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Let me further note why I have been whistleblowing, social media protesting, & been about holding the #PeoplesParty accountable. #MPP has considered themselves to be "a major progressive right wing populist party" bc they feel that the nation is "majority center right."
It has been assumed that the #PeoplesParty is about "competing on class lines" BUT even w/ having been Anti-Black, pro-censorship, anti-union (even of their own organizers & vols), & an org that has never been totally proven to be legit by the IRS, it's clear. They pretend well.
Let's take #MedicareForAll as an example of #PeoplesParty tokenism. Have they ever done or said anything about doing policy work towards the issue? Have they ever done more than give platitudes? In the past 4 yrs, what has #MPP done for #M4A besides social media & clout chasing?
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I keep feeling like many on the left would have easily gotten scammed by a Bernie Madoff character & still been a Stan even after he got arrested, not just caught in his grift. Of course, I'm glad to know that I would've told my story, sought justice, & hope no one else got had.
There is liberation in telling the truth & not just suffering from injustice. I remember not wanting to tell my long time Twitter peeps @B43Franco & @ProudSocialist what happened to me in the #PeoplesParty bc I didn't want to be the "crying to my friends" person & be a bother.
It is easier to just keep the truth to yourself but what purpose would it have served for me to be silent on what the #PeoplesParty did to me & my peers? What purpose would it have served the left for me to have "just left MPP/PP & be quiet" after suffering, struggling, & all?
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The Legacy of Trump’s Deterrence Policies and How We Repair — Join Defending Vulnerable Populations, or DVP, Legal Assistant Amari Verastegui, DVP Legal Fellow Elizabeth Crivaro, Strategic Capacity Officer Luis Guerra and Volunteer Coordinator Victor Flores. #ConveneWithCLINIC
Strategic Capacity Officer Luis Guerra gives an overview of #MPP also known as the "Remain in Mexico" policy.
CLINIC's Estamos Unidos Asylum Project was created to offer legal guidance to migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, often those who had been under #MPP.

Learn more here:…
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La migración irregular a EUA está en camino de ser la más alta de los últimos 20 años, dice el Secretario de Seguridad Interior (DHS) @SecMayorkas en un largo comunicado, explicando la “difícil situación” a la que no llama “crisis”.

Abro #hilo con lo principal:
Dice que la mayoría de los adultos solos originarios de México o el triángulo norte de Centroamérica, que llegan a EUA son expulsados rápidamente a México y los de otras nacionalidades regresados en avión a sus países si México no los acepta.
Las familias de migrantes de México o Centroamérica están siendo expulsadas a México siempre y cuando tenga capacidad de recibirlas, pero afirma que esta es limitada y ello ha saturado los recursos de EUA.

Las de otro origen son regresadas por vía aérea a sus países.
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I was aghast to read this noxious, ignorant “opinion” piece by ⁦@FareedZakaria⁩. The “Remain in Mexico” or #MPP program, HARP and PACR were not “practical” policies of the Trump Administration. They were unlawful, inhumane, human rights violations.…
If the author took 5 minutes to do internet research on these “programs” he would discover that people in #MPP were (and are) raped, murdered, preyed on by cartels, subjected to human and sex trafficking, and living in some of the most squalid conditions of any refugee camp.
#MPP successfully prevented almost all of the designees from access to counsel, causing them to lose their asylum cases if they could or would bear the suffering of the “program” in sham hearings in border courts.
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4M+ Texans have been left w/o power for nearly 2 full days in the midst of an unprecedented snow storm & single-digit temps.

Who's been hit the hardest?
Marginalized communities a.k.a ppl w/disabilities, BIPOC and immigrants.

Let's dive into this 🧵⬇️…
Ppl w/disabilities are 2-4 times more likely to be injured or killed in a natural disaster, according to @disasterstrat yet they're rarely effectively accommodated in the emergency preparedness plans of gov'ts.

Texas is a blatant example.
Folks with disabilities & chronic illnesses need power for assistive devices and heat to prevent severe impairment.

But how is governor @GregAbbott_TX responding to this & more?
By blaming the Green New Deal...🙄
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#MPP #PeoplesParty whatever you want to call them have been on the offensive against people who have been trying to help them for months and is choosing to attempt to discredit these volunteers with zero evidence instead of facing their critics
So is it time to spill that 🍵 🫖 🤔 #PeoplesParty #MPP
In November a petition began circulating around the #MPP volunteer base that was addressing what people saw as problematic with the leadership of @PeoplesParty_US. A meeting was asked for and agreed to by the leadership of MPP and our concerns were brought to their attention
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"Family Separation" was horrific. But have you heard about "Remain in Mexico"? Also known as the "Migrant Protection Protocols," #MPP does the exact opposite from "protecting" migrants. #MPP is cruel & inhumane, & its victims need remedies TODAY, not a task force. A thread: 1/
#MPP started on Jan 29, 2019. Under MPP, immigrants coming to the border requesting protection from violence ("asylum-seekers") are fingerprinted/photographed by Border Patrol & then sent to Mexico with a piece of paper telling them to come back on a certain date for court. 2/
Upon deportation to Mexico, ppl in #MPP are in extreme danger. They are not Mexican, & their accents & clothing makes them obvious to cartels, who target them for kidnapping, extorting ransom money from their family members using WhatsApp & social media 3/
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¿Qué sorpresa nos deparará la #ConferenciaPresidente de hoy? ¿Otro error de Power Point? ¿Otro video de Don Gato? ¿Una nueva carta al rey de España? ¿Una rifa del Castillo de Chapultepec?

Ojalá una mención, al menos, a la pandemia que solo ayer mató a 1,800 mexicanos. Ojalá.
La #ConferenciaMatutina de hoy nos demostrará si la prioridad son los temas mencionados (o su pelea contra Twitter) o los mexicanos que ayer murieron. Más de uno por minuto.
Abrimos consulta. Se cierra en dos horas.
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@IndLeftNews @BenSpielberg @jimmy_dore (1) The #ReplacePelosiJan3 & negotiate w/other Speaker candidates 2 THEN #ForceTheVote + get more changes campaign was drowned out by the FTV movement. Today, the FTV ppl on the ground in DC r condemning Squad votes 4 Pelosi. Way too little & way 2 late.
@IndLeftNews @BenSpielberg @jimmy_dore (2) But, a more important 1, is that the Squad felt free 2 decide how 2 vote on Pelosi w/o consulting the ppl's movement. These advocates of bottom-up democracy did not practice it all when it came 2 the most important decision they would make during the next 2 years.
@IndLeftNews @BenSpielberg @jimmy_dore (3) They're not the only ones of course. Bernie Sanders did the same thing when he dropped out of the pressidential race. His "Not me. Us!" movement suddenly turned into an "it's my decision alone", affair. That enraged me at the time. It still does. After extracting all that ...
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.@camiloreports on Biden's sweeping reversal of Trump's immigration agenda. As previously reported fist order of business seems to be:
* reinstate in full #DACA
* end the Muslim Ban (Travel Ban 3.0)
* 100 days freeze of deportation
(continues)… via
* reinstatement of the J Johnson "priority for removal" with a twist to "cur collateral arrests"
* increase the refugee admission cap to 125,000
* withdraw from ACA
* reinstate the Central American Minor Reunification program
There is attributed pledge to end #MPP, however, due to the logistics of actually accomplishing it during a raging pandemic I doubt that we will see an outright end w immediate parole of all victims of this atrocious & shameful travesty. Hopefully, they find away to do it ASAP.
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A lot to unpack here, but what I've mostly learned from reading these so far is that I still have the capacity to be astonished. Not that they knew that the single worst Trump immigration initiative (#MPP) was bad--we all knew that--but that they would put any of this in writing
I mean a "full and fair" asylum system is literally the definition of a "safe third country." That's it! That's all it requires. We all knew none of the countries they were forcing into these agreements had one, but... Image
Here's the clearest example of "the cruelty is the point" I've seen from this boundlessly cruel govt.

They knew that conditions were so dangerous that these refugees would leave under any circumstances--all while insisting that most of their asylum claims were fraudulent. ImageImage
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#NowHiring: The Equal Justice Works Fellowship position is based in San Diego and will provide a unique opportunity for committed social justice warriors to immerse themselves in complex immigration law and litigation. Virtual on-boarding available! Image
Equal Justice Works Fellowship: Call for Proposals ends 8/24/20 for the 2020-2021 Fellowship Term. Focus: cross-border issues including #MPP, detention advocacy issues, and projects related to the defense of Black migrants and families at the border. ⁠#JobSearch #SanDiego
Managing Attorney I Los Angeles, CA. ⁠
Calling all experienced attorneys! Are you looking for a chance to make an impact locally while also leading and mentoring a team of dedicated attorneys? Join us by applying today. Apply: #JobSearch #NowHiring
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It is impossible to adequately convey the inhumanity of our country's relentless assault on #asylum protections on the southern border, but grateful for the opportunity to share with @hanjaneway our perspective in @NEJM @NEJMPerspec. /1…
The "Remain In Mexico" policy of returning asylum seekers to dangerous border cities in Mexico -- where they cannot access basic legal, social, or medical services -- is an affront to US federal law as well as international law. /2 @ACLU…
There are already over 1100 documented cases of murder, rape, torture, kidnapping, and other violent assaults against asylum seekers and migrants forced to remain in #Mexico under #MPP. @humanrights1st /3
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we are now

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that is "post"

as in AFTER
So yes: a lot of bad stuff is happening this week, especially in #immigrationpolicy.

Just here to remind you that this rollercoaster is about to come to a full & complete stop, & that there is no irreversible damage he can really do in his last few months.

Next: the real work!
It's mid-November. All of the votes are finally in and accounted for, and Trump has just been trounced in an absolutely historic landslide.

Will he act out? Sure. Will he try to do as much damage as possible? Probably.

Will anyone take him seriously? No.
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Sergio escaped Nicaragua as a political asylum seeker. After a treacherous journey he was kidnapped & tortured while in #MPP. While in Otay Mesa he had no way to protect himself against COVID-19. Sergio is now free thanks to several community orgs who rallied 4 his freedom 1/3 Image
After a denied TRO request, the Cross Border Initiative Team obtained parole from ICE but they ruthlessly demanded that he pay a $10,000 bond.⁠ Thanks to several community organizations Sergio's bond was paid and he was released after he was deemed medically cleared 2/3
ImmDef thanks @chirla_org, @baybondfund, @MigrantFreedom, Community Justice Exchange/@bailfundnetwork, @BeyondBondBos, and @MinorityHumani1, and @miles4migrants who helped free Sergio #FreeThemALL 3/3
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Información para las personas obligadas a permanecer en México bajo #MPP mientras su caso de inmigración está pendiente ante la Oficina Ejecutiva de Revisión de Inmigración, o también conocido como el tribunal de inmigración de los EU.
El 30 de abril de 2020, la Oficina Ejecutiva de Revisión de Inmigración anunció que las audiencias de MPP programadas hasta el 1 de junio de 2020, inclusive, serán reprogramadas.
Las personas deben presentarse a la (garita) indicada en su fecha de notificación más reciente, para recibir nuevos avisos de las audiencias reprogramadas. También puede verificar cualquier cambio en sus audiencias en la corte llamando al 1-800-898-7180.
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The US has the highest number of #COVID19 cases globally.

So instead of:

ℹ️Providing accurate information to the public.
😷Ensuring frontline workers have access to PPE.
🏥Mass producing ventilators.
🔬Scaling up testing.

The president announced an #ImmigrationBan

Because when the administration mishandles a crisis, immigrants become the scapegoat.

Racism, xenophobia & misinformation are used to enact anti-immigrant policies.

The impact? Immigrants disappear from their communities, families get separated & ppl die in detention centers.
All while the real crisis is left unaddressed.

There is 0 public health rationale for an #ImmigrationBan—especially b/c immigrants are crucial to the nation’s response to the pandemic.

Immigrants are disproportionately in frontline jobs at hospitals, grocery stores & farms.
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As the nation is glued to rising pandemic numbers, attention has diverted away from the injustices #MPP clients are still facing at the border. We must not forget them. Many spend hours @ POE for updated hearing notices stuck in the rain, only to be told to come back the next day
Some fear leaving shelters due to quarantine protocols. Others who can leave, like our clients in the video above, attempt to only have one family member retrieve the notice to reduce the risks of #Covid19, but they are told all family members must be present. Image
The family spent 6 hours in the rain on their second attempt that week being shuffled around several POE. Finally, after speaking with the Mexican consulate who spoke with authorities, Chaparral allowed people to proceed 3 at a time. #RestoreAsylumNow #EndMPP Image
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Apart from the utter cruelty, #MPP hearings continuing is illogical FROM A CONSERVATIVE POINT OF VIEW. It means forcing ppl living in unsanitary conditions to enter US *repeatedly*-CBP agents, ICE lawyers & contractors, & court Judges/staff all risk exposure to #coronavirus 1/
No social distancing in a CBP holding cell. Small cells of cinderblock & metal. The cold temperatures *may* reduce contagion (CBP justification) BUT they also weaken asylum-seekers immune systems & make them more susceptible to the virus, making them better vectors. Exposed. 2/
Asylum-seekers are then transported to court in packed vans by ICE contractors. They’re unionized here in El Paso, & it’s a well-paying, steady job. Means many of the contractors are older & have been on the job for years. Many senior citizens. Many military veterans. Exposed. 3/
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#MPP thread. 3:55am & I’m at the Paso del Norte Port of Entry in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, at the time asylum-seekers are supposed to show up at the bridge for their court dates. It’s still pitch black outside of course, & still no word from @DOJ_EOIR if #MPP courts going forward
4:40am. Seems like asylum-seekers have been processed as usual for their #MPP hearings. We have been trying to give advice to people before they cross about the possibility of judges calling in sick, etc. It’s been awful to watch their faces fall with the news. #ParoleThemAll
5:41am. Talked to many #MPP asylum-seekers b4 they present themselves for court & none have been returned. #MPP hearings are apparently considered “detained” by @DOJ_EOIR. Everyone request bond hearings—if “detained” it is their right! Still unclear if IJs etc call-in sick today
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The immigrant community is at grave risk.

“Infectious disease outbreaks have a long history of preying on society’s most vulnerable, disenfranchised members.”

#COVID19 is no exception.…
All those who have been subject to the Trump Admin’s roster of anti-immigrant policies are in a vulnerable position. From those in detention to those living under MPP.

Here’s how...
The public charge rule will continue to deter millions of noncitizens from seeking medical care of any kind. Putting thousands at risk.

It MUST be suspended.
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Thanks to @humanrights1st @KennjiKizuka here is audio of gov atty & IJ admit every person in #MPP is at risk of being kidnapped for wanting to apply to asylum in the U.S.
Audio: Kevin Terrill DHS Attorney:
Your Honor, the circumstances that they're concerned with is potentially a reality for every respondent, and again that opens up the floodgates because everybody doesn't have to show up as long as they have counsel.
IJ Danny Santander: I think that what I'm hearing from the government is, and I'll be honest, I don't like it.
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“.@humanrights1st has identified more than 1,000 public reports of murder, torture, rape...against migrants sent back to Mexico under #MPP,” writes @nicolenarea.

We are disappointed that #SCOTUS has upheld this brutal policy.…
#SCOTUS's decision overturns the decision made in the Ninth Circuit, which found that the government had no authority to send asylum applicants to a neighboring country.
The court also found that the program violated the U.S.’s international obligations, codified in the Refugee Act, to not return #asylum seekers to countries where they would likely face persecution.
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