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@AmedStudies & @Cuny4P Present:
Palestine Liberation Organizing: Consolidating Gains in the Face of The New McCarthyism

Opening: @JamilaMHammami
Chaired by: Leith Ghuloum, @MullinCorinna
Featuring: Lawrence Johnson, Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi, James Martel, & @NerdeenKiswani

1/x Image
@MullinCorinna of @Cuny4P: Despite the constant barrage of zionist attacks faced by students, academic, & non-academic workers organizing in solidarity with #PalestineLiberation- with often little to no protection, or worse, the complicity of college admin & politicians... 2/x
@MullinCorinna of @Cuny4P: the #Palestine solidarity movement across our campuses has been growing and consolidating its gains over a number of years. In fact, we understand these two developments as connected. The more Palestine solidarity grows successfully, the more... 3/x
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Fascinating conversation between @NewBlackMan and @ddhewty about the 1989 protest at Howard, and the divisions between the Howard of the Black community and the Howard of the administration
students were fighting for an Afro-centric curriculum, improved campus housing, credit for community service and support for community institutional building, and protesting appt of Republican Committee Chair Lee Atwater to the board of trustees
Students had an interesting relationship with campus police, who came from the surrounding community. Students supported them in labour disputes, and in turn campus police held a sick-out when student's occupied campus. #Solidarity
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“The pair then allegedly asked..about alternative vaccines as they were ‘aware of concerns around the use of AstraZeneca for younger people’..staff were said to have REASSURED the young couple..AstraZeneca..was safe”

This 26 yr old DIED

Yet WE were the “DANGEROUS ones”?
We tried to warn everybody, from nothing but love.
We knew it would cost us yet we carried on, for love.
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As someone whose read a fuckton of history, and specifically the histories of social movements and revolutions, there's a thing that happens predictably in every empire as it breaks down - the social fabric unravels and incidents of violence skyrocket. 🧵
Basically, at some point different factions stop believing that they have any common future together and start seeing others as competitors for scarce resources instead of members of a shared community. Those breaks will happen along whatever fault lines already exist.
This violence essentially functions as a safety valve for rage and discontent at the system and often targets officially sanctioned scapegoats. For example, in Czarist Russia, pograms against jews played this role.
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The DiCE Townhall is about to start! We've teamed up with @tepsaeu and @FIIA_fi to discuss the implications of the #WarinUkraine for #Migration in the EU🇪🇺

Learn more about the event👉…

Follow along with our Twitter highlights 👇

.@HeinikoskiSaila from @FIIA_fi is setting the scene at the start of this #townhall on #DifferentiatedIntegration in the wake of Russia's invasion of #Ukraine: the war has already resulted in a flow of refugees into the EU27 and DI could be a valuable tool in Europe's response
The Director-General of the Migration Department in the 🇫🇮 Ministry of the Interior @HulkMi is setting out the Commission's position on #migration and #asylum system in the wake of #Ukraine: "mandatory migration quotas are not politically possible, #solidarity is the answer"

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The actor, liar, & smearer of many left-wingers, Tracy-Ann Oberman has apologised & paid “substantial damages” to politician & academic Dr @PhilipProudfoot, the founder of the Northern Independence party (NIP), who she falsely accused of antisemitism.…
Millions of people from all sorts of backgrounds have had to put up with Tracy-Ann Oberman's relentless bigotry, insults, & frankly bizarre & utterly delusional tirades.

Some might say it's ironic that she was recently on #BakeOff's Stand Up To Cancer.

Tracy-Ann Oberman's comeuppance & apology is long overdue.

#Solidarity to @PhilipProudfoot & to all the other decent people who have suffered abuse from the ghastly Oberman just because they feel moved by the plight of the people of #Palestine, or because they supported Corbyn.
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Extremely proud to stand in #solidarity with #RespectMySex campaign.

Read more about their campaign:…
Ask your MP now if they respect #women’s rights and safe spaces.

Use these questions created by the #RespectMySex campaign: Image
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Yes it is really true! @UCU are ready to vote on whether to harass members for their legally protected beliefs (that there are two sexes and sexism is a problem) #WORIAD Any UCU member thinking of legal action for belief discrimination has just been provided with strong evidence.
@ucu In case the legal team remove it, here is EQ7
And similarly B13, ordered onto the agenda for UCUCongress2022. Both motions propose campaigning against feminists who think #SexMatters smeared in the text as 'transphobes'. #Solidarity to those targeted @CEFA_Women @OU_GCN @LabWomenDec @UCLwomenslib @WomensTUF @legalfeminist
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1. 'Be not afraid!' Joe Biden quotes John Paul II in his speech in Warsaw. More than 40 years ago, the Polish Pope gave that advice. It took another 10 hard years for Poland to become free, 25 for it to be secure in the West (EU+NATO).

2. Now Ukrainians are practising that 'be not afraid!', with even more impressive courage in the face of Putin's outright terror - & winning a similar place in the world's memory - one that made it natural for Biden to refer back >40 years to #Solidarity, Lech Walȩsa, etc
3. Of course the Ukrainian path will be different, with inevitable twists & compromises along the way. But we, living comfortably in the West, have absolutely no right to tell Ukrainians to settle for less (so we can go on living comfortably). #UkraineUnderAttack
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I think my tweet about TN government resonated with many, thanks so much for sharing it and for the follows! I live in a beautiful state with a lot of beautiful people who care deeply about their neighbors, sadly that is not what our supermajority is reflecting back.
It seems true that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I got to hear from so many in other states feeling the same as we are in TN. #Solidarity to all of us as we push back! I don’t know how it works in every state, but I have some ideas for TN.
🚨YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Please never feel that your vote won’t make a difference, it absolutely can, especially if everyone who feels as you do votes!
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WATCH: Bishop Barber Joins Memphis 7 | We Shall Overcome Starbucks Union Busting! #PoorPeoplesCampaign…
Working at the Tennessee 2018 state minimum wage, it takes 94 hours of work per week to afford a 2-bedroom apartment.…
Religious leaders in Memphis, if you’re not standing with these Starbucks workers in this moment, it makes your faith terribly suspect. #WhyWeOrganize #PoorPeoplesCampaign
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I've a number of tributes to pay on this important day.

The first must obviously go to the women of #Ukraine

This picture demonstrates their suffering & their personal courage

I stand with them in #Solidarity

Photo from the front page @thetimes

It's a strange start to this tribute, but today is the 21st anniversary of my Dad's death. His life and of his Mother, Mary Breheny, is couched in real courage through #MotherAndBabyHomes #MagdalenLaundries

#Justice is coming!

I pay tribute to #BreedaMurphy from the #TuamMotherandBabyHomeAlliance

Her passion, compassion and determination against @cnalive @merrionstreet to deliver the stories & change of #Survivors #MotherAndBabyHomes & #Magdalene story is inspirational
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🇪🇺🇺🇦👇important contribution. Start of debate forcing itself onto #EU agenda when Leaders meet for 'Growth summit' in Versailles next week.
Personally I have no doubt a "doubling-down" on EU #borrowing capacity in time will be necessary -- but not necessarily as proposed.
As a quick take, I think @benjaminhaddad @maxbergmann's proposal:
- lacks ambition in the most adverse scenario (1⃣) (obvious)
- faces question about EU borrowing priority in world we are waking up to tomorrow (2⃣);
- requires discussion of European defence fundamentals (3⃣).
1⃣ Worst-case: rest of Europe gets pulled into war w/ Russia. What nobody wishes, is not inconceivable.
We are then talking about something entirely different in scale in terms of mobilising resources across society, including issuance of war debt, to finance the effort.
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This thread contains a set of #resources to #donate/support #Ukraine. Please add or retweet it 🧵

Tw 1: #Charities to donate
Tw 2: #Crypto/NFT options
Tw 3: # for support/#solidarity
Tw 4: Key distinctions/terms
Tw 5: # for #refugees

#StandingWithUkraine #SupportUKraine

1. @razomforukraine: comprehensive support
2. @savelifeua: military support
3. @UnitedHelpUA: food/medical supplies
4. @RedCrossUkraine: infrastructure repairs
5. Army SOS: military support
6. Revived Soldiers Ukraine: medical rehab
7. @caritasukraine: clothing help
#Crypto/NFT donation options (urge caution):

1. @Ukraine accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT:

BTC - 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P
ETH and USDT (ERC-20) - 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14

2. Come Back Alive Foundation - Bitcoin

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A friend of mine is very disheartened whats going on+how some people even defend Putin+how he+those who disregard rules+democracy get away with it. In the UK or in 🇷🇺
„Why should we not give up and be like the selfish+theTyrants?“
This is how I responded to her.
A Thread 🧵
1 /
2 /„I totally understand your frustration.
It’s unbelievable what selfishness people have these days.

You are right and correct in all you say.

There is zero excuse for the brutality and mass murder that Putin is doing in Ukraine
3 /(and in several other countries of course) and how he corrupted Brexit and how he corrupted the UK government and how he gives billions of pounds to his oligarch friends in Knightsbridge while his own Russian people are dying of poverty and freezing to death in the wide areas
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1/9 I hope this thread will bring a sliver of joy to those on strike. It's a thread about solidarity and music, and strikes. One of the most profound experiences of my career and life was the #UCUStrike of 2018. It was my second year as Image
2/9 a lecturer at Uni of Exeter, and my first time on strike. As well as making great friends on the picket line, a few of us formed an impromptu band called 'Comrade Snowflake'. What was wonderful was the solidarity. There was myself, lucky enough to be on a permanent contract, Image
3/9 @drrhianelinor - at the time a PhD student on a casualized contract, Gabriel, a PhD student, and @GromskiOliver, an undergraduate student and one of the most talented musicians I've ever met. None of us had known each other before, but striking brought us together #ucustrike
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Next time an interviewer asks you to "Explain this gap on your resume," REGARDLESS of why, answer,
"I decline to answer that question in #solidarity with those whose reasons are none of your business, or reveal information that it's illegal to not-hire them for."
#HotTake It's MOST important that those with more #privilege who would claim to not be racist/classist/ableist/misogynist/otherwise hostile to all marginalized groups refuse.
When YOU give an actual answer, YOU steal 💰 from all of them.
THEY don't get work, or get paid less. 2/
Especially someone who's been to prison, there's no good way to spin that story, especially for white-collar jobs with good pay.
People make mistakes, or get punished unjustly - YOU condemn them to poverty for life. 3/
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Natural immunity and herbs are inferior to #PublicHealthMeasures at fighting viruses and bacteria.

If this was not the case, 90% of North, South & Central Indigenous peoples of the Americas would have survived the arrival of European disease and whooped our white asses right out of here.
I'm a big fan of herbs, btw. I grow my own healing teas.

But I'm not so ignorant that I think my knowledge of herbal medicine could approach the Indigenous knowledge that took millennia to develop.
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Updated WHO severe COVID treatment guidelines

🟢Steroid (#Dexamethasone)
🟢IL6 blocker (#Toci) or 🟢JAKi (#Baricitinib)
🟠±mAb in seronegative people

NOT recommended

Lots to discuss, a🧵
Remdesivir (RDV) is in the “We suggest no remdesivir” category.
At some level, this isn’t too surprising & is old news.
Despite initial hype, RDV never moved the needle much on patient centered outcomes (risk of mortality or requiring IMV) & many of us had stopped using it.
In #ACTT1 RDV did improve outcomes on an ordinal scale, but the effect was modest. It shortened time to clinical improvement but not hospital LOS (patients stayed in the hospital longer to receive it).
RDV did NOT improve mortality or risk of IMV.
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We are here in Phoenix with @OfficialMLK3, @RepRubenGallego, @MondaireJones, @ezralevin, @MsLaToshaBrown, @cliff_notes and activists from every corner of Arizona to get in some #GoodTrouble and #DeliverForVotingRights!
Arizona is turning out to #DeliverForVotingRights today, are you listening @SenatorSinema?
The March to #DeliverForVotingRights is underway! #WeWantVotingRights
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“Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime.” @repjohnlewis #GoodTrouble

We are ready to #DeliverForVotingRights tomorrow in Phoenix! #Solidarity
C’mon Arizona! Grab your signs and let’s join together in a March to #DeliverForVotingRights!

You can be sure that @OfficialMLK3, @RepRubenGallego, @MondaireJones, & @ezralevin will not stop! @IndivisibleTeam will not stop!

WE WILL NOT STOP fighting for our rights!
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Clinical Practice Guideline Summary: Recommended Drugs and Biologics in Adult Patients with COVID-19 - Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table…
The guidelines are based on a blend of pathogenesis, clinical trials, and local realities of drug supply and burn rate.

If we got it right, phew!
If we got it wrong, recognize that this is a rapidly evolving situation, with new evidence, new variants, and new drug availability.
Omicron has shortened the presymptomatic period, but we have little certainty of the rest of the time course.
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Some of the @LetsStopC9 team attended the very important #protest to bring the attention of the House of Lords to the racist #NABB. Many powerful speeches were shared and we have been inspired!

Our next steps as @LetsStopC9 will be to increase collaboration with other groups who share our goal - to stop the #NationalityAndBordersBill we are thankful to Sam from @WritersofColour for connecting us
We will continue to raise awareness around the #NationalityAndBordersBill and encourage people to challenge it, and will uplift the voices of other organisations working to fight it
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I got home this morning after an overnight shift in the pediatric emergency department.

I rarely share personal reflections based on my clinical work as a #pediatrician via @twitter, but I'm allowing myself this exception.

#omicron #COVID19Qc #N95sForAll

A thread 🧵 1/21...
2/ I started my winter holiday stretch of shifts by working on #Christmas evening and finished it by ringing in the #NewYear last night while taking care of sick & injured children with a phenomenal (but overworked & somewhat demoralized team) at the children's hospital.
3/ Let me re-iterate at the outset that I've always been opposed to @francoislegault @coalitionavenir's imposition of the #curfew because of its harmful impacts on many of the most marginalized people in society.…
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