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We notice when things change. The last 2 weeks as we watched the flights of #ICEAir, we noticed something different happening. New flights from near the border, to Mexico City.
What are these flights? They are expulsions of Mexican nationals. Not deportations. A deportation requires a procedure that involves @ICEgov custody. But these folks are never in ICE custody. 2/7
They are just like immediate expulsions at border that are being carried out under orders of the @CDCgov that pretend that we are being invaded by carriers of #COVIDー19. I say pretend because our gov has been wanting to do this all along-... 3/7
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I wish, sometimes, now especially, that I could offer some comfort. But since I have somehow gotten a job as a witness to the treatment of people who come to the borders of the country I live in, I cannot comfort anyone. Not myself or anyone else. Not today.
It would be impossible to take any comfort from the decrease in numbers of refugees in ICE prisons, because it reflects two vectors of inhumanity. First, the wholesale deportation of refugees to the countries they fled.2/8
Second, pitiless rejection & expulsion of people who come to us, begging for a chance to live. With the excuse of #COVID19, we ignore standards of decency that might stay our cruelty, dropping even the pathetic pretense of months ago. Go back, there is nothing here for you.3/8
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@FlySwiftAir you must be so proud. Do you think your children and grandchildren will be proud of you when they find out how you oarticipated in this genocide? Can’t help wondering if the corp execs will be proud when your name is mentioned in future history books🤔1/15
From a post by Janice Rosenberg to Witness Tornillo Target MPP-Here's an update on the Honduran woman with the two sick children who was deported Tuesday to Guatemala City. They've been located by Every.Last.One and are being given support there:
On 12/30/19, a young mother & her 2 daughters (ages 1 & 6) entered U.S. after fleeing death threats in Honduras. A gang was demanding protection money which they could not pay. Threats were not idle, as this gang had already killed neighbors of theirs, including children.3/15
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Although it made 1 DHS agent pretty angry, 3 of us were there to watch as 5 buses, likely full of deportees, got onto a @FlySwiftAir jet at Brownsville Airport, and likely were transported to somewhere in Central America.1/5
This is the promised ramp up of the PACR (Prompt Asylum Claim Review) program, designed to send asylum seekers as far away as possible without giving them time or the means to make their case.
We are watching to see if this is the beginning of the end for MPP, or just supplementary cruelty to handle the new caravans, or poor people’s marches, as I like to think of them, coming up from the ravaged countries south of Mexico. 3/5
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A reprint from November, asking for your support-I am writing today to ask for your support for our action at the border to oppose the murderous policy of MPP, or Remain in Mexico.
We have scheduled our Witness action to begin on 1/12. We plan a sustained effort which will protest the tent courts in Brownsville, TX, where injustice is handed out every day, dashing the hopes of desperate, vulnerable people encamped across the international bridge...2/ the city of Matamoros, in Mexico. The willing, with passports, will also be able to cross during our vigil, to see firsthand the cruelty inflicted in our name. This is not voyeurism. You will be expected to report to everyone you know about what you see.3/
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