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After 5 years, finally, Baekhyun wakes up from his coma.

Only to discover that his life wont be the same anymore, especially when his fiancé, Chanyeol, has fallen out of love with him.
Everyone can say Chanyeol and Baekhyun's relationship is what many people dreams to have.

They grew together considering how the Byuns and the Parks were good friends. They went to the same school, discovered the world at the same time and fought whatever problems life threw at
them side by side. Not only they were childhood bestfriends, but they considered each other as brothers.

Not until they went to college.

Baekhyun was the one who went distant at first. Growing up, he was confused with his feelings. He stayed away to confirm whether what he
felt for Chanyeol was still brotherly love or not. He could say he scared. But days after Chanyeol showed up to the Byun mansion, bravely announcing to the whole Byun family their "romantic relationship" without even asking Baekhyun first.
Turned out, before Baekhyun avoided his bestfriend, Chanyeol had been planning on confessing and asking him out.

"What if I didnt love you back, what will you do then? How will you face my family?" It was what Baekhyun asked.

"I dont
know. But hey, it turned out okay, right? Youre in love with me, too. Meaning, I dont have to hide my loser face from your family."

They both laughed. That day was the second happiest day of their life.

Second happiest. Because the first one is the day when they got engaged.
Two years after graduating, on their sixth year anniversary as a couple, Chanyeol proposed to Baekhyun in front of both their families. It was the night when they celebrated Baekhyun's birthday in the Byun mansion, inviting the whole Park Family as requested by Chanyeol.
Baekhyun thought that Chanyeol wanted to show off that was why he invited everyone including their friends. He almost said NO to tease his boyfriend (who was his fiancé by then).

But of course, he didnt do it. His eyes betrayed him
and before the night ended, everyone celebrated with them as they both cherished every moment, etching in their hearts what happened to keep it with them forever.

Because finally, they will marry and start their own family together.
Four months later, it happened.

An irresponsible driver caused a major accident in the highways that rainy night. He was driving a truck loaded with wood supplies for a construction site. Eventually the rope supporting was loose, sending the woods on the road.

It knocked
off a bus approaching behind it, sending it flying on the road. The next cars and trucks bumped into it. And the another.

And another.

And there was Baekhyun driving his car that night. His car flew on the right side of the road, upside down. Baekhyun's head was hit the most,
and days after his hospitalization and the doctors securing his vital signs, his family and friends still didnt see his pretty small eyes.

Those eyes that Chanyeol always loved.

Those eyes that were always locked up with Chanyeol's brown orbs whenever they said I love you's.
The accident happened when Chanyeol was about to go home after his work at an entertainment company. He was just about to call his fiancé that night..

But what would change? It's September of 2024. It has been five years since Baekhyun fell into a comatose. His
condition is not worsening, but it also showed no signs of improvement. Baekhyun is just there, lying on the hospital bed for five years and three months exactly.

Mrs. Byun still visits him everyday. Mr. Byun makes time to have a glance at him whenever he finishes work.
And especially, Chanyeol is still there, visiting Baekhyun twice. Every single day. Before and after his work at the Park Enterprises.

It had just been five years, but Chanyeol managed to climb up to the company as the COO. It was his choice to start his work from the bottom.
Many things has changed. Yura, Chanyeol's sister has been married for three years. She and her husband already have a two-year-old kid; Eri. Baekhyun's brother Baekbeom, is now the CEO in their own company. Baekhyun's favorite boyband had already disbanded. The park in
front of the mall he usually goes to is now a condominium building.

A lot of things has changed. And yet, Baekhyun is still asleep, as if the accident he was in just happened yesterday.
"Call Dr. Zhang!"

Baekhyun's mother rushes towards one of the housemaids she saw as soon as she went out the room. The housemaid responds immediately, dialling on the telephone in the living room.

"Tell him Baekhyun's awake. Tell him to come here. Right now, oh please."
She cant breathe. Baekhyun has been unconscious for so long. She is his mother. Seeing how Baekhyun opened his eyes earlier stunned her, but as the rejoice fills her heart she can also feel the nervousness and fear that something may be wrong about Baekhyun's condition.
"Dr. Zhang said he's on his way, ma'am."

Mrs. Byun rushes back to his son's room with a nod.

It is as if nothing has happened. Inside Baekhyun's room in the mansion, nothing has been changed.
His mom made sure everything is in its place and ordered the maids to clean everything occassionally. That when Baekhyun wakes up he'll come to find everything with familiarization.

And that the special flower vase on a table in the middle of the room is constantly supplied by
the daffodils and tulips Chanyeol brings everyday.

Mrs. Byun is sick of it, but everyday she makes her egg roll specialty that Baekhyun loves in case he wakes up.

Mrs. Byun had been hopeful since day one.

And now, his son is awake.
Baekhyun's eyes did not work that well with the lights at first.

It isnt even that bright in his room, but when he woke up, the lights hurt his sight. His body felt too heavy and still. His throat felt dry and he cant seem to find his voice. Panic dawned in his system until his
mother showed up.

Baekhyun feels sick to the core, and when a doctor showed up, he felt more sick. He wants to get out the bed, run and rest. He was just sleeping but he feels so tired.
Baekhyun almost had a panic attack if not for Chanyeol.

Five years after that day, their eyes locked again.
Chanyeol couldnt say anything.

He went to the Byun mansion just like what he does everyday, to visit his fiancé and bring him his boquet of daffodils and tulips. Something in his gut told him to bring one of his rilakkuma plushie that was Baekhyun's favorite, but he wasnt aware
reason for that is this will be the day Baekhyun wakes up.

He silently holds the boquet of flowers and the plushie with both hands, winning the staring contest that he's having with Baekhyun. The doctor arrives, tending to the latter in his bed which became his
hospital bed for years. But still, Chanyeol cant utter a word.

Baekhyun doesnt seem to be that alive and conscious in his eyes. Still, the poor male has his body connected to different tubes that lead to those hospital machines.
Baekhyun slept for two more hours after that.

Mrs. Byun had gone to the garden since then. Chanyeol didnt disturb the woman. The years had made Mrs. Byun beauty and life fade from her face, and now that Baekhyun is awake, it didnt do much change.

Maybe the woman still worries
that Baekhyun will not wake up again.

Chanyeol doesnt know, but this time he's sure his fiancé will wake up. That's why he went inside Baekhyun's room to wait for him.


The voice was hoarse, a little ragged. But Chanyeol still recognizes that honey-like sound of
Baekhyun's voice. He still cant fathom the feeling he's having, but upon hearing the latter's voice despite the trails of weakness in it, Chanyeol felt relieved.

Now that Baekhyun is awake, will everything be back to its place?
"Chanchan.. Channie."

Chanyeol wakes from his trance. Baekhyun has been calling him. Chanyeol looks at Baekhyun, seeing how the latter's eyes droopy, as if he still want to sleep.

"B-baekhyun?" Chanyeol tightens his hand that has been holding Baekhyun's this whole
time. "Baby..."

Baekhyun feels his fiancé's rough hand on his forehead. As usual, it's warm. Calming. Safe. He closes his eyes in satisfaction.

"Are you.. are you still sleepy, baby?"

Baekhyun wants to smile. But he still feels so weak. Instead, he leaned on to Chanyeol's hand
that is now warmy touching his cheek.


"What do you need, baby?"

"I like you calling me baby."

Chanyeol fights the urge to smile wide. "Why?"

"I feel so important."

"But you are."

"More important than as a bestfriend."

"You are, Baekhyun."

"A brother?"
Chanyeol frowns. "No."

"Then what?"


"It's not like we're together, you dummy."

Now it's Chanyeol's turn to go weak.
Selective amnesia. It's not like Chanyeol hasnt heard of this case before.

All those dramas and novels Baekhyun had made him watch and read with him, all those cheesy cliché situations where the lead or his partner forgets the other.

Romance shit.

Turns out, Baekhyun's
mind has ben set to the past; back when he and Chanyeol were still bestfriends.

They still are, of course. But aside from that, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are engaged to each other. They were supossed to marry, if not for that accident.
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It was decided to keep some things from Baekhyun.

The doctor adviced not to put much pressure to Baekhyun as he goes under his post treatment, considering how he was unconscious for long. It was hard for Baekhyun to absorb that he
had been out for five years, and that didnt make things better for his condition. So everyone; the Parks and the Byuns, decided to keep everything else a secret. For now.
For days, Chanyeol was Baekhyun's bestfriend. The one he grew up with. The one he is closest to.

Baekhyun finished the post treatment without problems. Two weeks later, the doctor announced his medication is done.

Maybe Chanyeol is staring too much at Baekhyun, because the latter suddenly called him in that voice. Chanyeol smiles. He continues staring, adoring Baekhyun's innocent face and the soft voice as sweet as honey whenever Baekhyun is confused or curious like that.
"What is it, baby?"

Baekhyun blushes. His eyes starts wandering everywhere except Chanyeol. At first, Chanyeol doesnt realize what's happening, because his fiancé is just like that; always blushing like the lovely person that he is. But then Chanyeol realizes what he did.
He called Baekhyun with that endearment again.

Chanyeol clears his throat. "Hyun." Baekhyun looks at him awkwardly. "What's the matter?"

Baekhyun offers a small smile, his eyes finding the flowers beside him interesting. "Nothing. I just feel.. empty."

Baekhyun sighs. He and
Chanyeol are currently in the garden of the Byun mansion in the sunny Saturday morning, killing some time. Apparently, Baekhyun doesnt find it amusing.

His parents have let him choose what he wanted to do after recovering, but Baekhyun cant seem to find the will to go back to
his life. Knowing that five years has been wasted is too much for him to absorb. He knows he need to make it up for everything, but for some reason, Baekhyun feels empty.

It's as if he's missing something.
Chanyeol looks at him with worry. He holds Baekhyun in the shoulders to face him. "Why? Is there something wrong?"

Baekhyun shakes his head.

There's another thing with Chanyeol as well. Baekhyun knows how he cant remember everything when he woke up. It's 2024, and he's been
out for five years. He had the accident on 2019. But he cant remember the few years before that.

Yes, he knows the details of who he is, who were the people in his life are, and how everything went up until he grew up and...

What else? What else is there? That, Baekhyun doesnt

He had tried asking, but all they say was it's not good for him to pressure himself and his mind to rememver everything. That it's not good for his condition.

But Baekhyun believes otherwise. The lack of memory is making him sick.

It's also making him feel confused with
everything about his bestfriend.

Because the last thing Baekhyun can remember is him being confused with his feelings for him.
Baekhyun almost gasped when Chanyeol pulls him for a hug. As usual, it is warm and comfortable. Baekhyun leans in to it.

"If there's anything you need, just tell me, okay?" He hears the taller say.

Baekhyun nods.
But he wont say how he wants to know if anything between them changed. Especially when Baekhyun knows how he cant hide anything from Chanyeol.

Anything, even his confused heart.
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"Chanyeol, is that you?"

The said male's breath hitched. He's currently on a lunch break from work. Worried, he contscted the Byuns to let him fetch Baekhyun at least so the ltter could eat with him. Baekhyun had been lonely the past few days, and it's making Chanyeol sad. He
thought, now that Baekhyun is awakw, he will now be able to see that smile that outshines the whole world. Even the sun.

But Baekhyun had been nothing but lonely. And Chanyeol definitely understands that.

So, 12:17 in the Thursday afternoon, he fetched Baekhyun and brought him
to a nearby restaurant.

But Chanyeol isnt expecting on stumbling upon an acquaintance.

Much more to Im Jinah.
Chanyeol's eyes are wide and alert, looking from left to right is Baekhyun has already returning from the bathroom. Suddenly the chair he's sitting on isnt comfortable anymore.

"Jinah," is the only thing he can reply.

The woman is all smiley when she sat on the chair parallel
to Chanyeol. "It's been a while since I saw you. How come youre here?" She notices the two sets of plate and utensils set on the table. "Meeting someone? Business relted, perhaps?"

Jinh gazes up to Chanyeol expectingly, waiting for the answer.

But all Chanyeol does is to
hold her hands, tight.
And of course, Baekhyun doesnt fail to see it.

Baekhyun has just went out the bathroom. He and Chanyeol are waiting for the food they ordered from the waiter, when Baekhyun had the urge to leave for a while. He left Chanyeol there, and the latter just smiled at him.
He must admit it. Baekhyun isnt stupid enough not to notice the changes in Chanyeol. It's like there's always something the ltter doesnt say. It's strange, but at the same time it scares Baekhyun. So much.

Waking up five years later is scary enough. And how everything changed
scares Baekhyun more. The only person he wants to rely into is Chanyeol, and unfortunately he's changed too.

Where else could Baekhyun seek help from? His parents have suffered enough. His older brother has been busy managing both the company and their family.
It's just Chanyeol that Baekhyun can be thick faced enough to ask help from. His bestfriend. His Chanchan.

But is he wrong?

Is he too much of a responsibility now?
Baekhyun sees how tight Chanyeol's hands are while holding Jinah's hands. Their eyes are locked together, as if they can communicate with just that.

Baekhyun clenches his hand on his chest. Suddenly it's hard to breathe.
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Instead or returning, Baekhyun goes back to the bathroom.

Thank all the gods because the restaurant has more than one cubicle. Baekhyun is able to sit there on the closed toilet seat, hugging his knees though it's quite hard to do so. He doesnt care, he's used to doing it
whenever things go wrong and he has no choice but to sit on a corner and cry.

Hugging his legs, his face buried on his knees. Baekhyun doesnt want to cry, but he does.
"You didn't come back."

Baekhyun couldnt look at Chanyeol's eyes. He's looking at the solid ground of the park where he bumped into Chanyeol this morning, sitting on the bed beside the man who's the reason why he's been locking himself inside the mansion for three days now.
He's waiting for the taller to continue talking, but it seems like Chanyeol is waiting for his response to see if he's listening.

Baekhyun nods. His one hand is hidden beside him where Chanyeol cant see it, his fist crumpled just so he could contain his being uncomfortable.
Unfortunately for his other hand, it's wrapped between Chanyeol's warm hands. Said man is looking at him intently though he doesnt really see him, even on peripheral.

"Baek, I was damn worried."

"I'm sorry."

Baekhyun hears Chanyeol sigh. He knows that what the other male does
whenever he's mad but at the same time tries to contain it. Baekhyun knows it well.

Chanyeol is saying the truth.

At least, the truth that Baekhyun doesnt even want to hear.

"I didnt know how to face your parents when they asked me why you went home alone that day.
Baek, I wanted to kill myself that day."

Baekhyun winces. So, is this what it's all about? Chanyeol's ashamed of his parents? That he let Baekhyun go hom e alone? That he promised to take Baekhyun out and 'make him happy' but Baekhyun ended up going home alone, with puffed eyes
red nose and a fucking headache?

Because Chanyeol didnt do well?

Because if that's the case, then it's not a real worry, right? It just means that Chanyeol was horrified when Baekhyun failed to show up again on the restaurant that day after going to the bathroom because he
wasnt doing good?

Baekhyun doesnt even want to hear wht Chanyeol wants to say next.

It's clear how Chanyeol is competitive and a perfectionist ever since they were kids. But doesnt think Chanyeol has to take care of him like he is just another task he needs to perfect.
"I felt sick, and I didnt want to bother you. That's why I went home." Baekhyun explains, though he knows no part of what he said is true.

He wasnt sick. He was hurt.

What he saw back there---Chanyeol and Jinah---is just too much for him.

Especially that he just realized that
his assumption is correct.

Baekhyun is in love with his bestfriend. He's fucking in love with Chanyeol.

Waking up after five years in a coma, seeing how many things in life has changed is too overwhelming for Baekhyun. Not remembering everything. Feeling incomplete
and not knowing the reason why.

It just sucks.

And it goes worse when Baekhyun gathers his feeling again, realizing that before he was unconscious, he was head over heels his bestfriend.

"I dont know why, but I feel hurt because you didnt even tell me."
Baekhyun carefully turns to look at Chanyeol. The male looks tired; dark circles are under his eyes, lips chopping and his hair messy. Baekhyun can see how the tiredness runs over Chanyeol's system.

Chanyeol continues. "I feel so hurt because you couldve just told me, Baek.
You could tell me anything. I couldve had helped you."

"Why do I have to?"

Without much thinking, Baekhyun responds. Just like that. And maybe it is true. Maybe, unconsciously, that is what he's been wondering.

"Why, Chanyeol?"

Chanyeol looks taken aback, not expecting
that kind of response.

"Why not? Dont you trust me, Baekhyun?"

Trust. As if Baekhyun is having any of that since he woke up. He doesnt even know who to trust anymore.

"I'm not a kid, Chanyeol. I may have been aslep for too long, but I can do things alone."
Chanyeol stiffens.

"I dont need you all the time, Chanchan."

With that, Baekhyun leaves.

Maybe Baekhyun is right.

He's not a kid. He's twenty seven, for fuck's sake. Baekhyun is not the same person who Chanyeol loves to take care of ever since they were kids.

But Baekhyun is his fiancé. His lover. And though he doesnt have the strength to tell Baekhyun that,
Chanyeol still wants to fulfill the role. Even if Baekhyun doesnt remember him, he still wants to be the fiancé that he is.

Just until he has the strength to break up with him.

But how can he do that, when he cant even tell Baekhyun the truth?
Baekhyun went back to his life a month later. He was a music teacher at a small music school just before reaching the center of the city. It took him a few weeks before he could come back, considering his condition. From there he continued what he left off, still amazed by the
fact that though he didnt quite remember the last few years of his life before the accident, he managed to achieve what he had always dreamed about.

Unfortunately, the school resides near the place of the Park's company building.

True enough, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are both
from an elite family. The Parks and the Byuns both owned their very own large corporations, but it isnt the reason of Baekhyun and Chanyeol's engagement.

Before their parents could even think about marrying them off to expand their businesses, the couple had announced their
relationship. It made both the families overjoyed. They were not forced, no one from both parties pushed them anything about their relationship and it was a year and a half after when they decided it's time to prepare for marriage.

They decided they had known each other
since the beginning, and they had the time to know each other more until the end.
And then the accident happened. Until now, Baekhyun doesnt remember the years he and Chanyeol had been together, much more to their engagement. He still feels empty, longing for something he doesnt know. He thought it is his life that he wants, to come back where he left off
so he could be whole again. He thought that he's missing his passion, and that he's getting suffocated by the thought of the life he doesnt want; inside the office of the Byun Corp. where his older brother Baekbeom is the CEO. He's lucky enough that his parents had let him
do what he wants, and that his brother shouldered all the pressure into maintaining the strength of the family business. But after a few days of returning to teaching music still didnt satisfy him.

Maybe that's why he finds himself in a café nearby when Chanyeol asked to meet.
Baekhyun, in his most uncomfortable state, sips on his coffee. Chanyeol is in his business suit sitting parallel to him, holding his mug but not really drinking it, rather, looking at him in the face.

"W-what.. do I--do I have something on my face?" Baekhyun asks.
It's not the answer Baekhyun expects when Chanyeol answered.

"I missed you."

Simple words. Simple and straightforward, but the words are used too much and abused, Baekhyun isnt sure Chanyeol means what he said.

"I missed you so much, Baekhyun-ah."

And it's like something
tugged inside Baekhyun's chest. Something that is making his heart thump wildly, hammering through his ribs. He wants to scream, cry, or even stop breathing.

It's too overwhelming. But he doesnt know it is all he ever wanted---at least for now that he's lost.
"I missed you too."

And despite the strange thought of the possibility of being broken, in any way, Baekhyun says the words back; just because that's what his heart is telling him to do so.

"I missed my bestfriend too, so much."
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[ and yes, the setting is 2024 but their age is 27. baekhyun went into the accident when they were 22. they started their relationship when they were 16 (yes, so early haha but that's when richass families decide to marry off their children so it's just fine lmao ]
He says the words back though he knows they are nothing more than friends.

He still doesnt remember he is Chanyeol's fiancé, after all.
"Here. This is yours, you use this usually when you sleep here."

Chanyeol hands Baekhyun a set of pyjamas for the night. It's been this since the last encounter on the café happened, when Baekhyun shattered the walls around him, deciding to trust Chanyeol again.

He doesnt
expect this, but Baekhyun is glad about everything right now.

It's like he and Chanyeol are back to the old days, when they were still free of any responsibilities.

Of course, it's hard to change how they feel with each other. They spent most of their childhood days, and if
looked beyond the strange unfamiliarity Baekhyun has felt since he woke up, he can still assume that the Chanyeol he knows is still there. It has always been there. Maybe he just really was confused after his coma. Maybe it's a side effect of sleeping for too long.

He doesnt
know. All Baekhyun knows is he still wants Park Chanyeol.

The want that he knows that's coming from a part of him yearning for his very best friend. His best bud. His partner in crime.

His Chanyeol to lean on and, sometimes, to take care of as if the latter is a baby.
Baekhyun decided to ignore whatever romantic feelings that he has for Chanyeol. Because it's not worth it. It's not worth to lose him like that.

Baekhyun realized he needs Chanyeol in his life, even as a friend.

And that when he works his way to have him as his Chanchan again.
That's why another day has been spent with him tagging along Chanyeol.

"Thank you." Baekhyun replies, taking the said clothing. He sighs. "Are you really sure I can stay the night?"

"I answered that question five times already, Hyun."

"What if I'm disturbing something?"
Chanyeol scoffs. "Disturbing, huh? What is a twenty-seven-year old man like me, living alone in his apartment in the center of the city is supposed to be doing on a Friday night? Sexy time? Alone?"

The tall male chuckles. He sees Baekhyun blushing, shocked at the unexpected,
lame, perverted joke. He grins and walks closer towards Baekhyun, who happens to step back when he saw what the taller is doing.


Chanyeol hugs Baekhyun without even letting him finish. Suddenly the smaller is enveloped with his bestfriend's arms, his cheek touching
Chanyeol's chest. The rain is pouring heavily outside and they went home almost too wet because of it after watching a last full show on the cinema. But suddenly Baekhyun doesnt feel the need of a warm shower anymore.

Because Chanyeol's hug is the warmest thing in the world.
"Remember I love you, Baek."

Baekhyun panics. 'Sure', he thinks, 'you do love me, Chanyeol.'

"Thank you for waking up."

"I woke up months ago, Chanyeol."

"I already have you in my arms, but I still miss you."

"You're fucking cheesy, do you even hear yourself?"
Baekhyun releases from the hug. He has no clue why Chanyeol is being like this tonight. It's already been a few days after they went back to how they were, but Chanyeol still has this tendency of suddenly being like that.

It makes Baekhyun's heart go weak. And hurt.
He knows Chanyeol has always been a good person. But Baekhyun doesnt want this much.

He's falling harder.

And it wont stop hurting him unless he knows who Jinah really is in Chanyeol's life. It wont stop until Baekhyun hears if he even has a chance.
"I'll go shower."

Chanyeol just nods. Baekhyun doesnt recognize the hurt in his eyes.
The moment Baekhyun steps out of the bathroom, fully ready to sleep in his pyjamas, he sees Chanyeol carefully arranging the bedsheets. The taller looks up to him and smiles, wearing a matching pyjama (which Baekhyun finds corny--but sweet).

"Where do I sleep?" He asks.
He remembers telling Chanyeol about sparing him extra pillows and a blanket so he could sleep on the couch.

"On the bed."

"So, where does that left you, Chanyeol? Where will you sleep?"

"Why, on the bed."

"What?" Chanyeol copies him.

Baekhyun breathes to speak, but Chanyeol speaks faster. "We have been sleeping together since we were kids. We did it until god knows when."


"And we still slept together before you went Sleeping Beauty. So what now?"


"'Sleeping together' is not the right term."

Chanyeol stops to think. "Oh."

Baekhyun sighs.

"Sleeping side by side, I mean." Chanyeol releases a forced cough. "Side by side."


"Yeah." The tall male jumps on the bed. "Now come here."

Baekhyun had no choice.
Sleeping like this, Baekhyun and Chanyeol hugging each other under a warm blanket, talking about anything, not caring about the world. It's perfect. Baekhyun thinks it's perfect, like they are a newlywed couple waiting for sleepiness to visit them. Drifting off with the warmth of
the hug. It's really beautiful. Baekhyun still knows to differentiate a dream from a reality, and the thought that made him smile all night (besides Chanyeol's silly stories) and made him happy is kept to himself alone. Being like this with a special friend he cherishes since he
was a kid, much more that this person is also the one he's falling in love with---harder and stronger, everyday---Baekhyun is so lucky to have this chance.

And though he still wishes for more than this, he decides it's the best to keep things like this.

And maybe, just maybe,
if Chanyeol has nobody in his heart, if Baekhyun is strong enough and he already has the heart, he'll confess.

And he promises to be the best person to be able to pay the universe of the luck he's given, if ever his wish happens.
"You should go sleep."

"You should tell that you yourself, Mr. Park COO. You barely slept this week because of work."

Chanyeol buries his nose on the top of Baekhyun's head, inhaling the scent of his hair. "I have all the weekends this week."

"But still."


"I enjoyed this day. Thank you."

"Me too."

"Come over at my work frequently, okay?"

"Hmm, let me think---no."


"I cant, Chanchan. I also have work."

"But I miss you everyday. Every minute, every second."

Chanyeol looks at the smaller, almost sad. Baekhyun rolls
his eyes. Of course, Chanyeol is always childish like this whenever Baekhyun is around.

"Damn you, fucktard. Dont make this hard for me."

Chanyeol grins. "See? You cant say no to me."

"Just whenever I have free time. School is busy these days."

"I'll look forward to the
visits, Baek."

Chanyeol smiles wide. Baekhyun notices how his eyes are bright, as if Baekhyun's visits means a lot. Baekhyun attempts not to chuckle.

"You never grow up, Chanyeol."

Chanyeol looks at him knowingly. His smile fades. His eyes loses the brightness like he
remembers something painful.

"I just wish, Baekhyun. I just wish we never grew up. I want the old days back."

"So he still doesnt know?"

Chanyeol looked down. He's in front of his friend, Yixing and the tone of the male's voice is only making his chest feel heavier.

"Baekhyun still doesnt have a clue."

"Why not? You havent told him?"

"He doesnt remember."
"That's not what I'm asking, Chanyeol. I'm asking you if you have told him."
Chanyeol shakes his head. "No. Not yet."

"It's been what? Three, almost four, months? Chanyeol, you have to tell him. Or at least remind him."

Chanyeol sighs. Seeing Baekhyun in the deathbed five years ago is still clear in his mind. The sight wherein Baekhyun was unconscious,
covered in blood and there was no assurance of him surviving.

It feels like it just happened yesterday, and Chanyeol is still so weak. Telling Baekhyun the truth now and hurting him isnt a good idea.
But he knows he has to be free. It may be years late, but this engagement needs to end.
"I love him, Yixing."

Yixing scoffs. He isnt in the place to step in to Chanyeol and Baekhyun's relationship, but Yixing is pissed. He and Baekhyun arent that close, but he has been Chanyeol's friend since they were still children. It's just that Yixing went back to China
when they were 7, not avle to witness how his friend and Baekhyun's love grew, but he returned when they were 19 and Yixing has seen everything since then. He's always busy but he hs talked to Baekhyun and they were fine, and though they arent close enough like how close he and
Chanyeol is, he knows Baekhyun is a good person.

And Baekhyun doesnt deserve all this.

"Byun Baekhyun?"

Baekhyun turns to look at the person who called him with a shock.


"Oh my god!"

Both men grins as they hug for the first time in so many years.

"It's been what? More than ten years?"

"Sixteen years, to be exact."

Luhan is a childhood colleague.
Baekhyun cant say they were exactly friends. Luhan had to fly back to China even vefore they had the chance to get closer. The male is a son of a famous fashion designer and a single mom, and going to Seoul sixteen years ago, when he was exactly thirteen and Baekhyun was eleven,
was because of a fashion runway event.

They both grew up separately after, but both Luhan and Baekhyun constamtly bumped into each other a few more times coincidently. It is a surprise how they are so giddy like this seeing each other, despite the distance.

And now they see
each other in a coffee shop near Baekhyun's work.

"I cant believe I get to see you here, Baekhyun."

"Me too."

"Where's your boyfie?"

Baekhyun chuckles. "What boyfie? I dont have one, silly."

"No you do!"
"No, I dont." Baekhyun continues to laugh with Luhan's face. He looks so serious. "When the hell did I get one?"

"When I first visited Seoul again after going back to China, you introduced me to this tall guy and said he's your boyfriend."


"I dont know, you arent
much around your social media so I dont see much update about you but last time I heard you guys are marrying."

Baekhyn frowns. He doesnt remember he introduced anyone to Luhan. He still has to recover majority of his memories until now.

"What.. I dont have---"
"I was just asking so I could talk to you about something. Im sorry, did you guys break up or anything---"


Luhan looks startled when Baekhyun held his hand atop the table between them.


"Who is that guy I introduced you to?"

Baekhyun holds his breath.

"I think it's that Park.. Park--"


"Park Chanyeol?"

Baekhyun doesnt answer.
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