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🔥🔥🔥Why US dollar is punishing Pound & Euro?

As soon as EU launched EURO currency as optional reserve currency, US fooled NATO into doing Yugoslavia war. The war ripped off value of Euro currency.

#MondayMotivation 🔥 De-dollarization

In a few years, Euro snatched a total of 20% of reserve currency status from the US dollar. The UK and EU stopped investing in US treasury bills to build value for the euro currency further.

So, the US deep state brought China into the WTO and trade off industrial capacities of the west in return for china buying US treasury bills which CCP could immediately use as collaterals for ready buying contracts by US companies of the chinese manufacture.
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THREAD: Why is Indian #Constitution only for Religions & not Dharmas?

#Religion is not #dharma
#Temple is not #Mandir
#Prayer & #Worship is not #Pooja
#God is not #Bhagwaan
#Idol is not #Murti

This is exactly why #Places of Worship Act is totally WRONG

(1/18) @Aryan_warlord
You are not Swa+tantra = Self Governance, if native population is not represented in the document.

Several Indian dharmic non-translatables are dumbed down to Abrahamic streamlining by interpretation in the ill-equipped English language.

(2/18) @mnshdnth @kpl_kar @ShefVaidya
Elected Govt has to dance to the tunes of Vote bundles.
Judiciary can adhere max to what's written in the Constitution.
Guess what? It has no space for 4 Indian Dharmas. It is made for Religions of Foreign Origin.

(3/18) @Natsecjeff @BesuraTaansane @RudraYagam @rajnish1Midas
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16 years before on 11 July 2006 Mumbai Train Terror attack changed my life forever, those who don’t know do read the thread

#MondayMotivation #CAChirag
School Days : I was promoted in std 8, scored first class for first time in SSC & continued scoring first class in all college years. Lost my father when I was in HSC too young to handle it.

Now I am CA. Remember your past performance do not define your future
My father always told me to do a professional degree, and then you can pursue whatever career you want, as it will be like backup to fund your life in monetary terms.

You should always listen to parents advice as they have wisdom through life experience
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Start your week with 7 powerful quotes!

1) You would have no problem with anything if only you could accept Lord Shiva who is a terrible combination of everything put together.
2) Shiva is not a god up There but a living presence Here.
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We all are exposed to huge amount of negative news on daily basis.
It percolates inside us gradually, unknowingly and affects how we feel about ourselves and our society.

Here is a short thread about this negative onslaught and protecting our mind.
You may not be consciously aware but constant negativity about education, healthcare, society, economy, etc. primes you with negative expectations and makes you notice even tiniest negative aspects of everyday life.
This bias towards negativity leads to stress and more negative emotions on a daily basis.

Even casual conversations steer towards such topics and stay there.
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I didn't become the man I am today overnight. Many decisions and actions have molded who I am and who I intend to be.

Who do you want to be? Are you taking the necessary steps to get there?

A thread..
When your time comes, what do you want to be remembered for? When your family and friends eulogize you, what do you think they will say? What would you want them to say (unsolicited)?

Start there. This is your personal vision.
25 years from now - what would your ideal life be like?

Between today and this date - you have 9,125 days or 219,000 hours to craft your ideal life.

What do you really want? In 2047, where are you sitting this day? What are you doing? You are feeling what?
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In a really shocking week, this is the most shocking story. Boris Johnson promised Parliament that the full report would be published. But the @thesundaytimes reveals that it was doctored by Downing Street officials. He lied to Parliament @RhonddaBryant #Partygate
.@Mark_J_Harper If the report was doctored, then Boris Johnson lied to Parliament when told you that it would all be published @SamCoatesSky @bbclaurak @Peston @BBCWorldatOne @thesundaytimes @Gabriel_Pogrund @RhonddaBryant @HugoGye @hzeffman
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Lebanese Poet Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) is renowned for ushering in a renaissance of modern Arabic literature. His work inspires people across the world, & is influenced by his Christian faith & the mysticism of Sufism

Here are 24 Khalil Gibran quotes #MondayMotivation

A thread
1/ ‘Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit’

― Khalil Gibran
2/ ‘I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers’

― Khalil Gibran
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#TheExclusive with #TheSportsIlluminator
Guest: @sikiru16 of @RemoStarsSC

Alimi Sikiru is professional footballer who currently plies his trade with NPFL team Remo Stars. He has previously been on the books of Warri Wolves, Sunshine Stars and Lobi Stars.

The Place ImageImage
Stade Tunisien, and Maghreb Association Sportive de Fes had his signature before returning to the @LMCNPFL. He was called up to the CHAN @NGSuperEagles team in 2019
He is a center forward.
Enjoy the thread
#mondaythoughts Image
What does football means to you?
Football means life to me

How did you start?
I started playing grassroots football at Ajegunle. That was where the journey started. My first coach was John Iremiren popularly known as Tall Coach. He had a lot of impact on me.
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Entrepreneurship is more about growing as a person than it is about making money. Here are 10 things you might need to realize about yourself to make it out alive as an entrepreneur.

1. Your risk tolerance needs to go up a notch, it's the cost of opportunity and innovation. You know it cannot happen if you will not accept the risk that your undertaking might fail.
2. You have to be patient. Rather than rush ahead simply for the sake of movement, patience helps rein you in and focus on the best opportunities, instead of all the opportunities. This includes business ideas, investor funding, business partners, and talent.
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Buying off the plan can be a good opportunity for an investor or property owner looking to make a profit or gain some equity:…

#timidbee #Finance #mondaythoughts
#Mondayvibes #Australia #Brisbane #Perth #Adelaide #MONEY #cryptocurrency
Buying off the plan can be a good opportunity for an investor or property owner looking to make a profit or gain some equity:…

#timidbee #Finance #mondaythoughts
#Mondayvibes #Australia #Brisbane #Perth #Adelaide #MONEY #cryptocurrency Buying off the plan can be ...
Buying off the plan means you have decided to purchase a property that has not yet built or is currently under construction:…

#timidbee #Finance #Australia #MONEY #tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations #investing #blog #brisbaneflood #Perth #Adelaide #Crypto Buying off the plan means y...
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#MondayMotivation #WuTacticalForce in place Sir. The WTF as @bostonpolice call it, is ready to roll. 5 cruisers, 2 Paddywagons must protect emperor queen @MayorWu from the commoner’s gaze. For the love of Pete, Popeye Doyle didn’t have this many cruisers to take down the Frog.
Stay tuned despite a wintry mix #WokeInWuville will be broadcasting this am. Image
Word just in from the producers of #WokeInWuville start time 7:45am I’ll drop the link…Live callers welcome 617-698-4918
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Canoeing specialist Bill Havens was almost guaranteed to win a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics in Paris. But a few months before the games he learned that his wife would likely give birth to their first child while he was away.
She told him that she could make it on her own, but this was a milestone Bill didn’t want to miss. So he surprised everyone and stayed home. He greeted his infant son, Frank, into the world on August 1, 1924.
Though he always wondered what might have been, he said he never regretted his decision. He poured his life into that little lad and shared with him a love for the rapids.

Twenty-eight years passed, and the Olympic Games were held in Helsinki, Finland.
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How is Apple killing the SmartWatch Industry?⌚️

According to report by Strategic Analytics, Apple shipped 30.7 million units of smartwatches worldwide in 2019 compared to 21.1 million for all Swiss watch brands combined.

A detailed Thread 👇1/7

#StockMarket #MondayMotivation
For years, Swiss watch companies have been trying to get us to see watches as a fashion accessory, collectable or status symbol.

Apple reinvented the traditional watch & has made it a necessity. 2/7

#AppleWatch #AttackOnTitan #Apple
Apple is much more than just a watch, it lets you evaluate your physical activity, receive notifications, measure your heart rate.

As soon as you start using Apple Watch, you realize one thing is clear: the rest of your watch collection will live on in a drawer from now on. 3/7
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Just before dawn on a Saturday morning, about 2:10 am, January 15, 1966, the Adjutant-General of the Nigerian Army, Lieutenant-Colonel James Pam (pictured), his wife Elizabeth, and all other members of his family in their...
...Nigerian Army residence at 8, Ikoyi Crescent, Ikoyi, Lagos, awoke to the sight of soldiers crouching decidedly towards their house.

Eventually, the fully-armed soldiers continued to make their way to Lt. Col. Pam's home. Those approaching the kitchen chose to make their...
...entrance by shooting through the door. A quick run up the stairs and the soldiers took over the bedrooms.

By this time, Elizabeth was no longer in doubt that something has badly gone wrong. As she ran to the children’s rooms in distress and confusion, she screamed for her...
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APPLY FOR THE 2022 iSI SCHOLARSHIP | i-Scholar Initiative

i-Scholar Initiative (iSI) Scholarship Application 2022 is now OPEN!!!

Are you a Nigerian Graduate? How self-driven are you? Do you desire to pursue a graduate study abroad, especially in the USA?
Are you prepared to write the required exams? Have you got the aptitude but limited by the requisite resource?

If your answers are yes to all these questions, then read on.

In 2022, i-Scholar Initiative (iSI) plans to sponsor well-qualified candidates for one or a combination
of two of the required standardized tests for foreign graduate school programs;
Graduate Records Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

To apply:
Visit the website:
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If you are a Corps member getting your allawee around this time... Not to go broke in January go hard without a sidehustle 😄.

Online Sidehustles include
1. Freelancing

2. Real estate

3. Affiliate marketing (tested and trusted)

A Thread

#NYSC #sidehustle #MondayMotivation
4. Youtubing (if that's a word? 😅)

5. Quora (questioning and answering)

6. Tik-Tok ( another new word 😄)

7. Social media influencing

8. Cryptocurrency and airdrops

Personally I am open to mentoring you on affiliate marketing.

#sidehustle #free #Freelance #incomeboost
Check out this money making report by one of the front runners of internet income generation

And never go broke again.

#NYSC #sidehustle #freelancer #Nigerian #inspiration
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Mercury retrograde effect (January 14, 2022- February 4, 2022.)
The retrograde would be highly favorable for you. You shall see various developments in your personality. Plus, you would be confident and feel inspired by things and scenarios around you.
You will give your all in the work you do. Professionally, you shall feel extra confident and perform well in the projects you are handling.
However, you need to be cautious about when and how you are conversing with people.
You must not become overconfident about anything and must stay cautious.
People might try to influence you with their words and actions. Thus, you should listen to your gut feel instead of others.
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🥝 Kiwi 🥝 will thrive in cool climate of the Kenyan highlands where temperatures sometime fall below 10℃. The plants also need a lot of water to thrive so the high amount of rainfall in these regions is ideal.

#agriculture ImageImageImageImage
Loam soils that are well drained and containing a high amount of organic matter are the best. Kiwi plants do not tolerate too much water in the soils. If your soils are a bit compact and water takes a bit of time to drain off, you must plant the vines on raised beds
Perfect 🥰 and long-term gift for your friends and family this festive season .

Grafted Fruits seedlings ready for transplanting

Click this link to message us on WhatsApp:

Delivery done within 24-48 hrs ImageImageImageImage
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