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आटले डोळ्यातले पाणी पुर तुझा ओसरेना,
असा कसा रे तू कठोर तुझे मन हेलावेना...

पूजा गुरव
#kavya #poetry #poem #creative #India #marathi #PoetsTwitter #music
#Flood #Ratnagiri #Chiplun #Maharashtra
cc @kavyaoftheday
कसा गेला बघ वाहून उभ्या आयुष्याचा संसार,
मनी पाहिली होती स्वप्ने झाला त्याचा चुराडा पार...

पूजा गुरव
#kavya #poetry #poem #creative #India #marathi #PoetsTwitter #music
#Flood #Ratnagiri #Chiplun #Maharashtra
cc @kavyaoftheday
होती दावणीला बांधलेली माझी जीवाची सोबतीन तानी,
गेली बघ वाहून कशी घुमतो हंबरडा अजूनही कानी..

पूजा गुरव
#kavya #poetry #poem #creative #India #marathi #PoetsTwitter #music
#Flood #Ratnagiri #Chiplun #Maharashtra
cc @kavyaoftheday
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back to go

thin skin bleeds as i scrape off
impastoed daydreams
slathered on in the madness of desire

digging a fingernail under each thread
i unravel embroidered wishes
soft silk unloops sliding out soundless
tunneled scarlet holes close
with almost silent sighs
leaving the barest trace of pattern

applying reality's stringent antiseptic
i wince as i sponge away red rivulets
wondering if there will be scars
life wraps me in its unemotional embrace as
denuded of design i breathe in deep
breathe out slow step off go

© 2018 RC deWinter
Published in Fleas on the Dog, Issue 7,
September 2020
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🎥 “If everyone knew THIS was #COVID, we’d get >80% #Vaccination.”

This video shows TYPICAL long-term ICU #COVID19. My patient & family want to share this to help you & your loved ones avoid #LongCOVID


#MedTwitter #NurseTwitter
The experiences of ICU survival & #PICS written about by @MichaelRosenYes are extremely accurate and moving. I often think about him when I’m at the bedside w patients like 🎥 depicts.

#resilience #LongCOVID #poem
The strongest voice by far in the UK for advocacy of our #LongCOVID patients is @Dr2NisreenAlwan. I hope this video will complement her great #PublicHealth Service. TY Dr. Alwan.
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#pandemic #poetry

plague song

they did not go gentle into their goodnights
nor did they rage

as lungs collapsed and organs failed
they lived their last in private hells
filled with the whirring of soulless machines
punctuated by squawks of electronic angels of mercy
there’s no romance in these leavetakings
no last-minute
leaking from the secret pockets of their hearts
mouths stoppered with tubes tell no tales

now an indistinguishable swell washes over us
a soft wave of sorrow and regret
for things

our days are haunted by the voices of the dead

© 2020 RC deWinter
Published in Stick Figure Poetry, July 2021 Image
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The Shock Doctrine , Re-establishing our Civic Bearings after the Shock and Awe of the Pandemic #COvidPurpose #CovidStroika.… via @rld_real_CPR
The Property Lobby: The Hidden Reality behind the Housing Crisis. Notes for a Video Dialogue with @financialeyes Ranjan Balakumaran and Roger Lewis @homeatix… via @rld_real_CPR
@financialeyes @homeatix @rld_real_CPR Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates’s Book Is Rubbish! State and Capital Rowing in the same boat.… via @rld_real_CPR
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1/ #Mentorship 🧵

This woman is my #mentor (pic w perm). Joan W Bennett. She’s in @theNASciences as geneticist & mycologist. Today we are at the Parthenon in Nashville TN where after 35 YEARS, she still provides me council…

#MedTwitter #Sciencetwitter
2/ Dr. Bennett taught me that mentorship is not a job w an endpoint. She assumed this role IN my life FOR life. Today we talked as much about parenting as science. We are in each other’s front row. This is the depth of a true mentor-mentee relationship.
#MedEd @theNAMedicine
3/ Like any relationship, there must be chemistry & connection. If you don’t have that w a “mentor,” maybe you have the wrong person. Build a relationship not a business arrangement. It’s also NOT just a trajectory to promotion. #Mentorship is “whole” person care & development.
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Gone: A #Holocaust #Poem

Dora and Michael Kohs. Polenaktion 1938, Leipzig.

I see the house opposite my window,
From where you were dragged in 1938
And have no words… the snow falls now

A flotilla of cloud descending from the Baltic
Its feathery incoherence falling on Saxony,
Upon the fields with their cropped wheat,

(I imagine your hair cut short, Michael
Stubble protruding through fresh snow)
Vast with silence the flakes settle,

The train waited for you shunting steam
Light angled through the glass roof
Casting gold rhomboids upon the platform,

So many there who death had not undone
So many in the chill sunlight of Autumn,
Unsure if this was all a dream,

Journeys… my plane landed at Frankfurt
Its wheels parting black curtains of slush,
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summer sick day

even as i lay
hating wasted summer
trying to sleep
words rose in my throat
choking me
while my body deconstructed itself

i wrote a sickbed phantasm and purged
finally slept
when i awoke
i remembered my dreams for the first time in months
flickering montages

the dead
the living
and wondered what pernicious magic
these invading microbes worked
to bring these memories to life

© 2016 RC deWinter
Published in @DoorIsAJarMag. Issue 18, Spring 2021, March 2021
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a walk in november rain

outraged electricity
washes in through the ether
making everything prickly
unsettling my brain

the walls are buzzing
i can’t concentrate
can’t sit
must be up and about
so hooded and wrapped
i stalk wet november streets
a restless wraith trying to make sense
of a world gone mad

the rain almost springlike
cools the crackling heat
of breaking hearts starving bodies
but cannot dissolve the shadows coiling
snakelike round my chest
they constrict my breath
my heart pounds the staccato rhythm
of too much caffeine too much uncertainty
too little sleep

where are the words of passion
and tenderness aching to be written
the unrest i'm inhaling
takes my thoughts elsewhere
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1/ Startling video just released by #AlQaeda #Yemen includes leader #Batarfi (supposedly captured in Oct) & looks genuinely new. Opens with dramatic footage of storming of US Congress on 6 Jan. Delights in US domestic strife. Hopes this heralds 🇺🇸 downfall
#TrumpImpeachment #AQAP
2/ In new #AQAP #Yemen video, #Batarfi mentions (at 7.55 minutes) that the USA has suffered over 400,000 deaths from #Covid19. This dates the recording to AFTER 15 January 2021 (so well after Batarfi's supposed capture in October 2020). True to form, he includes a long #poem...
3/ Wait! #Batarfi's spoken #Arabic differs slightly from the English subtitle. He says حال so could be 400,000 cases not "perished" as per transcript. This would date Batarfi's speech footage to April2020. That fits with our last *new* footage from him: his Ramadan lecture series
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bowling with the cia

i read somewhere
yes it was a reputable source
that a gaggle of scientists

whored out to the government
from thirdrate universities

have declared the prairie dog a condiment

something to be served as a piquancy
on a bun with godknowswhatelse
the prairie dog!
the prairie dog!

a tunneldwelling rodent
whose fleas make them
vectors of the plague

that plague

chopping and mincing and cooking prairie dogs
to a tasty paste
and the hapless serf
at your favorite fast food palace
would you like yersinia pestis sauce with that?

not to mince words
are you fucking kidding me?

wasn't it bad enough when president dementia elevated ketchup
to vegetable status?
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at the mouth of the tomb

fatigue is
my raincoat it's been
a wet spring
sending a
flood of synthetic dancers
politicians and

raining down shoddy
coins pour from
hell's own slot machine into
the lap of the world
this is a
near miss comedy
a picnic
of nothing
but yesterday’s cold coffee
and raw injustice

all bridges
burnt windows nailed shut
strings pulled tight
our one brief
opportunity squandered
in petty squabbles
when hunters
the dark efficient
shepherds of
the order
emerge from the wood armed with
the cross and the sword

i flirt with
the thought of being
a hero
but there will
be no medals awarded
for speaking truth now
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after you

you were a study in contradictions
your measured softly lulling speech
disguised the passion that fueled your breathing
and everything else you did with such feral elegance
you reached in with a strong swift hand and stole my heart
a sweet and bloodless extraction so sure and smooth
it felt like an inside out kiss caressing my invisible self
with the bedrock of you
i remember the savage scrape of your tongue
anointing me with sainthood
painting me in the colors of the rainbow
with all the delicacy of gravel on unprotected skin
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What you've always wanted: 2 jellyfish, floating in the sea, alongside an x-ray. This is a snow globe ring. H.D. told me to make it. #HildaDoolittle #Modernist #DisabilityPride #Neurodiverse #ChronicIllness #Jewelry #YouGetProudByPracticing
The jellyfish are close together perhaps looking at the X-ray. Unclear what the X-ray identifies as it is a miniature and floats in the sea.
"After World War II, H.D.’s world was increasingly 'influenced by an alternate body,' to borrow Jennifer Bartlett’s definition of the new poetry of disability," writes Cynthia Hogue for @jacket2mag…
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#Poem #Anonymous ...

Sharing a poem I read somewhere..

Pebbles in her path, thorns in her feet... alone
Treading along the maze of life, with gusto and dominance
As a rock she stands, stronger than ever.. On her own
Inspiration beyond comparison, lovable is her presence

Circumstances and situations seem fantastic
Alone the poet was trudging along, taking a stroll
Met her did the poet, asked her for an inspiration
She said, Write something to solace your soul

Spirits of fire, angelic is her form
Object of my attention, engulfed my imagination
Prostrate I do, front of her majestic aura
Offer I can, few words as my oblation

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1/x A #FridayFun #LabLife #poem courtesy of Bob Freeman @H2Lift → TB Testing by the Numbers | Dry scientific manuals are so passé

A tube, almost filled, slanted, with egg, potato, salts.
A pinch of malachite green, colorful & loved for its wonderful bacterial toxicity;
2/x Add molecular poisons, inspissate to coagulate, and we're set.

A few drops of extracted, grotesque, human sputum, maybe harmless, always ugly, brought back to life after its spin in a hellish liquid bath.
3/x A human's saliva, a liquid collection of bacteria, viruses, and fungi; digested, cell walls NALC'd; melted away, then murdered in the alkaline fire of Sodium Hydroxide.

Only the toughest bug coiled, covered with lipopolysaccharide glue, . . .
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#poem #FreeSchoolMeals #Poverty


Little J is slow today
His shoes a size too small
& a bit too thin so the cold gets in,
& his eye's not on the ball.

Little J drops off in class
& his progress drops off too.
Mum works till 8 so his homework's late
& he never has a clue.

Little J's quiet in circle time:
Their week sounds fun, now yours?
But the bus was a quid to the clubs they did;
'Free' isn't, if you're poor.

Little J's stuck indoors at break:
He forgot his coat again
So how can he play with friends today
When he can't go out in the rain?

Little J eats his toast alone
Mum ate already, she said.
But the lies of love still aren't enough
To keep him warm and fed.

Little J is hunched & small
& his head aches every morning;
His stomach's growl makes him want to howl
& he's on his final warning...
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#political #poetry #COVID19

onshore wind

singing in the key of blue minor
the wind carries the sorrow of the world
in a wordless universal tongue
wrapping me in a melody that
penetrates my chest with a sea of grief
midnight waves punctuated by cymbals
commemorating each new disaster
slosh against bone as the dead rise
to dance a mirthless jig
out of time but never out of mind
prophets say summer is the quietus
that will still this hellish song
but i am not deceived by this propaganda
and refusing this cup
weep useless tears as the sea level rises

© 2020 RC deWinter

Published in The Abstract Elephant Magazine @Abstract_Elphnt September 2020
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Some days I feel bulkier than others,
though it's unlikely my weight changes awfully much
these carbon copy days.
I put no effort into the fueling of my body,
eating like a wild animal in the midst of famine.
Picking at this, gobbling that.
A diet that would horrify the doctor I haven't seen in a decade.
Some days my jeans feel snug.
Others they slide down, waistband hanging on hipbones.
Are these changes attributable to caloric intake,
salt, or some other occult mystery?

I have no way of knowing.
Don't waste much thought wondering.
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#poetry #Covid19

April Showers

A vicious wind hurls raindrops and bits
of aborted April branches studded with
leafbuds that will never bloom against the
screens with the unconscious artistry of
an expressionist in a trance, all the while
singing in a familiar voice I can't quite
place. Echoing in a neuron corridor
littered with the leftovers of another life
begging to be remembered. But the
synapses are too wet to fire.
Out of the corner of my eye I catch the
smoky outline of a man I thought was you
but isn't. But he has a way about him. Or
maybe he doesn't.
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A Thief From The Sky

Soaring like an angel
Her eyes stare
Like a messenger on a wrong track
Her path swings
Speedily her venom strikes
Beyond her bars
Into the territory that knows her not
Vum! She is with the sky
Her abode of comfort
The children of the ground
Are now in pain and sorrow
Her young are missing
Like a mysterious light
With speed, she disappeared

You're a thief and a destroyer
The fate of the race without prayer
Give us our daily bread she preys
On the blood of the flesh without skin
That we may feed our bodies for more feathers
To the glory of the sky life we further
Food we must eat for survival
For the fittest strangles the large meat
To narrow the wide arrow of men
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Prom Sunday

Spiraling downdowndown roundroundround as the wheel turns
relentlessly across the vast indifference of the cosmos,
a lone small voice calls out in the chaos:
The time, the time! What TIME is it?
Is it time to splash across the firmament in a gaudy crescendo of color,
unmistakable and wild,
or is it time to be stone, mosscovered, unremarkable except for the
Who is entering through the revolving door – who is heading out to where
no one can see the end of all the light there ever was?
Is there time enough to live without regret, or have there been so many wrongs
that nothing we can ever do will right them?
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Uranium Daughter

I am the product of decay.
The inevitable radioactive breakdown that occurs silently
as the cosmos whirls through the silent blackness
of space and time has produced me:
the uranium daughter.
I am the basest form of my mother,
I am heavy and mute and poisonous to the unwary.
My leaden reality is the final degradation in the long unknowable
history of creation.
There is no further evolution possible for me:
I am what I am.
Nothing man can do can change me.
I am here forever in my present incarnation.
You can step around me,
you can shield yourself from my reality
with rose-colored lenses,
you can remake my image into false idols
that allow you to sleep at night,
but I am the uranium daughter.
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#political #poetry #COVID19

onshore wind

singing in the key of blue minor
the wind carries the sorrow of the world
in a wordless universal tongue
wrapping me in a melody that
penetrates my chest with a sea of grief
midnight waves punctuated by cymbals
commemorating each new disaster
slosh against bone as the dead rise
to dance a mirthless jig
out of time but never out of mind
prophets say summer is the quietus
that will still this hellish song
but i am not deceived by this propaganda
and refusing this cup
weep useless tears as the sea level rises

© 2020 RC deWinter
Published in The Abstract Elephant Magazine @Abstract_Elphnt September 2020
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