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@tehseenp @_sabanaqvi @BDUTT there were many colonies in Bharat islamic, dutch, french, portugease, #xuanzang chini scholar,british all came to bharat looted bharat/Hindus. Have you ever read or heard #Hindus invaded killed/looted any country @Shehzad_Ind
In 1193, the Nalanda University was destroyed by the Islamic fanatic Bakhtiyar Khilji, a #Turkish invader
What it proves ?
Tehseen ji,Saba ji do you know height of #KedarnathTemple ? It’s at height of 11750 ft above sea level. said to have been constructed by #pandavs during Mahabharat. There is no exact date. Even today it’s difficult to reach there how this was constructed?
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#Somalia’s natural resources are on the verge of being pilfered because of the appointment of @HassanSMohamud, who is not finished looting the country after his first term.

I urge all #Somalis and concerned fellow citizens of the world to spread the message: #HandsOffSomalia 1/7
@coastline_explo, formerly known as Soma Oil, is a British oil exploration firm that is most commonly associated w/@HassanAKhaire.

Prior to that relationship, @HassanSMohamud’s admin signed a secret contract w/ the firm that was NOT approved by the country’s parliament. 2/7
@coastline_explo is extremely pleased to have @HassanSMohamud back in office so they can resume the implementation of the unethical and illegal contract they signed w/his govt. in 2013.

They closely monitored the #Somali elections and congratulated @HassanSMohamud. 3/7
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UYARI: 2030 Psikolojik Gündem – Tam Kontrol için Milyarlarca Finansmanla Halihazırda Küresel olan ilkokul&Yetişkinler için İtaat Eğitimi – Bölüm 2.bolum Küresel Eğitim Sistemi için #WEF (dunya ekonomi forumu)Vizyonu #flood PAYLASIMI geliyor. #selprogrami #acelprogrami #ANEMEDIA
PART 1💥Dünya Ekonomik Forumu (WEF) tarafından “eğitimin geleceği” için gerekli beceriler olarak tanımlanan… beceriden 12'sinin, gelecekteki işgücünü oluşturmak için Yaşam Boyu Öğrenme -sosyal ve duygusal öğrenme becerileri (SEL) olduğuna dikkat çekiyorlar
Amaçları, yaratmak istedikleri sanal dünya için veri madenciliği yapan ve yapay zekayı eğiten sonsuz bir teknoloji & akıllı cihazlar dizisine bağlanarak, sistemlerine ömür boyu itaatkar bir köle olmak için birinin zihnini eğitmek ve sollamakken, neden akademisyenlere odaklanalım
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Disturbing & disappointing developments in continued assaults by #Turkish military in #Syria + #Iraq , particularly Turkish claim that this has been coordinated with Iraq/KRG authorities, which has serious implications for #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar; and many others.

In this @washingtonpost article, it implies that cooperation exists among various authorities to green light #Turkey airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. This has serious implications for the so-called "Sinjar Agreement", which has failed to help Yezidis there.…
The situation is extremely grave. ALL authorities throughout #Iraq , including Iraq govt & KRG govt, have a solemn duty to protect citizens in their territories. The deliberate targeting of #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar is an abominable human rights violations that is ongoing.
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A #mustread analysis by @vgmenon99 Sir on the sinking of the #Moskva ,he uses Naval analysis to discount the possibility that the #BlackSea fleet flagship could have sunk due to #neptune missile attacks & raises the possibility of a #submarine attack.…
@vgmenon99 Commodore Menon brings out the possibility of a torpedo being fired at the #Moskva , leaves us with only 4 options .
1) A #Russian Kilo fired the torpedo .
2) A #Turkish SSK was the culprit.
3) An SSK/SSN that transited the Bosporus in secret.
4) Airdropped torpedo from an MPA
@vgmenon99 On that last point there is a lot of P3C traffic in the general vicinity of the #MoskvaDown situation.
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VAN Massacre 21 APRIL 1915

On April 21, 1915, rebel #Armenian gangs (Hinchak, Dashnak and others) murdered 22,900 #Muslims treacherously and brutally in the city center of Van.

As the #Turkish World, we commemorate our martyrs with love and respect in their spirituality. ImageImage
During the First World War, the #Armenians wanted to take advantage of this situation because Turkish men went to war against the invading enemy armies on six different fronts and this situation created weakness in the security forces of the region.
#Armenian #vanmassacre1915 Image
Armenians carried out large-scale massacres against the Muslim population in eastern Turkey's villages and towns. The main aim of the #Armenians was to reduce the number of local Muslims and thus increase the ratio of the Christian population in the region to the #Muslims. Image
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#Russia Publishes Data on Foreign Mercenaries in #Ukraine

400 foreign fighters reportedly remain trapped in Mariupol, where Kiev forces have refused an offer to surrender

An estimated 6,824 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries have come to Ukraine to fight for
1/2 Image
#Zelensky’s government, the #Russian Defense Ministry stated on Sunday.

Of these, 1,035 have been “destroyed,” while several thousand remain. Four hundred foreign fighters are holed up in Mariupol, where nationalist forces, including neo-Nazi fighters, have refused to

The most numerous group of foreign fighters (1,717) arrived from Poland, while around 1,500 came from the #US, #Canada and #Romania. Up to 300 people each came from the #UK and Georgia, while 193 arrived from the #Turkish-controlled areas of #Syria.

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There are so many unknowns about the details of the sinking of #Moskva. My two cents on the issue with some technical analysis.
1. The crew evacuated the ship, a rare situation and possibly means that the damage control efforts failed, unlike #Russia claimed.
#Ukraine #NATO
2. Warships have two/three damage control parties (forward, amidship, aft), and each has fire fighting and repair teams so that the crew can handle multiple fires/ damages concurrently.
3. Ammunitions are kept in highly protected compartments, and it is very difficult for an ordinary fire to spread to an arsenal onboard. If the fire was under control per #Russian MoD, and the ship can float why the crew abandon Moskva?
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Thread: 16 April 2022: Day 52 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
A horrible part of Moscow's war-making, as predictable as it is gruesome. Afghanistan is still clearing up the mines after forty years.
#pt: Thread from December on likely Russian military tactics. Has come to pass step for step.
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🧵1200+1 hrs since #Ukrainian Patriotic War of Independence was started by #Russia full scale attack & 2976? days since #RussiaInvadedUkraine.
Pretty much the same as last time - tense situation waiting for new #Russist violence as they sink in frustration over their failures...
More missile strikes, air alerts across entire country. Which is ofc expected after the humiliation #Russia suffered when its #Moskva sank. Frustrated with own failures they can only escalate and keep destroying our cities, sending missies to kill us from, for now, safe distance
#Russia's #criminal culture demands an "otvetka" - their criminal slang for a retaliation, which, characteristically, they use openly in their propaganda - crime is a part of their fascist mafia culture, after all.
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1-) Greeks massacred the Turks, Scottish Historian George Finlay noted that a Greek priest, named Phrantzes, was an eyewitness to the massacres. Based on the descriptions provided by Phrantzes, he wrote:

Source: History of the Greek Revolution.… Image
Finlay: Greeks seized infants from their mother's breasts and dashed them against rocks. Children, three and four years old, were hurled living into the sea and left to drown. When the massacre was ended, the dead bodies washed ashore or piled on the beach… Image
Finlay: Turk Women, wounded with musket balls and saber-cuts,rushed to the sea, seeking to escape, and were deliberately shot by Greeks.

Source:George Finlay, History of the Greek Revolution, Volume 1. William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1861. p. 263 Image
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NEW: "Not a lot of specific changes or progress...almost of #Russia's advances remain stalled" per senior US defense official

Russian forces still about 15km from #Kyiv city center, slowly trying to flow in forces behind advanced elements

Convoy still assessed to be stuck
#Chernihiv "isolated" but #Ukraine putting up stiff defense, stalling #Russia|n advances, per senior US defense official
#Ukraine keeping #Russia's eastern advance at bay - Ukrainians holding town of #Brovary, per senior US defense official
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Turkish oppositional journalist Sedef Kabaş: "Sedef Kabaş is now free 🙏".

Today, a #Turkish #court has ordered the release of #journalist @SedefKabas who was jailed on Jan 22, 2022 on charges of "Insulting" the #President #Erdogan. (1/5)
On the oppositional TV channel @Tele1 she first quoted and then tweeted this Circassian proverb:

"A bull does not become king just by entering the palace, but the palace becomes a barn." (2/5)

This was taken by #Erdogan's propaganda chief Fahrettin Altun and the #Erdogan-dependent #Turkish judicial system as an insult to #President #Erdogan, who's an #autocrat, whereupon she was arrested. (3/5)…
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To mark the #InternationalWorkingWomensDay2022 on March 8, as in dozens of other cities, night marches are held in #Istanbul to #protest #violence against #women and the decline of #womensrights. Like every year in #Istanbul, #women gather for this at the #Taksim Square. Image
This year, however, no permission was granted for the action, wherefore the #Turkish #police started to take preventive "measures" since yesterday, and installed #police barricades at many points of the large square. Image
While footage in #Taksim revealed the #Turkish government's pure fear of the #women's marches, a contradictory picture was revealed behind the blockades on the #Istiklal Street where #police was handing out #flowers to the #women. Image
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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Turkish TB2 Drones are proving to be #Ukraine's secret weapon against the #Russian Invasion

Turkish drones are cheap, mobile, and effective at taking out Russian tank convoys

I explain below👇👇🧵
First: here is an example of how #Turkish drones are being used in #Ukraine against #Russian forces

But #Ukraine has only 12 Bayraktar TB2 Drones in its armed forces, far less than it needs to counter #Russia

Important question: Will #Erdogan and #Turkey send more drones to Ukraine?
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Käthe Ehrhold

"#Armenians and Russians left me and the Armenian orphans to die in the burned city.
Russian soldiers promised to put us on the boat and guide us to the border. We went to Van Lake."

- #Armenian Orphans. Image
"The Russian soldiers landed us on the Turkish coast before we even approached the border, and they fled, leaving us stranded. We had no choice but to return to Van. We had to return to the city of Van by walking for days in hunger and thirst."

- Photograph of #Armenian Orphans Image
"Later,#Turkish soldiers entered the city as a small unit.They found a burned-out city.They helped the devastated #Armenian orphans I brought back with me,they repaired our building. It was as if God had sent Turkish soldiers to help us"

Kazım Karabekir and the Armenian Orphans Image
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Mikdad: #Syria supports #Russia’s decision to recognize republics of #Luhansk and #Donetsk.

Syrian Foreign Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad has affirmed that what the West is doing against Russia at present is similar to what it had done against Syria during the terrorist war.
Mikdad added that" Syria supports President Vladimir #Putin’s decision to recognize the republics of #Luhansk and #Donetsk and will cooperate with them.

“The US occupation forces and the separatist militias backed by them continue to steal the wealth of the Syrian people,
including oil and wheat,” Mikdad said.

He noted that the #Turkish regime continues to support terrorist organizations in #Syria in violation of international legitimacy resolutions and its obligations under the Astana understandings.

Mikdad said that the United States and
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#Turkish gas demand has been falling from Jan's 287mcm/d record but is still controlled by a curtailment order to gas plants. It appears #BOTAS is off-taking around 5mcm/day of spot Azeri gas on top of usual Azeri DCQ of ~17mcm/d (TANAP) and (I think) 7mcm/d (Turkgozu).(1)
#Turkish branch of #SOCAR may also be off-taking 4mcm/day (according to EPDK capacity bookings for Feb). #Russian off-takes at TS1 around 42mcm/d (this includes BOTAS/some independents). (2) Image
#BOTAS your willingness to publish gas storage data would be greatly appreciated by the market and yours truly. Thank you in advance (3)
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#Turkish theater actor Orhan Aydın:

"From all corners of my country, #voices of #people are resounding and calling the #government to #resign, #protesting the #electricity #price increases."

#turkey #inflation
On the initiative of the @istanbul_tkp, people took to the streets against the price increases in Istanbul's Gazi district protesting: "Stand up against the robbery!".
@yemeksepeti and @banabi #couriers closed their contacts for the third time #protesting the low increase in their #salaries. Representing the unionized #couriers gathered in front of the company's General Directorate in #Levent.
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#Βreaking - According to #Turkish and #Pakistani media, #Pakistan officially deploys BAYRAKTAR TB-2 DRONE

A new provocative action against #India
See what the #Pakistani media says
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The axis of evil! - #Turkish, #Pakistani military officials discuss regional security, defense collaboration

The #Indian Navy must immediately come to the #Aegean for military exercises!
Turkiye’s deputy chief of general staff discussed on Thursday regional security situation as well as defense collaboration with the Pakistani army chief.
According to a statement by Pakistan military's media wing, Gen. Selcuk Bayraktaroglu met Gen. Qamar Bajwa at the army headquarters in Rawalpindi.

The two sides agreed to further optimize military-to-military ties, particularly in training and counter-terrorism domains.
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Several rockets fired toward #Turkish military base in Zilkan, #Musul.
The attack was launched from outside of Ba'shiqa subdistrict which’s under the control of 30th Brigade (Liwa al-Shabak)
قصف عنيف بعدة صواريخ على معسكر #زيلكان في #بعشيقة .
الصواريخ انطلقت من خارج حدود مركز ناحية بعشيقة و بالتحديد من مناطق يخضع لسيطرة اللواء ٣٠ من الحشد الشعبي.
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#Thread | The Turkish lira has been the worst performing currency in the world in 2021. All indications are that the new year will not be any better for the Turks.

On the last day of the year, the lira was valued at 13.35 to a dollar while it was 7.5 to a dollar in January.

After touching 18.4 to a dollar on Dec. 20,the lira gained considerably for a week once again it is on a free fall mode.Terming #Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policies “voodoo economics”,Economist said that country’s currency woes are likely to get worse in new year.
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