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Why I became active in #politics

#civic action #government
via #Memes #PhotoModeMonday

a 🧵
Inspired by @Teri_Kanefield
2/ I was raised Catholic and believe in this (ctto via reddit)

Love thy neighbor.
All neighbors. No exceptions.

If I really hated them then I just did not hang out w them 🤷🏻‍♀️. No hateful speech or hateful laws.
3/ Most of my family in Texas is religious, republican, & single issue voters. Anti abortion, no matter what. Even if M@ga Trumpism breaks all the other 9 commandments.

I hate that I now have to discuss forced-birth issues w beloveds.

I'm a social entrepreneur #feminist
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🔥#Elections On nous disait que les #machines de votes ne sont pas connectées. Vrai, mais pas leur interface de configuration qui se connecte via PC à la machine. Et surtout... on peut changer les votes À LA MAIN.
C'est dans le mode d'emploi doc9 page6😇…
C'est le mode d'emploi de "SoluVote" sur leur site web.
Sauf qu'ils l'ont enlevé. Le lien est mort.
Mais je l'ai retrouvé sur Wayback Machine.😇…
Soluvote peut programmer les candidats, lire les urnes électroniques.. etc (suite)⏬
Donc la machine lit une "urne" électronique insérée qui compte les votes, et on peut se connecter avec un PC pour lire cette urne après.

Mais on peut aussi METTRE DES VOTES A LA MAIN DANS LE SYSTEME: "Saisie manuelle des résultats de vote", doc9 pg6.
Vous lisez bien. ⏬suite
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[ #VOTE 5/11野洲]
#TMR25 #tmrlive
[ #VOTE 5/11野洲]
#TMR25 #tmrlive
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In a 2007 interview with @LAmag, @RickCarusoLA says he opposes abortion. He is currently leading the LA mayor’s race.… Image
Primary is June 7! #VOTE
Look like @RickCarusoLA is pivoting. Let’s be clear though, he has a years long anti-abortion history. Please read our story on his record, or an op-Ed from students at USC who lived thru him covering up 30 years of sexual assault, both from @KnockDotLA.
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Listen up, friends. I’ve lived a long time in this country. I’ve experienced a lot. And I know, and have a deep sense, when things are beginning to spiral.

We are at that point. We’ve been approaching it for some time, but the warning signs were in smaller, discrete pieces. /1
The problems are systemic: Gerrymandered maps keep extremists in statehouses and Congress. A rigged Senate with an archaic filibuster rule blocks needed reform. Seats on the Supreme Court are stolen through cynical ploys. Money pours in to those who enable the corruption. /2
Then the attacks begin. Voting rights are denied to minorities in red states in the name of “election security,” with the Big Lie powering the bills. LGBTQ+ kids and families are targeted as scapegoats. And now even a woman’s right to choose is on the chopping block. /3
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Do you live in #Sheffield ? #sheffieldissuper !

If so, HAVE I got good news for you!!! 😊😊😊


#TUSC #Socialism #Socialists @TUSCoalition
Sheffield Hallam Co. Const.:
*Crooks and Crosspool MDW - Isabelle France

Sheffield South East Boro. Const.:
*Woodhouse MDW - Simon Jenkins
*Darnall MDW - Diane Spencer
Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough Boro. Const.: *Firth Park MDW - Alex Brown
*Hillsborough MDW - Joe Hibbert
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It’s been 8 years since New Yorkers first elected Elise Stefanik.
During that time, we have paid her over $1,000,000.
She has done nothing for her constituents but align herself with far-right radicals. #vote @MattPutorti NY-21.
He will work for us not Trump
#DemVoice1 Image
No more #TrumpScum elect @MattPutorti
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FYI, this is basically the same argument made by segregationists in opposition to the integration of public schools post Brown v. Board. The GOP knows its bigoted base has a muscle memory for despising the mitigating hand of the federal government & public school system. #JimCrow
Also it’s no coincidence that they’re stirring up a shit storm about CRT, LGBTQ, BLM and abortion simultaneously. They wage a culture war on every front possible b/c hatred and oppression of marginalized groups is what unifies Republican voters to GOTV. #SouthernStrategy101👺🤡👹
Evangelicals “seized on abortion not for moral reasons, but as a rallying-cry to deny President Jimmy Carter a second term. Why? Because the anti-abortion crusade was more palatable than the religious right’s real motive: protecting segregated schools.”…
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1/ .@apecoin frens we have received a proposal from a credible 3rd party blockchain developer who has given us an assessment on a development time table for AIP-4&5 with caps implemented. The proposal is shared at… for a summary see 🧵👇 with a poll #DAO
2/ We decided to explore proposals from reputable 3rd party blockchain firms to assess the time table for a discussion with the @apecoin community given the many concerns. This proposal suggests a time table of 14 weeks for the staking implementation itself
3/ and it also assumes 13 weeks of development for the UI which can be done simultaneously. The proposal was created by a very credible blockchain developer who for the time being wishes to remain anonymous given that AIP-4 (revised) was not (and may not be) approved.
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🔴In #France, it's time to #vote🗳️... today is the first round of the #FrenchElections!

🇫🇷Follow our #liveblog as the French head to the polls this Sunday, and don't miss our special election night coverage starting 7pm Paris time! #presidentielles2022

It's a beautiful morning in #Paris 🇫🇷, as French #voters 🗳️gather in polling stations to choose their candidate from the 12 names on the ballot.

F24's @JamesCreedonF24 reports from the capital's 17th arrondissement about how the process works and how voters are feeling today⤵️
@JamesCreedonF24 📲For the results, reactions, and analysis of this first round of the #FrenchElection 🇫🇷, tune in to FRANCE 24 tonight from 7pm Paris time onwards to follow our special coverage!
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By all means I’m a Black Texas Democrat so I could literally write the book on national D neglect of not only Texas Democrats but Democrats in EVERY “former” Confederacy, current Jim Crow, “red”/purple state. We don’t take our ball and go home, we don’t boo louder than we #VOTE.
No, this is the thing. If a Black woman descendant of Jim Crow survivors who’s well steeped in the community organizing tricks of the trade that have been passed down since slavery to the most reliable Democratic voting bloc in American history isn’t apathetic, why are y’all?
Not only that, but you don’t even have to be Black in the South to understand the 🆘 and call to action b/c @BetoORourke is out here from dusk to dawn trying to save this godforsaken state from the GOP with almost no help from the White voting majority, alt left or the DNC. 🦾🌊
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I love how folk (mostly White) on the left want whole ass gigantic mountains, the heavens & the 🌍 to be moved to expedite the prosecution of Trump’s cabal but when we asked y’all to police your White peeps away from voting for him in the 1st place, y’all couldn’t be bothered. 😒
We’ve literally been warning y’all that this shit was a Klan kleptocracy disaster just waiting to happen for not just years or decades, but CENTURIES. Y’all’s sense of urgency & justice is still hampered by your myopic privilege so you fail to realize that we’re already TOO LATE.
Millions are dead from COVID worldwide and thousands are dying every damn day in this Russia/Ukraine war (that was explicitly promised & ordained as a consequence of Trump in the WH), so y’all still need to disabuse yourselves of the notion that damage control is a glamorous job.
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◽️ $BLOCK is our #DEX token

🫂The 80% of total supply is allocated for Marble #DAO members and contributors

How to contribute?
#Vote proposals
#Liquidity providers
#DAO stakers
• Hold #NFTs

Being part of a #DAO has great benefits

(see next tweets..)
💎Who is contributing in $Marble #DAO will receive the #Airdrop. Being part of the #DAO is a fair way to earn new #tokens and #NFTs for free

✅But if you are not part of us, you will be able to buy $BLOCK with a public #presale, only the 10% of total supply

(see next tweet..)
🗣️Public #Presale

The terms are the followings:
• Available tokens: 50M $BLOCK
• Presale price: 0,01$
• Front Loaded Vesting Schedule of 4 months
• Max purchase amount: 2% of supply - 100k $BLOCK
• Start date: Mid-March

🔍See full details here:…
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🧵 THREAD N°21 : les DAO

Il y a quelques mois, une #DAO a levé plus de 47 millions de dollars en 3 semaines pour racheter un des exemplaires originaux de la constitution américaine.

Que sont les DAOs et quelle est leur utilité ? Thread du jour👇 Image
1/ Une #DAO est une "decentralized autonomous organization", une communauté décentralisée et auto-gérée.

Une DAO réunit des personnes qui souhaitent s'associer dans un certain but : créer un produit ou service, lever des fonds pour acheter la constitution... Tout est possible.
2/ Mais pourquoi ces personnes créeraient-elles une DAO plutôt qu'une #entreprise si elles veulent créer un produit ?

Pourquoi ne créeraient-elles pas juste un groupe #Facebook pour s'organiser autour d'un but commun comme l'achat d'un objet rare ?
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Hey Georgia peeps, my girl Attania Jean-Funny is running for state rep. Check her out
She live on FB now if you wanna pop in
#Georgia #Election #Vote…
Where my RATTLERS in Georgia?! 🐍🐍🐍🐍.
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I was 15 when I learned my family (Catholic Croatian Yugoslavians) had survived Dachau, the longest running concentration camp in Nazi Germany. 🧵
I was watching Schindler's List with my grandfather Franjo Penic, and at some point I looked over to see him weeping and shaking. I was stunned. Here's the stoic patriarch of the family whom I'd never known to show any emotion but patient neutrality or lighthearted joviality.
It never occurred to me that a Holocaust story about Jews in Germany would have anything to do with my Catholic Yugoslav family. (I realize I was probably taught in school about Nazi persecution of Slavs during WWII but I dunno, somehow it didn't sink in).
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This has everything to do with $$ Improved ventilation has been spoken about in #Ontario almost from the beginning. @fordnation didn't want to spend the money on #ontarioschools, so they gambled that #COVID could be managed without having to retrofit schools or add #HEPA filters
COVID being #Airborne has been known for over a year, and yet they didn't provide essential PPE to you and your teachers.Testing could have kept you in school, but they chose not to implement a regimented testing system. Any kid born in 2004 who will be eligible to #vote
remember that this govt gambled away your highschool years, your rites of passages, your education, your emotional well-being and your physical well-being because they didn't think you were worth protecting. Show them your worth on June 2nd, 2022. #VoteFordOut2022
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Much attention in 2022 will be paid to what politicians are doing about democracy.

But you may be wondering: what can *I* do to support #democracy in 2022?

I put some ideas down here in a thread:
In 2022, you can #volunteer. Whether that’s helping your neighbors register to vote or becoming a poll worker, your time and talent can help advance democracy. Connecting with local groups or your local election office can help you find an opportunity you like.
Likewise, support and join groups who are advocating for voters in your state. There are many great state-based organizations, and many pro-democracy groups like @CommonCause & @LWV organize state chapters. @CampaignLegal works in partnership with state & local groups.
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I can’t stress enough how important it is that @TheDemocrats retain the House of Representatives in 2022. Vote like your democracy depends on it because it absolutely does. The @January6thCmte and any investigation into overthrowing our government will end if they lose.🧵👇🏻
When I saw the list of people the @January6thCmte was interested in speaking to and getting information from, my hope was renewed because these are the droids we’re looking for.
Proudboys, Oathkeepers, Tarrio, Rhodes are no brainers (📌1). Let’s look at Robert Patrick Lewis and the First Amendment Praetorians.
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.@RecordersOffice @stephen_richer Your URL has some serious issues that tech support needs to deal with ASAP. It says I'm not registered to vote, something I got actual legal notice of four days before an election and
too late after the 10/4 deadline to register. So, I re-registered online and three hours later it AGAIN said that I'm not registered to vote! After a 17+ minute wait, I got through to a competent guy in your office who said I WAS in fact registered and that he could see that
I've always voted. He said there just wasn't any election where I live this year & that's why I received no ballot, but that I'm signed up to receive an early mail one next year. So, mostly resolved now. But that website! It doesn't say whether you should enter a 2- or 4-digit
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Just got this mailer from the @MinnesotaDFL senior caucus (not a senior, thanks)!
•Why is the DFL taking an anti-public safety position on questions 1+2?
•Why aren’t #ward9 voters being told to vote for their endorsed candidate, @ChavezForWard9?!

#yeson2 #noyesyes ImageImage
2/ I also don’t appreciate any @MinnesotaDFL caucus telling me I should vote for @Jacob_Frey after #GeorgeFloyd was lynched in my community and how gun violence survivors are treated in #Minneapolis. HE DIDN’T WIN THE DFL ENDORSEMENT!! @SheilaFTP @kateknuth @MayorPerry4Mpls
3/ I’m sure @annapoetic @cmlisagoodman and @LineaPalmisano are lovely people but they’ve done absolutely nothing for gun violence survivors. How is this a #publicsafety ballot again? #endgunviolence #forevershelley #minneapolis @DflSe
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🧵Very important election on 11/2 in #Pennsylvania

We must show up and vote or request your mail in ballot

#VoteLocal2021 elect Dems for School Boards, Judges & Row Offices


👂to John Lewis 💗
@ConOHanlon is running for Doylestown Township Tax Collector

Connor's chair of @DoylestownDems and is ready to serve

We MUST support young Dems who have stepped up to run! Please give him a couple 💵 it will 100% help him out ⤵️…

Colleen Mullin is running for Doylestown Township Supervisor

Colleen is currently on the Ways and Means Committee and will hit the ground running!

Visit ⤵️

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