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Finishing up page proofs for The Whiteness of Wealth that shows how tax policies designed with white Americans in mind disadvantage black Americans at every turn AND HOW WE CAN FIX IT (Available for pre-order…) I did NOT write it for academics 1/ 14
My first publication in 1996 was a book chapter showing how married black couples’ taxes were more likely to be higher than their white peers. Taxing America… eds. by Karen Brown and Mary Louise Fellows who were very gracious to this junior colleague. 2/14
While tax profs @ProfBCrawford @Narfnampil @TaxLawProf @bearerfriend engaged my work, for the most part tax law scholars have ignored my work. However some of the responses to my research and the race and tax project have been downright hostile and frankly mean spirited. 3/14
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/24/2020…
Workers Keeping Americans Fed Are Going Hungry in the Heartland…

#americans #workers #hunger
Bridging of DNA breaks activates PARP2–HPF1 to modify chromatin | Nature…

#nature #dna
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“We were going to ask you to take off your hijab.”

I was made aware of this idea at the end of my term at one of the institutions I trained in. Timeline ranges from 2004-2015.

This was the conclusion reached after a faculty meeting.

I wasn’t told the thought process behind this ask or who brought up the idea.

I was simply told that my hijab could be “a potential problem.”

For who? 🤷🏾‍♀️

But lucky for them, there was someone in the room who knew better and told them the potential consequences of this ask.
So, they ended up not asking me to take off my hijab NOT because they respected me and my decisions in how I chose to practice my religion.

Not because I belonged in medicine as my authentic self.

They didn’t ask me because they were afraid of the legal consequences.
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FIXED THREAD DEEP DIVE INTO WHY WE NEED TO #ABOLISHTHEPOLICE . This is a (fixed) mega thread off everything I’ve had to learn and understand about #blacklivesmatter  , #blmprotests , #protesters, #acab , #SystemicRacism , #DefundingThePolice , #FirstTheyCame 1/x
Welcome to the knowledge that we didn’t have a police force until they were converted from runaway slave patrols after emancipation. It was founded to continue policing the black population legally into the Jim Crow law era after black people began to own property. 2/x
The ownership of property gives people certain rights to defend, protect and obey, behold CROP SHARES! Where you can legally work on a plot of land for money BUT don’t own it or have any executive rights over it. They have the same badge to this day. Systemic. 3/x
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/14/2020…
How CRISPR is tackling the troubling immune response that's plagued gene therapy until now…

#CRISPR #immune #therapy #gene #response
Less likely than being struck by lightning? Think I’ll stay indoors…

#AvailabilityBias #COVID19 #UnitedKingdom
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part deals with building a #StrongerFairerEconomy
The economy is not working for the American people.Only 1 party has a platform for the next 4 yrs/the other has a loyalty pledge to a malignant narcissist who threatens our democracy1/12
We cannot hope to raise wages without taking on the profound racial biases at work in our employment system. The wage gap between Black workers and white workers is higher today than it was 20 years ago. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #WageGap #SystemicRacism
It takes a typical Black woman 19 months to earn what a typical white man earns in 12 months/for typical Latinas &Native American women, it takes almost
2 yrs. Dems believe we need to be much more proactive &aggressive in rooting out discrimination in our employment system. 3/12
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Listened to #CoachK speak at @WalterReedArmy Medical Grand Rounds today. He spoke on "Teamwork During Challenging Times" and as legendary Coach of the Duke Men's Basketball team and Team USA Basketball, he knows about leadership through challenge. /1
Notes I jotted from his talk... He highlighted that agility, creativity, and unity are crucial now more than ever. He talked about the importance of an organization's values. Values like integrity, respect, courage, selfless service, doing your job, trust and loyalty. /2
Right now during challenging times it is important to listen to others. He talked about humble leadership. A favorite quote from this talk was, "If you’re consistently the smartest person in the room then you’re in the wrong room or you’re a narcissist." /3
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Does it have to take a national movement against racism for the discrimination BIPOC women face in medicine to be taken seriously?
Does it have to take a national movement for “all these disparities women face in the workplace are worse for intersectional women” to move from a one-liner in #DEI work to the forefront and for #SystemicRacism to be relevant in the women in medicine movement?
When Black women spoke up about the discrimination we face and asked for allies to hold systems and institutions accountable, why is our go to answer “academia takes time?”
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/29/2020…
Opinion | Marc Benioff: We Need a New Capitalism - The New York Times…

#capitalism #economics
Reopened Schools Find Health Risks in Water After Covid-19 Lockdowns - The New York Times…

#risks #water #health #schools #lockdown
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43 yo M w/ stage 3 colon cancer w/ recurrence and metastasis status post chemotherapy and resections.

That's jargon.

In the coming days, you may hear "late to care" or "delayed diagnosis"

That's jargon, too.

It means #SystemicRacism

RIP Chadwick

"African Americans have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial and ethnic group in the US for most cancers"…
There's no biological underpinning for the disparity in death rates over time.

For colon and rectal cancer, we can actually visualize the disparities evolve over time.

From the data itself, we *know* that it's possible to close the gap. 3/x

source:… Image
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1/ Bias in Medicine – A 🧵

This week I was able to participate in a #BiasInMedicine curriculum @UCSFMedicine. Below are some of my favorite (paraphrased) quotes and insights.

CC: @gradydoctor @dereckwpaul @jbullockruns @ChaseTMAnderson @_HarryPaul_ @FutureDocs @Bob_Wachter
2/ Black Female MD:

“Me being present everyday is me advocating. Just being in this space is me speaking up.”

“Some identities that we have are out in the open. Others are hidden, such as certain disabilities. These can be sources of bias. This is important to remember.”
3/ Latinx Female Med Student:

“Don’t ever call the medical student ‘the medical student’”

“There are times when the #HierarchyInMedicine makes sense…graduated responsibility to keep patients safe. That doesn’t mean it has to translate into all aspects of training.”
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/21/2020…
Emergent Ventures prizes for best new and recent blogs - Liberalism 2.0 fellows - Marginal REVOLUTION…

#ventures #blogs #liberalism #emergent #prizes
The 27 Principles — Renegade Inc.

#politics #economics #change #systems
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Ok Twitter fam... it’s here!!!

I took a couple of days to recuperate from call but it’s finally here! I’m so excited to share with you all that the #takeupspace masterclass is confirmed for September 26, 2020! Image
So what is the #takeupspace masterclass?

In this class we will delve into some important questions and provide tangible solutions to dealing with #systemicracism

How do we pursue dreams denied to us by society?
How do we not only fit into spaces not designed for us, but thrive in them?

How do we maintain our authenticity when we are told that what makes us whole is incompatible with ambition and success?

How do we set our own standards while navigating the unfamiliar?
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Hang on to your hats: this summer, the #NewtonMA Zoning & Planning Committee is debating how to expand multi-family zoning in the city.…
The #ZoningRedesign question in the June 29th meeting is whether or not #NewtonMa should continue "single-family only residence districts" near public transit. /2
Across the 3 hours, proponents of #ZoningRedesign in #NewtonMa talk about the need for change in terms of a moral obligation to address a legacy of #SystemicRacism in the zoning code across the country. 👍 /3
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Problem with political « scandals » is that we never really get to the bottom of them. I was suspended for 2 1/2yrs without pay because Deloitte questioned $141 of expenses. False allegations are horrible on a human being. #WEscandal #SNC #SenateScandal #cdnpoli
I followed rules to the letter as it was written in black and white and was forced to pay back over $50,000. My colleague, a single mother lost her job and because she was associated with me, she couldn’t find work and had to move to the Yukon.
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@Travelbug1955 Your story's about the 3rd or 4th in kind.
Of course it's #R_I_GG_ED

rt-PCR assays were NEVER meant for direct Clinical specimens W/O first Purifying & Isolating the particle in question. This ain't rocket science.

Older Thread
@Travelbug1955 from even 10 July:…
FDA warns labs about high risk of false positives from medical company’s COVID-19 test

#Coronavirus CT News: Testing flaw leads to dozens of FALSE [FAKE] Positives

Sucks to get caught, eh??

Fook-Yu, @georgesoros
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Have to say something about the #MedBikini paper. I run the professional identity formation course for my institution. My intentions in the course are to pull back the curtain on the #HiddenCurriculum, and empower students to reframe what #professionalism should look like.
To me, this means:
✅Promoting #DEI
✅Dismantling #SystemicRacism, #WhiteSupremacy, and #Misogyny
✅Normalizing #DocsWithDisabilities, #ImposterSyndrome, and seeking #MentalHealth support
✅Building a group of #MDsLoading willing to #SpeakTruthToPower
Framework for the course is the seminal @AcadMedJournal paper from Cruess et al. from 2015 (👀👇).

#MedBikini authors have done so much damage, but to me, they have really laid bare what being socialized into the profession of #VascularSurgery really looks like. Image
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@volkskrant Dit 👇 is de mensen van @SchoolAmsterdam overkomen. Aan de theorie van #systemicracism is te ontsnappen, mits goed voorbereid.
Daarom dit👇
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Looking fwd to these #AlbertaCraftBeer companies sharing their corporate efforts and plans to address #systemicracism because #BlackLivesMatter every day in Alberta not just on #BlackOutTuesday.
@sharonmvu contacted 18 breweries in AB (out of over 120) because they indicated an interest in being seen as supporting #AntiBlackRacism efforts in our province.
continued...@Trolley_5 @twohousebrew @Zeroissuebeer
Thanks to the breweries who responded but as #AlbertaCraftBeer drinkers and supporters we need more now. Please continue to share your plans & actions to support Black communities! /4
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How does a mandatory mask mandate support #yyccc's commitment to anti-racism work after this week's poignant and heartbreaking stories retold with such vulnerability & risk at the public #antiracism consultation? #yyc #COVID19

As the consultation's Co-Chair, Dr. @MalindaSmith said, “We would have failed significantly if we do not act with integrity, with courage. If we do not hear them and act to change the situation.”

#COVID19 had already being laying bare the structural inequities in #yyc and Canada
#COVID19 has disproportionately affected essential workers- those whom our society relies upon for daily essentials. They did not have the luxury to lockdown. Many belong to racialized communities & rely on transit to get to their essential jobs.…
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This survey is dangerous. It is a rush job that puts the focus on individual Indigenous peoples rather than the provincial system itself or our nations. Our stories need to be told, in a caring, safe & meaningful way. This is not it and Indigenous peoples deserve better. #bcpoli
BC’s Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry is ‘responsible for monitoring the health of the population of BC and providing independent advice to the ministers and public officials on public health issues.’ Does Dr Henry monitor systemic racism in BC health? #bcpoli
Has Dr Henry provided any advice to provincial govt on systemic racism towards Indigenous peoples in BC health prior to the investigation launched by @adriandix? #bcpoli
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in #BlackHistoryIsAmericanHistory, I'll share a personal story of a White friend of mine. Her Grandfather, while fighting in the war, made friends with a Black solider from his town. Upon returning home, they both recieved their GI Bill and purchased a home for $8k each.
Laws forbade the Black vet from purchasing in certain areas. The White vet purchased in an upscale area. The Black vet purchased on the Black side of town. My friend went on to tell me that he grandfather's house was long paid off and worth over $1 million today.
While homes on the side of town the Black vet purchased never increased higher than $125k. My friend told me that everyone in her family recieved loans from the equity in granddads house to attend college, and use as down payments for their first homes.
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