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Donald Trump Jr. made the claim early Sunday morning that Twitter was "allowing" #TrumpBodyCount to trend but not #ClintonBodyCount (which did trend briefly Saturday morning, prior to #TrumpBodyCount.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote #ClintonBodyCount did indeed generate more traffic than #TrumpBodyCount (268783 tweets vs 153176 tweets between the news of Epstein's death and Junior's tweet.) How does the trending algorithm actually work?
@ZellaQuixote Twitter hasn't published the math that determines what trends, but they make it clear that it's based on a topic experiencing a short-term INCREASE in volume, rather than overall volume. (This makes sense - otherwise mundane topics that come up every day would always trend.)
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Who Killed Jeffrey #Epstein?
A Choose Your Own Adventure Mystery

1/ Was it the Clintons? To cover up Bill’s odious cavorting with underage girls, Hillary adds to the #ClintonBodyCount! It happened in New York—WHERE SHE USED TO BE SENATOR.

2/ Was it Trump? The President goes full mob by silencing forever the one man who could end his presidency. It happened in New York—WHERE TRUMP TOWER IS LOCATED. #TrumpBodyCount

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I just woke to the news that Jeffrey Epstein has “killed himself” while on “suicide watch” following the start of releasing the names of corrupt top end politicians. I don’t care if you’re Left or Right...EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN SHOULD BE BEYOND LIVID RIGHT NOW.

My God, they’re already covering it up. Twitter has completely replaced the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount with #TrumpBodyCount on the trending newsfeed even though the numbers were higher.

The media bias is UNREAL at this point.
THIS is the picture the Associated Press went with for the Epstein suicide story? THIS was everyone’s first thought? You know what....f_ck you @AssociatedPress just f_ck right off into the fake news sunset already.
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Following Jeffrey Epstein's alleged suicide, #ClintonBodyCount is again trending. It doesn't look automated based on the tools at our disposal; it looks like a joint effort between #MAGA accounts and Kremlin-friendly "antiwar left" accounts such as @Ian56789.

#TrumpBodyCount has been spreading this morning as well, albeit more slowly that #ClintonBodyCount and on a bit of a delay. It likewise doesn't look automated; unlike #ClintonBodyCount it has yet to be picked up by accounts with large audiences.
#EpsteinMurder is now trending; this one started about the same time as the others but took about two hours to pick up steam. Accounts both on the left and right are spreading it, including @w_terrence who recently started #KamalaHarrisDestroyed and #ImpeachJoaquinCastro.
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No freaking way WTH #EpsteinSuicide do you know how many secrets this man had on the top elites of the world, if there ever was a reason to believe in a conspiracy it is now!…
How the hell does a man on suicide watch get to commit suicide??? #epsteinsuicide

The "correction officers" who allowed this to happen need to be in jail.
i pray and hope there is one officer apart of what happened with #Epstien that will have the guts to do the right thing and tell the truth.
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Thread: Unsealed Documents Epstein
Bisher ist wenig über das #Epstein Gate in den deutschen Medien berichtet worden. Nun fällt der erste prominente deutsche Name #HeidiKlum bei den frisch freigegeben Prozess Dokumenten.
Wird die deutsche Presse jetzt immer noch deckeln?
Um den Medien direkt den Wind aus den Segeln ihres Framings zu nehmen: "Did you ever see Donald Trump at Jeffrey's home?" "Not that I can remember" pg 26
Für #BillClinton sieht es wesentlich düsterer aus.
Wieso berichtet die Presse nur über Trump, obwohl bei Clinton bereits vorher eine Unmenge an belastbaren Material vorhanden war?
Wie tief steckt die Modelindustrie in dem Sumpf, wie tief die Klimasekte?#AlGore #NaomiCampbell
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Remember folks, when Trump and Sessions first started in 2017, they slashed funding to stop domestic terrorism. DHS and DOJ changed their focused to combat only Islamic extremism. The blood is directly on their hands.
#TrumpBodyCount #NRABloodMoney

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