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"Children are stacking up in detention camps because ORR won't allow qualified American families to take these children in," de Anda said. "I know, just from my practice, how many Americans are willing to open their doors."

But ORR shuts the doors tight.…
If you don't have US relatives you are interned until age 18, then turned over to the tender mercies of ICE, and summarily deported. One by one we have beaten them in court and will do so again.
Please join us as we #FightLikeAMother to #FreeTheChildren.…
"Unfortunately, I have well over 4,000 of those children in my care at this time at the Office of Refugee Resettlement," director, Jonathan Hayes, told CBS News.

Please #DontLookAway. 4000 innocent children in prolonged internment. We fight back every day to free them 1 by 1.
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A taste of the fascism raining on the border. I have an EMS friend in Laredo who was called to a drowning on the Rio Grande. When their unit arrived, they found an 11 yo child wet & shivering, crying for her mother on the riverbank - who had just drowned. My friend covered...1/
...her with a blanket, took her inside their warm unit, gave her hot tea, & comforted her as well as he could. In about 10 minutes a border patrol unit drove up. BP went into the EMS unit and brusquely took the child, handcuffed and arrested her. All while the search was on...2/ retrieve the body of the child'sndrowned mother. My friend said he walked back into his unit and broke down in tears for what seemed like an hour. He told me he could not be comforted by his mates. "I have a daughter the same age" he said. 2/
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It happens in other cities too. I saw it firsthand. Until you know what it's like to be a Muslim in US, you don't know.
Our holy places cannot provide us sanctuary as churches often do.
They walk right in and take us during prayer. Muslims have been held months w/o charges.
No compensation for months of their lives missed, no explanation, and no apology for enduring months of torture.
And there are things many of us don't do that most people take for granted.
You can use a check or card to donate to your favorite charity or house of worship w/o a second thought. I and many of my friends have donated cash only for almost 20 years. Imagine 2 decades of that.
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Today caucus-goers in Iowa woke up to more than a dozen kids in cages all over the city of Des Moines.

We came to remind people that this remains a reality & that the issue cannot be pushed under the rug.

🚨 #DontLookAway this is a humanitarian crisis.🚨
There are more than 41,000 people in immigration detention right now.

More than 60,000 asylum-seekers have been sent back to Mexico, where hundreds have been murdered, tortured & kidnapped.

And the list goes on.
Over 2 million people have been deported in the past dozen years.

And more than 800,000 DACA recipients could soon be open to deportation.
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Last night I arrived in Texas w/ my @HispanicCaucus colleagues for an important trip to investigate the Trump administration’s harmful #RemainInMexico policy. We’ll be observing conditions for asylum seekers on both sides of the border today. Follow along here. #DemsAtTheBorder
Crossing the border to Matamoros, Mexico, where families are being sent to stay in dangerous conditions while seeking asylum under the Trump admin’s #RemainInMexico policy. #DemsAtTheBorder
I’m extremely concerned about the conditions asylum seekers are staying in and how long they have to wait to make their case. #DontLookAway #DemsAtTheBorder
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MPP: Our firm has been providing legal assistance to refugees along the Mexican border since the Regime began implementing its family separation policy 2 years ago, seeking to deter asylum seekers through cruelty. Now we are facing MPP.

My MPP thread.
MPP is the latest turn of cruelty visited on refugee families. Families who plead for asylum are rounded up & deposited en masse on the bridge forced to return to Mexico while they wait on their hearings - a dangerous no go zone according to US officials.…
The families are easily targeted by cartel gangsters (thanks to MPP) and placed at risk of being robbed, kidnapped, and worse. Our lawyers are forced to travel to Mexico to meet with our clients at secret locations for safety, a not appealing journey.
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They started 0 tolerance with no tracking system. They didn't count the kids they took. They literally didn't write down their parents names. They took ~300 children UNDER FIVE and 5200 5+ from their parents without making note of who arrived with kids.
* Correction - 300 of the 1500 recently disclosed were under 5. Many more than 300 of the 5500 total were under 5.
If we assume that ratio is about equal among all separations, there have been around 1100 babies and small children, under 5, separated before, during and after 0 tolerance. Not including newborns taken from their mothers in the hospital if a relative couldn't come forward.
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Jonathan Hayes, Dir of Office of Refugee Resettlement, the agency that farms out its child prison functions to profiteers like Caliburn & Comprehensive Health Services & Baptist Child & Family Services, so they can warehouse refugee children for months upon months...1/
... had a chat with Amnesty International. He contended that the camps run by ORR & their cronies are not governed by Flores settlement at all! It is not just a matter of cruel incompetence & greed. No. Flores, the settlement that requires minimum standards...2/
...for child welfare are met, & that confinement should never exceed 20 days, does not apply, he says, because the children—children we have seen behind fences with guards all around, children we have seen recaptured when they make a dash for freedom, children who are...3/
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Suzanne Conti Martin shares- Last night, we crossed into Matamoros, Mexico with a team of women from Alabama who needed help hauling & serving out dinner. I was nervous-- Matamoros is considered to be a Level 4 Security zone which is as dangerous as like walking into Syria.1/8
I pictured chaos & pushing & shoving for the food. We each walked across the bridge with a wagon full of food. About 12 of us & about 2,000 asylum seekers living on the bridge. Things could have EASILY gotten out of control.2/8
Instead, we walked past an enormous line of people who had already formed & were patiently waiting for us to serve dinner. It took my breath away. I had to choke back the tears as I walked passed the hundreds of people waiting in line peacefully for us.3/8
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NEW -- @USCCRgov has released a groundbreaking report revealing the depths of cruelty of the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant agenda, including the detention, #FamilySeparation, #ZeroTolerance, & #RemainInMexico.

#DontLookAway – read the full report:…
@USCCRgov The USCCR report found that the Trump Admin:
❌ Created a humanitarian crisis
❌ Separated families & traumatized children
❌ Discriminated against Latino migrants
❌ Inflicted inhumane, prison-like conditions
❌ Denied justice & legal rights

#DontLookAway #JusticeForOurChildren
@USCCRgov The Commission shares the accounts of migrants who suffered under the Trump Admin’s policies.

Upon arriving in the US, migrants were humiliated, shouted at, and held in horrific conditions.

They waited in ICE custody – cold, hungry, and without medical care or translators.
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Hug your children tonight @IvankaTrump - and know you are complicit in the death and terror plaguing these children
@IvankaTrump and we all know you are a champion for women ... right.
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#VigilForDemocracy #DontLookAway

My name is Alan Dornan

This is my story.
It began on 1/25/2018 after I'd been watching TV for 3 weeks as the Senate debated a rider which would have given legal status & a pathway to citizenship to DREAMers, young people who came to the US in the 1990’s & early 2000’s as minors; their average age was 3 years old.
Senators introduced five riders, all of which they knew at the outset had no chance of ever becoming law. Theywere using these young immigrants as pawns in their battle for political leverage. I was angry, very angry—but I was also very frustrated; I didn’t know what to do.
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🔥 We must send a powerful message to future presidents & the world: the United States condemns the human rights abuses and racism of the Trump Administration.

The method to 🔹restore our constitutional norms🔹rejecting bigotry & persecution is impeachment.

This must happen.
Impeachment is provided to us to protect the Constitution and the rule of law. Restoring lost constitutional norms, such as those condemning bigotry and persecution, is how we protect our present and future.
We must formally state, "this is wrong," and indict Trump for his acts against humanity in the eyes of the world.

To do otherwise places undue burden on present and future generations who will be left vulnerable and have to fight this again from ground zero.
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Saudi first: Trump wants to start a war with Iran when MBS gives the order by @mehdirhasan
On the word of a single, likely compromised, U.S. official, CBS says the Saudi oil attack was approved by Iran's supreme leader.

This story deserves our skepticism.…
I gotta say, this doesn't FEEL smart.

Under Trump arms deal, US smart bombs to be built in Saudi Arabia

We should not hand the Saudis valuable weapons tech given the kingdom's conduct in Yemen and its human rights record.…
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Here are the facts directly from @OIGatHHS – Trump’s #FamilySeparation agenda traumatized children and caused lasting harm to their mental health.

#DontLookAway from what this administration is doing to innocent children.

Read the full report ⬇️…
@OIGatHHS .@HHSgov faced unique challenges in addressing the mental health needs of separated children, who suffered fear, abandonment, post-traumatic stress, & anxiety. Some cried uncontrollably from “acute grief.”

Of course they did – the Trump Admin tore these kids from their parents.
@OIGatHHS @HHSGov Stunningly, this report reveals that ORR staff did not know how to seek approval or consent to treat traumatized children with psychotropic medication. The lack of clarity on this process is unacceptable and disturbing.
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It may be a holiday today but the dreaded #ImmigrationMonday is still upon us and it brings a report by @BorderKindness of another prison immigration camp in the works but this time in Mexicali 🔽🔽🔽

Based on @BorderKindness tweet it appears that this new "fenced/Razor wired" deportation camp is coordinated efforts between CBP/DHS & Mexican authorities, ergo the "planning meeting" and it could very much be a result of the 45-day review of the US-MX june 7 immigration plan. 1/
But after reading and re-reading this tweet, this makes little sense unless there is another piece (meaning immigration initiative, agreement, or policy change) that has been secretly put into effect and we dont kniw about it. Here is why ... 2/
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Deportation from the U.S. is a death sentence for who will ever know how many thousands of people every year.

I thought everyone already knew that. I really thought you knew.

We need to find these stories, and we need to listen to them.

Deportation is a civil penalty, and no court has ever held it to constitute a "punishment." It's just a thing we do to people sometimes.

Justice Brandeis wrote in 1922 that deportation "may result... in loss of both property and life, or of all that makes life worth living."
Unlawful presence is not a crime. Overstaying your visa is not a crime. Violating terms of your lawful status isn't either.

Yet we routinely impose a sanction which can be more painful & dangerous than life in prison for these things.

And we don't even give you a lawyer first
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So what's with the depressing pictures?
Welcome, yeah, it's a thing. I'm painting a new quote from a person detained at the border each day until this nightmare ends. Come join me. What can you do if you agree this sucks? (From easiest to hardest):
1. Follow me and share them. None of this matters if it doesn't help people get informed and stay focused. The more places this shows up on the internet the better. They're counting on us losing focus. Don't lose focus.
2. Call the white house, your reps, write to them, drive them crazy so it's clear that we have not forgotten, and they won't be excused for their inaction. People are literally dying because this administration refuses to accept legal asylum seekers and release them to family
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I wonder if Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain like to talk about their fathers over covfefe brewed with waters drawn from children's tears.
Perhaps - like Maureen Dowd and Nancy Pelosi - they wear heels so as to grind progress into dust and stamp on the errant fingers of refugees clinging to the cliff edges of democracy in hopes of hanging on for a decent life.
☕ It's civet coffee, of course.
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This is Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez.

Just 16 years old when he entered the US alone, on May 13, 2019.

He was a healthy child.

An optimistic child.

He was alone when he died 7 days later in a Border Patrol Station in Texas.

Carlos is the most recent of the #TrumpSeven.
2/ Carlos had 8 younger siblings who called him Goyito.

He loved playing soccer and music, especially piano and bass.

Carlos came to US to help support his brother Edgar who has special needs.

When he arrived in Rio Grande Valley (RGV), he was healthy.

3/ Children like Carlos are supposed to be in Border Patrol custody for 3 days or less.

Carlos spent SIX DAYS in McAllen BPS — without reason — instead of transferring to ORR custody.

Carlos (from Guatemala) was caged with people from Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Nicaragua…
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@MichaelAvenatti @fams2gether If you don't understand...if you're unfamiliar with the psychological damage separating a young child from their parent or primary caregiver can have, this video will learn you hard.

Please.... #DontLookAway
@MichaelAvenatti @fams2gether There's a "shelter" in Arizona with 12 children under age 5, children from the border. One infant is only 3mos old. None of these children are w/their mothers or fathers. They are all alone, in an institutional setting.

At least 3 were TAKEN from family.…
@MichaelAvenatti @fams2gether There are at least two more shelters in the US also now taking very young children, "tender age" children, in ORR custody. One in Pennsylvania, one in California.

How many children are yet being taken from their parents and other family, a year after the policy was meant to end?
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If you wanted death camps before you’d call them “concentration camps,” you got your wish:

“A veteran forensic pathologist who reviewed autopsies of 4 migrant children who died in custody said she was alarmed at the conditions the children were kept in.”…
“Days after he was supposed to be in a children’s shelter, Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez died of the flu near the toilet in his Border Patrol holding cell.”…
“Hernandez was also never taken to a hospital despite the apparent seriousness of his illness and the fact that the flu has claimed the lives of two other Guatemalan children in Border Patrol custody in the last six months.” #DontLookAway
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Thread. One troubled man, Stephen Miller, is responsible for all things immigration. Let’s review just the past week: CPB holds American kids.… 1/9
A Marine is denied entry into the US. “Roman Sabal served in the United States Marine Corps for six years, and in the US Army Reserves for several more. But on Monday, border officials at San Ysidro denied Sabal entry to the US for a scheduled citizenship interview.” 2/9
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This is about to be a thread to educate a CEO about Border Patrol and why people want to #CloseTheCamps and why workers are saying #WeWontBeComplicit.
I'm GRATEFUL to the @ogilvy employees who, like the #WayfairWalkout, don't want to be part of what's happening at the border. The hashtag #dontlookaway is aimed at all of us. #NoTechForICE could also be #NoPRforTheCamps
After 3 weeks of press coverage detailing how @ogilvy recruits for the border patrol agency running the camps, @jseifert79, the CEO, told workers raising concerns that "I don’t have enough information to indict this [organization]."…
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