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LIVE NOW: Perseverance's team is discussing the series of firsts since landing on Mars.


Robert Hogg, Perseverance deputy mission manager, JPL
Anais Zarifian, Perseverance mobility test bed engineer, JPL
Katie Stack Morgan, Perseverance deputy project scientist, JPL
Hogg: "One of the great things is that things happen for the very first time every day. For example, the first image, the first report, the first color panorama, the first instrument checks, and the first time we get to see major system parts working."
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NASA is set to hold a briefing in just 5 minutes on Perseverance's post-landing operations and to unveil the entry, descent, and landing imagery captured for the first time ever.


Watch live:
Thomas Zurbuchen, assoc. admin, SMD, HQ
Michael Watkins, dir., JPL
Matt Wallace, Perseverance deputy project manager, JPL
Al Chen, EDL lead, JPL
Dave Gruel, EDL camera lead, JPL
Justin Maki, Perseverance imaging scientist and instrument operations team chief, JPL
Jessica Samuels, surface mission mgr., JPL
Ken Williford, Perseverance deputy project scientist, JPL
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While #Mars2020 #CountdownToMars retains a big news and #scicomm presence, I wanted to offer this tangential thread on some of the current science around ancient Mars and habitability studies. Gear up!
Today Mars is lifeless with an ultra-thin atmosphere (even if you could get over the cold and lack of oxygen, your organs would rupture, outgas, and cause a rapid death). But it also leaves behind an imprint of fascinating geology from a potentially habitable past.
One of the grand astrobiological & climate gifts that Mars presents us with is the robust evidence for substantial liquid water on the ancient surface- an extensive record of fluvial deposits and eroded terrains when liquid water availability and surface runoff were high.
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So as I suspected I would be exhausted today, being an industrious sort of fellow, I had prepared some tweets ahead of time if #Perseverance hadn't worked........ but with a little tweaking, still relevant #countdowntomars

As everyone who follows space knows, there is a narrow line between success and failure - and there but for the grace of…
As many of you know, the British tend to celebrate failures and heroic ones at that.....…
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Upcoming: The #Perseverance Post-Landing briefing.

We'll be covering and live-tweeting it in the thread below.
#CountdownToMars #Mars2020
You can listen in here, on NASA TV's media channel.
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Colorized versions of the screen captures of @NASAPersevere's first images after its successful landing on Mars #CountdownToMars ImageImage
I've got some Mars color presets in Photoshop to make greyscale images into something sort of like natural lighting, so I just applied them here to the screen shots.
That little cross thing in the first picture near the top was a cursor on the screen where the image was displayed in JPL mission control.
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“Commencing countdown, engines on...
Check ignition and may God's love be with you” #CountdownToMars  👇#Mars #Mars2020  #MarsPerseverance #BREAKING
Incredible! The first image from @NASAPersevere now safely touched down on #Mars! #MarsPerseverance #Mars2020  #Mars #NASASocial #NASAPersevere #NASA #Mars2020
Thanks to Swati “touchdown confirmed" Mohan for talking us through the @NASAPersevere #MarsLanding @DrSwatiMohan
#CountdownToMars  #mars2020 #Perseverance #WomenInScience #WomenInScienceDay
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Down to 1 km per second! Bonkers deceleration!
550 m/s...
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NASA is LIVE with coverage of the Perseverance landing, happening around 2:55p US CT, this is the place to be

Percy about to hit the atmosphere at 3.5 miles/sec (5.5 km/s) and create some serious heat
#CountdownToMars #MarsPerseverance #Perseverance…
The extreme velocity of atmospheric entry will heat the surface of the heat shield to nearly 2,400 F (1,300 C) due to intense shock heating and aerodynamic forces
It’s a tricky part of the mission for many reasons, but our ability to predict/model the physics of these atmospheric entry events is currently limited—it’s a “multi-physics” problem which makes it tough even for our best super-computers to handle
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Hello stomach-in-knots feeling, it’s been awhile #CountdownToMars
I honestly forgot how nervous I was last time and it is hitting me now
The transmitter off command basically transitions @NASAPersevere to broadcast without locking on to the Deep Space Network signal. Doing that predictably helps keep the transition (and temporary loss of telemetry) out of the way of critical events
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A cratera Jezero em Marte será o local de pouso do Mars Rover Perseverance. Confira Por que o Mars Rover pousará na cratera de Jezero. #Mars2020 #CountdownToMars
Foi um processo exaustivo para os cientistas da NASA circularem pelo local onde o rover de Marte deveria pousar. Este foi um processo tedioso, pois Marte tem evidências abundantes de água e moléculas orgânicas, tornando difícil escolher um único local. #Mars2020 #CountdownToMars
A razão pela qual os cientistas escolheram a cratera de Jezero foi para mostrar como a água periodicamente aparecia e depois desaparecia na superfície marciana. #Mars2020 #CountdownToMars
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A long time ago, Mars was a world flowing with rivers and streams. We know this thanks to decades of work by robotic explorers and their teams on Earth.

What we don't know: did life ever thrive on Mars?

Now, the @NASAPersevere mission will take an even closer look. 1/4
The rover will set out on expedition across Jezero Crater, where a river once ran into a lake similar in some ways to lakes on Earth: There's even a river delta that looks remarkably like the one at the mouth of the Mississippi. 2/4
Perseverance will train its instruments on this intriguing landscape, hunting for signs of ancient life that might have once made its home here. The rover will stop at the most interesting spots to collect samples, which future missions can retrieve for return to Earth. 3/4
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For my final thread of Mars-related stuff today, I wanted to talk about how it – and the question of life, obviously -- has been been reported – and to share some brotherly love with the hacks in the trenches 👋 #countdowntomars #Mars2020
@howellspace @AlexMartin @drdwhitehouse
One thing which I was always impressed by – way back when – and more so now is the openness of JPL in letting reporters in and to do their job – even during the bad times, and heaven knows there have been enough of those
In the sixties, the lab launched six straight failures in the Ranger series. Even then – with a Congressional investigation pending – the lab played straight. Painfully so, at times.
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AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (you have to scream inside your heart in space since sound doesn’t travel through vacuum)
I know we're focused on the landing and all that @NASAPersevere is hoping to accomplish, but despite our recent string of landing successes, space - and Mars - are incredibly challenging.
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Os sete minutos de terror, segundo os cientistas da Nasa, a missão Mars Rover Perseverance, uma das missões mais complexa ao planeta Marte! Marquem os amigos para lerem! A Thread. #CountdownToMars #Mars2020
A missão espacial Mars 2020 Perseverance, da Nasa, foi lançado com sucesso da Terra no dia 30 de Julho de 2020 com destino a Marte. O robô Perseverance irá aterrissar na cratera Jezero hoje, 18 de fevereiro de 2021. #CountdownToMars #Mars2020
A Nasa considera essa uma das missões mais complexa de um robô a Marte. O homem gosta de controlar tudo da Terra, mas dessa vez não vai dar! Isso porque na hora do pouso, o robô terá que fazer suas manobras sozinho, sem ajuda do homem no controle. Essa é uma animação da NASA.
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Ready for the #CountdownToMars? #Perseverance is set to begin its entry, descent, and Martian landing in just under 5 hours from now, at 12:55 p.m. PST (20:55 UTC). We'll be covering it here on Twitter.

What you need to know for today's #Mars landing:…
In order for today's landing to work successfully, the #Mars2020 mission needs to bleed off over 5,000 m/s of velocity within just four minutes, and conduct a rocket-powered crane descent. Here's today's descent timeline - also included in the article. #CountdownToMars
At 11:15 a.m. Pacific, NASA will start coverage of the landing on NASA TV, available globally. We'll be tweeting clips during our coverage, too.

Set a reminder for the launch stream:
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So ... more Mars everyone? Well you came to the right place.... @search_mars @howellspace @Thievesbook @NovelAudio

#Mars #CountdowntoMars #Perseverance

And I am going to tweet about some of the people we have spoken to - it's their day, not ours..... although....... ImageImageImageImage
@search_mars @howellspace @Thievesbook @NovelAudio For those of you waking up in the U.S., what a day it will be.

Yours truly appeared on a podcast with the always excellent @LibbyJackson__ and @AlexMartin

I have also done a piece about the work that scientists in Manchester have been doing on Martian - and other! - meteorites especially "Black Beauty" -- one of the more unusual in of the pieces of Mars which have fetched up here Image
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Heute Abend landet der Perseverance Rover auf dem Mars. Wir haben die wichtigsten Infos für euch zusammengetragen.
#Mars2020 #CountdowntoMars
Wichtig für Charlottenburger: Ein MARS-Rover darf herumstehen, wo er will. Ein LAND Rover nicht.
Der Mars hat nur ein Drittel der Anziehungskraft der Erde, das entspricht ungefähr dem Verhältnis von Hamburg zu Berlin.
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Hoy a las 21:55, hora peninsular española (UTC +1), Perseverance debe posarse con suavidad sobre la superficie de Marte. Pero no lo sabremos hasta esto de las 22:07 por los once minutos luz que nos separan del planeta. Hilo va sobre la misión y su llegada al planeta rojo. 👇👇👇
Perseverance fue lanzado el 30 de julio de 2020 aprovechando la ventana de lanzamiento del verano del año pasado.
Fue la tercera y última misión en despegar hacia Marte en la ventana de lanzamiento de 2020. Le precedieron el orbitador Hope de los Emiratos Árabes unidos y la ambiciosa misión china Tianwen–1, que consiste en un orbitador, un aterrizador y un rover. Lanzamiento de Hope en un cohete HII japonésLanzamiento de Tianwen–1 en un Larga Marcha 5
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So on this day of days..... I will tweet some more prime Mars content..... and woke up to hear my own voice.....
So it is really the day!

#countdowntoMars #Mars #Space Image
So along with my fabulous co-author @howellspace, we have spent the last couple of years thinking of Mars - and our book @search_mars has the benefit of over thirty-five years of reporting - originally by me and now by Elizabeth
(who has been to Mars - well a simulated base) ImageImageImageImage
And she got to see #Perseverance and boy was in a sulk*

* only kidding. Between us both we have seen every Mars rover ever built at JPL and as you can see below I couldn't get away from Curiosity on my last trip to JPL ImageImageImageImage
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We are a species of explorers. Believers.

We are willing to do the hard things to overcome the many challenges. This is what brings out the best in us. Our path has led to success, and a bitter losses.
Yet, even when faced with tragedy and setbacks...
We persevere. We keep striving. We keep believing.

From space, we see our planet as a whole. We see the challenges facing it and we face those challenges, together. We will not give up. We challenge convention. We refuse to accept the status quo.
The time at hand is hard. But we will persevere. We can still draw hope from the Moon and the stars. From space. From exploration. There is a new day beyond the challenges we face now.
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The #CountdownToMars is on! We can hardly believe that the @NASAPersevere rover is just ONE day from touching down in Jezero Crater. 🎉

No one has set foot in the crater, but we have some ideas of what to expect thanks to Lake Salda in #Turkey. 🚀…
Take a close look at photos of these four key features found near Lake Salda. The Perseverance team hopes to find similar features on Mars. 👀
1. Microbialites

Lake Salda has hydromagnesite sediments eroded from large mounds called “microbialites”—rocks formed with the help of microbes. It would be huge news, if Jezero Crater has microbialites as well.
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So .... a final sequence of tweets about the Mars missions which I reported on, how JPL got its Red Planet groove back on..... and a true story of why I should never navigate on Earth, let alone Mars..... #Mars @daretodream #Space #CountdownToMars Image
I started reporting on space for newspapers in 1989, in retrospect one of those pivotal years in history. By then, NASA had a number of problems: aging work force, end of the Cold War and what was the political point of the agency since the Soviets were no longer around Image
The politics were murky to say the least. In early 1992, The George H.W. Bush administration fired Dick Truly as the boss and brought in Dan Goldin, who, for all his fearsome reputation, had a problem he knew only too well was rushing towards him ImageImageImage
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By now, you've likely heard of this rover's mission, seen the hashtag #CountdownToMars, and may even be planning to pick up a red donut in its honor. Follow along as we chronicle the @NASAPersevere mission—and humanity's obsession with Mars—in the days ahead
Rover Name: Perseverance

Purpose: Collect rock and soil samples for possible return to Earth

Expected Landing: Feb. 18, 2021

Landing Site: Jezero Crater, Mars

Mission Duration: At least one Mars year (about 687 Earth days)
Scientists and engineers, working through the COVID-19 crisis on Earth, have prepared it for tasks ranging from trying to generate oxygen on Mars to searching for evidence of past life
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