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I've recently renewed an observing campaign on #TIANWEN1. The orbit hasn't changed so an aerobrake test claimed for late 2022 has not occurred yet. In preparation for observing an aerobraking manoeuvre I thought it would be interesting to study past missions that did one. 🧵⬇️ By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste -
First a bit a reference of why we believe #TIANWEN1 will conduct an aerobraking test. This all relates to the #TIANWEN3 Mars sample return mission.…
Aerobraking is used to allow a spacecraft to lower its apopasis by using a planet's atmosphere to decelerate the spacecraft as it passes through the tenuous upper atmosphere of the planet at periapsis at just the right altitude as not to cook the spacecraft and max. drag. ⬇️
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#TIANWEN1 orbit remains unchanged based on period measurements.
a=8898km. So no aerobrake test yet.

Neuquén ground station apparently attempted to lock to the spacecraft last night and failed. News reports of orbiter having communications issues. 🧵⬇️ ImageImage
This zoomed in Doppler plot of #TIANWEN1's signal during the anomalous lock attempt from yesterday is depicted below. Neuquén ground station appears to be using uplink Doppler compensation but is out of sync with the actual orbit of the spacecraft. ⬇️ Neuquén ground station in A...
Uplink Doppler compensation (UDC) is used by a ground station to place the uplinked signal at the spacecraft at a constant signal. It does this by 'ramping' the signal it transmits to match the 1-way Doppler to the spacecraft. ⬇️
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1969, miembros de la Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition descubrieron 9 meteoritos en la Antártida. Fue la 1ra recuperación significativa de meteoritos antárticos.

EUA y Japón recuperaron meteoritos marcianos y lunares, extremadamente raros.

Un meteorito, meteoro, meteoroide, asteroide y cometa, ¿cuál es la diferencia? En la siguiente infografía, traducida por @cscean con una ilustración de Tim Lillis @tim_narwhal se muestra la diferencia:
El análisis de los meteoritos: su composición química, mineralogía, estructura y el cálculo de su edad, proporciona información acerca de la génesis del Sistema Solar, explosiones de estrellas, formación de planetas y el origen de la vida.
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Morning from UTC+8.
Not a single piece of update (or rumor) from this side of Earth for #Tianwen1, so this suggestion that lander separation might have occurred (not directly observed) is as much as we get an update so far.
Landing should be in 1.5 hours.

Update on #Tianwen1 from the Chinese side as of 22:54 UTC: Image
Actually due to uncertainties with the single source (the one who posted that 23:11 UTC time indicated in the same tweet that the minutes might be “07” instead) it might be deep into EDL now. I have also seen 23:17 mentioned.

This also assumes the time is Earth Receiving Time.
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#SevenMinutesOfTerror şimdi de Çin özellikleriyle geliyor.

Çin 14 Mayıs 23:11 UTC'de (TSİ 15 Mayıs 02:11) adını eski bir ateş tanrısından alan #Zhurong'u Tianwen-1 ile Mars'a indirecek. Başarılı olursa Mars'a başarılı bir şekilde inen üçüncü ülke olacak.
#Zhurong 240 kilogram, altı tekerlekli, 4 Güneş paneli var. Araziyi haritalamak için tasarlanmış kameralar, toprak ve kayaların kimyasını analiz eden sensörler, yüzeyin altındaki buzlu su izlerini arayacak radar, bir hava istasyonu ve manyetik alan dedektörü bulunuyor.
Zhurong'daki çoğu alet NASA'nın gezicilerine benzese de manyetik alan dedektörü farklı. Mars'a gönderien ilk manyetometre olacak.
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#Mars2020 atterrit le 18, mais pour l'occasion l'équipe #PogScience se mobilise pour une semaine de #chroniquesmartiennes autour de #Mars, des streams en tout genre :

#twitch #vulgarisation #sciences Image
🏁La période est riche en actualité coté #Mars.
🛰️Aujourd'hui c'est la Sonde @HopeMarsMission qui se met en orbite un peu après 16h00


#ArabsToMars Hope Mars Probe
@HopeMarsMission 🇨🇳Après la mise en orbite de #Hope, aujourd'hui la sonde martienne du jour est chinoise. #Tianwen1 (@CNSA_en ) se mettra aussi en orbite.
🤖Elle abrite un #lander et un #rover , qui se poseront courant Mai.
📺Nous aurons peut-être droit une émission de par #CCTV4 vers 11h30 Tianwen-1 lander & rover
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We're coming up to the launch of #Tianwen1 🇨🇳 tonight, the second #Mars mission launching this summer after @HopeMarsMission this past weekend.

Here's a tweet thread to get you primed for this ambitious mission! (1/n)

📸 CNSA Tianwen-1 lander with rover on top, deployment rails extende
#Tianwen1 is China's first *dedicated* attempt at #Mars, but not their first attempt!

In 2011, they flew Yinghuo-1, a tiny experimental spacecraft as a rideshare on the Russian Fobos-Grunt mission. (2/n)

📸 NPO Lavochkin the Russian Fobos-Grunt spacecraft diagram, showing exploded
Alas, Fobos-Grunt and Yinghuo-1 were not meant to be.

A propulsion error left the vehicle stranded in Earth orbit after launch, and it eventually re-entered and was destroyed.

China decided to do their own thing next. (3/n)…
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Tianwen-1: Utopia Planitia confirmed as candidate landing site, landing attempt to follow 2-3 months after Mars orbit insertion in Feb 2021, according to Nature Astronomy paper released yesterday #Tianwen1…
This is a MOLA map of the two earlier selected candidate landing areas. 'Utopia Planitia' means we can narrow this down area #2 to the red box, omitting Isidis Planitia. Still a big area. Image
And within this red box there are preferred sites (3, 4, 5) based on the probability of dust storms in the area, calculated by scientists at the Institute of Space Sciences, Shandong University. Unknown if these are/factor into actual chosen site. Source:… Image
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