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A reprint from November, asking for your support-I am writing today to ask for your support for our action at the border to oppose the murderous policy of MPP, or Remain in Mexico.
We have scheduled our Witness action to begin on 1/12. We plan a sustained effort which will protest the tent courts in Brownsville, TX, where injustice is handed out every day, dashing the hopes of desperate, vulnerable people encamped across the international bridge...2/ the city of Matamoros, in Mexico. The willing, with passports, will also be able to cross during our vigil, to see firsthand the cruelty inflicted in our name. This is not voyeurism. You will be expected to report to everyone you know about what you see.3/
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White nationalists mourn the passing of their godfather, architect of the anti-immigrant movement, the guy who might as well have told Stephen Miller how to make America white again.

I've been fighting to unseal the #TantonPapers for 3 years. What don't they want us to see?
But there is some good news. Because Tanton died in July - the quarterly hate rag he launched called "The Social Contract" comes to an end.

That's one less white nationalist mouthpiece out there. Of course, one could argue it accomplished its purpose.
That being the creation of anti-immigrant language that Tanton Network people could use to push policies like the #MuslimBan, ramped up #ICERaids, criminalization of immigrants, #MPP, and the rest of the Hate Torrent spewing out of the White House.

Tanton Network infested it.
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#RemaininMexico (or #MPP) horror show of today episode


... but something does not add up
according to thread mom was granted withholding of removal (mandatory form of relief under the INA) as IJ found that she faces more than 50% chance of political persecution if returned to Venezuela. This is an extremely difficult relief to obtain because of the high burden 1/
Dad is a legal permanent resident (has a green card) but we do not know the basis for the grant. If he was granted asylum these should have been follow to join cases so not likely that it was the basis. Perhaps employment based. 2/
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Just as I was dreading embarking on briefing "perceived inconsistencies" ... looky, look we got handed yet another zook from the BIA on how to deny asylum and insulate it from judicial review: Matter of Y-I-M-

here is the link to the decision…
negative credibility determinations are so prevalent these days (thanks Congress!, for coming up w the shi*y REAL ID Act) and inconsistencies are stretched to absurdity by judges & TAs now IJs are free to not even bring an inconsistency to the attention of the applicant:
"When an inconsistency is obvious or apparent, it is not necessary to bring it to an applicant’s attention. [] In such a case, “it can properly be assumed that the asylum applicant and his counsel are aware of [the inconsistencies],” and it is “the applicant’s responsibility to..
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Just finished talking to a family with small children who were kidnapped by armed men almost immediately after being placed in the #MPP program and sent by @CBP to Nuevo Laredo. They have given up on their asylum claim in the US. This is their story: 1/
The family fled political persecution in their home country and came to the US border to ask for asylum. They were held for several days in one of CBP’s notorious freezing cold cells where they had to sleep on the floor with only thin aluminum blankets. They huddled for warmth 2/
They were then sent to one of the most dangerous cities along the border, where asylum seekers are routinely targeted for kidnapping. Almost immediately, the family was forced into a truck and taken to a house where they were held against their will by armed men for weeks. 3/
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Ok. This is gonna be the start of the mega-thread for the trip.

I start this thread with excitement, nervousness, humility, and with intention.

We introduced ourselves and “invited” folks to join us spiritually. I brought #Pittsburgh’s religious leadership with me. My hope is that we can become motivated to engage deeper in this work, starting with myself.
Next, we continued with stories from the border and a broad overview of some of the legal situations here. #Metering, #MPP (Migrant Protection Protocol), and the situation with #MexicanRefugees. More on that as we get our legal briefing later tonight.
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The *Happy Firday* #BadImmigrationDecision trend continues. This week it is courtesy of BIA with Matter of C-A-S-D

Although its a 209c & Matter of Jean decision, don't be fooled in thinking it is a limited scope, so no biggy.
1/ It is the BIA's first take on "Exceptional and Extremely Unusual Hardship” and "Exercise of Discretion" in the context of an application for relief by a non-citizen with criminal record after AG Barr dropped Matter of Castillo-Perez ... and you guessed it it ain't pretty.
2/ The BIA analysis is sweeping so it will apply to EVERY 42B cancellation of removal application even where criminal record is not present. It basically eliminates eligibility for many cases in which medical hardship to qualifying relative is at issue & narrows Matter of Monreal
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Out of 156 human beings at #migrantpersecutionprotocols court today in San Diego, only 4 (all from the same family) are represented by an attorney. This means 152 people entered the US this morning to face immigration court alone #thisisnotjustice #dueprocessdenied (thread 1/?)
Sitting in court waiting for IJ O’Connor to come out and a baby is screaming. The “detention officers” from the private security company who are tasked with detaining #mpp families while they go to court are handing out diapers.
Only #mpp cases being heard in San Diego today & a few detained merits by video conference. Each judge has 40+ people on their afternoon docket. Babies & toddlers are crying as we wait for the judge to come in. One mom is breastfeeding her toddler to get him to stop crying.
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Doing social media for @NewSanctuaryNYC means I rarely take a break from #immigration news. Every day the Trump administration looks for another way to cause harm to black & brown people. Thread highlights some of the current policies. We MUST not stop fighting back. #impeach 👇🏼
The Trump administration is doing another secretive pilot test in El Paso, this time “Prompt Asylum Claim Review,” a program to speed up deportation of #asylum seekers.…
"These new policies have resulted in the separation of family units, lasting trauma and heartache, and shocking detention conditions for both children and adults."…
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As the #AsylumBan decision was issued, handing death sentences to 1000s of ppl seeking safety, I was crossing into the US from Mexicali after 3 days providing legal triage to victims of Trump’s #MigrantPersecutionProtocols. I then drove 4 hours back to LA, blissfully unaware. 1/
News of this cruel decision from #SCOTUS is sinking in within the context of what I saw and heard over the last three days. Seems like a good time to share a bit of what is happening in Mexicali, where 6000+ ppl have been forced back after seeking asylum. Here is my context. 2/
It’s brutally hot in Mexicali. When I arrived it was about 105 & ppl kept telling me it was 120 two weeks ago. Multiple ppl I met mentioned there kids had suffered illnesses related to the heat. And that’s another thing, there are so many kids. So many toddlers and babies. 3/
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Today was hard. We went to a shelter full of families. Nearly 100% of the people we spoke with had been kidnapped already, most by Mexican officials. How can ppl look at these kids and their parents trembling, crying, begging for help, for safety, for life...and deny them that?
I saw pictures of kidnapped children sobbing in a corner. I met a woman who was raped in Mexico and was so traumatized she couldn’t write her name on a pad of paper. She trembled so much it was just scribbles. #migrantpersecutionprotocols #mpp
Don’t look away. Don’t move on to your next post. Don’t keep scrolling past the horrors you read about or see here. These are PEOPLE. We are torturing them and we are encouraging the Mexican government to torture them. They just want to LIVE.
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@TalKopan first broke the news of the EOIR replacement of in-person interpreter w a video advisals. I just read the scripts for detained and non-detained cases and they are so F*ing misleading. Just wow!
First, advisals are unduly long & complicated. Substantively they are mucho problematic. For example both detained & non-detained are told they have to select country of removal. They dont. In fact, selecting country of origins could be used as a factor undermining fear of return
Second, advising ppl that if they are ordered removed they would be removed to the country sected convey a misleading choice. If you are from Guatemala but just select to be removed to France, is just not gonna happen.
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Thread: Unsurprisingly, I remain disgusted at the illegal #MigrantPersecutionProtocols. My clients are so unbelievably traumatized at the hands of the US government they can barely speak for 5 minutes without breaking down completely.
One of my clients fled death threats from gangs in El Sal after the police told the gang she filed a report. When she arrived, she was abused by CBP. She’s so terrified of CBP that though she could likely get out of MPP, she can’t imagine even a few days detention by the US govt
Another client entered in July. He was never told why he was sent back to Mexico. He opposed the Venezuelan government and fled after being threatened and assaulted. He is being forced to wait FIVE MONTHS in Mexico before his first hearing in the US.
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AG Barr promoted 6 immigration judges with high asylum denial rates to be hybrid appellate and overflow immigration judges as part of a revamping of the BIA which comes w proposed organizational regs…
These promotions which sends a very clear message to the field are the next step in AG efforts to eliminate any semblance of due process in immigration court adjudications & will have far reaching effects. Here are the major changes from the interim proposed regs of this morning
Buried in a morass of internal reshuffling of component & deputy of components that lift the veil of the immigration bureaucracy are some changes that are not benign.
First-- soon BIA members will be sporting the title of 'appellate immigration judges' Woo-hoo!
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If you sense looming anxiety in the #immigration world, it might not just be the chaos of the southern border. We are also waiting for many, many, MANY shoes to drop...

The final public charge regulation.

The proposed reg was published on October 10, 2018, & comments closed in December:…

As recent DOS numbers preview, this reg could usher in BIG, BIG changes.
A ruling on the #RemaininMexico (#MPP) preliminary injunction.

A hearing in Innovation Law Lab v. Nielsen happened Friday. The ruling could come out any day now.…
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1/ THREAD: New details on the Trump #remaininmexico #asylum plan out now, and it's so much worse than I was expecting. This is an illegal, immoral, unconscionable human rights disaster in the making. Let's talk about what this is and how it's going to get people killed.
2/ Context: Asylum seekers in Tijuana and other border towns are being "metered" by an illegal system which requires them to take numbers on a list and wait their turn (sometimes months) to lawfully enter the US to seek asylum. This is already bad enough.…
3/ Even before Trump, the nativist right was obsessed with the idea of making #CentralAmerican asylum seekers wait outside the US for the many years that it can often take to get these cases to a final hearing. This administration was all too willing to give it a try.
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and the Monday shitstorm continues. #DHS has posted a memorandum detailing the #ReturntoMexico process (#MPP) and its is absolutely atrocious. I had to take a baby aspirin while reading it. If you have the stomach... here we go. ..
1. assessment of 'most likely than not' persecution/torture will be made by asylum officers during either primary or secondary inspection. Why? so to deny right to counsel. *Yes. you got it right no counsel will be allowed during MPP assessments.
2. asylum officers could conduct #MPP assessments in person or remotely. Expect bulk via tel or video, which is awful and will undermine the best of claims. It sounds like it will be a total pro forma efforts just to be able to sneak it by courts. expect astronomical denial rate.
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For far too long, our terrible laws and bad judicial rulings have forced the United States to allow illegal aliens to live and work in our country while years-long immigration proceedings roll on. That ends today. #MPP
Starting now, @DHSgov is implementing Migrant Protection Protocols #MPP which may require aliens who enter from MX & claim asylum to remain in MX throughout immigration proceedings. 90% of asylum claims are NOT granted by a judge. We want to help those who truly need it.
Over the last 5 years, @DHSgov has seen a 2000% increase in aliens claiming credible fear who’ve been placed in expedited removal, this new policy will allow those w worthy asylum claims the opportunity for their claims to be heard quicker & weed out frivolous/fraudulent claims
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