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Holy crap, you guys.

When's the last time you saw people camped out for anything other than the new iPhone?

Literally camping out overnight to vote blue?🤯🤯🤯

Hey, Texas...don't let Florida outblue you!
#MondayMotivation #mondaymorning
Also, yes, I said "outblue".
Just look at this angry mob of Democrats!!!
Oh, wait.
These are people who literally camped out overnight to vote in Florida.
And there wasn't even a Beyonce concert or an iPhone! release And it wasn't Black Friday, either.

#WeAreTheMob and #WeWillVote.
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(Makes note to ask @lynnstahl7 to make a new t-shirt saying "Impolite Arrogant Woman" on the front and "blah blah blah" on the back.)

John Kelly Called Elizabeth Warren An "Impolite Arrogant Woman" In An Email… via @jasonleopold #WeAreTheMob
I was joking about the t-shirt but y'all weren't kidding!

So, @lynnstahl7 whipped these up right quick.

All proceeds go toward @BlueWaveCS🌊 final 20-day push to get Dems elected. #WeAreTheMob #ImpoliteArrogantWoman #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation

.@lynnstahl7 has designed not only @BlueWaveCS' website, but all of the "mob" gear you need to go out and protest the GOP's #CultureOfCorruption, too.
They aren't going to just give us the house back, y'all. We're going to have to #TakeItBack. #WeAreTHEMob…
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Is that a threat? Because that sure sounds like a threat.

Please report and block @FreedomGetuSome for threats of violence against peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights.

BTW: women have been protesting in the South for generations. #WeAreTHEMob
Aww, he deleted it. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

The internet is forever, @FreedomGetuSome!

#WeAreTheMob your president warned you about.

Our next mob meeting is at the polls on November 6.
#FridayFeeling #fridaymotivation #TakeItBack
Not sure if you've heard, but we already had a "race war" in the south.

You lost.

Still, you display your confederate flag. Might as well be a white flag of surrender.

I feel sorry for you, but I'm too busy feeling sorry for them.
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I've been hearing lots of "leftist mob" talk

It's frustrating to have the bullies conflate themselves into victims & have the media fall for it.

But wear this attack with pride, ladies. Because this is exactly what they said about suffragettes.

(2) Suffragettes were often depicted as violent, out to harm men & neglectful of the sons and husbands they should be protecting.

Anti-suffragette organizations lambasted women who marched & protested in cartoons & columns in every newspaper in America.…
(3) Suffragettes were depicted as agents of chaos who wanted to destroy the country & drive it to anarchy. They were accused of wanting to turn America into a socialist state that would obliterate traditional gender roles.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

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"...women seem dejected d/t all the mob talk. The purpose of the mob talk is to dampen enthusiasm" on the left. -- .@fred_guttenberg, a Parkland parent and tireless gun control activist.

CALLING ALL WOMEN: let's post photos of us protesting.

Let's see these "mobs". #WeAreTheMob
(PS: the above photo is not mine. I don't go out and physically protest d/t disability, but if I did, these are the signs I would hold.) #WeAreTheMob
TBC: the context of the "dejected" statement by @fred_guttenberg was that after Kavanaugh, the Republicans are banging the "Democrats are an angry mob" drum, the purpose of which seems to be to keep women from speaking out. Fuck that! Here's a shot of the #MarchForTruth, Seattle.
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