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Check out Stella's wall in the background of the photograph of Stella and Eggleston.
She certainly does collect William Eggleston's photography, that's for sure.
Being she's a public figure using her persona to amplify his photographs in @vogue shows she promotes his work.
Stella x William Eggleston chat on Stella Vision.…
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#Solstice #Sunrise at the Barrow - a meditation on time, what litte, we know of #AngloSaxon "#Litha", and on what #livinghistory #history and #archaeology is truly "for". 🧵 Image
Very early yesterday morning members Æd and AlexP travelled to @SoultonHall @SacredStonesLtd Soulton Long Barrow to experience a unique moment in the solar calendar which, though concerned with the reckoning of time, is essentially universal and #timeless. 1/32
The Midsummer Solstice has always been a significant moment in the year, across many cultures, as far back as deep #prehistory. In Britain our landscape is dotted with #stoneage #neolithic and #bronzeage #prehistoric monuments which bear witness to this. 2/32 Image
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#FlynnFriday Imagines: What if John Reese was recruited to join the Time Team to stop Garcia Flynn? A #Timeless x #PersonofInterest AU.

(manip by the ever amazing @thalia_msr) Image
@thalia_msr PROLOGUE

There was shrieking from a distance, heading in his direction at a tremendous speed. It sent a thrill through him, even through the haze of pain and blood loss. He can never forget that sound: a call of a thousand wraiths came to escort him to hell.

A smirk crossed his
lips unbidden. How flattering, hell sending that many of its minions for a monster like himself.

His instincts screamed at him to get away, to put considerable distance between himself and what was coming. But it was too late; there was nowhere else to go.

So he stood his
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🛑#pandemic #poem
#poema #time #timeless
#harmony #Healing
Time is Timeless
and the people stayed home,
and read books,
and listened,
and rested,
and exercised,
and made art,
and played games,
and learned new ways of being,
and were still.
and listened more deeply.
some meditated,
some prayed,
some danced.
some met their shadows.
and the people began to think differently.
and the people healed.
in the absence of people living in ignorant,
heartless ways,
the earth began to heal.
and when the danger passed,
and the people joined together again,
they grieved their losses, and made new choices,
and dreamed new images,
and created new ways to live,
and heal the earth fully,
as they had been healed.

Heal yourself...
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Today I woke up thinking about time.
Then I think I want to challenge the scientists and philosophers of the world.
We always say that we spend&observe time, study relativity, etc
What I realize is that TIME SPENDS US instead. Who can step in the shoes of time?@AcademicChatter
Can you find out what data time is taking? It existed from the beginning and will remain forever.

Everything is recycled, humans, plants, animals, etc but time is not.

If I was a #physicist, this will be my course till TIME is done SPENDING me.
I feel the chaos is created by time. Everyone is in a hurry before they get recycled. Some are cut short, some live longer
But beginning and end of everything, we receive a TIME STAMP. TIME never dies.
What is TIME really STUDYING?
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#Timeless Halloween candy story @TimelessHallow1. During the fighting at #ChosinReservoir in Dec. 1950, a radio operator got confused on code words and ordered a pallet of candy instead of the ammo that had been requested by the Marines. (1/3) Image
The “Tootsie Rolls” that were dropped in turned out to be a source of nutrition and energy for the #Marines and also an excellent way of fixing bullet-riddled vehicles. Many men attributed the candy to keeping their vehicles running and saving their lives (2/3). Image
The Tootsie Roll company continues to send a case of the candies to reunions of the Chosin Few, an organization of veterans who fought at the Reservoir. Lt. Gen. Richard E. Carey USMC (ret.) and Ellen R. Gordon from Tootsie Roll Industries in 2016. (pic: Sgt. A. Ferrer) (3/3) Image
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HEY, GUYS! I got a copy of an early draft of the #Timeless Pilot! Interesting changes! Amy was April. Connor Mason was Mason Lark. Lucy is teaching at UCLA. The auditorium is the Carol Preston Auditorium. Lucy was having an affair with the guy who tells her she didn't get tenure.
She kisses him before he tells her why she was rejected. The committee didn't like her all-too-true curriculum, namely, (in addition to "Jumbo"), "George Washington grew cannabis, James Buchanan was probably the 1st gay president, & Catherine the Great loved porn."
The Lucy & Wyatt meet-cute is described as: "Wyatt finally opens his eyes, looks at her. She's not what he expected to see. A flirtatious smile. But Lucy just ignores it." Wyatt after seeing the LB: "You said this (thing) rides 3. Me, the Professor. . . who's playing Gilligan?"
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(1/13) For all fans of #SaveTimeless, #SaveShadowhunters and other communities! We wrote up a list of ideas you guys can try to help with your efforts. Keep in mind these are by no means foolproof methods, just some suggestions that worked for us and could hopefully help you too!
(2/13) Organize into a dedicated group of volunteers who can help coordinate your community's voice and pool your resources together! This will help present your fanbase as a united front, and give interested parties a clear point of contact to collaborate with.
(3/13) Setup "official" social media accounts for everyone to follow and organize your campaign from. Every fanbase is decentralized by nature, but at a crucial time like this, having a "base of operations" can go a long way!
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So, last night's viewing ended up starting A Big Conversation between me, Mom, and Kiddo (Josh) that proved why the story #Timeless tells is so critical in 2018. Bear w me for a brief thread? @sony @AmazonStudios #SaveTimeless 1/
@Sony @AmazonStudios Both Mom & Josh were *rapt* during @malcolmbarrett 's kickass 'Michael' takedown of the racist 1930s cop. Josh (he's 11), picked up on the smug way the cop reacted, that there was no question he could and would put Rufus 'in his place' #SaveTimeless 2/
@Sony @AmazonStudios @malcolmbarrett Obviously he thought this was awful, and asked why. My mother gave him an interesting response - that at the time, there was a 'proper social order' and people like that saw themselves as protecting it. And they feared what happened if they failed. #SaveTimeless 3/
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When shows I watch get cancelled, I always wish I'd have done more to praise them. So this'll be an ongoing thread of shows I like, cancelled and renewed.
I basically stumbled onto #Rise and it had me in my feelings every week. Such a good story and really talented young cast. I had a feeling it wouldn't be renewed, so I was apprehensive about investing. But it was a worthwhile to do so.
#Sirens is one of my favorite shows this season. I went into it expecting a kind of teenage melodrama (like Twilight with mermaids) but it's actually mature and smart. It's a far more engaging story than I expected and I actively anticipate new episodes every week.
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How @realDonaldTrump plans to stop the spending of the $1,000,000,000,000 #Omnibus #4Dchess #Timeless 1/
What if @potus could send spending cuts he wants to be voted on to Congress? What if those cuts could be passed with a simple majority in the House and Senate?

Meet what is called a #rescissionbill
The Rescission Bill was last invoked in 2000 by President Bill Clinton.

Since 1974, ##cuts were submitted 1178 times and approved by Congress 461 times.

Why did something that was such a common practice become obsolete?!
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