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⚡☔ 'NEVER land' #decode thread:
POTUS tweet "NEVER"➡ #QPOST search "never"
Many themes currently in the news.
👉#civilwar #Schiff #treason #Rudy #Barr #snowden #EricHolder #impeachment #cia #msm etc.
#MAGA #TheGreatAwakening
@realDonaldTrump #Qposts #qmap #Qanon
#futureprovespast #Qanon
#civilwar talk has ramped up ever since @poyus shined a light on reality of D-party divisiveness. Anons had no illusions long ago of the evil we face.
searching for #Never also brought up posts about @potus being insulated from #impeachment scams.
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🗃 #Thread 🗃

Where are the #arrests?

I know a lot of people are pissed off that they're not seeing mass arrests after all the #proof that has been uncovered

I understand, trust me. I want to end the #DeepState as bad as anyone

Why should I #TrustThePlan? 🤔

I'll explain ☟
First I will get into the 'WHY', then I'll explain the timeline.

The Why:
I want what everyone wants, mass arrests around the #world, the entire #DeepState, gone.

The thing you have to ask yourself is, what will the outcome be? For every action, there is a reaction.☟
What would happen if Obama was arrested tomorrow? Civil unrest/war. #MSM has people lost in a #FalseReality, they will fight because they have been trained to think it's the right thing to do.

Things are slow played for three reasons. One, to do everything by the book. Two,...☟
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1. WOW! #Q said "News Unlocks Map" in multiple #QDrops. You ready for this? "Xuehua Edward Peng", an American citizen, just got arrested for committing espionage for China. Guess what the #1 topic on QMap is when you search that name?

2. I'm going to give you EVERY #QDrop that pops up when searching Xuehua Edward Peng, all 41.

You're going to be convinced that Edward Snowden is about to become a VERY important person of interest in #ThePlan. I guarantee you! (Not every drop has Snowden in it!)
3. Remember, George H. W. Bush was the 41st president AND had ties to China. He was "Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office to the People's Republic of China" from September 1974 – December 1975. Bush continued his influence on China as Director of the ClA from 1976 - 1977.
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A caution: try not create your own expectations for how justice will be done. Only those fulfilling on The Plan know when and how. We can rest at ease knowing these [traitors] will not escape maximum penalties, and equal justice will return - precisely when and how it needs to.
How can we be so sure? Because we are paying attention to unfolding events every single day that show the plan in slow motion. We follow the progress, disclosures and the future proves past Q intel drops that reveal #ThePlan retrospectvely. We are AWAKE, and we see all clearly.
Trolls harass us simply because they're ignorant, plain and simple. They are not paying attention to the fine details. They could if they wanted to but they read a WaPo article calling Q a cult months ago and already decided it's not worth their time - so they remain clueless.
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'Force' The Q Thread.

Has Q been telling us to #ForceTheQ?

In this #Thread, I'm going to break down each #QDrop (#Qpost) that I think relates to #ForcingTheQ

I'm going to show you the #sauce so you can decide for yourself

If #QAnon told us to force the #Q, would you do it? ☟
#ForceTheQ #Sauce - 01

#QAnon said that #Trump being asked the #Q must happen. That means its part if #ThePlan.

Don't be afraid
You are the support
You are the frame
The build is near complete

MSM is not going to just ask the Q. It will take public interest (the people).☟
How do you remove evil in #power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?

WE will succeed

#United, #WeThePeople hold all the power. We the people had forgotten that.

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Things are seriously heating up! Just some weird coincidences I've noticed. Seems relevant per the drop.
Then consider the cash in the back of Trumps pocket. It does not look like the current $20 bill either. It looks different. @POTUS was also wearing a gold tie that day.
Gold shall destroy the Fed.
Sign its coming?
After today it does.
Great screengrab from News showing all the Q's.
Trust QQQ.
Gold standard reset today?
Something YUUGE happened today.
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My name is Gerald
I met Field McConnell
He called Belleville Ontario lawyer
David J. M. Ross relative to information Field had about Colonel Russell Williams
Field opened his files of knowledge on the Colonel to me
I was entrusted by David to take calls.
Lauries story is accurate
The police were clearly operating under an agenda from Williams early crimes - which included an attempted kidnapping in August 2009 - to the murders of Marie France Comeau, Jessica Lloyd and Deborah Rashotte, a murder for which he was never charged
Field opened the door
To the bigger picture for me
His evidence was echoed
By many others who reached out to David
More private whistleblowers
Many of whom are my close friends
Trusted associates
Fellow soldiers in this battle
Which now has me this evening
Proposing a #newcanada
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1. Quite the to do, red carpet and all for Australia's prime minister Morrison. 170 invited guests. Rare state dinner hosted in the Rose Garden. But, is there more to it?

This is only the 2nd state dinner Trump has hosted. The 1st was for France, 514 days ago on Apr 24th, 2018.
2. Brainstorming... Yesterday @POTUS and @Scavino45 hosted Mark Zuckerburg, executives and attorneys from #Facebook at the #WhiteHouse. I posted a silly caption on the photo of that meeting. Though, it was a surprising sight to see in my opinion.

3. Highly interesting that Zuckerberg's meeting with @realDonaldTrump had very little press lead in and I haven't seen a single post-meeting statement by Zuckerburg of any weight. Somewhat ironic when compared to the massive hype around #8chan's debacle.

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If the #DeepState had used lasers to destroy St. Port Lucie nuclear plant in the middle of #HurricaneDorian, much of the South East US would be evacuated and abandoned for decades. #ThePlan would've been suspended indefinitely.

It was their #LastDitchEffort

Arrests Are Imminent
@Qanon76 posted the cat laser video that Trump tweeted with #HurricaneDorian going to Alabama. There is a black dot in the hurricane path that does NOT have a time or hurricane strength associated with it. It's right on the Eastern edge of Florida. Do you see the correlation?
@Qanon76 That black dot is perfectly in line with Port Saint Lucie nuclear power plant. And, Dorian would've hit it, #DeadCenter
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1. #News ~ Brad Parscale: Trump family dynasty 'will last for decades,' transform GOP. DO IT!…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020
2. #News ~ What President Trump Understands That Democrats Don't… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #Trump4EVA
3. #News ~ Hong Kong protesters beg Trump: ‘Liberate’ our city…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump
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Did anyone catch the #Qanon reference happening regarding #Fredo?…
'news unlocks map'

'Fredo' reportedly appeared in archival footage for The Godfather III, via an independent writer on MSM news.
And look at this, if you search the Q posts for 'Godfather III', a few posts seem to be talking about human trafficking and the vatican.

Maybe someone should go to this Tweet Q linked and remind the Pope of what's coming?
Seems to me like these placemarkers like 'Snow White' and 'Godfather III' are very multifaceted, unless they link together like a puzzle?

Ahh I see...
'Spider web'
'This is staged and deliberate'
'Godfather III'

'Upcoming events'

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He will claim Kenyan citizenship to escape the noose.
Yesterday Trump signaled its OBAMA's turn, so no coincidence Q is highlighting this now. We already know Renegade's handlers helped forge his birth certificate to steal the presidency, wait till the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-American stuff hits.…
At least one of Obama's parents was a trained intelligence asset, fluent in Russian, during an era when that was an expedient language for committing espionage against the US. Only in 2007 did they decide to start covering up his true identity and origin.…
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You heard the testimony at the hearing. If Mueller was truly a black hat out to get Trump, he could have easily recommended prosecution and gotten away with it. I'm SURE Weissman wanted him to. The fact he didn't is VERY telling to anyone with their eyes open. So open them.
You heard the news reports. Everyone said Mueller HURT the Democrats and HELPED Trump. If he were truly a black hat, THAT would NOT have happened.

Not only that but he planted the poison "exoneration" pill right in the middle of his strongest case! Mueller torpedoed impeachment!
Throughout his testimony when, the Steele Dossier was brought up, Mueller said, "someone else is working on that." How the hell does he know THAT unless he is in on the whole sting?
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@ 6:00 it gets good.

Silly Anons ... Trix are for clowns.
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3385...
Under #Sessions, the process which has lead 2the arrest of #Epstein, began.
Coming up...
Unsealing of currently sealed indictments.
2) #QAnon 3386...
#Bloomberg - #AGBarr Won’t Recuse Himself From New Case Against #Epstein…
The #Panic is spreading.
@sfpelosi's link would be included, but this account is proudly #Blocked.
The attempt 2spin guilt on #POTUS will fail [ ! ]
@sfpelosi 3) #QAnon 3387...
Redrop of YT link: This Video Will Get #DJT Elected

Extremely powerful speech, which when the hold on archival data is removed, will be entered in the annals of history as it should be!

This is the rollout of a long planned cleanup...
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Trolls are hilarious. They spend all day denying the elite ring of pedos running DC, but on hearing about the Epstein arrest they change tact and scramble to dig up old photos of Trump. They'll be so sad when they learn the president is not a child rapist.
Put on your mockingbird armor. Each damning mortar round fired at the pedo-elite cabal will be returned with predictable fakenews of how it's also bad for Potus. Patriots know Trump brushed against the swamp during his career but only flew under the radar.
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1. I've been considering Celebrity Apprentice. Back before #TheStorm, I remember wondering why Trump couldn't get bigger A-List names, and why most of the cast were sort of fringe stars who not deeply embedded in the Hollywood machine. Now I think I'm starting to understand...
2. Just think of a few. Piers Morgan is a major pro-Trump guy who gushes over him every day on Twitter and in his column in the Daily Mail. Ok, his anti-gun stance is stupid, but that's because he's British and doesn't get it.…
3. Joan Rivers died mysteriously after she was caught on camera making the stunning claim that Obama was gay and Michelle Obama was a man. If either of these statements are true as rampantly speculated, I can see why [they] would want to shut her up.
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1. This news release has several important implications.

- Protecting our kids is @POTUS's number 1 priority

- Arrests ARE being made

Nearly 1,700 Suspected Child Sex Predators Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart” | OPA | Department of JUSTICE…
2. Notice the amount of bad guys taken down, 1700 predators arrested! I wonder how many sealed indictments that unsealed? And, 1700? [17]. Are we being given a slight hint that this is part of #ThePlan? But, see how discreet the reference is, so as not to detract from the kids!
3. Would you agree this is the first BIG sweeping arrests made in this quest? Isn't it amazing to know the 1st move made by this administration and AG Barr was to protect our kids? I wrote a response to @prayingmedic earlier today in his thread on this...
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🎖The U.S Military & Q's Army🎖

(How are we Q?) ☟
Trump is the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ General of Q's Army. He Red Pills, recruits and unites people with facts on a massive scale. That, plus thick skin and a backbone are why #Trump is a key player. He has the ability to create the spark and withstand the backlash (a champion).☟
@GenFlynn & #AdmRogers made it very clear that we are at war, but not the traditional kind of war (irregular warfare).

They also made it very clear that this war is very important and they need us in this fight with them.

Think about that. Our Military gave us a call to duty ☟
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Who knows where the bodies are buried? The map is in front of you.
Re-read. Expand your thinking.
Purpose for time being spent here.
#Q #QAnon #WeHaveItAll #PatriotsFight
Who knows where the bodies are buried?
Think Double.
Why are we confirming this publicly?
Why now? (04.08.2018)
#Q #QAnon
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Opposition to Trump will now have no choice but to believe every word Rod Rosenstein says in the coming months. They never noticed the white lining peaking out from underneath the hat he had on from the start. To be honest, neither did I.
It wouldn't surprise me if Rosenstein was a double agent back when he signed the FISA warrants. He may have lured them into the Insurance Policy trap just so he could take the job of Deputy AG, and play his role in #ThePlan. They lost before they even began. Military grade.
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A thread on what it means to be a "good sport" and why that matters for #TheGreatAwakening 🏅
I find it interesting that most definitions of the word talk about how they respond well to losing, but leave out what happens when a "good sport" wins.
A poor sport attributes their losses to everything but themselves, and attributes their wins only to themselves. Their primary concern is the appearance of self importance.
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🕵The images below are the rumors being spread about Patriots.

🕵I'm all about unity and THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. BUT! When people attack your unit, you defend your unit. #PatriotsProtectPatriots.👊

🕵Patriots! 👉 "Protect Patriots"!

Q said to be careful who you follow Q talked about people making a profit from #Q disinfo

Would Q sell merch?

Has Santa used Q for attention?

Does Santa sell merch?

Did Santa play (actor) JFK Jr before playing Q?

Could Santa/Paula be spreading disinfo about Flynn/Joe M?⤵
[They] say if Q does not call the people Q'ed a patriot that their a deep state OP/shill

Q called @GenFlynn a Patriot

Who knows where the bodies are buried?
FLYNN is safe
We protect our Patriots

Would Q know if Flynn is compromised?

Would Q call him OUR Patriot if DS?⤵
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1) #WeTheNews è un circuito BLINDATO di diffusione delle istruzioni/informazioni di Q e di Trump.
Il flusso è alimentato DA UNA SOLA FONTE che trasmette unicamente su 8ch, in maniera protetta dal controspionaggio NSA.
2) Su questa fonte confluisce anche il flusso dei TWITS di Trump, che regolarmente forniscono prove che quello che dice Q è vero e con lui concordato.
3) Si attiva così, accanto ad un CANALE DI COMUNICAZIONE DIRETTA tra il Presidente e LE PERSONE, un canale di COMANDO e PROPAGANDA (Q-channel), al quale si può fare riferimento per AGGIRARE LE FAKE-NEWS, il velo che separa la gente dalla verità.
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