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This fall I'm doing a bunch of live events I'm really excited about.

Saturday, September 28th, a live #WITHPod w/ @tedcruz (!) in Austin, TX as part of the @TexasTribune fest

Info here:…
On Sunday, September 29th, I'll be interviewing the legendary historian Eric Foner about his new book on Reconstruction, The Second Founding.

Event is in Brooklyn at St Joseph's College.

Tickets here:…
October 21st, I'll be doing another live #WITHPod w/ @GhostPanther and @omarelakkad about art, culture and the climate crisis. Tickets aren't available yet but will be soon, and I'll post info.
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I was going to pull out a few bits from this conversation w @andreapitzer about the gloabl history of concentration camps, but there's so so much I learned from it, just take the time, if you can, to listen to the whole thing

@andreapitzer One thing I had never heard, was that in the early days of the Nazi concentration camps, years before the death camps and Final Solution, the Nazi government actually prosecuted guards for abusing and mistreating detainees. Hitler came in and pardoned them all to send a message.
@andreapitzer That stopped me cold, and has been lodged in my head since I heard it.
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1) I listened to @AllInWithChris podcast earlier featuring the Tues 14 May 2019 episode of the show. @ChrisLHayes, @MIchelleinBklyn & @MatthewAMiller discussed what the US Attorney General & FBI should(n't) do among other topics. #Inners
2) Repeatedly stated was the FBI doesn't investigate political enemies of the POTUS, a caveat to which I'd like you 3 to consider. J Edgar Hoover was neither POTUS nor AG; he was FBI director while repeatedly using his post to disparage MLK Jr. On 19 Nov 1964, Hoover penned a...
3) ...letter to a colleague in which he hoped for King's murder. Hoover intentionally mischaracterized King, calling him a liar, something inducing apoplexy if hurled at white men...calling for proving what's in folks hearts & carrying on. While not necessarily a...
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Just recorded a #WITHPod about China's Uighur indoctrination camps and feel shaken.
It's 1984 meets 20th century fascism meets 21st digital surveillance and it is so dark and outrageous.
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So @tressiemcphd continues to check off items on MY bucket list, such as being on The Daily Show, and now appearing on #withpod with @chrislhayes. A great conversation that gets at some of the depths of #ThickTheBook here:…
One of my favorite moments of the show was when @tressiemcphd uses "bailiwick" to describe one of her areas of focus. One of my all-time favorite words that I rarely see used. Here's hoping it makes a return.
Seriously, I recommend #withpod in general and the conversation with @tressiemcphd because the guests are smart people and @chrislhayes is also smart, but more importantly he's curious. Hearing a curious person talk to a smart person is a serious pleasure.…
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We've got a #WITHPod on this topic with @WallachLori coming soon, but in the meantime. It's really crucial to distinguish the actual architecture of the current international trading regime, which is skewed and destructive in many many ways,
from the basic theoretical validity of Adam Smith's insights in Wealth of Nation's about trade, comparative advantage and the perils of mercantilism.

Nearly all of Trump's critiques of trade fall into the know-nothing, zero-sum category.
It is very very dumb and destructive to view the global economy like the Olympics where we're all competing for some finite number of medals and if China "loses" that's good for us because we can "win."
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I'm still thinking about this conversation I had with @ZephyrTeachout about corruption, the constitution, Trump and the specific, potent poison of what we're seeing playing out more broadly in this political moment. #WITHPod…
Also, do yourself a favor and listen all the way to the end. #WITHPod
As always, we love to hear your feedback !
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When I set out to do a podcast, it was exactly episodes like this one I was thinking about that made me want to do it.

Listen to the intro for my confession about my feelings about housing policy. (How’s that for a tease!)
Here's the thing: Americans are *obsessed* with real estate and yet know *nothing* about housing policy. But it's housing policy that creates the neighborhoods we live in.
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