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We wonder if @OwenJones84, who has such trouble listening to women, can listen to @FredSargeant: on the outbreak of the #Stonewall riot, which he witnessed, on his 1960s gay rights activism, and on his recent return to campaigning for LGB rights. A major concern of his? #Misogyny
LGB Alliance is proud to have @FredSargeant as a supporter and happy to share what really happened at #Stonewall and in the LGB movement. Some patterns can be traced for five decades. @VictoriaPeckham
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1. There is a #manbaby @1600Pennsylvania who has fomented hate, racism & xenophobia consistently. Now #AsianAmericans are suffering unnecessarily. @AGWilliamBarr needs to address these 1000s of #hatecrimes. People have died by mistakenly #selfmedicating believing false rhetoric
2. espoused by #POTUS. You are not a medical professional. Don't #BS aboit your uncle's teachings @realdonaldtrump. In NYC this week #EMTs answered 6500 calls in one day...when 4k is normally a high#. Staff has become ill or quarantined forcing others to work harder longer.
3. This speaks to the failure of our #healthcaresystem that is out of supplies, equipment, facilities and tools while the #medicalindustrialcomplex reaps profirs and you #POTUS refuse to enact #DefenseProductionAct since #corporateCEOs caution against their livelihood if you do
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It is puzzling to see that gay journalist @OwenJones84 seems blind to safeguarding issues relating to vulnerable young girls. Faced with reasonable questions from respected journalist @VictoriaPeckham on the 4000% increase in cases of teen girls going to gender clinics,/1of10
he has only sneers and false analogies to offer. Could his response derive from simple #misogyny? He has form. His is the last name in the (initially) anonymous petition against @suzanne_moore, accusing her of “transphobia” for writing about women’s rights./2of10
Our own experience also sheds light on his worldview. When we launched LGB Alliance in October 2019, Owen was quick to ask for an interview: he reached out to a well-known gay man who is one of our supporters. #LGBIssues/3of10
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4428-T: Donald Trump & Nancy Pelosi shaking hands (PHOTO) • #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #DonaldTrump #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #NancyPelosi #Narcissist #PhysicalAbuse #ImpulseControlDisorder #Objectification #Misogyny
2/ The above image was taken on 20 January 2017 — at Donald Trump's inauguration.
3/ Note the manner in which Donald Trump is shaking Nancy Pelosi's hand:

• Pulling her hand dramatically toward his torso (probably touching his chest/jacket)
• Bending her wrist at a sharp angle (even if you're an 18-year-old athlete, can be painful, esp. if it's sudden)
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Thread of some of the people who testified yesterday in support of @VanRapeRelief, the oldest women's rape shelter in Canada.
@VanCityCouncil reaffirmed its decision to cut their funding because this women's rape shelter does not cater to males.

@VanRapeRelief @VanCityCouncil "Funding not recommended. Programme does not meet eligibility criteria"

(Because a women's rape shelter has to accept males in order to be eligible. Insane)

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So, I’ve been listening to this podcast, this morning. In it, ‘Joanne’ talks about sustaining her marriage through her husband’s transition to live full time as ‘Helen’ @transwidows #AGP…
First of all, h/t to @Quieten_Down who first alerted me to the podcast
‘Joanne’ is gaslit throughout the podcast, but the most heinous part comes when ‘Joanne’ tries to explore her need for sexual intimacy, as a heterosexual woman. I’m concerned that what ‘Joanne’ experiences is #ConversionTherapy @BACP
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1. Oh hey. Just ANOTHER national #BernieSanders surrogate who calls himself a progressive & civil rights advocate who has a history of #misogyny like Cenk & Rogan. See what he says about "hitting women." Bernie surrounds himself with vile people.
2. According to Green's bio, #BernieSanders brought him onto his campaign in 2016. He has spoken at his events. Bernie elevates these people and gives them a platform. In return these surrogates spew hateful and demeaning rhetoric at other candidates while giving him cover.
3. Green pushed a MAGA conspiracy and the Trump "Lock her Up" rhetoric. #Bernie does not disavow these people. Ever. Because it is transactional. Both he and his surrogates profit from this arrangement.
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A man is bound to say three times daily: "Blessed art Thou who has not made me a heathen [gentile]; Blessed art Thou who has not made me a woman..."

Babylonian Talmud, Menachot 43b-44a #misogyny
Excerpts from "Spinning Fantasies: Rabbis, Gender and History (Contraversions: Critical Studies in Jewish Literature, Culture, and Society)" by Miriam Peskowitz, on the systemic #misogyny and duplicity of rabbinic elites.
"A man is bound to say three (3) times daily..."
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Even *if* leading personalities in the revolutions of 1848 and 1917 were rational, it should be realized that the king-priest class of #backers was addicted to raw mysticism of the worst kind, black or 'red' kabbala.

Rabbi Marvin Antelman
Mystic death cult☝️. Think about it.

What do menstrual emissions ('impure') represent, viz. the unfertilised female ovum (gamete)?

Colour symbolism, viz. red as soul-substance (the "life is in the blood"), traces to the Stone Age. #alchemy #ochre #burial #cinnabar #ElixirofLife
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Now, I'm not necessarily old, but I've been about long enough to see how civil rights movements operate & try to get their message across in an effective way. As the world evolves, so do the tactics & the approaches.

These movements need to win people over & get support
and often, that involves education, getting big names on board, advertising campaigns, fund raisers etc.

However, NEVER have I seen in various rights movements, the level of vitriol, aggression & violence I have witnessed from activists & allies who support trans rights
such aggression often arises when there is opposition or even just concern, about what is being asked for. Questions/concerns raised are often met with intense resistance, with stock phrases auch as, "there is no debate" or, "trans women are women, period" and "my existence
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What Sort of Hatred:

What sort of hatred issues death threats and warnings of violence against women who defend themselves, who speak up to protect their hard won rights? What sort of hatred attacks women for stepping forward and declaring a valid opinion?
What sort of hatred actively fights to erode sex segregated spaces despite statistics showing how prevalent male violence really is and which remains so with transition? What sort of hatred throws aside concerns about men demanding access to such spaces?
What sort of hatred hangs a dead rat on the door to a women’s rape relief centre along with graffitiing death threats on the windows? What sort of hatred wages a decades long campaign to have them shut down and funding cut putting many women at risk of having no support?
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As a person of color in this country, everywhere I go I’m forced to consider if people around me wish me harm, or are okay with my being harmed.

So every time I find out people I know and love are okay with people who are okay with this, it’s a kick in the gut. /1
Complicity with complicity is complicity.

Last year I was profoundly hurt to hear a friend declare their intent to avoid conversing with their relatives about their continued support of an administration which is actively seeking to harm brown people.
It was 9am. I went outside, sat on the ground,
and cried.

I cried because if my friends—who know and love me, who consider me a friend, who say they want good for people of all backgrounds—won’t speak up for me:

Who will?

I REALLY need for MEN to think about this.
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I'm old. I remember this stuff.

How It Used To Be

It took three minutes for the TV to warm up.

Nobody owned a purebred dog.
A quarter was a decent allowance & made with real silver.

You'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny - made with real copper. (I still do...giggle).
Your Mom wore stockings that came in two pieces - one for each leg.

You got your windshield cleaned, oil checked & gas pumped, without asking, all for free, every time.

You didn't pay for air & you got trading stamps, too.
Laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden inside the box.

And don't forget Crackerjacks! A prize in every box.

Teachers threatened to keep kids back a grade if they failed...and they did it.

When a 57 Chevy was everyone's dream car.

People "went steady."
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#URGENT #911 Over the course of the next few weeks, I need twitter to show out for me. My children and I, WE NEED A MIRACLE. We are in a crisis of incredible proportions because of an abusive man and the systems that protect men liIke him.

Please keep reading this #THREAD
I CANNOT fight back alone. I desperately need the help of Twitter. And I dont have much time.

A hearing date has been set for OCTOBER 25th.

This is it. The day it will be decided how much longer my 10 & 12 yrold will suffer abuse, how much longer we'll know that man's torment.
What that means is that I have WEEKS left to get anything, everything I can think of that may help and protect us to the lawyer.

I have been working around the clock for months, fighting desperately to protect my children. I've given everything I have and more of what I don't.
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I just finished a stint in @Twitter jail for "hate speech" (I quoted Jay-Z's song "The Ballad of OJ & used the N word instead of some euphemism like ni99a).

Whoever is in charge of "hate speech" at @Twitter is more dedicated to silencing black folk than actual hate speech.
@Twitter In any case.

Recently I gave a brief, incomplete primer on white supremacy. Any time I discuss racism, I’m obligated to confront my own internal biases, and check my own internalized #misogyny.
@Twitter What follows is directed to any men reading this. Any women reading this: please feel free to add to, amend, or correct this diatribe. The LAST thing I want to do is mansplain misogyny to women.

First of all, all #patriarchy is sexism.
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THREAD / Reasons why #FEMINISM is #misogyny, pt. I. Condemned by the Church in Arcanum 1880, in Casti Connubii 1930 and in Humanae Vitae 1968. #CatholicTwitter #AgainstFeminism
(I will not address here the Feminism of Vladimir Lenin, nor the so-called “New Feminism” of martyr St. Teresa Benedicta and JPII. I will confine myself to American Feminism in its 1-3rd waves particularly starting with the Declaration of Sentiments 1848)
(Moreover, since this is a historical argument, there are always outliers and exceptions to dominant cultural mores. Idiosyncratic counter examples will not address these points, nor will anything less than rational debate.)
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Folks - Let's talk about race, privilege, identity, and what constitutes a legitimate claim to knowledge in the study of Indian history. THREAD #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #history #India
I've been accused in the last day or so of being a white women talking about Indian history. This mistakes a key point: My authority to speak about specific aspects of the Indian past does not rest on the color of my skin or on my gender.
I speak about Indian history as a trained scholar. We've been over this ad nauseam - I read Sanskrit, Indo-Persian, Braj Bhasha, Hindi & Urdu. I hold a PhD in South Asian Studies. I'm an Assistant Professor of History at a research university. I publish peer-reviewed scholarship.
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Introducing my #the100dayproject inspired by @QMUNITY and my fellow #ADE @Sharon_Drummond. 100 days, 100 GIFs, 100 queer terms to educate and connect our community and allies. All GIFs created with #AppleKeynote and will be compiled on @GIPHY :… @AppleEDU
Day 1: QUEER - widely used among the community to refer to the spectrum of non-heterosexual +/ non-cisgender ppl as a shorthand. Important - this is RECLAIMED language that was/is still used as a hate term. #pride #education @QMUNITY @sogiUBC Follow along ———> #100daysofQueer
DAY 2: HETERONORMATIVE - social roles & structures that reinforce idea that heterosexuality is the presumed norm and is superior to other sexual orientations. #pride #education #sogi #humanrights @QMUNITY @sogiUBC @HRC

Follow along —-> #100daysofQueer created on #AppleKeynote
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In my neighbourhood there was a serial sex predator breaking into women's homes and sexually assaulting them in their own beds. It's bad enough that women routinely have to take more precautions than men to do basic things like go for a walk or a jog. 1/ #sexualassault #crime
I can't describe to you what it's like to be afraid to do something as necessary as falling asleep in your own bed at night. This is what happened to many women in my neighbourhood. 2/ #VAW
At the time this was going on, a lot of women talked to me about their fear, about being afraid in their own homes, being unable to fall asleep or stay asleep in their own beds. There were a lot of exhausted women in my neighbourhood. 3/ #crime #fear
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@PeteButtigieg really can't afford to play to #misogyny when the majority of Dem voters are women.
This was an ill-considered cheap shot at his competition when EVERY senator running called--rightly-- for Franken's resignation.
Stop blaming women for men's actions.
Unsurprising that Matthews is fixated on Franken two years later. He has issues.

Female Staffer Who Accused #ChrisMatthews of Sexual Harassment Received Severance From NBC…
Chris Matthews joked about giving Hillary Clinton a date rape drug "a la Bill Cosby" before he interviewed her.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews apologizes for "Bill Cosby pill" joke…
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This is a very important topic to understand. Deep #misogyny is the current underlying much of what we are seeing and experiencing.…
So much about what is going on right now is tied to deep misogyny.…
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Via EUObserver via @Billbrowder and @lauferlaw Opposition MPs in Romania have introduced a #humanrights sanctions law named after late Russian activist, #Magnisky
@maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand
@Billbrowder @lauferlaw @maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand #Romanian law is to be named after #Magnitsky, a Russian #antiCorruption activist who died in prison in 2009 and in whose honour Britain, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the US have already passed similar ‘Magnitsky Acts’
@latimes @washingtonpost @sfchronicle @PolitiZoom
@Billbrowder @lauferlaw @maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand The fact #Romania, which holds the #EUpresidency until 1 July, was moving ahead on a national level would lend “symbolic support” to the EU-level action, an EU diplomat said.
@NicoHines @anneapplebaum @carolecadwalla @MaxBoot @jane__bradley @AshaRangappa_ @iyad_elbaghdadi
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There are no doubt some brill clinicians at #BIGSPD19 + more importantly service users bravely speaking out. But what appears to be missing is consideration of how the lack of services +care for the majority of patients that is lamented is produced by ideas of ‘BPD’ it promotes.
Rather than have conferences for specific diagnoses,which exclude as many people as they include but make attendees feel like vanguards, we need whole workforce, trans-diagnostic commitment to depth help for those experiencing the kind of sphlintering anxiety that can wreck life.
That is whole workforce training on things like:
- dissociation and other extreme states
- the profoundly complex and human ways that we can try to show others the often unspeakable pain we are in
- staff sadism and it’s enactments
- scaffolding alongside trauma work
- hope etc
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1/ Just briefly wanted to talk about some of my concerns about how the media is covering the 2020 Women Candidates but I'll start with 2016. #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #GroupThink #WhiteMaleMedia #Bias
#Misogyny #Racism #Hypocrisy
2/Its problematic that our media is dominated by white males who work in groupthink (Look at #TheMuellerReport's groupthink 'conclusion' coverage). It's especially problematic when it comes to covering white male candidates vs female candidates, female & male candidates of color.
3/Thankfully we have news programs like @JoyAnnReid that are incredibly inclusive. I'd like to see more news programs follow her model, but even w/ that we still need MORE diverse voices on TV that we haven't really seen yet. We need more statistics based coverage less punditry.
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