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THREAD: I've been called an Antisemite in the street twice by anti Labour people. I've been called AS on twitter for backing Corbyn. I've been tainted as AS in a national newspaper for tweeting Pro JC & anti TW hashtags. That's how I KNOW first hand how AS can be weaponised
Playing fast and loose with accusations of AS does nothing to eradicate AS. Sometimes you'll hit your target and be right, but you might easily get it wrong and that causes untold damage to the fight against AS. That's why I've always condemned those who weaponise it. 1/10
I see them as just as toxic as the Antisemites. In fact they often cross that line in their bid to discredit Jews who make the weaponisation process awkward. They are exploiting Jewish fears the way Jess Phillips tried to exploit feminists when she accused JC of sexism 2/10
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FiLiA will release a full response later ...

The @Commonswomequ just published a report on 'Enforcing the Equality Act: the law and the role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission'

Chapter 7 is dedicated to Balancing Rights in Single Sex Services…
The report highlights 2 particularly difficult areas:

1️⃣ commissioning single-sex services
2️⃣ the ability of organisations to use Equality Act exceptions

Single Sex Exemptions are re-outlined, with a quote from the @EHRC Codes of Practice

Ch 7:
1️⃣ Of concern: '... commissioners appeared to be commissioning gender-neutral services in breach of the public sector equality duty' and “that will not enable the aims of equality set out in the Equality Act to be full achieved.”
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Thread for yesterday:
4am wake up.
5.45 On the coach orgainsed by @Liverpool4EU I get handed a bag full of a dozen yellow roses, lovingly trimmed and wrapped in wet tissues to keep them fresh...many thanks to Barbara!
#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

I hand them out to EU27 citizens resident in the UK for over a decade and marching for the first time.....

#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

Sharing a yellow rose with Brenda who organised the coach for @Liverpool4EU and always shows so much friendship and #solidarity

#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

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[thread] Of course, @realDonaldTrump telling @AOC, @RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN & @AyannaPressley to “go home” to their “country of origin” is racist. I’m disgusted & appalled by the callousness of these remarks, aimed at these amazingly strong women. #Solidarity to them. (1/7)
But crucially, Trump’s consistent racism gives confidence to others with racist attitudes & builds a terrifying atmosphere for targets of that racism. These are the real, painful, consequences when political or community leaders foster racism & play on xenophobic attitudes. (2/7)
People who are doing or saying racist things often feel like they speak on behalf of their community (ridiculous concept, I know). Therefore, it’s immensely powerful for a member of that same perceived community to say ‘not in my name’ in order to marginalise the racism. (3/7)
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A guilty verdict in Dr. #ScottWarren's case will be a catastrophe, but even if Scott is acquitted, the crisis of death and disappearance along our southern border will continue. Take action today at
Our #solidarity asks include (1) Share the video made explaining the dangerous #precedent Dr. Warren's case could set:
(2) Write to Congress demanding an immediate end to the policy of Prevention Through Deterrence:…
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In solidarity with workers at @Delta, NEA President @Lily_NEA wrote an open letter to Delta President Glen Hauenstein. Read it below. #UnionStrong #Solidarity
Dear Mr. Hauenstein,

On behalf of the more than three million members of the National Education Association (NEA) and the students they serve, I write to condemn Delta Airlines’ condescending and flippant disrespect for workers voice by employing anti-union materials 1/
designed to persuade employees to drop their union membership.

To add insult to injury, it is both obscene and shameful for you to encourage employees to “invest in video games” rather than use their collective voice to fight for the rights, wages, and protections they 2/
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🔥 "Saving Lives Isn't A Crime!" 🔥

Yesterday #Firefighters from across the UK descended upon London to protest in support of Spanish Firefighter, Miguel Roldan. 1/5
Miguel currently faces the threat of 20 years in prison in Italy for rescuing families from the sea. Men, women & children were rescued by Miguel & his comrades. 2/5
Fire & Rescue is a humanitarian service. We save life regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or nationality. The fact Miguel - a Firefighter - is facing prison for doing exactly this, reveals the UGLY & DANGEROUS far-right views for what they are. 3/5
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New state of escalation in #France

Yesterday night, #Macron' #regime forces used for the first time attack dogs against #GiletsJaunes during a night walk in #Cambrai/#Acte24

The Prefect of Paris declared the use of attack dogs for #ActeXXIV

Another footage from the incidents during #GiletsJaunes night walk in #Cambrai as #Macron's #regime forces attacked the #YellowVests without any logical reason

#ActeXXIV #Acte24 #France #PoliceBrutality #Castaner #MacronDemission
The #ChampsElysées, which are located in the sector banned for manifestations, on April 27 in the morning, the arrival of the tanks of the gendarmerie. They positioned themselves at the level of the Arc de Triomphe

#GiletsJaunes #Acte24 #Paris #YellowVests #ActeXXIV
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Watching the livestream of @LAW_witchhunt, before the meeting starts @ken4london turns to Graham Bash "you're Jewish?" He makes his speech first and then walks out "promised the kids I'd be home by 8..."
Leaving Tina Werkmann (who is she?) to introduce Jackie Walker and Graham Bash to the crowd. It's a bit sad really, the night before her expulsion hearing she wheels out Graham. You can imagine how his speech goes blah blah "I'm Jewish and it's all a smear" blah blah blah
Tina says "On that glorious day in 2015 I don't think anyone expected we'd take the @uklabour Party, take society, straight away..." and "Jeremy Corbyn has always been unacceptable not just to the right wing not just of the party but to the people who run society"
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Throughout the day, I'm going to be tweeting articles/resources to educate about anti-Muslim racism and Islamophobia because of what Muslims experience everyday and because we have your attention because of the the #NewZealandTerroristAttack #ChristchurchMosqueAttacks 1/N
Here's a piece that Thea Abu el-Haj and I recently wrote for @TheAssemblyJrnl (an #Openaccess journal):… #Islamophobia #AntiMuslimRacism #NewZealandMosqueAttack 2/N
A number of excellent resources can be found in the #Islamophobia is #racism syllabus: 3/N
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This is the thread about Reparations that was supposed to be a blog post last week. I promised to tag @IAMFridayJones.

There are two primary arms of a Leftist argument for reparations. These are the moral argument that reparations are the right thing to do and the practical

argument that Reparations for #ADOS represent a significant burden on the government that would require a significant redistribution of wealth from capitalists to the working class. This is not possible without vastly more progressive changes to the tax system.

Any discussion of the moral aspect of reparations has to start with the basic fact the United States is a white empire. Members of minority groups are allowed to join the elite but the real money and power is in the hands of white capitalists. Much of this wealth was built on
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I didn't make the decision to leave Clarifai lightly. I agonized over the debate, and tried to look at the issue from all sides. Here's my take on WHY we need to @BanKillerRobots once and for all. #Solidarity #TechWontBuildIt…
@lee_grubbs that article is designed to make you worry about an arms race to justify more weapons manufacture. Instead, let’s work on an international ban through the UN. No one is saying don’t protect USA, we are saying aim for peace and use pressure to condemn this kind of war.
It’s an old argument @karanbhangui that “our enemies won’t” but the bans on chemical/biological weapons are holding up and we can achieve the same thing with these.
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🚨 #France#YellowVest protests on #9February

🔷There are also manifestations planned in #Germany's city of #Stuttgart (#Gelbwesten) and in the Italian capital of #Rom by #giletgialli #9February #Resistance #YellowVests #Solidarity
🚨 #France#Paris: metro stations overlooking the #champselysees are closed on Saturday morning for #ActeXIII #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #GJ #9February #Resistance
🚨 #France#Tourville near #Rouen: blockage dislodged by a massive police presence that tirelessly pushes protesters into the commercial area

#ActeXIII #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #GJ #9February
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1/ Who am I?

I'm a #CVE researcher who studies the process of radicalization, social groups, and movements. In short, I look for ways to prevent people like the #CovingtonBoys from swiping even further right & endorsing white nationalism, ethnic separatism, or dom. terrorism.
2/ On Twitter, I identify as a “#ProudBoys Whisperer,” a tongue in cheek reference to the ethnographic fieldwork I do. This work involves many conversations like the one below.

3/ I also look for ways to help men and women innoculate themselves from falling down the #antifeminist/anti-#SJW /conspiratorial rabbit hole.
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The hashtag #FirstAntisemiticExperience which I started a couple of days ago has shown me several things. This thread will pull together what I believe we can learn from it, and what conclusions we should draw from it.
Please follow me to get other insights into being a #Jew
First: thanks to the journalists who picked up on this #FirstAntiSemiticExperience - they’ve helped spread the hashtag. However I am not sure they understood it’s implications fully, it seems they missed that these encounters with #antisemitism happened years, decades ago!
This is a record therefore of #FirstAntisemiticExperience from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. My son teeeted one from about 2009. That may be the most recent one!!
Historic #antisemitism. But real nonetheless
So let’s examine what sorts of experience we had:
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Can we for real make #collectyourcousins a thing? Black folks are constantly collecting their cousins bc 1 black person acting a fool can have far reaching consequences for all of us. White folks don’t seem to feel as implicated by the failures or foolishness of other white folks
I propose #collectyourcousins as a call to allies to come respond to racist (sexist, cissexist, ableist, homophobic) comments by similarly identified people. White women collecting white women. Straight men collecting straight men. Cis folks collecting cis folks.
The appeal of #collectyourcousins in two-fold for me. 1: Privileged folks often respond defensively especially to marginalized folks calling them on such privilege or ignorance. They have a harder time being dismissive of folks with shared identities.
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What a year! During 2018 @ActOnClimateVic investigated, rallied, promoted, engaged and reported on all things #ClimateImpactsVic and #VicClimateSolutions. A thread, looking back over #2018 1/13
#February2018 We celebrated the first year of the Climate Change Act 3/13
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Friends, here are some action items to help Cyntoia Brown. Please copy and paste as sharing this post will not work.

Cyntoia, now 29 years-old, was 16 years-old when she was sold to a 43 year-old child rapist.
She was imprisoned for killing him in self defense. The court denied her appeal and has ordered her to serve 51 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole.

The Tennessee Governor can grant her clemency and free her before he leaves office in January.
Please contact Governor Haslam’s office and urge him to grant clemency for Cyntoia before he leaves office. Call, write letters, or send emails:

Governor Bill Haslam
1st Floor, State Capitol
Nashville, TN 37243
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One of the worst parts of the academic job market, post-2008: constantly fighting for the opportunity to be interviewed and judged by those with CVs 1/6 the length of yours.
I’ve been told to censor my own CV (cut it down by half) so that academic departments will seriously consider me as a hire. I’ve also been told the reverse.

This shit is so frustrating and draining.
If it wasn’t for my students, I would have dropped out of academia a long time ago. But the endless postdoc and VAP cycle...

I refuse to call it quits yet — because I love teaching, and I emphatically believe this all matters so much, but... how does one know where the limit is?
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Dear #MAGA #Desis & other assorted non-white ppl who support Republicans because of anti-blackness or lower taxes or the feeling of proximity to power, observe this pattern of escalating & widening targeting in #immigration policy & #deportation:
1. Criminal illegal aliens "bad hombres"
2. All undocumented immigrants
3. End TPS "Temporary Protected Status"
4. End family preference in green cards "chain migration"
5. Reduce/eliminate residency lottery
6. Review citizenship applications for fraud & revoke citizenship &
deport ppl who've been here for decades
7. End birthright citizenship for children of undocumented migrants
8. Muslim ban
9. Revoke residency visa for people who have used certain public welfare benefits

I've probably forgotten some other measures, and no doubt there are more
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I love how Natalie Portman breaks through the misogynist abuser code here: "If a man says to you that a woman is crazy or difficult, ask him: 'What bad thing did you do to her?'" (thread) #CrazyDifficultWomen
Let's talk about being #CrazyDifficultWomen! I've been called crazy and difficult by men; I've also been called a bitch, bossy, and "that person" (by someone who couldn't bring himself to call me by name). For doing my job, or caring about standards, or having boundaries, etc.
To put being #CrazyDifficultWomen in context: I've been a guest working in 4 other countries, I've done cross-cultural communication training, I'm Canadian & say sorry compulsively, I care about saving face, I go out of my way to make others feel heard, supported & respected.
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#BREAKING Trump revokes ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance. Sarah Huckabee Sanders reads statement calling him a liar and says he’s sowing division and chaos. Reads off more names of top Trump critics.
Reporter to Sarah HS: The List of people whose security clearances TRump is considering revoking besides John Brennan’s are only Democrats. Why should Americans have confidence you’re taking this seriously if not a single Republican—not even Flynn who lied to FBI—is on that list?
The White House truly was Kremlin annex today. Petty vindictive Trump abuses power to blacklist ppl who happen to know about Russia, smearing & intimidating them for exercising their First Amendment right to criticize a dangerously unfit POTUS. Send gratitude, follow @JohnBrennan
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Some of the core drivers of the religio-political violence in #Nigeria are failures to harmonise religious, political & civic impulses. I will try to summarise and discuss some of them here. #NotAnotherNigerian @QuilliamOrg
1. #Nigeria is a civic state, with much devout religious practice, mainly Christian and Muslim. Religious loyalty should not undermine civic loyalty, but sometimes does. Eg should Muslims be concerned about the 'ummah' & Christians about fellow believers only? #NotAnotherNigerian
2. The #Nigerian state apparatus, including the legal system, is heavily influenced by Britain. The Muslim areas used to have traditional Sharia, and were part of the Sokoto Caliphate. Sharia always had many interpretations: many of these were civic in nature. #NotAnotherNigerian
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Join & Support the democratic alternative
Iranians To Hold Annual Gathering In #Paris Calling For #RegimeChange for a #FreeIran.
30 June 2018 villepinte Paris
#FreeIran2018 #IranProtest #MaryamRajavi…
100,000 Iranians and their supporters are expected to attend #FreeIran2018 Grand Gathering for a #FreeIran, and support #IranProtests in Paris on June 30th. Please join us
#IranRegimechang #IranProtests
Join the #FreeIran2018 campaign✌️

Be the voice of Iranians for a free & democratic #Iran…
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