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This morning, Speaker Pelosi said this stage (Stimulus Plan in front of them now) is “emergency mitigation” and the next stage (Phase 4-to come) is “recovery” & the next round of relief must refresh meal assistance for needy Americans and funnel more cash to states and
2- local governments that will be unable to balance budgets. There may be another round of direct payments to come in Phase 4. And that Fed Chair Powell told her to “think big” because interest rates are low-in other words, money is cheap, so get ready to spend.
3-On Bloomberg TV today Pelosi said Congress would begin working on creating “good-paying jobs as we go forward, perhaps building the infrastructure of America.” She's optimistic. I hope she'll be successful in these efforts. #ThursdayMotivation
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Suspension of Habeas Corpus=MI Arrests
1863 President authorized Military commanders to suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus between Washington D.C.,Philadelphia, NYC
👉Numerous individuals were arrested🍿
New Q [infiltration instead of invasion]
NWO Communists infiltrated our entire government at the highest levels. This is why it must be a Military Operation
There is no other way #TrustThePlan #ThursdayMotivation
Notice the Seal on the floor next to the Burn Bag
Potus looking at Lincoln=MI Arrests (Q-1863)
Possible 48-star flag that soldiers fought for during WW2-Infiltration began
Down Goes Uncle Sam-We ended the Fed! U.S. Corp ended
Dan needs a larger office😎
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This is a QBOOM! The Unsealing begins🍿
$15m bounty out for Maduro - The Cartels are being taken down 👏👏👏 #endTrafficking
Thank you President Trump, MI and entire team for making this happen #TrustThePlan #WWG1WGA
Nothing can stop what is coming #ThursdayMotivation
John Kerry Meet With Venezuela Maduro in Colombia 2016 - Kerry with Maduro in 2002
Communist Party of Venezuela Backed Maduro
What happened to Venezuela was going to happen to America
Our MI will not be defeated #TrustThePlan
One Down: Alleged Maduro co-conspirator is in DEA custody
Duties: coordinate drug shipments with corrupt Venezuelan military and guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, which the U.S. listed as a terrorist group⚖️ #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE…
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As the #CoronaVirus continues to take it's toll worldwide, people are reinventing ways of preventing & stopping the spread of the virus.

The virus is real. Preventing it is our task.

Good afternoon & welcome to a Special Edition of #TheDiscuss with @Tutsy22
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First definition of exploding in enlightenment is – be out of all panic patterns! Panic pattern means, the pattern which is constantly restricting, refraining, limiting, binding you, and reducing your constant explosion.

#fear #enlightenment #WednesdayVibes #ThursdayMotivation
Your Ananda Gandha, your inner space, is an atomic station, where the constant atomic explosion is happening. But panic pattern acts as a covering, the cooler which is stopping it from exploding and becoming the big bang of enlightenment. The uranium is the unclutching!
In the regular atomic stations, you need a cover, because it is not good for the world. But here, the more you explode, the more good for the whole universe. What are you afraid of? You are afraid you will perish?

#Wisdom #fear #growth #enlightenment #Nithyananda #Inspiration
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Nigeria's O.S.C (Out of School Children), numbering over 13M with either become a blessing or curse…
Although efforts like building new schools & feeding incentives have been introduced, observers worry that little has changed over the years
The most endemic states of the O.S.C include: Kano, Akwa Ibom, Katsina, Kaduna, Taraba, Sokoto, Yobe, Zamfara, Oyo, Benue Jigawa & Ebonyi…
In Northern Nigeria, education deprivation is driven by various factors. Girls are mostly disadvantaged
According to the National Council for the Welfare of Destitutes (NCWD), the current population of the almajiri is said to be about 7M!…
But how do you solve a challenge like the Almajiri?…
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#TheDiscuss LIVE #Health

With my guest @dazHalle

Disease Control:
Assessing Nigeria's Health Management System

Good Morning and welcome to #TheDiscuss.

Nigeria's vulnerability to an outbreak of the #COVIDー19 has necessitated preparations by health officials but ARE WE READY?
(… )

According to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, the death toll from the latest #Lassafever outbreak has risen to 103, with 26 states affected.
(… )

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"If liberals will not argue the meaning of pluralism and religious freedom precisely as liberal values, the Christian Right will only subject more and more of American life to its harmful theocratic agenda."

My latest for @Convo_ist:…

@Convo_ist @dr_jfprice @PaulHRosenberg @tvandenburgh @AmericanAtheist @RCRChoice @FredClarkson @aejohnsonphd @petemont @PRAEyesRight @pastordan @Delafina777 @AntheaButler @dianabutlerbass @dianamswancutt @AndrewLSeidel @ircrc Links in the article to pieces by @transscribe @SikhProf @FredClarkson and more. Thank you for your efforts. And Fred, I have to admit that when you started your work on reclaiming religious liberty rhetoric, I was skeptical. But you were right.
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The sabzi mandi at #Indore, the cleanest city of India. Low on #waste, high on #inspiration!

Check thread below to find how Indore did this.
#India's Cleanest City, #Indore:
> 700+ new toilets & urinals built
> 850+ black spots removed
> 3,000+ roadside bins installed
> total door-to-door segregated waste collection
> live tracking system to monitor garbage vans
Thread: How #Indore Became Garbage-Free and Beat Every Other City to It…
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#Richard4Deputy - A Thread (1/9)

Richard Burgon is showing why influential supporters of some of the other deputy leader candidates were eager to keep him out of the contest:

#richardburgon #LabourLeadership #LauraPidcock
#ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayWisdom
"I’ll be a campaigning Deputy Leader.

Winning the next general election means regaining the trust of the voters we’ve lost. My focus will be building a Party rooted in every community with powerful local campaigns that show whose side we’re on. (2/9)
"I fully back our previous two manifestos. These offer real solutions to the problems our communities face.

Great policies, however, aren’t enough. I’ll overhaul our campaigning and messaging to focus on 10 key policies that are easily explainable on the doorstep. (3/9)
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Obama killed Gaddafi and turned Libya into a nightmare
Pelosi says, Obama did not need authorization from congress on Libya
Hillary "We came. We saw. He died." #TuesdayThoughts
President Trump talks about how they killed Gaddafi
They didn't respond to #bengazi
They took out Saddam Hussein and Iraq had nothing to do with 911 #Trump #DemocraticDebate
Benghazi never had to happen Admiral James "Ace" Lyons (RIP)🙏 #Treason was Committed
👉Gaddafi was working with the Pentagon for truce negotiations
👉Obama/Clinton were training and funding of terrorists
Full Video👉 👈#Expose2020 #ThursdayMotivation
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Little run-down from Trump's MI rally rant last night. It was his longest yet at 2hrs & 1 min.
And God, it was just AWFUL. #ThursdayMotivation #TrumpResignNow…
2-" as Trump kept talking and kept delaying his return to Washington. His face flushed and grew slick with sweat, and his voice strained. He bragged and fumed, imitated and mocked, cast himself as a victim and attacked those who dared to challenge him, including a recently
3-"widowed congresswoman. He chastised the arena’s security guards for not aggressively grabbing the wrists of a protester being removed. He spoke extensively off the cuff, then suddenly switched to a traditional campaign speech, then cut himself off with a tangent.
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@realDonaldTrump 3726
Q !!
Dec 19 2019 00:40:57 (EST)
Durham is not just looking at FBI
Also looking at other agencies and departments, and private actors

Durham is not just looking at FISA
Also looking at all the conduct, both before and after the election
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Good morning/afternoon/whatever, fellow travelers in the #WarOnChristmas! Sorry for the late start; I swear eggnog had nothing to do with it.

It’s December 12. With only 13 persecuting days left till Christmas, be sure to wish a right-wing Christian a happy Constitution Day!
What’s that? You didn’t know it was Constitution Day? Well it is. In Russia.

There, the 1993 Constitution, honored with today’s holiday, increasingly means whatever Putin wants it to.

That makes it exactly the sort of constitution our “Merry Christmas” maniacs would prefer.
We thus route our enemy in the #WarOnChristmas with a double bind. If the insist on only accepting “Merry Christmas,” they are refusing to celebrate the Constitution of the Russian Federation, thus in a backwards sort of way more or less taking a stand in support of rule of law.
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#Patriots and #Anons don't forget we are watching a movie. Everything that is happening was programmed before #QPosts. Today, the criminals, are ONLY obeying orders from #MilitaryTribunals. [They] are reciting a script to show their corruption to the world. Enjoy the show‼️ 🍿🎉
Hillary Clinton Covered Up Pedophile Ring Inside US State Department
26 Jul 2019 - 2:57:28 PM
Do you remember?
We do.

@realDonaldTrump FISAGATE: Enjoy the Show!
23 May 2019 - 10:25:37 PM
What makes a good movie❓
Good actors‼️
Enjoy the show, VIP Patriot!
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Today is the most important election I can ever remember. Here is a recap of why I think it’s important to keep Boris Johnson’s Conservative party away from any more power over our lives #StopBorisJohnson #VoteNotTory #ThursdayMotivation

They have lied!
They have treated EU27 citizens like dirt! #xenophobia
They have treated Brits in the EU like dirt!
They have treated our public services like dirt!
They have treated the most unfortunate like dirt!
They have even treated business like dirt! #fuckbusiness
Here is the outcome I desire -
A minority Labour government working with the other parties on a policy by policy basis. Only a cross party approach can bring us back to a balanced and cohesive body politic! #TacticalVoting
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“McFeely said the city has sent video clips to Hallmark and exchanged emails.”

Literally one town over from where I mostly grew up they’re trying to get Hallmark to come film a Christmas movie because of course they are

#WarOnChristmas #ThursdayThoughts…
Life imitates (bad) “art” imitating peak white feminist fantasy, I’m dying here 🤣

But alas, a happy ending may prove elusive:

“Hallmark shoots most of its films in Canada where it gets hard-to-beat tax breaks and other incentives.”

#ThursdayMotivation #ChristmasKitsch
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👉Feldman is a senior adjunct fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations & Bloomberg Opinion columnist
👉Pamela Karlan liberal scholar was on Obama's list for Supreme Court pick & was appointed by Obama to serve as U.S. Deputy Assistant AG for Voting Rights
Obama's AG Loretta Lynch recognized Pamela Karlan for her work at DOJ
👉Karlan worked under Loretta Lynch as US Deputy Assistant AG for Voting Rights in the DOJ Civil Rights Division
👉Pamela Karlan with Eric Holder- Alabama 2015
#ImpeachmentHearing #DrainingTheSwamp
WOW-@RepMattGaetz destroys biased Witnesses
👉How dare Karlan go after The Presidents son
👉To all of the witnesses, if you have personal knowledge of a single material fact in the Schiff report, raise your hand
#WednesdayThoughts #ImpeachingHearings
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As Rudy Giuliani continues (even more vehemently) to deny any business in Ukraine, the truth continues to come out...showing that he tried-hard to get the business. #ThursdayMotivation…
2-"As Rudolph Giuliani waged a public campaign this year to unearth damaging information in Ukraine about President Trump’s political rivals, he privately pursued hundreds of thousands of dollars in business from Ukrainian government officials, documents reviewed by The NYT show
3-"Mr. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, has repeatedly said he has no business in Ukraine, and none of the deals were finalized. But the documents indicate that while he was pushing Mr. Trump’s agenda with Ukrainian officials eager for support from the United States,
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Nature has its own unique way of growth for each of us. Take the Chinese bamboo for example. When it sprouts, it doesn’t show much growth for the first four years. Then in the fifth year, the bamboo grows ninety feet in six weeks!

#nithyananda #ThursdayMorning #ThursdayThoughts
It was not that the tree wasn't growing in the first 4 years. Though the growth was not visible, the roots were being strengthened to make it possible for the plant to grow fast and safely into a huge tree!

#nithyananda #Growth #Inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
Like the bamboo’s growth, there is no scale to measure yourself with anyone other than your own self. If you spend all your energy looking in and competing with yourself,you will progress in leaps and bounds

#nithyananda #growth #Inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
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1) Over the last few days, I've had a point that I want to make but I've been struggling to find the words to make it brief & concise. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to have to ramble on for a few tweets. I will liken my point to, "If a tree falls in the...
2) ...forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
If every time @POTUS is accused of something and through an investigation we find out he is innocent, but the lamestream media never reports the truth, is he actually innocent? Not in the minds of those who...
3) ...don't make it a point to gather their information from many sources.
When the news conglomerates all band together to tell outright lies, getting the truth out is like walking through quicksand. These lies aren't just coming from TV news or newspapers or social media...
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“One wall in the elementary building of the Christian school I attended was emblazoned with ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.’ We knew what that meant. We were raised to take back America for Christ.”

My latest for @Convo_ist…

America has a fundamentalist problem, and things will never get better so long as major news outlets elite gatekeepers largely refuse to address this issue head on.

#WednesdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #EmptyThePews

@sturgidson I forgot an apostrophe 😱
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When Valmiki completed his #Ramayana, Narada said 'It's good, but Hanuman's is better'.

#Valmiki didn't like that and wondered whose Ramayana was better. He found #Hanuman Ramayana inscribed on seven broad leaves of a banana tree. He read it and found it to be perfect.
The most exquisite choice of grammar and vocabulary, metre & melody. He couldn't help himself. He started to cry. Is it so bad?asked Hanuman No, it's so good, said Valmiki 'Then why are u crying? asked Hanuman.Bcoz after reading ur Ramayana no one will read mine, replied Valmiki.
Hearing this Hanuman tore up the banana leaves stating now no one will ever read Hanuman's Ramayana But why? asked Valmiki.Hanuman said, U need ur Ramayana more than I need mine. You wrote ur Ramayana so that the world remembers Valmiki I wrote my Ramayana so that I remember Ram.
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Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1…
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