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I’m digging into (reading about) the Carmelite nuns & the hysterical man-baby bishop story. I’m doing so as I reread & write about the Maryland AG ‘s report #ClergyChildRape & #ClergyAbuse In Archdiocese of Baltimore. 1/
2/Over & over again in this MD AG report there are guys who went to Catholic rape rehabs two & three time & were never publicly outed. Families were never alerted re: these perpetrators histories when bishops cycled them back into ministry with children.
3/The story of these nuns may never come out. The talk the “adultery” of one is shocking, b/c one rarely (save, perhaps #Catholic ‘Grindr-gate’) ever hears of a bishop moving to slap a big red “A” on the back of a sexually active cleric.
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This is a threaded version of Ch 9:

“Civilization & the Travesty of Morals:

“*Gilgamesh, Enkidu, & the Uncivilized “Civilized” Man”

of *Who to Be: Identity, Authenticity, & Crisis* (2020)

by M. Adzema*

CLICK a link to read entire chapter...…

WTB 9/1
WTB 9/2 “…in taking away all freedoms & rights from Nature & all its planetmates, eventually the rights of any being were no longer seen as of any concern. What another wished, intended, or wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration… #psychology
WTB 9/3 “What another wanted became increasingly unseen as a consideration, including, eventually, what a woman might want in terms of her body...& what a man might wish to do with his time...or his life. Power became the basis of morality”… #civilization
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Imagine being someone whose "activism" is to enable total lies ALL over the Australian & NZ media about the political affiliations of a woman who's spoken out & is encouraging other women to speak about their OWN legal rights being dismantled, to the point that the hatred
against her is so frenzied she gets scissors held to her throat in public and another 70 year old woman gets punched in the face by a violent man. You should all be done for incitement. You still haven't told us what it is you imagine she and the other women are saying
and what is "right wing" about it, let alone "fascist". Imagine being one of the many self righteous politicians or journalists or self identifying "leftie activist singers" who has been smugly cheering this shit on.
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🧵 let’s channel our frustrations and turn this into #40daysforrights If we do a few today we will catch up, then I will add a new idea every day.
Day one: if you don’t already, follow @backoffscotland here and on Instagram and Facebook. Even if you already follow, you could Image
like and share some posts to help boost their message. You don’t need to live in Scotland to boost their message and support them.
Day Two of #40daysforrights follow @BPAS1968 who share information, campaigns and even have some interesting podcasts to listen to.
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Long🧵 #nzpol #jacindaresigns #misogyny

Not sure what made anyone think this⬇️ deserved to see the light of day - but let's unpack the 'argument' it puts forward shall we.....
So, its central argument is this:

"the narrative that misogyny broke former prime minister Jacinda Ardern's mettle is wrong and unwise, and such a narrative only discourages young women from aspiring to be a leader in the future"
To show the inherent moral &/or logical flaws in an argument sometimes its useful to see where we get to if we just follow its reasoning to its 'logical' conclusion. Doing this we end up here:
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#DisabilityRights #DisabilityTwitter
I'm told that Medicaid must be stopped in one state before one can even apply in the next. That is up to 90 days out of pocket on treatment costs for the disabled. That is unacceptable.
#DisabilityRights #DisabilityTwitter
That 90 days is enough to limit a disabled person's ability to move within the U.S. Healthcare is expensive.

It is worse when the disabled person has developmental or intellectual disabilities.
@RepPressley @SenMarkey
@SenWarren @RepMoulton
#DisabilityRights #DisabilityTwitter
For autism & intellectual disability, there is a huge wait for services: 3 months MA Health application +
10 months DDS eligibility application + gods know how long on waitlists for services.
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A thread…

This video has been making the rounds on Twitter.

This is @MichaelFordTO - Minister of Multiculturalism and nephew of @fordnation…highlighting the 900 people of Indian heritage that currently live in Ontario.


900. Nine. Zero. Zero.
In Ontario.

A quick google search indicates over 750,000 people of Indian heritage in the province. It took about 30 secs to find that info.

One would think the Minister of Multiculturalism would have access to the same info I have.


All jokes aside…this is emblematic of the @fordnation govt in so many ways.

We see a minister who is woefully unqualified put in a position simply because of who he’s related to…ineptitude rewarded by nepotism…classic Doug Ford.

Yet this is just the veneer.

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Chapter 18

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Irritation Become Bigotry & Body Adornment, PME 4:”

READ BOOK…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb

PA 18/1
Chapter 18 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 4...

“Revulsion, Itchiness Become Racism, Tattoos, Tea-Party Politics, Hippie-Bashing, Genocide...

“Loss of the “Golden Age””

READ BOOK… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #symbolism

PA 18/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We create culture wars & put those other people on the other side—they are hippies, immigrants, minorities—always they are described as ‘filthy’ & ‘dirty,’..” []

READ BOOK…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #birth

PA 18/3
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[🧵] Absolutely shameful #misogyny on clear display from Dr James Barrett. This man is as elite and respected as it is possible to be within the UK "gender medicine" establishment. @TaviAndPort
👆In a 2009 report, Barrett denigrated women prisoners who may object to the presence in their estate of a man convicted of killing his partner. This prisoner(AB) hid the corpse for 3 weeks.

5 days after release AB committed a violent attempted rape of a woman, which /
/ only stopped because of erectile dysfunction.

The parole board had 2 years prior identified risk factors of:

"anger and frustration..., thinking patterns and attitudes relating to violence and weapons, sex offending... and the risk to life and limb.." Para. 6. paraphrased
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Aurora Linnea, the author of this joint review of @caitlin_roper ‘Sex Dolls, Robots and Women Hating’ and my ‘He Chose Porn Over Me’ understands our work at the deepest level. 1/
@caitlin_roper “Two books released in 2022 by Spinifex Press shine light on pornography’s morbid sway over men and culture, and how its ever-expanding range of desecrations brutalize women and girls, “ she opens. 2/
@caitlin_roper ..Melinda Tankard Reist’s “He Chose Porn Over Me” compiles the personal accounts of 25 women whose lives have been marred by the pornsickness of male partners. ...3/
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'Pornography today is so violent and dehumanizing to women and girls that most women can’t look at it without being traumatized...
Canadians have the honour of owning the world’s biggest conveyor of woman-hating, the Montreal-based website Porn Hub. The website is free to access, with no age restrictions and no restrictions on the defilement of women. Rape and torture videos abound...
Porn Hub was visited 42 billion times in 2019. To put this number in perspective, there are 4 billion men on the planet.
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🧵A man who killed five people and injured 17 others inside a Colorado night club, has been charged with 305 criminal counts over the deadly shooting.
The shooting associated with Oslo Pride in 2022, as well as the attacks on LGBTQ+ spaces in Colorado and Bratislava are part of a wider #antifeminist, misogynist narrative that is espoused across extremisms.
#FarRight ideologies are often grounded in their focus on national agendas and ethnic purity, but #misogyny and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment is an issue that links them across different local contexts.
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Any super wealthy feminists out there who want to help @AOC due this deranged, lying #Catholic #ManchildinAMiter for defamation? She did not say this. The #VaticanCrimeSyndicate has a lot of money! #ChristoFascism #Misogyny @Pontifex
2/This Roman Catholic prelate has not only defined a member of congress; he has also used his pulpit to electioneer, which is a violation of US Tax law. > Image
3/Please report his malfeasance.…
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Jordan Gray loves his indecent exposure facilitated by @Channel4.

He is a patron of Educate & Celebrate, which installs gender identity ideology in schools with the chant of "smash heteronormativity".

#safeguarding #ChildSafety #RedFlag #WomanFace Patrons Educate and Celebrate https://www.educateandcelebrat
@Channel4 You can tell Gray's sex - as only a man would describe himself as a comedienne or actress in 2022.

How many schools has he visited?
Educate and Celebrate is "transforming schools," using Jordan Gray to mislead children that sex sterotypes can mean they are the opposite sex.

This is creating avoidable distress.

#WomanFace #safeguarding #RedFlags
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Have you considered that members of the so-called #FreedomConvoy were and are not only #domesticterrorists who attempted to overthrow our duly elected govt, but that bonding together gave them the illusion of power & success as they are in essence members of a #rightwingcult?
Definition of pied piper. 1 : one that offers strong but delusive enticement; 2 : a leader who makes irresponsible promises; 3 : a charismatic person who attracts followers by using 1 & 2.
#JustaPiedPiper is recruiting new members to his #rightwingcult from the #FreedomConvoy
Cult groups are not limited to religious groups. All have leaders whose authority is respected and, in many cases, unquestioned. What brings them together is often perverse beliefs and in the case of the #honkers, the perversity is evidenced in their interpretation of freedom.
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#MECFS never gets easier to accept.

Every Fall/Winter my health declines significantly. In the Spring/Summer, my health improves a bit.

Each year though, my overall baseline declines.

It feels like dying slowly and painfully. Never knowing when your body will just quit.

And no. I’m not depressed or anxious. (Though it would certainly be understandable if I was.)

In fact, I continue to be in awe of myself and my community’s emotional strength in the face of this relentless physical suffering.

Any one of the typical #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis symptoms, turned up to an 8/10 intensity, would be difficult to live with after awhile. It would wear you down.

By the time you get to 3-4 of these symptoms, it’s debilitating.

Imagine getting to 100-200 daily symptoms.

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I will post the people openly showing support for someone with these views while shouting #misogyny about someone who disagrees with them.
Here is Elaine Crory and Paul Bloomer.
Elaine was on television explaining about the need for informed consent in sex.

Paul is a serving PSNI officer

Sex by deception and misogyny is ok with them it seems
Stephen Donnan and Scott Moore
Are jealous and cool to meet a misogynistic self declared person who has sex by deception
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I'm 45 yo lesbian. I left my country because of homophobia (it's not just mocking, harrasment, lesbians were/are raped in the name of "re-education"). I was told by men that I haven't met the right man yet. Now men who identify as lesbians tell me I haven't tried their girldick. Image
2)That gay man doesn't feel threatened by straight women who identify as gays & because he doesn't feel threatened he has no problem to let men in the lesbian spaces, organizations, events, groups, apps etc. He supports our erasure. The only letter in LGB he cares about is G. Image
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The other day, I was asking my grandmother about her childhood. That got me thinking - what will MY future grandchildren say when I tell them about my childhood? Thread about how I imagine this will go:

#SexMatters #SexNotGender #LetWomenSpeak #RespectMySex

Future Grandchild (FG): What was life like when you were young?

Me: Well… misogyny was celebrated, stereotypes encouraged & healthy kids embarked on lifelong medical nightmares.

FG: What? Did that actually happen?

Me: Oh, believe me, it did.

#WomenWontWheest #misogyny

FG: How?

Me: There were these men who wore dresses, liked pink and did other stereotypical feminine things. They decided they were ACTUALLY women.

FG: You’re joking!

Me: I’m not!

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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the powerful women fighting to make the world a kinder, more #sustainable place each day.

In honor of @womensday, here are a few pieces written by amazing women of various backgrounds—journalists, investigators, doctors, and beyond. Image
Cows don't just naturally make #milk but must be impregnated and give birth in order for lactation to occur, and calves must be routinely removed for that milk to be rerouted for human consumption.

@JessLReid explores cruelty in the #dairy industry:…
On September 21, 2021, thousands of #dolphins were killed in the Faroe Islands.

Former @seashepherd crew member and current Head of Investigations at @vivacampaigns, @lexrigby reflects on the tragedy:…
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Today marks ten years since my sister Sarah Gosling lost her life.

Sarah met Ian Hope in 2010 on Facebook and quickly they began a digital relationship. In no time they decided that Ian would ride up from Newcastle to Norfolk to collect her on his motorbike.

They did a ‘midnight flit’ and set up home in Newcastle - moving into the flat he’d previously shared with his former girlfriend.

Charming and ‘impulsive’ he’s convinced her that they were better off together.

She was unable to properly explain to her husband and kids...

...why she’d left. Phone calls were short and limited and when she visited them the visits were punctuated by texts and calls from Hope ‘just checking’.

By November 2010 her life had become one of walking into eggshells and trying to please him. He was checking her...
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A reminder that for the 'hate crime' of sharing photos sent to us of Women = Adult Human Female protest stickers in Belfast, @SDLPlive Councillor @seamasbelfast defamed us as a hate account. @columeastwood do you think it's hateful to defend sex-based rights & language? #AE22
@SDLPlive @SeamasBelfast @columeastwood UUP's @BeattieDoug thought so too at first, 'til women from the network we belong to (& @DreyfusJames!) told him why #peacefulprotest like stickering is the ONLY way for many women to protest the erosion of our rights, spaces & language, thanks to the #chillingeffect created
Here's Seamas's defamatory tweet, trying to stifle debate on women's rights, calling our followers bots. When they replied #notabot, he blocked them! #seamasblockswomen What will you do about this, @columeastwood? Voters are angry & want to know. #AE22
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An FOI shows #Stonewall in #NorthernIreland got the NI Civil Service to remove the words 'mother' and 'woman' from their maternity policies. @StephenNolan you covered this re Scotland; now it's here too. Doc 5 in FOI reply:…
Left column is #Stonewall's recommendations to remove 'woman', 'her', etc; right column is NICS HR response.

@StephenNolan @dt_ni @News_Letter @irish_news @BelfastLive #Mumsnet Image
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