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Is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein a Russian Agent?

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#AmericaFirstMedia #Justice4SethRich #SaveLukeAnon
Okay it’s a seemingly ludicrous question. But if the unequivocal assessment of the intelligence community that Russians interfered in the 2016 election is correct, and new evidence I’m about to discuss is true, it’s a perfectly logical conclusion to reach, so please bear with me.
Firstly, please note this thread contains serious allegations against officials within the DOJ and federal law enforcement. They are allegations I am reporting on, not making on my own behalf. All information contained within the thread is available in the public domain.
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(1) @ABC7News will @ScottTaylorTV report that today's indictments prove clearly Seth Rich was not involved in stealing of DNC emails & all those "exclusive" stories from Scott promoted fact deficient, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories? @willsommer @farhip @brianstelter
(2) Will someone at @ABC7News finally apologize for @ScottTaylorTV failing to scrutinize--as good journalists do--Jack Burkman's claim that @DCPoliceDept mismanaged the investigation? No details of what was mismanaged. No SME to give an independent view.
(3) Will someone at @ABC7News explain why @ScottTaylorTV had Jack Burkman's June 20, 2017 press conference pinned to the top of his Twitter page for more than a month and that it wasn't removed until I tweeted about it?
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Get ready, it's July, the month for fireworks!

Let's begin with a reminder... #MSM is DONE! Here we see both @FoxNews & @DailyCaller using phony sources for a phony narrative about NoKo... reminder ALWAYS check their sources... tells you all you need to know about #FakeNews
Then came the Awan plea deal... the devil's in the details... he's got lots of problems a head of him.... enemies foreign and domestic tend to have them when the right people tend to the business of the US as the Constitution and their oath of office mandates.

Then ANTIFA tried to make a comeback... it didn't work.

"There will be no civil war"

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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
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#SethRich What's new from that ridiculous press conference today? Here goes...

1) Seth was being followed for approx. 2 weeks prior to death. 3 perps involved that night. 2 (Fed agents - 1 DEA, 1 ATF) at Seth's home. 1 tailing Seth and reporting back to the agents.
2) Agents performed a stop demanding Seth get to the ground with his hands and legs crossed(?).
3) 1 agent had to get down to Seth's level to make the ID (to see his face). [Did that get picked up on surv. camera?]
4) Agent patted Seth down and took thumb drive from his pocket.
5) Seth was shot once in the back in his ribs. He tried to crawl away. Agents taunted him before shooting him again.
6) Agents took the thumb drive to a computer specialist who was either unable to recover or did not find the data they were anticipating.
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🔴LIVE: Seth Rich URGENT press Conference with key Witness #QAnon
Per the witness in Seth Rich case:
Rosenstein helped launder money via Russia and also protected the shooters of #SethRich
Listening to this interview, I am not buying it.
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Patriot #SethRich🐼❤️🇺🇸
#SethRichDay #PatriotsFight #WWG1WGA
“For the second time in eight years, Hillary Clinton sees the Democratic nomination being pawed by a charming interloper, like a priceless vase grabbed by a panda. She’d prefer to shoot the panda, but that could mean breaking the vase, and onlookers would object.”
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TODAY 1:00 p.m. EST Press Conference
regarding Seth Rich murder investigation.

📍Witness is protected and will speak remotely
📍.@RealMattCouch & .@Therealbp65 from America First Media
📍Today is #SethRich's 2 Year Anniversay

STREAM 👉@Goldstatetimes
UPDATE: I just listened to Matt's Periscope and he said no names will be mentioned publically which contradicts Gateway Punditis article that he reposted. The witness will disclose to authorities but for safety reasons will not publically. Periscope posted.
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#HRC Will Run in 2020: What She'll Say and How Her Rabid Leftie Minions Will Give Her Another Shot [VIDEO] #LionelNation🇺🇸 #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #QAnon #HillaryForPrison #SethRich #DrainingTheDeepState #GreatAwakening #RedPilled #HRCVideo #WeinerLaptop
Given #HRC's absolute run for 2020 you would expect an early move would be to ditch her Marie Antoinette persona and to appear to mingle with the peasants. She dons her 'more deplorable than thou' aspect. Bill gives everyone the finger. The crooked finger that is.
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Report: Witness Prepared to Identify Two Killers of Seth Rich…
“After two long hard years of work, we have a witness who is prepared to identify the two killers of Seth Rich. One is reportedly a current DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent, the other is reportedly a current ATF(Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives) agent”
The witness, who “fears for his life,” will be accompanied by armed guards and disguise his identity as he details how two employees of the United States government killed Seth in a press conference slated for Tuesday.
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#HisNameWasSethRich and I said in July of 2016 that

this whole thing was a setup in disinformation by the

MSM and the DNC. I also stated that this murder would

not go unsolved and just go away. The following are from

the Anons on the Board.
HOLY SH#T is right @mflynnJR! This is YUGE news

coming out the day before the 2nd anniversary of

#SethRich’s murder.

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Jack Burkman, the attorney who has worked with a private investigative team to solve the Seth Rich murder mystery, has a witness claiming a DEA & ATF agent murdered Seth. Press conference TOMORROW!…
The witness will be disguised and transported via armed guard...
In a stunning twist, the attorney/investigator Burkman was almost assassinated by another former .Gov employee who has now been connected (by the murder witness) to Seth's alleged .Gov murder plot! Allegedly they tried to infiltrate his investigation and murder him too!
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POTUS has never put Uranium One into one of his own tweets before. He retweeted a @seanhannity mention of it once last year but has never specifically mentioned it himself.

He knows very well what the investigations are really up to. So this is a message for us.

@seanhannity Message reads:

RM and RR's investigations into DNC server, HRC emails, Awan, U1, Podesta and some others that aren't public yet are progressing well.

Bonus: the Clownstream media have to cover these endless complaints of bias:…

It's difficult to guess who will be more shocked when the real purpose of the investigations is revealed.

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💥💥💥💥Happy Birthday America 💥💥💥💥
(((Shills))) going nuts tonight, something yuge must be coming this week.

Several months late on whining about Iran, back to spamming "LARP boomer schizo" from the 4ch days. Sad!
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1. Lee @stranahan reports AWAN deal says that he can't be charged with any previous non-violent crime. WTF??

#QAnon drops:

Think it's gonna be litigated in this setting?
Most Sr elected officials (treason) handled by the appr office.

2. June's IG report indicated that Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom #HRC had direct contact using her account. How did #QAnon know who all exactly 13 were last January? #Q…
3. #QAnon Why does @POTUS repeatedly refer to 13 Angry Democrats? There are at least 18 prosecutors on Muellar's team. #Q
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1. #QAnon: "Their symbols will be their downfall." #Q notes that the 2017 flag of the Paramilitary Wing of the Democratic Party of America is same symbol as 1933 Paramilitary Wing of the Communist Party of Nazi Germany.…
2. #QAnon responds to bad elements within the Dems who would deny our statutes, and focus on smart immigration, in lieu of support of terrorism, human trafficking and smuggling trade. #Q…
3. #QAnon- Democrat National Socialist Cortez wants to "abolish" border enforcement, Gillibrand wanna "re-imagine" ICE.Let's "re-imagine"
"Immigration & Customs Enforcement" (ICE) as
"National Immigration & Customs Enforcement"🙂…


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As of yesterday's count, there are over 40,000 #sealedindictments in the federal courts around the country. I can't wait until all are opened! How big is Gitmo now? It ain't big enough. Thank God @POTUS has exec. orders allowing non-mil attys. to work on #Courtmartial trials.
Ask yourself - who is filing the indictments?
It would take a very large team to work this quickly.
Who has that kind of manpower?

#WalkAway #MAGA
@POTUS #News
#Trump #Patriots #DeepState
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1. @DonaldJTrumpJr tweets a rather noticable string of words, especially after incident at JFK airport to which #QAnon directed much attention. Was he implying more between the lines than the explicit commentary about the party? Was it a #Q marker?
2. #QAnon responds to an anon asking about Don Jr.'s tweet with much elaboration:

"..we are prepared...know this based on earlier drops re: Saudi Arabia, National Guard", and military assets ready for activation here on US soil.

"The game is over when the public knows."
3. #QAnon:

The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to those who will FAIL, those who have now lost CONTROL.

#DeepState's underestimated the AMERICAN PEOPLE's resolve & their ability to free-think from the pipeline narrative, AWAKE, and no longer SHEEP..

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1. #QAnon notes a Jet Blue Airbus surrounded by emergency vehicles at JFK. #Q says it was an A321 direct flight from SF to NYC.
2. #QAnon, last May 2, dropped a picture of a Jet Blue flight (2nd clear, stock photo provided for comparison).

Review image/location.
Nothing provided is random.
3. #QAnon the same day, last May 2, posted pics of Apple HQ in SF & pallet cargo (i-phones?) loaded in truck. #Q

May 3:…
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New from #QAnon.
Server unlocks #SethRich.

New from #QAnon.
New from #QAnon.
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Cos have entered a #JetBlue at #JFK

#QResearch #QAnon

Crew was apparently unresponsive to air traffic controllers.

#Breaking #JFKairport #JetBlue
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Baranton Whisenant Jr., a Federal Prosecutor in Florida was found dead on a beach
Ruled "suicide"
He was Investigating Debbie Wasserman-Schultz 23rd District for Election Fraud
Note: I'm seriously considering an exploratory committee to challenge her seat in the future
Here's what's crazy about Beranton Whisenant Jr., he was only 37-years-old and had three children.

The media has said anyone who labels his death as a murder is a "Conspiracy Theorist from the far right," which is BS.

Check this out from Newsweek and watch me debunk their lies.
Now- the truth is-

Baranton Whisenant Jr. was found dead by GUNSHOT WOUND TO THE HEAD on a beach.

Please tell me why a happily married, intelligent, and successful black man that worked 3 jobs to get through college only to become a federal prosecutor would kill himself?
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