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11 Oct, 11 tweets

What are the pitfalls of checkout UX? A thread. ⤵️

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Did you know? According to our #UX studies, 68% of users — after having added items to their cart 🛒 — then choose to abandon their purchase.

During our 9 years of large-scale checkout usability testing, we have also consistently found the checkout #design and flow to frequently be the sole cause for users abandoning their cart 🛒 during the checkout flow.

72% of sites don’t make ‘Guest Checkout’ the most prominent option. 👇🏻

34% of sites use ‘delivery speed’ instead of ‘delivery date’ whereas displaying “Shipping speed: 2 business days” forces users to search 🔍, calculate 🧮, and sometimes even guess ⁉️ when they will actually receive their order.

51% of sites don’t autoformat spaces in the ‘credit card number’ field 💳. If users end up with a 16-digit long, uninterrupted credit card number in the “card number” field, it’s difficult to check to make sure the typed number is accurate.

68% of sites don’t allow users to edit data directly at the review step.

31% of sites use jargon and brand names in the checkout microcopy. E.g., Foot Locker uses “CSC” as the label for the credit card “Security Code” field. During testing many users came to a stop when presented with such jargon.

For additional implementation details, read our blog article. 👇…

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