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Good morning sports fans it's day two of the #cpc18. I'm not there yet, but my coverage is starting early thanks to internet feelers I put out yesterday. I'm hearing that axing supply management has been scheduled as the last policy vote in it's session.
And that because it's the last vote in the session party members are going to try and run the clock on the policy session so it never comes to a vote, and therefore is shot down without being explicitly voted against.
I'll try and chase that down once I'm actually there.
The party is currently voting on party constitutional stuff.
The coffee at the convention is not free now for attendees, it's $3.50. Support local small businesses in the area that have cheaper and better coffee.
$3.50 is a lot for bean water no matter how good.
But the coffee here is not good.
This is the stuff that they are voting on now.…
I'll get a summary later on in the day. Covering this stuff is very slow moving and has the word "grassroots" in far to much use.
Instead I'll continue to cover more important issues like the coffee beat.
Also its super cruel that all of this dry policy stuff is super early in the morning. Everyone's hung over, if they are awake. Don't believe me? Check out yesterday's thread, how much booze was in it?
All parties do it too, this is not just a CPC thing.
It took me too long to realize that these voting cards are double sided and people weren't holding up the wrong ones.
Also $3 for a banana. This convention does not know the value of a dollar.
Or the value of a banana.
Seriously if you're at #cpc18 good coffee is right there at @lefrenchfix
People are saying that Facebook is here because it's subverting democracy. I'm not convinced that its not just because... uh... the CPC is not known to... uh... appeal to the young.
"If a guy is on cocaine you gotta choke him out for seven seconds"
Line up for the urinals only at sporting events and cpc conventions.
Big thanks to @shortpantspod 's for setting up and allowing me to interview half of them.
There are 100x more cowboy hats here today than yesterday.
Doing long interviews really cuts into live tweeting about coffee... err the Conservative convention.
Although I did talk to the folks who are agitiating within the party to have no more supply management as a policy.
The supply management policy is the last on the docket due to the number of votes it received on Ideas lab (online policy proposal portal where EDAs vote on which policies should be voted on at convention).
Now the rules that the CPC follow state that all policy proposals MUST be considered by delegates.
Which means that if the CPC does try and run the clock out on the session (speaking times have been upped to 1 minute from 30 seconds for example)
Then they would be in violation of the rules. At which point things will pop off, procedurally speaking. And there may be a (procedural) riot thrown by those who are lobbying to get supply management axed.
Since this was a huge talking point for Mad Max if the CPC votes against it offically the 20% that voted for him in the leadership race could jump ship.
This seems to be the most important policy vote as an indication of if the right will split or not.
And now lunch
Halifax on a Friday ndb
Unrelated but a friend just sent me this and I really enjoyed it.
Policy debates are happening now.
I'm hanging out in the social policies one. I'm here to find out if the CPC membership will vote to say that cells are more important than women.
People are literally being turned away because the room is at capacity.
A source is telling me that people can't vote if they don't have a seat in the ecomomic session.
Need French slides.
Policies are here:…
Count on Policy B-1 faith based providers being able to not provide palliative care
Its going to be tight it looks like.
If you see a picture from me during a vote it is the opposite of what the card says, since I'm at the back.
Protecting an unborn child motion starting off debate now. First speaker kicks off with some fallacies.
MP speaking on behalf this. Missed her name
Source says standing votes allowed for other policies besides supply managment, but not SM. They are getting more chairs.
So far, no men have spoken thankfully. A Woman just said law exists to protect the weak. Which means she thinks that fetusus are weak, women are not. So that's something.
Results for 1 just came in. Faith based institutions can deny Palliative care.
Eyeball count says pro-choice wins.
Policy saying children born alive should get health care. I'm sure the NICU here would be surprised that the CPC is voting for their existence.
Oh okay. I get this policy. The parents should decide if DNR should be applied. This makes more sense.
If a child will only live for a couple weeks this policy says that they MUST be kept alive.
This now makes less sense as a policy. Doctor is speaking very strongly against this. Will they listen to him?
Not opposed to the spirit of it, opposed to the wording.
It's gonna pass.
The guys behind me "this should never have made it to a vote."
They are gonna get hammered on this during the election.
Pro-choice wins by 60%
People get abortions to use embryos for science? What!?
This debate is wild.
Sorry if this thread is confusing, results are not right after the debate.
Non voting members are being asked to leave, will they ask me to?
Passed #3 children MUST be saved, even if their long term life is not viable. They ignored the doctor.
This room is very sweaty.
Motion 5, victims rights being voted on. Motion 4 failed.
6: Increasing tax incentives for adoption debating now
Speaker saying CPC is often criticized as campaigning against abortion and not caring about the child afterward. Policy to promote adoption is necessary if they want to be against abortion as party.
5: passed. 6 being voted on. Up next de-regulating abortion. Which I can only assume, if it passes, will go as well as de-regulating the banks did in 2007.
Deregulation of abortion = freedom and democracy. Old ladies beside me went nuts.
This woman is speaking truth about the dangers of deregulation, she is being booed.
And heckled.
Non voting delegates leaving, I am staying.
Sounds like deregulation motion will pass because people can't come in to vote because of fire code.
Speaker is saying this motion if passed will garner negative press. My man, the fact that this debate is happening is already getting you negative press.
6: fails.
abortions will be deregulated according to my eyeball count.
To clarify, passing here is not the final step. There is still another vote tomorrow.
There might be fights at the door.
I missed this motion. @DarylJGonsalves told me there's free cookies in the economics breakout session.
Blame him. (but don't really)
Its a vote on foreign money in Canadian elections.
411 for:87 against. Its like 2007 for fetuses up in hurr.
This is not a good look for the CPC.
This motion is about the check box values test thing.
They say it goes against the charter, and I think in my limiter knowledge they are right. I find the selective application of charter rights in policy proposals fascinating.
I'm really flattered by y'all recommending my coverage to your friends.
No support for convicted terrorists. Speaker raises a good point. If I'm imprisoned by NK and convicted as terrorism this means the govt cant help me. This is clearly a reaction to a million dollar settlement, but the wording is to strict.
Motion 10, the terrorist one, voting now.
Motion 9 passes. No check box for gov't funding makes it to the next round.
Motion 11: Justifying lethal force to defend property.
Man we didn't even that complete of a rules of engagement for property in the military. But sure, giving civilians that power will go great.
Nah it will die here. I feel safer.
Animal farm reference. I'm dying.
Terrorist motion failed.
It looks like @Justin_Ling is in the ecomics one where supply management will go down if thats your bag.
Honestly. As a 10 year veteran of the RCN, please fucking stop saying we, as a whole, put our lives on the line for Christian values. Some do, some don't. And we can't speak up while we're in uniform. If you want to politicize us, buy us better ships.
Its time for Youth in Asia. I may have misread the title.
@Justin_Ling is not infact in the economy one. Sorry for the false alarm.
This euthanasia motion is about minors, mental health and incapacitated.
Its kind of redundant to their existing policies. Just adding more explicitly things they won't support, not already covered by "any"
I'm not sure what motion 14 is actually doing policy/legally wise. It just is, dare I say it, virtue signalling.
Oh this guy just pointed out that it would mean parents would not have to vaccinate.
Looks like it'll die.
Motion 13 passes. Opposing any euthenasia policies now officially includes opposing extensions to youth, etc
M15: Palliative care needs to be robustly funded and include euthenasia. If this also passes it'll be interesting.
Euthenasia is not safe? Like obviously? That's the point?
M15: Gonna be euthanized according to my eyeball count.
M14 lives. No vaccines for you. M15 dies. Live with your crippling diseases.
Compelled speech is being debated. Orwell is referenced.
This will pass. No one can be compelled to use pronouns that are made up. Which I assume we can stop being forced to use people's names. Which are explicitly made up pronouns.
Eugenics! I did not see this coming because I don't read ahead. Its more fun this way.
The doctor is back saying if you don't want abortions they need to kill this policy.
Might not have been the doctor, he sounded the same but There's a massive pillar in the way.
This is a club, when the party needs a scalpel.
If this is something the party wants that is.
Social conservatives out in force.
Eyeball poll says pass.
Compelled speech! No more names.
M17: Don't lose your firearms for administration like delayed renewal. Why not? They towed my car when my plates were expired.
This guy is doing a deep dive on history or firearms to make a point. Good luck you only got a minute my dude.
Hey! he did it. Kudos. eyeball poll says firearms lobby not as in force as the social conservatives.
Same woman who spoke against the first terrorist ammendment spoke against terrorist ammendment 2.0
Too vague would be my critique. And the critique of the majority. M18: Died.
M19, also dead.
M20: workers being allowed to opt out of unions. The lady beside me does not agree with it.
M21 is saying that porn is a public health risk. If only there was some type of comprehensive eduction system that could educate children about the dangers.
42 million porn sites? Is that all?
Is the logical extenstion of this policy policing the internet? That historically gone well.
The old lady beside me just made a sex joke.
Time to regulate the internet!
More palliative care.
So this is no Euthenasia in palliative care centres. This current speaker is saying just let the provinces deal with it.
I'm having way more fun with this than I should.
God I love policy debates.
Bleh I forgot how bad the coffee was here.
This guy is using evidence. Get out of here guy.
That was mean, he was making very good points. He looked to be 20. If he's the future of the CPC the Liberals are in trouble.
M22 will pass.
M23. The motion for womens equality that censors out women.
No seriously.
It's to contrast the CPC from the Liberals, so... not feminist?
I think there are better ways to make that point.
This woman is smacking down the MP that just spoke.
Lisa Raitt. Speaking sense, speaking against.
It simply looks bad if they are removing women from their platform.
This is dying hard.
There should have been a comma there. It died massively, not it went down fighting.
M23: Illegal immigration.
Maybe we should just build a wall?
This one will also die.
Sorry, that was M24, not M23.
M25: No abortions as part of foreign policy.
Speaker: It should not be excluded, just not offered in places where its illegal.
Nope. Excluded. Vast margin.
Last amendment. Reducing rural crime. Gonna move to supply management instead of sticking around here. Ends in 15 mins.
Whatever economic policy 19 is it'll pass.
Sounds like SM is an urban rural divide. Farmers beside me here to make sure SM survives.
M20: Rural internet. Rural populations need high speed internet to police porn traffic on
It will die. Sorry I don't know the details of it. I no longer have an old lady with a paper copy beside me and tabbing back and forth is hard.
It's 430. What'll happen now!?
Supply management is dead.
The motion is dead.
Supply management is alive.
Chair is calling the meeting at motion 21. Supply management is motion 26.
Who's going to leave to join Bernier over this?
Session is done.
"We want to stay in this party, you are forcing us out"
Bernier just got a boost here today.
I don't know what this means long term but right now its bad.
How did these make it in here.
Pipe and drum band walking in to the main hall right now. I love this music. Hearing it regularly is one of the things I miss about life in the CF.
So a couple folks have been asking about how the policies work. First all of the EDAs propsed a ton of policies to a thing called ideas lab. Then each EDA got 20 votes, and could vote once per policy.
The top voted policies made it to the break out sessions, which is what I was at today. Policies need to survive the break out sessions to make it to the next round.
Tomorrow at plenary they are only allowing 30 policies or 10 per session. I'm not sure if only 8 make it if they'll fill from another session. Either way, tonight, they are voting to prioritize to see which 30 make it until tomorrow.
Tomorrow the top 30 will be voted on in plenary. I'm not sure if all that pass, or only a certain number that pass tomorrow will be adopted. But if policies survive until, and then the vote tomorrow they become official party policy for X year. LPC's X is 8 years.
Now I'm just hanging out to cover Scheer's speech, but then I'm heading home.
As much I love covering this, I also love spending time with this guy.
A guy just came up and asked if I wanted a liberal comment after Scheer's speech. Nah, I'm good my man. But I think I know how these nibs made it in here. I wonder if he was responsible for that stupid bag the LPC gave out at their convention.
Ugh, 8:15 start tomorrow?
I do love me some Peter MacKay.
That is how you bring the military into politics. Just thanks, then move on. Don't attribute our personal motivations to your cause.
Why does Andrew Scheer have a cheque book? Does he not have a debit card? Why does he not use cards like the rest of us plebs?
MacKay just went Dr. Suess with a burn.
I mean, sure y'all started the shipbuilding, but pretending it's anything other than a massive boondoggle of wasteful spending, is just ignorant. I just wrote a piece about it, it'll be live in a couple weeks.
Rockstar or Andrew Scheer?
(It's Andrew Scheer again)
The same journalist who said it applauded Ford saying the media was bad was dancing for Scheer's entrance. I want to be this guy's friend. I should watch Quebec news broadcasts.
Two mentions of a unified party. Two minutes in. Think he's worried about Bernier?
Out fundrainsing Liberal fundraising by 2:1 out spending 7:2. So... losing that one I think?
Scheer's saying that CPC is gonna win on it's principles. Again, I think that's a bold statement without knowing what passes plenary tomorrow.
Carbon tax, pay less now, pay more later, unless of course climate change isn't real. Then we're set.
Just once, I'd really like for someone to define the middle class.
The Liberals don't know the value of a dollar? Y'all are charging $3 for a banana. At the Liberal convention the garbage coffee was free, not $3.50. Get outta here with your value of the dollar.
Scheer's saying his mother (maybe?) worked as a nurse right out of high school and could afford to put a second story on her parent's house. This is what Canadians want? Wages that have kept up with and surpassed inflation? That was a weird example to use.
Sorry folks, I gotta bounce and tag in on parenting duties so my wife can also have a life. The rest of this speech can be watched, I assume, on CPAC.
Scheer just said extreme voices are santizing our history while i was packing up. Indigenous voices are extreme?
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