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When building a product, remember not all of your users are experts in the domain, but that opens up a golden opportunity for you /1🧵
It’s important to gauge the level of competence in the domain with the users, especially if you’re an expert in the area /2
People buy products because it fulfills a job-to-be-done, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows *how* to do that job. /3
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If you want to get FREE UI Kits and Design Inspiration For Front-End Developers, read this 👇
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Curated free design resources to energize your creative workflow.…
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I was watching the Personalization versus Customization video on the Nielsen Norman Group YouTube channel (). Looking from the lens of social psychology, I think a video on Personalization versus Comparison (Comparative Personalization) would sketch
the future roadmap of digital communication design. This is because I've been thinking about the many ways personalization can be taken advantage of socio-politically at a global level while watching the video 'How short-form video is rotting your brain?'
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¿Mal performance en tu #webapp o #paginaweb?

13 tips rápidos, fáciles y accionables para mejorar el #webperf

❤️ RT para repartir amor!

🧵 HILO Image
📊 Lo que no se mide no lo puedes arreglar.

Tienes que medir la performance de tu website.

Mis tools favoritas:

@pingdom Speed Test

Usa las recomendaciones en los resultados para mejorar.
🌄 Imágenes 1

Usa el tamaño correcto, si tienes que mostrar la imagen en 300px de width no metas una imagen de 5000px que pesa 5mb te afecta la performance.
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OK kids, #UX story time ;-)

I was in a meeting once where there was a religious argument between groups of developers, database folks, product owners and executive managers.

The topic: why a certain report screen was taking so long to load.

It was a report clients were asking for; they log in, enter their credentials, enter a date range, set some filters — and then the system would literally take up to three full minutes to fully load the report.

You literally got a blank screen for several minutes.

The database folks are barking: "our infrastructure prevents us from doing this any other way, dev needs to do things differently." #Developers fire back: "it's a needlessly complex data structure." #UX folks are angry with both groups: "we TOLD you this would happen."

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A significantly large number of companies and organizations share three specific traits when it comes to #UX improvement and #ProductDesign in general:

1 - They don’t really know what their users or customers actually want.

2 - They’re under the mistaken assumption that surveys or their NPS scores tell them what the value of their product/service is to those users.

3 - They’re not willing to allow you to talk to those users to find out what they actually need or hope to accomplish.

I get enough emails and DMs every day to tell me that this is reality for most of you. And the question folks ask me is always the same:

What the hell do I DO?

My answer tends to ruffle some feathers, but here it is.

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Are you a PhD who is curious about #altac jobs but doesn't want to go into big tech?

Here are 5 places to find diverse jobs in mission-oriented organizations 👇🏼
The Social Impact Job Board posts a variety of jobs that are with social impact oriented companies and organizations.

Bonus: salary transparency is required for every job posted!…
Interested in working for think tanks?

The @onthinktanks has a job board for you filled with think tank jobs!
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Them: "We never have enough time to do proper user interviews."

Me: "How much time do you have?"

Them: "a week."

Me: "Let me tell you a story..."

And the story, #UX and #design friends, goes like this:

I was consulting with an organization, whose team needed to do some research; interviews specifically. They said "well, we have 24 hours based on our schedule…but we have to get to this other work to make deadline and right now it's all hands on deck."

So the team can't spare the manpower or the people and there were lots of reasons why that date couldn't move. In the end, we got eight hours.

Eight hours to talk to users and get some sense of what's going on here.

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Why does the Government of India, Twitter or broadband service providers censor searchable adult content on Twitter like searching hashtag “Allie Haze”? @Twitter #adultcontent #porn #censorship #internet #sex #broadband @JioCare #jiofiber @internetfreedom Image
@Twitter @JioCare @internetfreedom Why does the Government of India, Twitter, or broadband service providers censor searchable adult content on Twitter like searching hashtag “Allie Haze”? Is it by court order? @PMOIndia @JioCare @internetfreedom @TwitterSupport @barandbench
@Twitter @JioCare @internetfreedom @PMOIndia @TwitterSupport @barandbench Did I miss something related to the twitter adult content censorship circular from the Government of India or the Court? @IndianExpress…
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Fil 2/4:
Pour ma part j'ai surtout travaillé sur les piliers & mécaniques du jeu (explorer, construire, combattre) & sur Save the World qui est coop (& payant jusqu’à récemment). J’ai quitté Epic en oct 2017, un mois après la sortie de BR et avant l’établissement des “saisons”.
.@fabienolicard dit ensuite que l’excitation de gagner une partie active le système de récompense dans le cerveau et libère de la dopamine, “l’hormone du plaisir”. Mythe que l’on entend beaucoup en ce moment, parfaitement débunké par @JeremieNaudeFR ici :
“En réalité, ce qui fait le côté vraiment addictif de Fortnite, c’est la dimension sociale du jeu”, nous dit @fabienolicard. Je dirais que c’est ce qui fait une partie de son succès, vu que l’affiliation est un besoin essentiel de l’être humain. Mais ...
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We have integrated the Core Wallet to the Moremoney App.

Our experience evaluating this wallet and why we think it matters. A short 🧵👇
1/ Onboarding the Public - The #blockchain space needs great #UX to onboard the population at large.

Currently, the default wallet options are functional, but will not get us there. Something completely new is needed.
2/ Subnets - This revolutionary architecture will require new tools. If Ava Labs does not create them, then who will.

The Core App is designed to work with the #subnet architecture, and should eventually make transactions between subnets and the main chain feel seamless.
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🧵User frustrations in 2022. Just a few frustrating design patterns that we should be avoiding when designing today:

– Tiny scrollable panes.
– Tiny click targets.
– Unexpected content shifts.
– Mega-menus opening on hover.
– Country selector dropdown.
– Generic error messages. Image
– Unsupported “Back” button.
– Disabled “Next” buttons.
– Filters freezing UI on every selection.
– Tooltips that cover user input.
– No text input fallback in sliders.
– Too restrictive password requirements.
– Inline validation kicking in too early.
– Birthday picker, starting 2021.
– Scrolljacking and parallax.
– The fun of identifying buses, crosswalks and fire hydrants. #ux
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"#Collectibles market size was estimated at $402B in 2021 and is expected to cross $1T by 2032." -@MarketDecipher

@AmericanaNFT provides an ecosystem for #artists & #creators to interact with #collectors who can then engage with producers and consumers alike.

1/14 🧵
2/@NFTerps, @dozaster, @NPecor, and @musicalnetta of @AmericanaNFT shared insights and alpha around the future of physical collectibles in a digital world at #NFTNYC2022

Vibe? "Buy shit you love."

What is Americana? Let’s peel the🧅
3/Stripping away digital art and using #NFTs for their core value - digital #provenance, #proofofownership & proof of origin. 📜

How does this improve physical collecting?
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The MB #EQS with its #Hyperscreen has really decent info distribution & #IA, but the touch targets are too small and the capacitive steering wheel buttons require lots of visual, manual, and cognitive load to operate! #humanfactors #UX #IxD
The charging #UI is also very well-designed, but again... input could be better. There are better ways to input time.
And reachability sucks, which doesn't come as a surprise. BMW seems to have tried to mitigate similar reachability issues by shifting menus left toward the driver (basically pogosticking), but that inhibits overview and adds cog load instead.
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Edge browser, a @Microsoft browser has an edge over other browsers in terms of UX.
(pun intended)
Don't believe me ? Check now 😎
A 🧵on some of the best MS Edge features that I liked.

#tech #Browser #ux #web
Have you met Edge ? 😎
Let me first introduce you to Edge, a chromium based web browser by @Microsoft.
First Stable Release: January 15, 2020
Released a lot of good features that not only add to good user experience but also saves background memory consumption while browsing.
Feature 1 🧠
Save your memory while browsing effectively!
Sleeping tabs is a feature which puts inactive tabs to sleep when turned on in the settings. This saves memory.

Bonus: Use extension Auto Tab Discard for enhanced memory savings. Check here: Go to Settings -> Click on System & Preferences -> Scroll to
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Hey, designers and developers, does anyone use fractional font sizes in your designs?

No? Read further to know how one simple trick can make your text look sharper, help with paddings, and perhaps even become an essential part of your design system.

#ui #ux #uiux #typography Image
First of all, why do we even use whole numbers, like 14 or 16px, for font sizes?

Because it’s comfy! We’re humans, and our brains tend to stick with simple round numbers.
However, the problem is that, in terms of real pixels, the actual visible size of the character doesn’t match the given font size value, and in most cases, this visible size doesn’t match the pixel grid.

So we end up with a text which is blurry at the top. Image
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I will be 54 this year. I have helped product design and development teams and individuals in startups, mid sized orgs and global Fortune 100 orgs in 23 U.S. states and six countries in almost every industry you can think of for thirty (30) years.

And across that span and across all those companies and industries, I have seen the same patterns and the same situations over and over and over again when it comes to the power, autonomy and authority far too many people assume #UX and #UI Designers have.

The common thread over every experience across that time is that the majority of organizations still operate in command-and-control fashion when it comes to Design + UX.

The marginalization, devaluing + disempowering of UX and Design folks isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

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Und los geht's!
Wie kann man #Energieeffizienz
#numerisch abbilden?
#grafisch aufarbeiten?
#nutzbar machen?
Pro #Handlungsregulation & #EcoDriving-Fahrstil
Pro Energieeffizienz & Reichweite
von #Elektroautos
Die Untersuchung von Metriken & Visualisierung 🥰
Ich bin wirklich sehr in #AMORi mit dieser Bachelorarbeit @UniLuebeck! 🥰
Als hätte jemand
einfach mal nebenbei
die analytische Vorarbeit
für unser @dfg_public-Projekt mit Start ab 1. August
aus dem Handgelenk geschüttel.
Ich. Bin. Wirklich. Extrem. Geflasht. 🤯🤓
@UniLuebeck @dfg_public Schon die #Manövererkennung in unserem #Fahrsimulator mit (@beamng) macht mich total fertig.
Das ist SO gut!
Und dann auch noch die #Laufzeitenanalyse für die Live-Berechnungen der Metriken.
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Dernière conf de la première journée #AgiLille sur la satisfaction client avec Adrien Vanderpol.
Le "client" normalement c’est celui qui va vous payer. Mais quand on parle de "satisfaction" ça brouille un peu les pistes. Orientez-vous vers les personnes les + à même de vous donner du feedback sur votre produit. #AgiLille
La satisfaction est extrêmement subjective et ses critères, pas forcément clairs pour l’utilisateur lui-même.
La satisfaction est également relative: les besoins peuvent varier en fonction du contexte, de facteurs extrinsèques.
Elle a aussi un caractère évolutif.

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Fantastic SEO:
Knowing that boilerplate nav yields some SEO value,
but is mainly for UX/CRO,
and putting links in the content of main nav pages,
to pass values - and - drive internal traffic and aid business goals (such as views/signups/conversions etc.)

Now, I get that it may seem a little backwards ...
> it's an "SEO tweet"
> talking about "Internal Links"
> but basically saying "try doing something else".

Site-wide/common links seem to pass less value.
(So though that link may be on 100 pages, it's not worth 100 links).
Further, as we understand it,
the value passed through a link may be influenced by the number of links on the page ((overly) simplified: more links, less value per link).

Adding more links across all/most pages,
may reduce the value given to other pages.
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Loading animations don’t have to be boring—even if they only sometimes appear, and for less than a few seconds. Adding delight might be that special spice that takes your #UX to the next level

Here’s a subtle skeleton of the rows we’re loading, built with @MUI_hq in React
@MUI_hq And it looks fantastic in dark mode too:
@MUI_hq Check it out on the live playground of @rowyio
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Hace unos días me preguntaron acerca del diseño de dashboards UX y eso me llevó a revisar algunos recursos que me parece interesante compartir. Vamos con ello 👇🏻
2/13 En primer lugar, aunque todo lo que tiene que ver con el contenido es muy importante, cuando estamos hablando de diseñar dashboards con un alto componente de #UX en mente, no deberíamos dejar para más adelante lo que tiene que ver con la estética.
3/13 Eso me recuerda recurso muy interesante si queremos empaparnos de modelos de panel de control con una calidad visual. Pero antes es bueno recordar qué tipos de dashboard nos podemos encontrar:
🔸 Dashboards operacionales
🔸 Dashboards estratégicos
🔸 Dashboards analíticos
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J'ai reçu mes codes d'activation de ma smartcard @luxtrust. Du coup je tente l'activation.

Sans surprise aucune, cela ne fonctionne pas hein 😂

Le "middleware" ne reconnait même pas la carte luxtrust
Franchement c'est top 👍

Après avoir requis une signature manuscrite du PDG du groupe parce que "on accepte pas la signature électronique", on est vraiment sur une expérience client #UX #CX au top du top.

On est à quoi? J+ 3 semaines après la commande ...
Les logfiles sont sympa aussi accessoirement.
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1) Welcome to #Futureverse, the culmination of 5 years of strategy, research and the development of the foundation for a scalable #OpenMetaverse infrastructure with world-class content and community at its core.

Step into the future at

2) The #metaverse represents a potentially limitless digital future, where much of what we love will reside. But, with a handful of companies monopolizing our current #Web2 experience, the threat of corporate control of #Web3 is ever-present.

Enter the #OpenMetaverse 👇
3) The #OpenMetaverse is the next evolution of the internet and digital economy: decentralized, trustless, community-owned and secure, where boundless immersion meets autonomy and ownership.

But this digital utopia can’t exist without an unshakeable foundation…👇
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