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Looking for an inspiring success story?

@FEIntl recently posted an article featuring @AJAgrawal24.

Here's how he launched, built, and made a high 7-figure exit from his wildly successful CBD business @VermaFarms.

1/ Agrawal launched @VermaMedia, a business that allowed him to hone his marketing skills.
2/ He began struggling with sleep, so he turned to CBD. It worked.
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Need to improve your customer service but don't have the resources?

Try these 8 things:
1. Create thorough product descriptions.

Inquiries will decrease when customers have a clear picture of your product's benefits and features.
2. Offer live chat.

73% of consumers find live chat the most satisfying way to communicate with a business.
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Let’s settle the debate of “is MRR black hat?” — A THREAD:
MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue for those who don’t know already & in the eComm community it seems to be a hot topic at the moment.
MRR In and of itself is not blackhat. Pre-Checking a box on a Shopify Checkout IS. You cannot preemptively opt your customers into a subscription that they “may or may not” know about..
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Nykaa competitor @letspurplle is the latest #unicorn after a $33 million fundraise…

By @Krittiiii
Cosmetics ecommerce company @letspurplle — which competes with Falguni Nayar’s Nykaa — is now valued at over a billion dollars after its $33 million fundraise. With this, Purplle has become the 102nd #unicorn in India.
The #unicorn round saw participation from Paramark Ventures, along with existing investors like Premji Invest, Blume Ventures and Kedaara Capital. It was valued at $1.1 billion.
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Is your #eCommerce store making as much as it could from email + SMS marketing?

If not, here are 5 ways to make MORE from your email + SMS marketing this year... 👇
#1: Use a Pop Up to Grow Your Email + SMS Lists

First up, make sure you're using a pop up to grow your email + SMS lists.

We prefer the @PostscriptIO pop up for this to collect emails and phone numbers.
#2: Make Sure You're Doing SMS Marketing

I'm shocked at how many brands aren't doing SMS yet b/c SMS open rates are 90%+ and you can make 20% of your revenue from SMS marketing.

Make sure you start SMS right away if you're not already doing it.
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Recent Layoffs at Indian Startups


#layoffs #StartupIndia #ecommerce #economy #startups
Lido Learning

The Mumbai-based ed-tech startup laid off over 150-200 employees.

Used car marketplace fired around 600 employees.
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E-commerce business sold for $1,116,000! 💰

Here are some of its features that attracted offers:

High-quality, private-label hosiery alongside an expanding range of beauty products.

Dozens of high-quality SKUs driving 25% customer repeat rates.

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Exiting your e-commerce business can be profitable.

Exiting your fully optimized e-commerce business can be life-changing.

Use these 4 tips to optimize before you exit:

1. Know what you are trying to accomplish with the money:

🗝️Buy a house?
🗝️Travel the world?
🗝️Spend more time with family?

That information is essential for knowing when you've reached your goal, and investors will also want to know.

2. Continually test different strategies from day 1:

🗝️Track your metrics and financials.
🗝️Test products, marketing, and pricing.
🗝️If you find something that is working well, double down on it.

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Pro Conversion Rate Optimization Tip (#CRO) for @Shopify Store Owners

Make sure you pay attention to where you experience a drop off (or improvement) after you make changes to your site, in order to improve conversion rates.

Here's how... 🧵
Let's say you raise your price or stop offering FREE SHIPPING in your banner.

Whatever it is, you'll want to pay attention to this section in your Analytics tab in @Shopify. 👇
Let's assume conversion rates go down.

Are fewer people adding products to their cart, are fewer reaching checkout, or are fewer completing their checkout?
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For the last 3 weeks, I didn't have any days off and usually got back home around midnight. The reason – a new #startup. It's tough, but it's fulfilling.

What is it like starting a fundraise when the market crashes and what mistakes I've made – read in a thread:
Being YC-alum with industry insights and a team behind me, I hugely underestimated how difficult it will be. It seems that everyone around raises money easily, others may tell you how easy it will be, but, in reality, it's never easy, man.
I had too much confidence in my connections and their power. What each friend can make, 3 intros? Should be enough to close a small round! In reality, it's 0.2, and more ghosting than intros.

(Appreciate all those who really tried to help 🙌 I value it more than ever)
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #dywidenda
Najnowszy raport z portfela dedykuję wszystkim nowym inwestorom, którzy dopiero zamierzają rozpocząć przygodę z rynkiem finansowym. Świadome decyzje, w oparciu o analizę rynku, zwiększają szanse na dobre efekty.🧵
Nie znajdziecie tu gotowych rozwiązań. Jeśli jednak zamierzacie zainwestować swoje środki z myślą o uzyskaniu tzw.wolności finansowej to obecna sytuacja powinna każdego mobilizować do gromadzenia:
▶️ środków
▶️ wiedzy
aby być gotowym do podjęcia deczyji.
Dodam też, że osobiście preferuję inwestycje długoterminowe, które powinny zyskiwać na jakości wraz z nabywanym przez nas doświadczeniem.
Przy okazji zachęcam abyście dali znać w komentarzach, jakiej wiedzy potrzebujecie na starcie.
#ike #inwestycje
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Taking keywords from "not ranking" to "page one ranking" in one shot is possible. I did this for a client last month with a few simple tricks. #seo #ecommerce
1/5 getting page 1 ranking in t...
First, I made sure the new vendor had its own collection page.

It's much cleaner to have a URL that reads:


than to have:


This also allows you to set a title and description.
I created an article that introduces the vendor: "We now sell vendor-name products!".

Introduce that vendor and why they're great. Link to the vendor page that was just created. List each product, write a short description, and link to the product pages individually.
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New article on #websites #classification discussing possible #taxonomy that can be used (IAB, Google, Facebook, etc.) as well as #machinelearning models:…

list of useful resources:
a new telegram channel where will post about #explainableai (#XAI for short):…
there are now many useful libraries available for doing #explainability of #AI models: SHAP, LIME, partial dependence plots PDP. And also the "classical" feature importance.
Our german blog on topic of website #categorizations:
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#raportzportfela #sezon2 #dywidenda
Dużo łatwiej jest pisać raport z portfela, gdy jest on na plusie, ale przecież my tu myślimy długoterminowo, wszakże jest to portfel dywidendowy :).
Tak więc niezależnie od nastrojów na #fintwit zaczynamy :)
Dla przypomnienia:
💫 saldo początkowe▶️19 472,33 pln
💫 suma dopłat w 2022 r.▶️ 17 766 pln
💫 rentowność w obecnym sezonie▶️-4,49%
💰 na rachunek wpłynęła pierwsza dywidenda od #rokita . Gotówka dostępna▶️272,75 pln.
#ike #ikze #dywidenda #akcje
Tabela z dywidendami. Od ostatniego tygodnia nic się nie zmieniło. Czekamy na informacje z kolejnych spółek. Zobaczymy, czy ktoś zdezerteruje czy jednak każda z wymienionych spółek podzieli się zyskiem.
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Top 5 eCommerce Trends for 2022 - Parag Pallav Talks…
1. Social commerce
#Socialcommerce is not a new trend. Business can take huge benefit from ecommerce growth using Social Media platforms

#ecommerce #business
2. Augmented experience
Many eCommerce companies are working hard toward developing AR-powered apps that can help customers try out products without actually visiting a store in person.

#AugmentedReality #MetaverseNFT
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Safcoin $SAFU is an exclusive African cryptocurrency that aims to make digital currency investment easy and understandable for everyone in Africa.

Safcoin is a native POW (Proof Of Work) crypto founded in South Africa 2018.
It runs on its own Mainnet blockchain with the first block mined on 12 December 2018.

It is referred as the PRIDE OF AFRICA.

It's the first local Cryptocurrency offered to the global market with a total supply of 10m and Circulating supply of 8.7m tokens.
By listing on HotBit, this gives international investors the opportunity to own a native African cryptocurrency that’s driven by a core purpose: to make investing in crypto easy, accessible, and understandable for everyone in Africa.
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We added a couple of articles on #machinelearning.
Content based #recommender using #python:…
Collaborative #filtering approach to #recommender based suggestions, again using #python and #matrixfactorization:…
a few useful links for website categorization:…
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It deals with specific #machinelearning problem, namely how to classify a given website into specific categories, also called #taxonomy.
the most common #taxonomies are those of IAB and Google Products Taxonomy. But there others, e.g. one from Facebook for products.
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An article about new #website #categorization service using #nlp approach and machine learning model:…
It offers both google products #taxonomy which is ideal for #ecommerce sector as well as the IAB taxonomy which is more commonly used for general website categorizations, e.g. for marketing.
Why need for categorizations in marketing? If an advertiser wants to publish ads on publishers websites, generally it wants to know in what kind of category are the publishers websites.
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Attending @D2C_summit was enlightening. Here's what I've gathered from talking and listening to folks there - 🧵
The addressable size of the market for eCommerce in India by 2025 is $100B+. Plenty of room to grow in this vertical.
A majority of brands have emerged in the last 3 to 4 years, fuelled by growth from the pandemic and the need for mass customization.
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Companies invest a lot in analytics - but are these investments valuable?

@IsraeliAyelet and I studied ~1,500 online retailers and found that using a descriptive dashboard increased their weekly revenues by 4%-10%.

#MarTech #BigData #Analytics #ecommerce #DataScience SynthDiD estimate of ATT of adopting analytics dashboard by
The paper is forthcoming in Marketing Science and is available at….

(Ungated version at…)


We used data from over 1,500 small and medium ecommerce global sellers (with mostly Shopify stores) with average monthly revenues of ~$60K.

Every retailer adopted an analytics dashboard that displayed KPIs such as weekly sales, avg basket size, conversion rate etc.

>> Summary statistics of over 1500 retailers who adopted the an
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Internal Search is a powerful tool for both users and #SEO professionals, especially for large #ecommerce sites.

(P.S. It is also one of our favorite keyword data sources)

Unleash the Power of Internal Site Search for Better UX & Conversions with these 5 Tips🧵
✔️Tip 1: Check for Content Topics that users are searching for (a lot) but you don’t have a specific Landing Page for. This can improve UX and your chances to rank with that page on Google Search.
Bonus: Blend your internal searches with your search console data to find if there are quality and high-volume searches that have little to no organic clicks.
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A lot is going on behind the scenes of @googleanalytics 4, especially related to #audiences & #segments. You need to read this if you are running an #ecommerce store 🙌:
#GoogleAnalytics 4 is filled with features that could help you identify segments of users, which could help you refine your strategies and how you use your #marketing budget. Let's learn how to do it!👇🧵
You can create detailed audiences, like:
* Users who reached to your store from a #blogpost and watched a video but didn’t make a purchase🛒,
* Users who spent a minimum of 3 minutes on three different products pages but didn’t make a #purchase 🛍️,
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#AfricaTech #Reflections: Where we might go from here?
2021 gave us many reasons to celebrate. More startups. More money. More deals. More global and local investors. Feels like the stage is set. But is it? And even if yes, what can we expect?
Few pre-weekend thoughts - long 🧵👇
1/ Reading this great piece from @fcollective – was a good reminder of value creation and the fact it is measured over time and not just on the first fundraising rounds.
2/ A giant drop in public markets tech multiples across the board + eye-watering pre-seed & seed valuations – are a reason to stop & think.
Is this a sustainable track and the best way to embark in '22 onwards?
Or are there frameworks to help #AfricaTech grow healthier & better?
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