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Notes to followers, I am 100% on board with #ThePlan, #Qanon, @realDonaldTrump and #Patriots worldwide. If I ask any questions or request any digs, I’m asking for help & to facilitate discussion. I’m putting a lot of things together & could use all the help w/ digs that I can get
To all the drama happening in the community in general. I stay out of the fray. This is why we should never have idolship at all. Everyone opinion is equal in this fight. There is no hierarchy. I suggest we all focus on the mission of the truth, unity & #TheGreatAwakening ❤️
IMO the entire community is one giant cohesive mindset with an elite ability to research & dissect world events with great accuracy. Those facts are the driver in the movement. Remove characters from the message. As long as the info is verfiable, The who doesn’t matter...ANONS
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Mini thread

Un altro riferimento a JFK.
Un altro riferimento a Q (17).

**Bob Dylan pubblica una canzone di 17 minuti sull'assassinio di JFK**


#QAnon #WWG1WGA #Italia #27marzo #JFK #MurderMostFoul #TheGreatAwakening #ItsHappening #BobDylan
In realtà la canzone dura 16:57 min.

S'intitola "l'omicidio più disgustoso" e parla ovviamente dell'assassinio del Presidente John F. Kennedy nel 1963.


#UnitedNotDivided #DarkToLight
Fa una certa impressione vedere il 17 accostato a JFK.

Non è una coincidenza.

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((THREAD 1/5))

"The video I am about to play the audio of presents a succinct presentation of what my research, going back 55 years, has shown to be fully backed by facts. Yes, you can dismiss it.
((THREAD 2/5))

But, have you done the same research, or, are you technically ignorant? Ignorant, by definition, is lacking knowledge, information or awareness about something in particular. Myself, and all the others, who are trying to explain reality are not nutcases.
((THREAD 3/5))

Many of us are highly experienced, talented and connected individuals who have no reason to spend our lives studying something that is bullshit. Please, at least listen to this audio with an open mind. In hope the audio is presenting, which is The Plan.
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1-If there is anything good to be said about this #coronavirus pandemic is that the #MAGA #Qanon peeps are finally waking up to the fact that there is no #TrustThePlan or #TrustTheProcess at all
Just con artists preying on your fears and dreams while you donate to them all
2-And even if there is a #Plan, that plan certainly doesn't include YOU, but the rich and wealthy and the usual #NWO stuff re-branded as totally cool stuff and a #5DPlan for the current Admin doing exactly the opposite as #Qanon has said.
I have spoken to a lot of ppl in private
3-Over the last few days, on their realization that they were conned. This is encouraging news.
I got conned into believing #Qanon myself. And for a while there, I regurgitated the same talking points.…
However, I did make a point to reach out to peeps
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PRO: potete selezionare varie lingue tra cui l’italiano. IMO la traduzione è più complicata dell’originale. Se sapete l’inglese leggete in originale che è sempre meglio.
Nel menu ci sono varie sezioni utili: PLAYERS chi sono i personaggi coinvolti...
....evidenze del fatto che Q e Trump lavorino insieme, conteggio del numero di “accuse sigillate”, etc
CONTRO: date/orari dei post sono in fuso orario ita, mentre scoprirete che orari e date HANNO UN SIGNIFICATO, quindi è meglio vedere quelli originali
Cos’è #QAnon?

Q è un’operazione di intelligence militare della Agenzia di Sicurezza Nazionale (NSA) degli USA resa pubblica nell'ottobre 2017, ma iniziata/pianificata più di 20 anni fa.
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Only an idea I keep thinking about.
I don't know if that's the case, but it's possible.

We all are waiting for that famous tweet that should come from #POTUS45's account, per #QAnon drop #55: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us."

Cont. >


It must be literal ("Exactly this," wrote #QAnon) but, as everyone knows, as of now it hasn't come yet.

But, as many Anons have pointed out, this situation we are in basically worldwide (I live in Italy, you know) really looks like The Storm:

Cont. >


- lockdowns in the U.S.
- lockdowns worldwide
- military official movements (see #DefenderEurope20)
- military unofficial movements: I've seen daily reports from the U.S. and Italy, and many others from other countries
- "continuity of govt" issued in...

Cont. >
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1) Saving the trouble, @JordanUhl w/the same thoughts we have all been having about the continued #AntiAmerican, juvenile tacts, that we're seeing in #Congress.

Tried & true, If @SpeakerPelosi is opposed 2an effort being put forth, it MUST BE GOOD FOR AMERICA [ ! ]
2) #WTF! @SpeakerPelosi's stand is' if there are no tests available for individual use, U do not get any kind of💰 relief!

The Left's lead orchestrator, has turned hard right! This absence of care 4her constituents (& more) should end her!
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Ok PATRIOTS, serious question?
Read the entirety please! 🙏

Do you trust POTUS?
Do you trust the Chain of Command?
Do you trust our Military?
Do you believe "#PromisesMadePromisesKept?"



Do you believe POTUS set out to finish what JFK started?
Do you believe in the #MAGA campaign that Trump used?
Do you trust The Patriots?
Do you trust #THEPLAN?
Do you believe 45 is for THE PEOPLE?


Think logically here.

If you're still with me, and you answered YES to these questions...

Given the current landscape, the last 3 years, and how things are playing out...

Do you HONESTLY think.. HONESTLY..

There is no way, whatsoever, DECLAS does not happen SOON?

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To honor my upcoming 1000th Follower I decided to make a thread of #QProofs

Not all are #QAnon followers and it may be new information to them or anyone who scrolls past

Plus it's just amazing to see all the evidence laid out

So off we go!!!!

We'll start with my favorite #QProof

A image posted by POTUS where the thumbs formed a Q.

But even more impressive when downloaded the file name began with DO IT Q!


There are NONE!

Q and POTUS both post about Iran

Q Drop 1320
POTUS tweet on 1-3-20
Both with 7:44 time stamp

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"You have released the whirlwind
You won't know what hit you"

@SenSchumer 03/04/2020


100 Bible verses about "whirlwind"…
Expand your thinking
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Holy mackerel this is MASSIVE NEWS. #BobIger is stepping down from #Disney. Evidence of #ThePlan of dismantling the global pedo network piling up now.…
You can read my #Disney sex trafficking digs starting here in this thread. I do bring up Bob Iger as I knew he was a huge name and had to be tied to this network when researching.
Even his Wikipedia says he searches out pizza wherever he goes in the world! #BobIger #Disney
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1. Immaginate di vivere in un posto pieno di luce. Immaginate di starci bene, molto bene.
2. Immaginate che qualcuno sia invidioso della vostra serenità, e voglia rovinarla.
3. Come fa? Semplice, inizia ad abbassare la luce, abbastanza lentamente in modo tale che, dopo un po' di anni, voi vi troviate a vivere nelle tenebre senza neppure esservi accorti del peggioramento, e senza più ricordare il vostro passato sereno.
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Quite awhile back the social media guru #ThomasWictor did a beautiful thread on this and I can’t possibly do it justice, but it’s worth mentioning.
So what is a Judas goat?
It’s a goat that is trained to become part of...
2/17 A flock of other animals, but with a difference.
It’s a dominant animal and becomes the leader of the flock.
The Sheep will follow this #JudasGoat wherever it goes.
When it comes time for the sheep to be slaughtered the goat will lead them down the chute and as they
3/17 get to the slaughter chute, the Judas Goat takes another door.
The sheep think they sre still following him but it’s too late... their fate is sealed.
So why am I talking about this?
I’m not laying any claim to know anything, just an observation.
#Think have the..
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#QDrop140 Keystone - La chiave di volta #QAnon decoding
0. INDEX of Contents
5. #TrustThePlan
6. NK
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#Qanon #Thread December 18th, 2019 Post: Q is saying that people in the news you see retiring will be related to crimes found by #Durham. Now that #Impeachment is over, now comes the fun. Insert #InsertRudy!
Look at the date of this #Qanon vote! It’s all right there from April 2018. How do you introduce evidence into an investigation, who has everything, INSERT #RUDY, admissible in court of law #Impeachment PLANNED #TheGreatAwakening
Why did #Rudy join @POTUS team? Who has the ultimate authority. Who knows where the bodies are buried. Working with #NavySeal #ErikPrince who knows what’s on the #NYPD laptop found by #Hillary’s aide’s husband #AnthonyWeiner. #Blackwater is a mercenary group that knows a lot.
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Word on the street is the #FederalReserve is having unheard of overnight lending activities meant to curb the rise of short term rates which are likely skyrocketing due to some big companies cash concerns. Hmm, let’s get some nice Fed conspiracies rolling…
The #FederalReserve is a system of centralized banks that fund the #UnitedStates loans from their own “reserves” w/ US citizen land & labor used as collateral. Most of these banks are held secret and difficult to trace back to to the originating bank.…
A quick look at history and you can see the banking system is a large network of oil barons like the #Rockefellers, #RoyalCrown and various vassal agents of #European banking families like the #Rothschilds. These banks are used to control the economy completely protected.
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The #Thread I’m making now is shaping up to have some mindblowing implications regarding #ThePlan @realDonaldTrump #IGReport #Durham #Qanon #ProjectLookingGlass and the TRUE MEANING of #TheGreatAwakening. I want to make sure I do this one right. Theory & Scope later tonight
Update: I’ve been researching for the past 24 hours on this particular subject. NEXT LEVEL stuff. It’s coming. Stay tuned
48 hours in, be prepared guys. It’s coming.
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New #IGReport #Thread on the results and it’s impact to #ThePlan as I sift through the info. 17 errors of omission is a huge clue. TRUST #Horowitz & #ThePlan. Think layers to be revealed. This establishes that they used the #SteeleDossier and clear abuse to launch the #FISA’s
#TrustThePlan #TrustHorowitz 17 significant errors! YOU ARE WATCHING A MOVIE #EnjoyTheShow #Qanon
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It's going to be tricky to designate New Hampshire ...errr ... I mean the Drug Cartels, as terrorist organizations ...

Just sayin 🤷🏽‍♀️
Is Mike Gill still alive? #stateofcorruptionNH on youtube.

They imprison, smear, Arkancide everyone who tries to expose them.

They unleashed every asset against Mike Gill.
Judicial corruption is 100% in NH.

Most corrupt state in the Union, bar none.

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For Bolshevik #russian #revolution Those, such as Trotsky, who were determined to overthrow the status quo system and install a "Dictatorship by the Proletariat"
They follow same blueprint over & over
1 Arm cadres of fighters; secret cells
2 Instigate hatred; Saturate society with hate Propaganda.
3 False promises of Paradise "Utopia of Proletariat"
4 Instill aggressive lawlessness; contempt for law
BY THE TIME SIGNAL "Go" arrives.
1. Population is prepped to accept "New Order"
2. Masses of population succumbed to World view promoted by those executing #Coup - transfer of power.
3. Signal is given; Brainwashed all go along, as if magnetized by false information.
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1. Pronounced "CHAR-AH-MELL-AH". Did Adam #Schiff-Head of House Intel forget to take his pills last night? What is going on in this #clown car of an #impeachment? #QAnon & #ThePlan
2. Asked if CIA #CoupCabal spy's name rings a bell for Taylor, the question is asked by the Oversight Committee Republicans’ chief investigative counsel. Once Schiff saw name hadn't been redacted, they pulled the transcript. #QAnon…
3. Remember the beauty of this. #QAnon'd told us that the "manufactured effort of the attempted #coup to take down the President of the United States opens the door to #TheGreatAwakening."
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A.G. BILL Barr...


77th Attorney General from 1991 to 1993, in the George H. W. Bush admin...


30 years in the making...



You know what to do! RT follow @tribunal_watch
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#TulsiGabbard is the de-facto leader of the emerging leftwing sovereign populist movement in the United States.
I suspect this is by design.
In due time, DNC and RNC will be dissolved and replaced by a #PatriotParty.
She will be one of the leaders.
She's never going to win the democratic primary, but many voters will see how the DNC and MSM have ganged up on her and will not vote for Hillary or Michelle. Some on the anti-war left might even vote Trump as an act of protest and reprisal.
If she were to run as an independent. She would siphon votes from the Democrats, not from Trump. She would actually help him. Why would a republican vote for her instead of POTUS? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
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CAPTURED: #Zucker giving his #FakeNewsCNN zombies his daily #Propaganda orders to deceive the American public. Big buck$ paid to who'll perpetrate the deception. It is #ExposeCNNDay. So, yes, do #ExposeCNN!! Pass it on.
Thank-you #JeffZucker!!

3. #QAnon #Ghislaine started early working on #CNN networking. #ExposeCNN
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