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All of you #recruiting #fullstack developers, or calling yourselves #fullstack #software #developers, this is the stack. I call #shenanigans.
#UI & #UX
WAF and client-side #security
Client-facing #performancetesting
Caching & #CDN
Identity management
#Database access patterns
Build servers (#Jenkins)
Source code management
Deployment methodologies
Infrastructure Security
Concurrent programming
Backend performance testing
Storage subsystems
Messaging subsytems
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I have an ‘ad free’ subscription with @WIRED but that does not mean its free of tracking & ad-related surveillance… Such a failure.
@WIRED Ad-free. But not tracking free. I downloaded the data into a CSV file.

See next tweet
@WIRED A quick video of the data. That’s a LOT of tracking for an ‘ad-free’ experience.

Wired. A veriable nest of #DataVampires
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Wondering ... do you have an example of something product development related where you actually “changed” your mindset and/or perspective? What was the catalyst? #proddev #ux #design #agile
Reading @DReinertsen certainly gave form/fuel to hunches, and helped me think more in terms of first principles ... but I’m not sure I “changed”. I could be wrong.
I could intellectualize how mobbing might work. But probably didn’t believe it / feel it until I saw it happen.
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Fascinating q on an @Amplitude_HQ office-hours call today:

"At what stage is it important to worry about measurement?"

Specifically, they were asking about making information accessible & usable to/for front-line product development teams. So...(1/5) #prodmgmt #ux #design
My answer was that anytime you're making decisions under conditions of uncertainty ... it will probably help to have trustworthy/usable data. Imagine a team making 10-15 major decisions each year, each driving 10-15 medium decisions, each driving 10-15 small decisions..(2/5)
That is 3375 decisions driving 16,640hrs of team hours. I saw @gibsonbiddle give a talk recently about a string of decisions at @netflix ... and the punchline is that it took a couple tries. No one is perfect. So...(3/5)
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Ah. @FiveGuys
When are y’all going to get better at managing expectations? It’s key to #ux.

I pre-ordered. App said ready in 8 min. I went inside at 9 minutes. It’s now been 15 minutes. The order being packed is not mine.
#lynnwood on 99
Wait. Orderd placed AFTER MINE are being filled.
Burgers had to wait on fries.
Order took 20 minutes.
App said 8 minutes.
That’s really poor expectation-setting. It’s one reason we rarely come here anymore.
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Looking for definitive best practices for #semanticHTML structure so that #accessible technologies like voice readers do the best job possible on complex web pages.

Help? @mattmay @jmspool @MrAlanCooper
#ux #webdesign
Specifically, sections:
- nesting - yes/no (it feels too much like nested tables to me - does it trip up screen readers?)
- use H2 instead of H1 (despite multiple H1s being "ok")?
- when/where/how to use ARIA role=heading for divs?
HTML structure is high level, few.
Content types, granular, many.

Have found (in no particular order)

* Semantics and Accessibility: Heading Structure


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0/ A scorching hot start to the week here in crypto land!

To help you stay on top of it all, I've put together a 23-part thread on what went down on Monday in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem.
1/ 📣 @Blockstream unveiled “MuSig” to its test cryptographic library, making it possible for devs to tinker with the Schnorr signature scheme and potentially find bugs. Hopes the code "will eventually be merged into the upstream library secp256k1 used by Bitcoin Core."
2/ 🤑 Tokyo-headquartered Recruit Co., Ltd. - an intermediate holding company of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. - announced its investment in @BeamPrivacy [ $BEAM ] via its #blockchain-focused fund RSP Blockchain Tech Fund.…
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1. It’s a privilege to be a designer, but it comes with a burden. We will always be explaining what we do and what it means. We could choose to be a lawyer or a plumber where no explanation is necessary, but we don’t. Why? Because we know #design is special.
2. When someone is baffled by “what design is” ask them what car they drive and WHY, or what clothes or shoes they choose. Or their favorite software or phone. Then say “a designer designed the thing you love, and that is what I do."
3. It doesn’t take much creative energy to explain #design or #ux and to be an ambassador of the craft, instead of complaining about their ignorance, passively, after they walk away. And when you do it you’ll be paving the way for the next designer they meet at a party. /fin
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As designers we need to help develop the voices of underrepresented groups, women, & POC. The quality and the richness of ideas will be broader. Events will reflect the reality of our diverse society. #DiversityandInclusion #speaking #ux #design…
Looking to hire or bring great speakers to your event?
Here are some great resources:
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👋 I started a 9-week coding bootcamp mid-Jan. Learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES2015,
SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Ruby on Rails 🖥️🔰 . I'll document the rest of the program. Let's start with day 14 right now 😊:
cc @dizzda @kytwb @UX_hugo @pascualin
Day 1-13 recap: set up with the Terminal, Git, then 6 days on Ruby with arrays, iterators, blocks, hash, symbols, regex, parsing (scraping was fun!). Last 6 days the focus was on Object Oriented Programming: classes and instances, inheritance, self 🏃
☔Day 14. Started with Database & SQL 🥞

➡️drew DB Schema (mind maps for databases)
➡️ran a ton of queries thru patients' lists, playlists & songs, incl. Eric Clapton's 🎸
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So, this is an important thing to grasp as #ux attempting to work on an "#agile" team (and explains why sprints feel too short). Chance are the team is doing scrumfall (right), and not thinking in terms of repeatedly revisiting the "design" in thin slices(left) ... (1/3)
...OR the team is doing a single "thin slice" and then being asked to move on (the ole MVP bait and switch). Of course, if either is happening, you'll naturally (and rightfully) rebel. With a story map (thanks @jeffpatton ) you'll be able to think about the big picture... (2/3)
...#ux has always been comfortable thinking in terms of increasing fidelity. The trouble has been that "shipping" = "done". With a story map, you can combat that by making sure each increment = valuable AND having an opportunity to improve/tweak (3/3)
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2019 c'est d'abord notre anniversaire. 10 ans d'innovations aux côtés de nos clients.

Pour l'occasion on voulait prendre le temps de vous parler aujourd'hui avec nos 3 cofondateurs pour cette #DYDUKN19

C'est parti !
2018 a été un très belle année pour #dydu :

📈 Croissance à 2 chiffres
🗣 600M+ de conversations automatisées
📝 120 clients dans 16 pays en 10 langues
🛠 190 projets
👫 52 collaborateurs
🏆 6 awards

Au delà de ces beaux chiffres, #dydu c'est une belle aventure entreprenariale, à taille humaine mais avec de grandes ambitions

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Nem sei se tenho seguidores o suficiente pra brincar disso, mas vamos lá...

1 like = alguma coisa que aprendi ou curiosidade sobre design / UX design

#ux #uxdesign #design
1 É mto importante entender como uma empresa se organiza. O resultado de um design ñ é apenas as decisões feitas pelo designer. A maneira com que as pessoas se relacionam, com que os não-designers priorizam coisas e até as decisões que ñ são tomadas influenciam no design e na UX
2 PO, PM, Devs, Clientes... essas pessoas ñ são inimigas do designer nem querem piorar a qualidade do design. Troque ideias com essa galera e faça delas seu aliado. Todas essas pessoas querem o melhor resultado possível. Entender as expectativas dos stakeholders também é design.
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It's time for my 2018 #design recap! Less writing, more @ideaplatz speaking and podcasts, and a job transition to boot. I expanded my public talks to include not just VUI but conversational UI, artificial intelligence, and improv for creativity. Here's my year... 1/
My first 2018 post was aimed at #VUI #design job seekers. Rather than reply to a series of 1:1 inquiries, I look for patterns to inspire published pieces. A VERY common question: "Any tips for my Amazon/Google/etc voice design interview?" #voiceFirst… 2/
In February 2018, I had the honor (+challenge!) of following @MrAlanCooper on the #Ixd18 mainstage. In my early days on the #EchoLook, I daydreamed about speaking to @ixdconf attendees about that product #design process. A literal #ux dream come true. 3/
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OK, I get it. You created a search results page using the latest single page app hotness. But here's the deal. When I click on one of the items to see its details and then go back to the search results page, here's what I expect:
1. You need to remember the change that I made to the "number of items per page" dropdown. If you don't, I was on page 1 of 2, and now I'm on page who knows what of who knows how many.
2. You need to remember the filters I had applied. Because I explicitly said I wanted French door refrigerators only, and now you're showing me mini-fridges and fridge only and side by side models and now I'm angry at you because I HATE our current side by side with a passion.
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Must be something in the (thread)

If an org has a coherent model for value creation, a way to address uncertainty & assumptions, an actual strategy, and all of that has been communicated/processed...then OKRs are easy/an afterthought (1/4)
#prodmgmt #ux #design
The problem is when OKRs become “the thing”....overloaded to try to do all of the jobs above and more (performance management, even). They are not fit-for-purpose for these jobs, and pretending that they are can be damaging to the team. (2/4)
A big problem is uncertainty. I can give you an OKR for carrying bricks across my parking lot. Or increasing avg shopping cart $ size.

Many prod dev efforts aren’t that neat and tidy. OKRs are context-less. There’s not a one-pager attached to an OKR (most of the time) (3/4)
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here's a little thread on roadmaps and roadmapping

1/8 Roadmaps are almost *never* enough as standalone artifacts. There is no possible way one "thing" can communicate so much nuance: assumptions, risk, vision, "the bet", nesting, etc. #prodmgmt #UX #design #Lean
2/8 The need for a "solid roadmap that everyone understands" (without additional conversation/context) is a race to the bottom on some level. You'll succeed, but almost by definition everyone will be missing *something*.
3/8 PMs know this...go low level, people will ask you to go high. Go high, they say get more specific. Get solution based, people will ask for "the problem". The problem... "we need specificity". It is a never ending cycle.
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0/ A plethora of #crypto- and #blockchain-related events happening within the past 24 hours!

Below, a thread I've put together to help you keep track of it all. May it serve you well.
1/ 🌉 @POANetwork [ $POA ] announced the ERC20-to-ERC20 TokenBridge!

Now, projects can leverage separate #Ethereum-based networks to communicate with one another through the transformation of #ERC20 tokens. #Blockchain interoperability growing strong!…
2/ 🚢 The @EthexMarket team shipped its Ethex Trade Wallet, a unique native mobile #dApp that features hassle-free #ether and #ERC20 token trading. Compliments their existing #Ethex browser dApp nicely!…
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Some quick tips for guiding your team to be more outcome focused.

1. Use the language of missions, bets, outcomes, etc. *alongside* whatever ppl are currently used to (output, dates, features, etc.). A trojan horse! No one will stop you. #proddev #ux #design
2. Periodically review outcomes...even for more prescriptive bits of work. Once a month is good. Invite everyone + tell good stories. Admit failures! No one will stop you. #proddev #ux #design
3. Very subtle...but use the statement order "Trying to [Outcome or bet] by [some intervention]". Keep hammering home the expected outcome. It'll start to stick. And ppl will realize the intervention is secondary. #proddev #ux #design
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Here's my latest talk - Design & Power: A Political Playbook for Creative Leaders - thanks @ldconf & @clearleft (link to slides in next tweet) #design #ux
A blind spot for designers and is overestimating the value of HCI knowledge. In any organization, it's mastery of skills in HHI (Human to human) and HGI (Human to Group) interaction that defines how effective you will be.
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Here’s a little thread about “feature factories” and what I’ve learned since writing about FFs a couple years ago.

At the end of the day it is about a *genuine sense of impact*. Problem solvers need that. It’s in our blood... (1/9) #design #ux #prodmgmt #agile
When you start out, getting something/anything into prod feels like a win. And it is! But with time that novelty begins to fade. You realize that anything in prod that doesn’t add some high multiple of value is just dead-weight (psychically, and operationally) (2/9)
You also become more tuned into success theater, which is like kryptonite to puzzle solvers. It feels dirty and wrong. It feels insincere (3/9)
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Kicking off day 1 of #ODSCWest. I'll be tweeting through the next few days and pinging #GCDigital folks for interest or potential follow-up. #opensource #DataScience #openeducation @School_GC
First up: @asuonline will be hosting an educational analytics conference in March 2019 focusing on what we can learn from learner data and how to structure learning to better meet learner needs. #ODSCWest
#AI differential - being able to tailor products to specific users == better able to predict value to and from users. E.g. cost to deliver value to user vs. cost to company to deliver that value. Allows ruthless competitive focus - @DataRobot #ODSCWest
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Happy Friday! Let's walk through a fun #CX comparison that my Friend just experienced. (Photos are from her and used w/ permission.) Thread:

Friend got her first puppy (Millie) and is doing a great job learning how to take care of Millie's needs.
She signed up for BarkBox, and the first one arrived while Millie was teething and really uncomfortable. One of the toys in the box totally saved Friend's life - Millie loves it and won't put it down and is feeling much better with it.
Friend was so impressed with BarkBox's selection and care, that she messaged them.

They offered live chat, but also a text service - thoughtful, since we all have our phones on our persons 24/7.

So she texted:
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A thread for the "#software is not political" crowd. Whether you like it or not, all software is political because technology AFFECTS PEOPLE. If you came to #tech thinking you'd escape having to think about people, #politics, and society - you were mistaken. I'll show you why...
Before we start, remember this as you read. Just because YOU think the answer to any of these issues is clear-cut, it doesn't mean that issue is not political.

There are people who take the OPPOSITE position with just as much conviction, and they think it's clear-cut too.
Also - as an engineer, a developer or designer - if you choose to ignore the political and societal implications of your #technology, YOU HAVE MADE A POLITICAL CHOICE.
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