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In 2016, black voter turnout dropped in a presidential election for the 1st time in 20 years. While turnout among Millennials & GenXers was up in '16 (yeah!), turnout among black Millennials dropped by nearly 5 points. Don't give away your power. #vote Image
The rate of voting differs widely between demographic groups. The percent of eligible voters who said they cast a ballot in 2016:
59.6% white
59.6% black
49.3% Asian
47.6% Hispanic
Source: @pewresearch… Image
#Bernie Sanders needed to overperform with voters under 30 to win the nomination. Instead, younger voter turnout dropped by almost 3% compared to 2016. Don't give away your power. #vote Image
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1/ thread
How safe is it to go out?
Find your local COVID data.

E.g., my son lives in SF Bay Area w/3 surrounding counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, & Santa Clara.

- no. of COVID cases
- no. active cases
- no. of deaths…
And/or look for other local data, sometimes called "dashboards" to help find your data too.…
3/ Add local data up. Find %'s

SF SM SC Total
# Cases 2,320 1,791 2,546 6,657
# Active 2,280 1,715 2,407 6,402
% Active 98% 96% 95% 96%

# Deaths 40 76 139 255
% Deaths 2% 4% 5% 4%
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Trump, LYING HIS ASS OFF. In Nov when @JoeBiden whips his ass Trump will pull this BS and say he’s challenging the legitimacy of the election. What he says here is what the GOP does. Trump STEALING and SABOTAGE of election. #Michigan #TrumpDeathToll95K 1/
Trump projects what Republicans do. He mentioned Mike Garcia. Well, this is how Garcia won. This is what GOP will do this November: cheat. Trump’s GOP buddy Devin Nunes admitted to ballot harvesting for Garcia last week... 2/ #TrumpDeathToll95K #Michigan
In the video Devin Nunes from California, says of Mike Garcia: “it’s a traditionally Republican seat”(which it is.) Yet today Trump said it was Democratic. Key: this story is where Trump got his frenzy. But he omits context: #TrumpDeathToll95K #Michigan 3/
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Our paper with @cemoyvat is now published with @ElectoralStdies: We studied how #Turkey voters form their assessments of how the economy is going, based on survey data. Access:
Our findings testify both to the capacity of the individuals to anchor their economic performance assessments to personal experience, and to the #media's ability to weaken this anchor. 2/n
With an new method we get personal income growth over the previous year and show that this growth predicts more positive assessments. But those watch pro-govt TV have upwardly biased assessments. These results obtain w partisanship is constant, and for opposition voters too. 3/n
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💥The trouble with the GOP and the CDC - Lancet, leading medical journal - Thread…
Funding to the CDC for a long time has been subject to conserv politics that have increasingly eroded the agency's ability to mount effective, evidence-based public health responses.

In the 1980s, the Reagan admin resisted providing the sufficient budget that the CDC needed to
fight the HIV/AIDS crisis. The GWB admin put restrictions on global and domestic HIV prevention and reproductive health programming.

The Trump admin further chipped away at the CDC's capacity to combat infectious diseases.
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📌What Amendment to the Constitution gave woman the right to vote? I feel it is important to honor the woman and men who fought to give us that right! Aug 26, 2020 is the 100 year anniversary. Let's take a trip back in time and talk about it. #Suffrage #19thAmendment #vote
📌 In 1878 the Amendment was first introduced in Congress. It would take decades to pass. Many woman who marched, attended silent vigils, and fought valiantly would not live to witness the historic event.
📌In 1916 Rhode Island Union Colored Woman Clubs ask Congress to secure the Suffrage Amendment
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Your #vote is incredibly important, but how can you vote without going to your polling place on #ElectionDay? You can cast an absentee ballot!

Check out this thread on voting during #COVID-19. 👇🏽
ALL states have a way of submitting absentee ballots. Absentee voting is also known as “mail-in voting.”

See your state rules for more detailed information:…
Did you know? 👀

✅17 states require an excuse for voting absentee
✅28 states and D.C. offer no-excuse absentee voting
✅5 states hold all vote-by-mail elections

How does your state handle absentee ballots/ voting by mail?

Find out:…
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Analysis: Why #Sanders lost the nomination: "Simple explanation" is that he got "trounced" when the race narrowed to 2; "many of Biden’s wins were blowouts, ballooning his pledged delegate lead to 311, a margin that is essentially insurmountable." | thread…
.@perrybaconjr "Why did Sanders do so badly in a 1-on-1 contest against Biden? I’d offer 3 explanations, none of which are mutually exclusive from the other 2."

1>"Sanders didn’t run a smart enough campaign."
#Bernie's campaign "seemed to think that #Sanders had a unique appeal to white working-class voters that would simply continue in 20," despite "clear indications" that some of his success in '16 w/ whites w/o college was more anti-HRC than pro-Sanders.
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THREAD: Tuesday's presidential primary election is 100% still happening. Here's what you need to know about voting in the age of coronavirus! @LUCHA_AZ @ChispaAZ @case_az @AZadvocacy @AllVotingAZ @IndivisibleofAZ
@LUCHA_AZ @ChispaAZ @case_az @AZadvocacy @AllVotingAZ @IndivisibleofAZ 1) Live in Maricopa County? The bad news: 80 polling places have been shut. The great news: You can now vote at ANY polling place in the county. Go to to find one convenient for you.
@LUCHA_AZ @ChispaAZ @case_az @AZadvocacy @AllVotingAZ @IndivisibleofAZ 2) Live outside of Maricopa County? For the most part, your polling place has not changed. Yuma closed one polling place (the health department, for obvious reasons). Apache County moved a few. Go to to find where to vote
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1/ It’s presidential #primary season, and we’re in the middle of a #pandemic. President Trump has declared a #NationalEmergency, sports seasons are postponed, and yet voters may be forced to line up at crowded polling locations to #vote. 4 states still have #primaries next week!
2/ There’s a bill in the Senate right now that would make it possible for all Americans to #VoteAtHome, keeping everyone safe while ensuring the 2020 elections continue. Add your name to send a message to your Senators, urging them to pass the bill:…
3/ If passed, this bill (S.3440) would require all states to allow voters to request absentee ballots if a widespread emergency made voting in person unsafe. #CommonSense #coronavirus
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Wisconsin’s 4 Republican “Representatives” voted no. They voted against you, your neighbors, those that need help. This is why you MUST vote to replace them in November. @WisDems #WILeg

Gallagher CD 8
Grothman CD 6
Sensenbrenner CD 5
Steil CD 1
Here are the candidates running against those terrible 4 Republicans:
CD 8: @AmandaStuck8…
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We should expect to see more talking head recommendations for how to alter the #voting process to address #coronavirus concerns. Voting by mail is going be a part of the solution.

Here's why I don't think it can be the whole solution for the #2020election

States should move to allow more voting by mail independent of recent developments. The @BPC_Bipartisan Task Force on #Elections recommends just that. We support moves by our friends at @voteathome to ensure all Americans have the option to vote by mail…
That doesn't mean all states have taken the important steps to update laws and technology to administer an #election with a very high % of #voting by mail, and it's unlikely many can get up to speed before the #2020election. Many state legislatures have already adjourned
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BREAKING: NYT reporting that fmr acting DNI Joseph Maguire briefed Congress on RU 2020 election interference, infuriating Trump. This is why Richard Grenell was named new acting DNI today. Thread: #ThursdayThoughts…
2-"Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected, five people familiar with the matter said, a disclosure to Congress that angered Mr. Trump, who complained that Democrats would
3-"use it against him. The day after the Feb. 13 briefing to lawmakers, Mr. Trump berated Joseph Maguire, the outgoing acting director of national intelligence, for allowing it to take place, people familiar with the exchange said. Mr. Trump cited the presence in the briefing of
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Today we released research that reveals the political views of #GenZ shows a vast gender divide that will have significant implications for #election2020.

Here are a few major takeaways. #Thread
IGNITE partnered with Dr. Melissa Deckman @MelissaDeckman of Washington College to survey a nationally representative sample of more than 2,200 Americans aged 18-23 in the summer of 2019.
One, for the first time in American history, Gen Z women will surpass their male peers in terms of political engagement. The #politicalpower of these young women will be an asset to candidates who actively engage this demographic.
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I understand you are planning to vote for @BernieSanders.

This is a free country, and you have the right to #vote for him. I am grateful to live in a country where we actually have a choice when we go to the #ballotbox. There are many countries where that option doesn't exist.
That there are countries were the head of government places his/her name on the ballot, no competition, and still conducts an election. Of course, in such countries, voting is actually often MANDATORY.
Did you realize that?

The result? The head of government receives overwhelming ballot box support. 80% 90% support!
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'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the state
A whole bunch of folks just weren't doing so great;
With no health insurance, and school weeks 4 days
The legislature was unworthy of praise. #moleg
Lawmakers were sleeping all snug in their beds
While visions of #DarkMoney danced in their heads.
The will of the people they chose to ignore;
Democracy seemed just too much of a chore.
To make voting easy, they simply refused
For a map with #fairdistricts, they just had no use.
The roads they were crumbling, the bridges were too;
Where cement was needed, the fix was but glue.
Women and doctors were growing irate;
Their bodies and freedoms now seized by the state.
Our unions and workers faced ruthless attack
Wishing for someone who just had their back.
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@bbcquestiontime @IBlackfordSNP Thank you so much for speaking up for #50swomen #waspi. £271-400billion was taken out of the NI FUND as treasury stopped paying in their share around time of bank crash. More than enough to provide decent pensions #NHS & benefit funding.
Govts chose NOT to do this @davidhencke
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This proposed Tory legislation will affect & severely limit the rights of thousands of vehicle-dwelling people. Not just Gypsies, also seasonal workers, farriers, racing & sports people, festival crew, blacksmiths, construction crews, & others who Ms Patel classes as -
- having 'other' lifestyle choices.

This is an escalation of Thatcher's Criminal Justice Bill. Whilst not directly related to #Brexit, there's no denying the Leave mandate has emboldened racists and those seeking to curtail freedoms. -
These ideas are worse than before, and are nothing short of Ethnic Cleansing.
If you just a holiday maker then this doesn’t apply to you, but if you live in your vehicle AT ALL, if you use a live-in for your lifestyle, work, sport, festivals or everyday life, this is about you. -
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6.🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia
#regimechange #ProtectBolivia #ProtectDemocracy
1. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
2. 🗣️📢Alert World leaders, citizens of the world, is attempting a coup d'état in #Bolivia.
🗣️📢Do not let that happen.
🗣️📢Evo Morales is one of the great leaders of the 21st century.
🗣️📢Protect democracy
🗣️📢Protect Bolivia…
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Want to know how YOU can help .@realDonaldTrump and .@GenFlynn ??

Check out the suggestions on this thread.
Please share with your frens.
Thank you.

@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 1) READ the Q drops for yourself at
Future proves past. Re-read the old Q drops.

While you're there, check out the other pages.
There's a ton of information on that site.
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn DID YOU KNOW?
Many media outlets run anti-Qanon stories.

2) Go to the anti Qanon messages and counter their narrative with your own.
(NO violent messages pu-lease)

If you use twat, ask others to do the same.

Here is some info on anti-Q stories
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@ABC @abcnews @jamesgoldston
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @ICEgov Children have been raped and murdered because FAKE NEWS didn’t tell the truth about Jeffrey Epstein’s Island & Child Trafficking by wealthy politicians & celebrities. Shameful. @arobach 🍕🌭
@arobach @jamesgoldston @FBI Fake News / Epstein Cover-up. @ABCNetwork @abcnews @ABC @realDonaldTrump @POTUS ABC endangered children and protected sexual predators by not sharing the truth for 3 years. @CBSNews @NBCNews @ChrisNagusKMOV @KMOV @GayleKing @NorahODonnell #RealNews 🍕
In 2016, ABC killed a story about a pedophilia ring.

3 years later the story became public.

How many children were raped in those years? How many child rapists got away?

Why kill the story?

Bill Clinton was implicated & @HillaryClinton was running for President.

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@3Days3Nights The real question is, why did #Q choose to have 93 days of #darkness, and why was "dk" chosen as a coded form of #Silent #Running?

In '93, after a 2nd #Referendum, #Denmark (country #code DK) ratified the #Maastricht #Treaty creating the #EU.
What if there was #Voter #Fraud?
@3Days3Nights In those days, there was a flaw in #Cisco #routers which allowed the #CIA to hack into the #EU #negotiations and monitor all #electronic #comms, including #VOIP. I know this from an #Internet #insider. This data is likely now in the #NSA's #archives. So, yes, proof of #EU #fraud.
@3Days3Nights I'm not saying for 100% sure that there was #Fraud in the #Denmark #referendum that ratified #Maastricht. And I'm not saying for 100% sure that the #USA has proof that the very #Creation of the #EU was #fraudulently #accomplished. But the clamor for a 2nd #Brexit #vote...
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Welcome to our final #PAResists Friday Night Candidate Tweet Party for 11/5 election!

Please follow, support and help amplify these #Pennsylvania candidates who are working hard to Ride The #BlueWave

Find your polling place ect⬇

In #Pennsylvania State Superior Court

Powerful forces want to shred democracy & stack courts in favor of corporate special interests

To make courts work FOR the people support



In #BucksCounty #Pennsylvania

@CharissaLiller is running for Judge

An Attorney for over 18 years Charissa has spent her career advocating for families. She has experience & compassion needed on the Bench

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You may hear people saying the CPC will cut healthcare. You may hear CPC supporters say that's fear-mongering. But, is it, really? Let's take a look. 1/25
#cdnpoli #elxn43 #Vote #NeverScheer #healthcare #ChooseForward
The National Citizen's Coalition was incorporated in 1975 by an insurance agent names Colin M. Brown. Mr. Brown had begun advertising back in 1967 against the Canada Health Act. 2/25
Our universal health care was the NCC's primary target, but over the 4 decades it has been in existence, it has also campaigned against;

- The Canadian Wheat Board

- the Canadian Labour Congress' strike protesting wage and price controls in 1975

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