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1. You need to remind people that science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding. In this sense science is the communication path man should be using to study how nature shapes us. ImageImage
2. We have to remind ourselves that the path is fallible because of the process of nature and the nature of man. Man always creates errors and often he fails to understand why his methodologies can create many scientific fallacies believed to be fact. Much of what man has learned…… Image
3. This occurs because Mother Nature’s hand is capable of erasing while she simultaneously write’s more wisdom that builds things around us. You begin to realize in every experiment and theory there’s no such thing as a complete lie or complete truth. There’s always some truth in…… Image
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#Solstice #Sunrise at the Barrow - a meditation on time, what litte, we know of #AngloSaxon "#Litha", and on what #livinghistory #history and #archaeology is truly "for". 🧵 Image
Very early yesterday morning members Æd and AlexP travelled to @SoultonHall @SacredStonesLtd Soulton Long Barrow to experience a unique moment in the solar calendar which, though concerned with the reckoning of time, is essentially universal and #timeless. 1/32
The Midsummer Solstice has always been a significant moment in the year, across many cultures, as far back as deep #prehistory. In Britain our landscape is dotted with #stoneage #neolithic and #bronzeage #prehistoric monuments which bear witness to this. 2/32 Image
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SE ACABÓ #GeneraciónZoe

Leonardo Cositorto suspendió el pago del 7,5% mensual y devolverá el capital en cuotas (el fideicomiso prevé quita del 50% al retirarse antes), según "acuerdos" que tendrá que negociar cada inversor (online, porque las oficinas seguirán cerradas).
Se terminó #GeneraciónZoe, las oficinas, el "backoffice", el trading, los bots, las clases presenciales de "coaching", etc. La #ZoeCash anoche perdió la mitad del poco valor que le quedaba.

Y Cositorto además lanzó un nuevo esquema piramidal llamado #Sunrise. 100% online.
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1. Every #MakaraSankranti, I'm reminded of the Spinning Top. लट्टू. ಬುಗುರಿ. பம்பரம்.
Unlike kite-flying, it's not a ritual sport, at least AFAIK.
My dad would use this analogy when he explained the path of the sun around the earth through the year - the #Solar #ecliptic.
2. Following is a #Thread about the 'why' of #MakaraSankranti. Please bear with me if this is already known.

Let's say, Earth was a round top and the Sun would wind thread around it. Each time, the new rotation of the thread (pitch) would sit right next to the previous one.
3. If it started on the Tropic of Capricorn, the pitch moving North, it would go on upto the Tropic of Cancer, stop there, change direction & start moving South again, until it reached the Tropic of Capricorn, where it would turn North again. Ad infinitum.
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Last week, I got seriously obsessed with what, at first glance, looks like a really daft question:

What does the Internet actually *look* like?

All the ways to answer this are fascinating and full of surprises. Here are some in a thread:

Here is the simplest, most straightforward and wrongest answer.

It looks like the box in the corner of your room that you sit in front of every day, "enjoying" its contents.

Devoid of context, that's what my senses tell me. But obviously this is absurd. Let's move on.

If "the Internet" is the signal, all that data flying around, then in a sense it looks like this.

99%+ all international data races along sea floors at around 16 mill. times the force of a home Internet connection, through cables roughly the width of a can of Coke.

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Incredible #sunrise #eclipse #wow #israeljoffe #northbethesda #Maryland #PacMan
Cool article featuring me from #newsweek about the #pacman #Eclipse this morning, thanks :) #israel #joffe #thursdaymorning #fda #sunrise #thursdayvibes…
Another cool article featuring me and my eclipse pics and videos... #FoxNews about the #pacman #Eclipse this morning.. It was an awesome thing to witness at sunrise, thanks :) #israel #joffe #thursdaymorning #fda #sunrise #thursdayvibes…
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#FDA on the right..Nuclear Regulatory Commission building on the left, CIST next to that....

#goodmorning #fridaymorning #nevergiveup #israel #joffe #wuw #israeljoffe Israel Joffe fda
Angry bird just went after my dog! Lol I went ahead and got my friend who is a vet to take the birdie.. #israeljoffefda #israel #joffe #birdwatching #dogsoftwitter Israel Joffe fda
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what did you think about Mt Bromo in Indonesia exactly in East Java?
Travel Agent 1001Panduan Turis
Tour Guide
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Currently ministering is our father in the Lord @PastorEAAdeboye

February 2021 Thanksgiving Service
Let us thank God for all He has done for us. Give Him glory and honour. He’s worthy to be praised and magnified.

- Pastor Adeboye

February 2021 Thanksgiving Service
Let us bless the Name of the Lord for all first borns and cry unto God that He will give them a sunrise, a new beginning, a new day of glory.

- Pastor Adeboye

February 2021 Thanksgiving Service
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Hey 👋 guys,⁣

It’s Thursday, what a great day to share few business tips for anyone thinking of starting a business now or in the near future. 🔥⁣#LockdownLevel3 #sunrise
Save the tips, share with your networks.🙏🏾🙏🏾⁣

Which one resonates with you more? ✨✨✨⁣
Mine is Balance Passion with Wisdom.👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾⁣

Have a lovely day as you 😘😉⁣

Your Startup Queen 👑 ⁣
Enjoy your day 😘🙏🏾💎 #businesstips
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I did not miss being conscious at this hour. Really not sure @tamcohen should be allowed holiday tbh
@tamcohen but wonderful to be on final #sunrise for the brilliant @skysarahjane and @skynewsniall!
The boss @danskywilliams rings the office: “Lewis was supposed to be up for Sunrise...did he make it?”

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Legal drama begins at the Supreme Court, to decides between two dramatically different rulings about suspending Parliament.

Edinburgh judges say the PM was avoiding scrutiny.

London judges say that’s politics - not for the courts.

Far reaching consequences...
It starts at 10:30am and you can watch it live:

Opening the case is Lord Pannick, lawyer for Gina Miller

She points out that if the courts can't get involved, what stops a PM suspending Parliament for six months or a year?

Arguments here:…
The Court will need to establish whether this is a matter for them. And if so, whether Boris Johnson intended to mislead.

The prospect of lawyers running through his motives and integrity is not what any PM relishes.

PM's lawyers will argue this is politics - not law.
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Labour call for recall of Parliament after #OperationYellowhammer docs set out disruption to food, fuel and medicines and hard border in NI

- Cabinet minister triggers row by saying Leave voters think judges are biased

- PM rejects demand to publish advisers' messages
#OperationYellowhammer key questions this morning:

1/ What can Government do to “turbocharge” preparations given the documents say public and business readiness for low deal will remain at a low level due to uncertainty about what they’re preparing for:
2/ Government say an updated version will be produced in coming days. Will it do much to mitigate fact that medicines have too short a shelf life to be stockpiled, the docs say:
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Pues me voy a animar como dije el otro día a hacer un proyecto 365, pero en vez de haciendo fotos, editando fotos mías antiguas, random, basadas en el mood de cada día.
La única limitación que me voy a poner, va a ser el formato 1:1... A ver lo que sale xD
I´ll say it also in English :)
I´m gonna try a photography 365 project, but instead of taking photos, processing old random photos of mine...
Only one rule: the square format.
Let´s see what I got, which will be directly affected by the mood of the day...
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