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VoteVets shady business thread.

VoteVets organization who has been attacking @realDonaldTrump is funded by globalist elite #GeorgeSoros who also funds #AntifaBLMDomesticTerrorists & is run by none other other than pedophile right hand man of the #ClintonCrimeFamily & #Obama...
,#JohnPodesta. #WikiLeaks has also dropped VoteVets emails which was part of #Podesta's email dump showing support for former #DemocraticParty presidential candidate #TulsiGabbard in the past...……
talking about how she's the perfect #Progressive to push. There was almost 500 emails dropped that were affiliated with VoteVets. There's also a website that reported on the email about #TulsiGabbard stating it was disturbing...…
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1) Is the new civil war in #Montenegro close? What is the aim of false flag attacks and spreading hatred?!

Why #FakeNewsMedia, NGO's and liberals are purposely ressurecting 90s?!

Topic: Demonazing #Serbs - "Serbian Nationalism" & "Greater #Serbia" propaganda

⬇️ Full thread ⬇️
2) On Sunday, Montenegrin rulling party DPS led by dictator and notorious criminal #MiloDjukanovic has lost a parliamentary election against pro-Serbian opposition who was supported by Serbian Orthodox Church in #Montenegro. ⬇️……
3) The first democratic election after 30 years didn't satisfied Montenegrin Bosniaks, Albanians and Croats who in the past actively advocated for multietnic and multicultural country, but without Montenegrin #Serbs in it. Apparently, Serbs don't deserve same religious rights. ⬇️
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This essay is dedicated to revealing the truth to the free world and all free people.


Years behind us (some would say, decades), nothing has changed in their actions.
The agenda of the mass media performs exactly the opposite role from the ones that are presented to us hypocritically and insidiously. A lie, a lie is their second name. A lie is a mainstay on which they maintain a 'deep state' - an abstract term until 2016,
and today visible as never before, at every step. More open, more arrogant than ever.

Why is it so? Because the backbone is slowly cracking.

Why? He is soaked in the blood and tears of the innocent, those real victims who never got to the headlines of CNN, CBS, ABC,
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Have you noticed every politician ends up wealthy after becoming a "Public Servant"

Except @realDonaldTrump and he works for FREE.

Joe Biden has been in politics for 48 years. Can you provide a list of the places to which
@JoeBiden donated his salary?…
"We came out of the White House dead broke, in debt. We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea's education." ~Hillary Clinton

This thief stole from us
w #ClintonFoundation Pay to Play schemes
How wealthy are the crookeds now?
It's reported Bill & Hillbil are worth $120 Million.
Not too shabby.
I'm betting some of that is hidden/not reported.


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‼️Following my previous threads about #ClintonCrimeFamily crimes towards #Serbia and #Kosovo, I've got conducted research on this topic that will BLOW YOUR MIND‼️



#QAnons #WWG1WGA #Trump2020Victory

⬇️ FULL THREAD ️💣 ⬇️
Did you know one of the biggest US military base overseas is #CampBondsteel in #Kosovo, SRB?

In spite of this fact, Kosovo is a "state" with the highest rates of #childtrafficking, #humantrafficking, #armtrafficking, #drugtrafficking, #corruption etc.
Saying that Serbia had anything bad to do with the Bosnian war, Croatian war or Kosovo war (except the help of Serbian people to Bosnian, Croatian and Kosovo Serbs) is sick perception of reality and a propaganda that #FakeNews media served to the 🌍…
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Inspired by the recent topic #BillClintonIsAPedo, I would like to share with world the truth behind the Serbian province #Kosovo, today a partially-recognized state, yet protected by 1244 UN resolution and the constitution of Serbia.

Stay with me until the end 👇 Image
This story includes some of
the crimes against humanity done by KLA, #ClintonCrimeFamily and its administration, as well as the crimes of a #deepstate members who're still, 2 decades after, holding all the strings in the Balkan region, including #Serbia.

#BillClintonIsAPedo 👇 Image
There was very well organized mass propaganda brought to you by the mainstream media which aim was demonization of Serbs in order to justify the #NATObombing.

The truth was completely different 👇

2. ImageImageImageImage
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DIGG| #Fauci, #Foreskin, #Clintons,#BIllGates

Who Knew? #FauciTheFraud is also an expert on circumcision!

In '08, he claimed it lowers risk of infection against #HIV.

But greedy docs promote circumcision for purely financial reasons. Targeting #Blacklivesmatter

"Infancy presents a "window of opportunity" for circumcision."

They target #BlackLivesMatter & suggests that snipping the skin of a penis, will help dampen chances of getting #HIV?

Studies involved #JohnHopkins' Dept of Pathology" #WHO


#BILLGATES| #ClintonCrimeFamily| #CIRCUMSION

And when I played my SICK rendition of Where's Waldo, I found #BILLGates. And the #Clintons.

Are they performing 'voluntary' circumcisions on black babies? Or black adults too?


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🚨🚨PLEASE STATE YOUR REASON TO WEAR A #facemask or #facecoverings 🚨🚨

I’d wear a #facemask to go vote for
I would wear a #mask so that I could visit a #MAGA rally (if I couldn’t go without one)
I would wear a #facemask or #facecoverings
To a #lockdownprotest
If that was the only way I could protest it.
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@TrianoToni @jennajameson Of course. I'll highlight the modern iteration .. As it pertains to the #ClintonFoundation #ClintonCrimeFamily and #MaximusInc and #DHHS.
There are no coincidences.
This will be somewhat of a lengthy post.
Apologies to @jennajameson in advance for this thread.
@TrianoToni @jennajameson 1. History
Maximus Inc was founded the same year as TITLE IV-D of the Social Security Act.. 1974.
Title IV D is also known as welfare recovery via child support.
Title IV D also provides the states with federal funding for state expenditures at a rate of 66%...
@TrianoToni @jennajameson 2. In other words if a state spends a dollar for welfare .. They collect 6.60 Back for their programs.
Why is this pertinent ? The states intentionally create adversarial relationship between parents to increase the funding from the federal government.. And intentionally ..
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[NEW THREAD] RT if you like this Tweet 🙏

I would like to shortly point out what I discovered about Steven Greer and why I'am positive this man is a #DeepState #Cabal asset.

(1) When I first heard about The Disclosure movement I was upside down, I couldn't believe it, I was completely mind-struck.

I watched their press-conference video on YT A 1,5 hour presentation of various very credible seeming whistle-blowers.
(2) Steven Greer appeared very passionate and serious to me and I had no reason to suspect any deceit yet...

After that I began watching his public talks.

I immediately noticed a great change in his persona.

This was not the same man I witnessed on that press-conference.
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Our lovely @FLOTUS gave a fashionable signal to #SaveTheChildren
The dress…
The designer - connection to British Empire…
Committed suicide 2010
Hillary connection... Doorknob suicide club…
This is not the 1st time @FLOTUS wore a McQueen....

Yep... @realDonaldTrump 1st 2020 rally in Tulsa…
How bout @HumaAbedin ... She struts in NcyQueen too.…

And here's the @HillaryClinton McQueen design.…

@Madonna .... Sure, why not…
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#CrowdStrike #China #GangsterMob #Trafficking #ClintonCrimeFamily
Sheldon Adelson was well intertwined w/ Stanley Ho - in light of current...sadly, a matter of time bef Ho 'taken out', likely bc he 'knew too much' & Adelson has 'more powerful connections'…
Hypothesis: Ho likely was approached to 'squeal' (under pressure+$$$ or lighter sentence) - it was either spread THAT he was making deal OR just that he was a liability - [they] do NOT 'fool around' in Macau AT ALL!
Too much 'game' in play!
Here the basics on Ho and dying at age 98 (so he could also easily been given the No Name 'solution'!)…
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#Anons connecting many dots PLEASE dig further

This brings in many aspects & has been happening for many decades!

#ObamaGate #FISA #FISAGate #fiveeyes #CoronaVirus #ClintonFoundation #ClintonCrimeFamily #AussieQ #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #JuliaGillard #Crown #TheQueen #Royals
Let's START here....


This will give you the names of the COUNTRIES involved plus a bit of back ground

REMEMBER the countries!
To start it seems we have some countries now finally standing up to #BillGate #BillGatesVirus as we are well aware that Him & his WIFE are fully involved!…
We know they own a HUGE investment into the Virus!
I don't need to go into that as most are aware.
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Series would make sense only if you follow US politics closely #FlynnIsGuilty #FlynnExonerated #FLYNN
#FISA Application use the #SteeleDossier Image
Steele had history? ImageImage
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1. New #QAnon Targeting of @realDonaldTrump served to protect from prosecution Hillary Clinton (and now Obama, Biden, McCabe, Brennan, Corney, Schiff, etc) and their enablers/co-conspirators.


"Locked on target"

2. #QAnon target [painted] #Q Image
3. #QAnon Planned and immediate.
#Q Image
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You reap as you sow - don't know, who deserves the other more 😁 Image
Some 'people' 😉shouldn't have an emotional support dog, unless it's deaf! Image
A sign, you've been in quarantine for too long! Image
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1. Away from the DC pit we didn’t Vote for a Bum.
#Trump came along and everything started to hum!
Still it's a real good bet,
The best is yet to come, but the #Liberals still whine
They see the sun, but they can’t see it shine!

@realDonaldTrump #MAGA
2 Wait till the round up is underway...
Watch as the #DeepState sweats!
Wait till you see them locked away...You aint seen nothin yet!
3 #TheBestIsYetToCome and even more jobs in time!
The best is yet to come, it will be BETTER THAN FINE!
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◼️Q has done it again!
▪️#2888 • 2/25/19
▪️TOMORROW = 1 year

“Who will be next to fall
post Weinstein?👈🏼👈🏼😲
Big name coming?
Nobody is safe.
Dark to LIGHT.
These people are sick!”

⬛️The #weinsteinverdict happened TODAY
⬛️’Post #Weinstein’ would be TOMORROW 2/25😳

◼️When does a bird sing?
▪️Q #753 #781 #1368
▪️Bird > Canary >Canary Palm Tree

◼️Has #HarveyWeinstein pulled an #AllisonMack & sung to save himself?

◼️’#Untouchable - THE RISE AND FALL OF HARVEY #WEINSTEIN opens with rows of PALM TREES..’
◼️Poor #HarveyWeinstein was found guilty today 2/24 & began having chest pains so his ride to #RikersIsland Prison detoured to the hospital 🙄

◼️#Weinstein’s downfall frm #Hollywood is far from over👇🏼

◼️He’s also been charged w RAPE in #LosAngeles

Q #1368
Watch NYC
Watch CA
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01/25/2020 Bill Clinton's FCC Chair Admits Creating a Tech Monopoly Was the Plan All Along
"led the FCC 1993 to 1997"…

Bill Clinton was ushered into office in part thru Chinese military support, that is an objective fact…

1993- Epstein created a sex ranch in America to grease political wheels.… <- very detailed dig. This is before he bought "Epstein island" in 1998

Everything is connected
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Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans
Many of the elites of our world wish to control and own everything and to that end they have told some big lies. Here's some of the bigger ones.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #CoreysDigs
Spygate and the Russian-collusion Narrative
Intelligence agencies, and many outside of our government, all colluded to take down our elected President. This in itself shows just how real Deep State is.… #SpyGate #RussiaHoax #SteeleDossier
Spygate/Russian-Collusion Narrative #FusionGPS -
- One of many threads I have in this feed on the same topic.
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Dec 14

Q points to an Anon's post on #8kun (all drops on qmap(dt)pub & qanin(dt)pub would be fake) and calls it a fake.

Q quotes his pre-IG Report drop #2042 (see pic 🔽) re: surv. on Manafort, Papad., Page, Flynn.

(cont. >)
(< follows)

Dec 14

Re: drop 3667:
Here you can see the post Q is calling fake:

(cont. >)

#QArmy #FISAgate #DarkToLight
#PainIsComing #PainComing
(< follows)

Dec 14

Re: drop #3667:
"Fake" is referred to that Anon's post (see my prev tweets above).

Drop #3667 text:
Sometimes silence is necessary in order to protect select 'public' releases.
B2 (BB) 'public' statements past week?

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