonNS govt. that our members need to see a deal that will make a meaningful difference in their lives," @melansonchris, President, NS School Board Council of Unions
3) From 2012 to 2022, while inflation in Nova Scotia increased by 23.5%, wages in the sector rose only 14.5%, dragged down by years of legislated restraint under the previous @LiberalPartyNS government.

#WageFreezes #Bill148 #UnionBusting #NeoLiberals
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From today, some employers, seniors and rota coordinators will tell you things that are not true.

Some are clumsy mistakes, some are attempts to undermine your will to strike.

The media will attack you and your reps.

Here are some mistruths you may hear:
"You are x type of Dr, you can't strike"

All types of care are included in the strike. GP trainees, Emergency and Critical Care - you can strike.

Some doctors e.g. Armed Forces, Public Health are ineligible. If unsure if you can strike, check BMA FAQ…
"You need to tell us whether or not you're coming in"

You do not have to tell anyone whether or not you will be taking strike action. Employers should plan for all junior doctors to be on strike.

Contact your local BMA representative for support if they get insistent. BMA FAQ screenshot advising junior doctors not to tell their
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Here at #FairWorkweek hearing with sponsors starting us off strong - @SerenaForCO explains that single parents & working parents are left with a CPS call when they don't have predictable work schedules to pick their kids up

Unstable schedules impact 400k Coloradans #copolitics
@SerenaForCO reminds us corporate lobbyists are out numbering us.

@EmilyForCO "We are here today to address unpredictable hours... which means unpredictable pay... 1/3rd of workers in Colorado who are in the most impacted sectors - couldn't cover an emergency" #copolitics
"we continue to create communities where workers can thrive... studies show that fair scheduling builds trust for employees and employers" #copolitics

"workers who have a say in their schedule are more productive" says @EmilyForCO
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Southend Council “permanently rules out” 15 minute city proposal after public pressure…
“Labour-led joint administration with the Lib Dems & Independents says it will fight to prevent any restrictive scheme being implemented in Southend”
We Are Coming.
A rare (and perhaps FIRST) public victory against Globalist proposals for dystopian 15-minute
‘Hunger Games’ style city zoning systems
Southend Massive standing strong in Essex, for the country & the world
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This is wrong and inaccurate. And, of course, I have a LOT to sat about this. Let's begin a LONG LONG thread --

#MinimumWage #Capitalism #WorkersRights
1 -- First of all, it is a gross misconception that minimum wage jobs are supposed to be practice for high school kids and college kids to earn a little bit of money. FDR straight up said when establishing the Minimum Wage that it was meant to be a "Living Wage"
1a -- "It seems to me to be equally plain that no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country. ...and by living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level-I mean the wages of decent living.”
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System Change, not Climate Change heißt auch:
#Polizei abschaffen! 👮‍♀️❌

Unser Kampf begrenzt sich nicht nur aufs Klima. Wir kämpfen für das gute Leben für alle. Das gibt es nur, wenn alle Menschen frei von Gewalt & Diskriminierung + in Sicherheit leben können.

🧵 (1/3) +EN
(2/3) Dafür wollen wir unseren Blick weiten & uns solidarisch an die Seite all jener stellen, die von alltäglicher insbesondere rassistischer #Polizeigewalt betroffen sind. Denn egal wen es trifft, gemeint sind wir alle.

#nojusticenopeace #solidarity #defundthepolice
(3/3) Danke an Anna & William vom @solimouhamed, dass ihr bei unserem Dorfspaziergang dabei wart & so mitreißenden Reden gehalten habt.
Gemeinsam werden wir weiter für echte #Klimagerechtigkeit kämpfen! ✊

#justice4mouhamed #ouryjallohdaswarmord #policebrutality

EN ⬇️
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Kreideaktion – wie es wirklich war

Sicherlich haben Sie sich gefragt, wie die berüchtigten „intensiven Fahndungsmaßnahmen“ rund um das „Graffiti“ in der Nacht vom 09. auf den 10.12 abgelaufen sind.
Laut der Pressemitteilung der Polizei Neustadt...
1/ Image
welche ganz genau so auch in der Lokalzeitung #Rheinpfalz vom 11.12 vorzufinden war, wurden vier Tatverdächtige ermittelt, denen Sachbeschädigung im mittleren dreistelligen Bereich vorgeworfen wird. Alle vier wurden von der Polizei der „linksautonomen Szene“ zugeordnet.
Außerdem wurde in der Pressemitteilung das Gender einer tatverdächtigen Person trotz des Vorzeigens eines Ergänzungsausweises falsch angegeben
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Once upon a time I was a recent immigrant to the US, working in a toxic environment for an increasingly abusive boss, who informed me I needed to work for free or they'd cancel my work visa & I'd have to leave the country. That was my glorious arrival here.
I'm aware there are people in Silicon Valley right now, as well as around the world in different industries, being held hostage by their immigration status, or in the US by their need for access to job-tied health insurance, or other factors. #Solidarity
I have also been working overseas when a family crisis at home coincided with a personal financial crunch, and I needed to get home but I didn't have the means to leave the country.

Life can be COMPLICATED. (And I've live through some wild things.)
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Already quite an eventful week in the world of SBWU, with win after win & strike after strike rocking the nation! 🔥🔥🔥
In the midst of new stores filing and the 10th illegally fired partner being reinstated, our store suffered our most egregious unfair labor practice yet.
On Tuesday, management pulled aside one of our partners & told him that he'd have to take off his union hat or be sent home to go change into more "work appropriate" attire.
Our partner invoked his Weingarten Rights, concerned he was being written up but his request was ignored. Plain black hat on a white ...
The next day, management noticed that several more partners were wearing hats with the union logo on them.
It should be noted that there has NEVER been a customer complaint about these hats.
Our store is 💯 unanimous pro-union so no one working the floor was offended either.
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#ProportionalRepresentation - a thread: 🧵

Many so-called "progressives" openly espouse the cause of PR, having been fooled into believing that is is somehow "fairer". 😒😒😒

More on this, later.
But, it is not - is is a recipe for fragmentation, and is the #Establishments best weapon against #WorkingClass #Solidarity, and should be shunned by any #Socialist , worth their salt. 🤔

Look at Israel, and Italy, to see and understand the PR end game.

What PR DOES, and is DESIGNED to DO, is to funnel footloose votes towards the MIDDLE, and reinforce the so called #Centrists. It FRAGMENTS the big battalions of left and right, and gives WHOLLY DISPROPORTIONATE POWER, to the brokers of the central parties.

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What follows now are the images we caught from our #HeartsForMurderedWomen vigil yesterday, which we held during the #16DaysOfActivism, the day after #IDEVAW #16days #SayHerName @tweet_tdas @FemicideCensus @CountDeadWomen
The #HeartsForMurderedWomen were strung from the statue of #OurEmmeline and hung between the trees lining #StPetersSquare in #Manchester #16DaysOfActivism #IDEVAW #16days
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Used my energy for the day visiting the nearest @ucu @aberdeen_ucu picket line with Dr Blinky in support of their ongoing #Strikes 👊🏻💪🏻

Sadly #royalmailstrikes had packed up by the time i was on my way back so i couldn't say hello👋🏻

#Solidarity #StrongerTogether #JoinAUnion 3 people, one man and 2 wom...
Got too excited seeing people, this 1 hour at a picket has been the most socialising and energetic thing ive done in 20 months. Already feeling the effects, but so nice to see folk and show solidarity to the first #union i ever joined (even though im no longer a member)
The work unions do benefit all of us. Employers want your labour, workers want to have a life outside of work.

If you like your holiday pay, sick pay, parental leave, maximum work hours, minimum wage, pensions, safety at work etc, then you support unions.
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"you can't keep on promising things to the North of England and then not delivering for a decade" reckons Andy Burnham. And I mean, provably, you can. Though hopefully not for much longer. Image
A very pro-Bradford speech this. Nice. #Solidarity
He wants a Northern land value (increase) tax to pay for the ambitions of North England. Love to see it.
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