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You should take a look at this thread. I will posts videos about masks, and some info about the planned vaccine from Gates. Also I will make sure to share some VERY IMPORTANT links to YouTube from Doctors, that explain this in detail.
Remember also that Covid-19 Molecule is 1 Micrometer at the smallest which never the best mask could protect you from. THEY DONT WORK!
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On April 30, President Trump said he would consider rehiring Flynn into his administration.

On May 9, Vice President Pence said he would be happy to see Flynn back in the administration after being asked about it.

I haven't tic toc'd in a long time because nothing usually came of them.

I'll make an exception in this case 👇 👍


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Draadje over "Niemand heeft dit aan zien komen" roepers.

#tictoc 👇
1. Ruim een maand geleden werden de eerste coronamaatregelen afgekondigd in Nederland.
Sindsdien is een aantal kranten gaan evalueren. Zoals de Groene, de Volkskrant, de Telegraaf, het NRC, RTL, etc. etc.
2. Allemaal beginnen ze met de stelling dat "Niemand dit aan heeft zien komen"/"Het is ons overkomen".
Alhoewel sommige stukken erg goed waren, en zijn, stoor ik mij in hoge mate aan die zinsneden.

Ik zal uitleggen waarom.
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Thank God for #Q
25 #Q drops on March 20, 2019 #3124-#3148. A 1yr #Q δDelta thread
The face of a⌚/⏰has multiple versions [Think Nellie Ohr] Logical thinking. #ThesePeopleAreSick Photographer? [Nick Lewin]? Those who scream the loudest... What happened to the children?😞
2/26 #3124
[stranglehold 'choke' tactic(s still being) used by attackers]?
Stay together, Patriots!!🙏…
3/26 #3125
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2/ 911 - 19 - 33 number connections? 🤔
19 Terrorists - Nov 3 = 11/3 = 33
Nov 3rd 2014 was The One World Trade Center Opening

ARE WE LOOKING AT 911 Disclosure? Is a certain Whistleblower involved?
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
3/ Trump Promised 911 Disclosure.
👉🏻PINKY PROMISE👈🏻 @SecPompeo
Watch says Memory
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump…
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Bunch of 💩. No such thing. It’s a normal cold. Using it to scare us and cause issues for @POTUS since they couldn’t get over w the #ImpeachmentHoax

#QAnon #TicToc
More 💩 by #RothchildZionist #Fkerberg CDC and WHO my ass. Don’t buy into this crap!
More shittery! They are really going at it! WHO is a cabal organization that helps these monsters commit heinous crimes! Wait till everyone finds out how W.H.O. helped cover up where all the bodies are buried for the cabal! @GenFlynn
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1) #QAnon is a #PSYOP by definition


"The Plan" Focusing on partisan infighting & the Mueller "Report" whilst not an inch of border wall has been built & US Troops aren't deployed to the Southern Border as our once-upon-a-time Republic falls to hordes of invaders.
2) #QAnon is (unfortunately) a sleight-of-hand to direct attention away from the real issues as the Republic is toppled via a #SilentCoupInProgress.

As much as #POTUS says "they're after me" & "I was attacked," they are really focused on overthrowing the USA from within.
3) The goal is to get the #MAGA crowd and the #QAnon lemmings to engage in bipartisan sniping and focus on the illusion of success (#TicToc #GITMO #PainIsComing) as we are taken down with the Southern Border as the primary entry point.
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Remember when Rebel Media’s Washington bureau chief Jack Posobiec was ID’d as the origin of Russian-hacked Macron emails, & partied with Roger Stone at Milo’s the night before?
#cdnpoli #RogerStone #tictoc…
Posobiec linked to #SethRich, Pizzagate, #SyriaHoax.

Here’s a tweet by a Sputnik correspondent the night before the #MacronLeaks dump went viral— #cdnpoli
Oh look at this—Posobiec with Flynn at the RNC convention. Flynn’s the guy who said the campaign had an “army of digital soldiers” running the campaign “like an insurgency”... #cdnpoli
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From an Anon:

That newspaper is The Standard, a Kenyan publication.That

particular edition is from Sep 1991. They didn't visit Kenya until

the following year. Did he subscribe? Strange for a non Kenyan.

Obama's tweet today is a direct reference to the "standard" of Satan. The great "red" dragon in Revelation. Roman Centurions, bowed to the "standard," a red dragon or an eagle. Note the scriptures describing bowing to the "standard."
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Since we are sharing RBG's thoughts.....
Why was she 'selected'?
Who appointed her?
Remember [her] history.

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QDrops for September 5, 2018

Good Morning #QArmy! Having to switch things up today

as it seems some apps and sites are down at the moment.

Today we’ll be using for our updates.





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