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.@MIGOP chairman @RonaldWeiser repeatedly referred to @GovWhitmer, AG @dananessel & Secretary of State @JocelynBenson as "the three witches" and made a "burning at the stake" remark in front of a Oakland Co. Republican crowd last night.


Weiser also acknowledges in the video that he skipped the University of Michigan Board of Regents meeting yesterday afternoon to go recruit a Republican candidate to run for the Michigan State University Board of Trustees.
After @RonaldWeiser said @MIGOP's "job is to soften up those three witches and make sure that we have good candidates to run against them, that they are ready for the burning at the stake," he literally added, “And maybe the press heard that too.”

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Clear case of #projection going on here.

There is no bottom to the level of depravity in these people’s minds.

@AbigailShrier has my backing & that of countless other men & women out there. TRAs used this same line of filthy defamatory propaganda against JKR.

They make 1/
everything about the gender critical case for the preservation of women’s sex based rights sexual because EVERYTHING about the demands of TRAs stems from their sexual objectification of women & girls bodies & lives.

They cant think of anything in any other context but sexual 2/
Their “cause” is steeped in #misogyny #homophobia, science denial & sexual delusion. Their entire movement is pathological & harmful to society as a whole. It will eventually fail, but in the meantime we have to suffer attempts to destroy the loudest, most credible GC voices 3/
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1. Due to some interest that has been expressed I have translated the full article of a German online "trans" zine. For context see the earlier tweets. ⤵️

#GermanGenderWoo #GenderWooWoo #WarOnWomen #misogyny #adulthumanfemale
2. This is an introduction. Look at the creative spelling of the word "uterus" which has to be hidden behind symbols just as other triggering bad words as "selfharm" and "menstruation".
#GermanGenderWoo #GenderWooWoo #AdultHumanFemale #misogyny
3. Interesting that the single thing that holds this individual back from exposing himself to women is not any consideration for these women but his own shame he feels for his genitals.

#GermanGenderWoo #GenderWooWoo #AdultHumanFemale
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1. Oh, this is gold. A zine called "Against THIS feminism". Wants to eradicate the word "woman", accuses women of "bragging" about menstruation, writes the word "vulva" as "V*lv@" (pregnancy/menstruation are hidden behind symbols, too), has a trigger warning for "genital labels".
2. But what really takes the biscuit is the part when a man over several pages expresses his rage against "priveleged" women. One of his grievances: he is not "pretty" enough to get molested. Of course the Zine sees itself as "feminist". #GenderWooWoo #AdultHumanFemale #misogyny Image
3. The same angry man writes that when he had a "cis" female friend over she stumbled out of his bathroom disgusted at the 🍆pics he has plastered it with. She called it "triggering". He: "After two weeks of silence she seemed to understand what she has done to me on that day..."
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Thread on what #sexbuyers say about Asian women in the legal German sex industry. If we leave out the #sextrade from our critique of #racism, we will never dismantle it. #StopAsianHate. TW: Racism, misogyny, violence against women. (All images are stock photos) Image
„Basically I like the chinky eye type best. Love looking into her eyes while she’s blowing me." - German #sexbuyer.… #StopAsianHate Image
„I find fully shaven women quite boring, so I’m practically only bedding Asians at this point. Amongst the Asians, you find the highest number of all-natural pussies. Besides that, Asian women know how to spoil a man.“ - German #sexbuyer… #StopAsianHate Image
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1/ This thread reflects on a recurring problem in discussing the history of #animalstudies, critical animal studies, & human-animal studies. It’s #misogyny. Here’s the jist: feminists & feminist ideas are devalued or ignored only to see our ideas appropriated while we disappear.
2/ This reflects on a recurring problem in animal studies. I will try later to add another thread w/ many citations of impt writings. So this is the first of more to come
3/ In Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth, @last1000chimps & I described how reflections on the development of the animal protection movement usually tell the story of its beginning w/ the publication of @PeterSinger’s Animal Liberation in 1975
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⚠️⚠️⚠️Trigger warning for what I'm about to say - please mute if you'd like to avoid hearing about extreme #violence #vaw and #misogyny on your timeline. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
When people advocate for legal #prostitution I think they have a much too vanilla view of what it is men pay women to do or endure. For all the times' abolitionists are called "prudes", it's really a lot of "sex pozzies" who don't understand the extent of what they're endorsing.
Yes, a lot are just your regular father-of-two cheating on his wife or angry over a divorce looking for a woman maybe his own age, but usually younger, for some usual oral on him, then vaginal in various positions, it's over when he orgasms. Bad enough, but it gets worse.
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New research on the history of legal #prostitution in Germany focussing on the murders of women in the sex trade by @manuelaschon and Anna Hoheide. I am proud to have helped with translating this work that shines a light into the darkest corners.…
Key findings on the murders of women in German legal #prostitution: The daily fear of violence, potentially lethal, remains real for women, despite less fear of arrest by police. The primary perpetrators are sex buyers. The state does not care to collect official statistics.
Critics will claim the German law is a form of legalization (tight regulation forcing some women into illegal status) while one should support New Zealand's decriminalization (minimizing laws specific to prostitution). False distinction: German law on the left, NZ on the right...
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پاکستان تحریک انصاف اوران کے "تمام" حمایتیوں سے کسی قسم کی تمیز تہذیب کی توقع رکھنا بیکارمحض ہے، ملاحظہ فرمائیں حسن نثار صاحب کی بدتمیزی جوانہوں نے محترمہ شیریں مزاری صاحبہ سے کی اوربے شرم اینکر ہنس رہا ہے ، بے شرم ، بجاۓ ٹوکنے کے ۔ #HassanNisar
#Women #Misogyny #Misogynist
Expecting any decency from a Loud Mouth Braggart like Hassan Nisar is tantamount to living in Fools Paradise ! He off & on came drunk on live TV & equally obnoxious when he is not drunk ! I am amazed that Salim Safi one on one interview of #HassanNisar #Sexist #Misogynyst
پاکستان تحریک انصاف اوران کے "تمام" حمایتیوں سے کسی قسم کی تمیز تہذیب کی توقع رکھنا بیکارمحض ہے، ملاحظہ فرمائیں حسن نثار صاحب کی بدتمیزی ۔ اور حیرت اس پر ہے کہ سلیم صافی و دیگر ان حسن نثار صاحب کو بڑا معتبر بنا کر خصوصی انٹرویو کرتے ہیں #HassanNisar
#Women #Misogyny #Misogynist
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(Objectification of women by courts)

Supreme Court bench led by Justice AM Khanwilkar to resume hearing a petition seeking guidelines for courts to not impose bail conditions objectifyig women especially through bail orders in sexual violence cases.

Attorney General was issued notice in the case. AG KK Venugopal has informed #SupremeCourt that gender sensitisation training for judges and more women judges in judiciary could be a solution.…
Attorney General KK Venugopal appears on screen.

Justice Khanwilkar: we have seen your written note, Mr Venugopal
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🚨🚩🔞🛑I am going to expose the whole #atheistRepublic #sexykali #hinduHating #Hinduphobic #pervert #rapist #hooligans #SickCult. Dear #atheist if you have an ounce of #conscience, i bet youll unfollow #arminNavabi #atheistRepublic. See👇 all:🕉️
(1/30) #lovejihad #HindusGirls Image
(2/30) Morality of #atheistHub: Normalizing #hindus to #pedofilo #Pedohunter : #atheistRepublic.
But #arminNavabi (Incessant Blocker)Refuses To Hear Our Pleas.
#underaged #hindus Matter #hinduDignity matters Image
(3/30)@AGAtheist_ (Employee of atheist Republic)
#sexykali , @ArminNavabi @AtheistRepublic Groomeers of #pedofilia #Pedohunter #pedofiliaecrime #pedo ImageImageImage
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The biggest crime of @TheDemocrats is allowing #USA's citizens to become believers in #fascism & #misogyny & Ayn Randian #socialdarwinism by neglecting to defend #humanrights & #genderequality & #socialjustice & pursing corporate $. Biden might sneak this one out, but @Gop won
seats in House of Representatives & will likely retain control of Senate. So Biden may choose to use Executive Orders to roll back reimplement some of the 2nd Term Obama EOs which Trump reversed. But Biden won't be able, even if he wanted to do much to challenge oligarchy or
any of the other structures undergirding #militarism & #whitesupremacy. Forget about #GreenNewDeal, #M4A #singlepayer, #debtforgiveness, #housingjustice, #freecollege, raising national minimum wage, pathway to citizenship, etc. So, 4 years from now, demoralized voters will be
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I see the antisemitic abuse is starting early...

#EHRC #Antisemitism @LordJohnMann #EnoughIsEnough ImageImageImageImage
Same abuse and lies we've heard since 2015. #EHRCReport won't change the hate from these @UKLabour supporters.

#Antisemitism #EHRC #EnoughIsEnough ImageImageImageImage
Limbering-up for the real rage-fest, due to start at 1000...

#EHRCReport #EHRC #Antisemitism #EnoughIsEnough ImageImageImageImage
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I'm going to tweet photos of some of the people who support @realDonaldTrump and the rest of this #IllegitimateRegime. Just to let the world know the company his oh-so-Christian and other supporters keep.
Be afraid. Then #FightBack
All credit to photographer @petersonpixs/@NYMag
THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO EMBRACE #Drumpf & his message of #hatred, #WhiteSupremacy, #intolerance, #racism, #bigotry, #xenophobia, #misogyny etc.
And after seeing these images, I want ONE notable #Christian preacher to explain to me & the rest of the world how/why s/he can support #Drumpf, whose message, history & lifestyle is antithetical to all that Jesus preached.
But not one will step forward b/c there IS no defense.
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LAPD rally today at the LAPD Academy— hello Proud Boy. LAPD breaks up #fight between a Proud Boy and BLM. Proud Boy assumes BLM is all fatherless and finds that hilarious (noted at the end of video)

#BlackLivesMatter #laprotest #losangeles #LosAngeles #BLM #lapd #WhiteSupremacy
Clearly Proud Boys are not “okay” with homosexuals. At LAPD rally today, Proud Body makes homophobic statement and tells me to go home because I’m a “little girl”

#laprotest #LosAngeles #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #Homophobia #misogyny #WhiteSupremacy
Same Proud Boy at LAPD rally today happily posing for the camera showing off his “PB” shirt and a white power hand gesture

#racist #WhiteSupremacy #WhiteSupremacists #Neonazis #ameriKKKa #LosAngeles #BlackLivesMatter #BLM
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*THREAD* (1/n) Often feminists don't agree to the fact that men in India suffer due to gender biased laws- in favor of women. Argument is, there are no statistics which suggest that Indian men suffer. So there is no need for gender neutral laws or a national commission for men.
(2/n)Well the statistics were always there but mostly ignored. I've collated some stats from NCRB data for Crime in India 2019. Despite these facts, people still play the 'women victim', 'abla nari' card. Let us look at what the statistics say -
(3/n) Analysis and approach - 1. For simplicity, the focus of this analysis will only be on crime against women. 2. Crimes like IPC 506 (Criminal intimidation), IPC 354C (Voyeurism), IPC 354D (Stalking), IPC 406 (Criminal breach of trust) have been left out in this analysis-
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I am going to tweet photos of some of the people who support @realDonaldTrump and the rest of this #IllegitimateRegime. Just to let the world know the company his oh-so-Christian and other supporters keep. All credit to photographer @petersonpixs
and @NYMag
THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO EMBRACE #Drumpf & his message of #hatred, #WhiteSupremacy, #intolerance, #racism, #bigotry, #xenophobia, #misogyny etc.
And after seeing these images, I want ONE notable #Christian preacher to explain to me & the rest of the world how/why s/he can support #Drumpf, whose message, history & lifestyle is antithetical to all that Jesus preached.
But not one will step forward b/c there IS no defense.
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"With the bill’s wording vague and federal funding on the line, schools could opt to require genital exams for all female athletes to prove they aren’t transgender."

That's right, folks. Republicans hate trans women (and let's not kid ourselves, cis women too) so much that signing up student athletes for a traumatic, humiliating, and unnecessary exam is an acceptable casualty of their holy war.

#GOPMisogyny Image
THIS is the #GOP. This is what a vote for ANY of the GOP means. This is what we tried to tell you. Over and over and over again.

#HillaryClinton told you.
#ElizabethWarren told you.
#ChristineBlaseyFord told you.

And most importantly, their own actions told you. Image
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Tonight we are at @Womans_Place_UK #WPUKagainstMVAWG listening to @K_IngalaSmith, Pragna Patel of @SBSisters, @polblonde @afsanalachaux speak about Men’s violence against women.
@Womans_Place_UK have put on this event for free but are requesting donations to the following organisations.
@afsanalachaux hasn’t seen her son for eight years. Please donate here to support her.…
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@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems At this juncture, it’s clear to explain
an old saw from Mike Parson’s campaign:
random rural yard signs to
applaud Mike’s designs to
continue his post-Greitens reign.
In this specimen Parson would take in
uninformed voters in County Macon. 1/2 🔥 #mogov 🗳️
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems The reality, though: far more grim
as school districts may soon sink, not swim
in each piteous scene
of a mass quarantine as
new cases exceed counties’ brim.
Yet the venue’s the same:
still in Macon. Why no
mask mandate? Parson’s mistaken.
2/2 🔥 #mogov 🗳️
@kayhoflander @mikeparson @TeamParsonMO @Mikelkehoe @JayAshcroftMO @FitzpatrickMO @Eric_Schmitt @TeamSchmittMO @s_webber @JasonKander @KDHE @VFWHQ @Mizzou @muhealth @WUSTL @BluebirdsofMO @collhistgarden @mizzouatheart @PhyllisMarion7 @sarahkendzior @CoriBush @GovJayNixon @KCStar @stltoday @KCTV5 @clairecmc @MO_HouseDems Yes; thank goodness the
National Guard, unlike Mike,
at this moment works hard
citizens to protect.
Parson’s lies we reject,
evidenced by his COVID scorecard.
Folks still ask: why no #MaskUp
mandate? Parson’s post outweighs
the #ShowMe State.

🔥 #mogov 🗳️
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One thing I want to say to skeptics of #Cuties who are basing their judgement off how exhibitionist the dance moves are in it, especially in the final competition performance scene, is that while it can be okay to draw boundaries for kids wrt exhibitionism, 1/12
there will be instances where girls cross lines adults don't want them to cross, and there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to rebuke them; it is inappropriate to let boys/men feel entitled to exhibitionist girls'/women's bodies which, like all girls'/women's bodies, 2/12
boys/men do not have dominion over! Dance and sexual relationships have features in common, but not all of the body language that can be seen in both should be seen as explicitly sexual in all instances. While I believe that explicit sexual exhibitionism can occur in dance, 3/12
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