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Grau de investimento: crucial quesito avaliador na concessão de crédito…
"O #Brasil em 2018 não recuperou o seu grau de investimento perdido em 2015.

Após uma melhora na economia que sucedeu uma grave recessão, as agências justificaram a falta de medidas para conter o déficit fiscal como motivo de não elevar a nota do país."…
#Brasileiro é o turista mais rejeitado do mundo, diz pesquisa @IATA…
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NEW: #Brazil asks for help as deaths from #COVID19 are hitting record daily numbers.

To get a better understanding of the impacts of the #CoronavirusPandemic from the ground, we gathered four perspectives from across the country.…
In small towns across #Brazil like Piúma, Espirito Santo, the health system is insufficient to deal with the surging cases of #coronavirus.

Catarina Mais, a local health professional, spoke to Unicorn Riot saying: “Piúma is asking for help ... Brazil is asking for help.”
Catarina Mais said the #UKvariant, the most aggressive #COVID19 variant, had just entered Piúma, likely from “a tourist from another state or county.” This could be devastating for Piúma, as the population doesn’t have enough hospital beds available nor an ambulance.
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Why the US still can't Donate The @UniofOxford #COVID19 Vaccines to the countries where they already been approved like #Canada🇨🇦, #Brazil🇧🇷, UK🇬🇧, EU🇪🇺, #Chile🇨🇱 among others?
Por que os Estados Unidos não doaram ainda #vacinas que não estão usando?…
According with the @VanityFair there is contract clause that prohibit the 🇺🇲 from sharing its surplus doses with the 🌎....
De acordo com matéria da @VanityFair a razão é uma cláusula de contrato
Faced today's biggest issue of global public health & humanitarian cause, this argument is absolutely unnaccepted.

Esse argumento é inaceitável frente a calamidade global desta pandemia de #covid19
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In light of the situation in #Brazil and reports of more severe #COVID19 in young persons, we should consider whether antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is playing a role.

It has important implications for the rest of the world. 1/🧵…
In ADE, an initial mild infection can be followed by more severe illness upon reinfection. Non-neutralizing antibodies are thought to play a role. The potential mechanism for #SARSCoV2 is likely different from #dengue. See "b" ⬇️

Antibody-independent mechanisms also exist. 2/ ImageImage
On an individual level, ADE (or ERD as above) may be clinically indistinguishable from non-ADE severe disease. A history of #COVID19 or baseline Ab+ could raise suspicion.

At a population level, ADE may only present as an increase in rates of hospitalization and death. 3/
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WOW—first bilateral pandemic BUBBLE between 2 countries!

New Zealand 🇳🇿 & Australia 🇦🇺 can form a quarantine-free bubble because they both adopted a #ZeroCovid strategy.

Don’t say “but but—islands”. Vietnam 🇻🇳 is not an island, yet has zero #COVID19 too. Leadership matters! 🧵
3) If you elect competent leaders who doesn’t try to rip a country apart (cough, Brexit, cough), but instead led with compassion... you can rock zero Covid too.
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Here's the latest episode of #COVID19 : Updates from Singapore
This series of webinars is brought to you by @WHOGOARN and @NUSMedicine

It's hosted by @profdalefisher , Prof. David Allen, and Dr. Louisa Sun
Watch here:
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#Thread about #Brazil #Bolsonaro #Military #democracy :
With a surprise cabinet reshuffle, the Brazilian president wants to increase control over Congress and the security forces in the face of growing resistance in politics, society and the economy.…
But the price his allies charge for their support is rising.

First it was the foreign minister, then the defense minister, and finally there were a total of six cabinet members who President Jair Bolsonaro replaced in one fell swoop on Monday.
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BREAKING—Mexico's 🇲🇽 government is acknowledging in a quietly released report that the country's true death toll from the coronavirus pandemic now stands above 321,000. That is almost 60% more than Mexico’s official test-confirmed number #COVID19 cases.🧵…
2) Mexico does little testing, and because hospitals were overwhelmed, many Mexicans died at home without getting a test. The only way to get a clear picture is to review “excess deaths” and review death certificates.
3) “The higher toll would rival that of Brazil, which currently has the world’s second-highest number of deaths after the United States. But Mexico’s population of 126 million is far smaller than either of those countries.”
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➡️Le Brésil a t'il actuellement autant de décès #Covid que la France ?

C'est un argument qui ressort beaucoup en ce moment, les deux pays auraient "proportionnellement autant de décès #Covid_19 par jours" !

Eh bien, je vais vous montrer que c'est faux.
Déjà, prenons les chiffres totaux au 26/03/2021

🇫🇷La France : 94 275 décès pour 67 063 703 habitants
Soit 1 405 décès par Millions d'habitants

🇧🇷Le Brésil : 307 326 décès pour 212 777 038 habitants
Soit 1 444 décès par Millions d'habitants

C'est proche, oui MAIS ⤵️
➡️Quand on prend les chiffres moyens actuels, donc la moyenne de décès liés au #coronavirus lissée sur 7 jours, il se passe quelque chose d'étrange, et d'effrayant notamment pour le Brésil.

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1) 'After the initiation of vaccine programme, almost all countries experienced a sudden surge of transmission and most countries had to impose strict lockdown measures.' #Covid19 #CovidVaccine…
2) '#ProfessorPaulBieniasz from Rockefeller University, USA, expressed his concern that vaccines themselves can also drive viral mutations and hence #COVID19 vaccines can add fuel to the evolution of mutation of Coronavirus.'
3) 'According to him the time between initial vaccination and the time of second shot to maximize the immune response might serve as a sort of breeding ground for the virus to acquire new mutations' #Covid19
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You hear Brazil is getting hit hard by a Covid-19 variant? Not in Maxaranguape, in northeast Brazil that adopted #Ivermectin. Down to zero deaths, zero cases. The city bought 15,000 Ivermectin tablets. #covid #winning
👆👆Next time someone tells you we need another journal publication for #ivermectin or randomized blind study, keep pointing to this 🔥REAL. LIVING. PROOF🔥

Don't dishonor a patient in a trial who could LIVE by taking Ivermectin instead of a placebo.

Global Expert Panel 3/18: Image
👆👆And the rest of Brazil? Free #ivermectin for this city: Sorocaba, Brazil, March 20: “It is a recommendation from the Ministry of Health & some cities have adopted early treatment, managing to reduce the number of patients in hospitals ”, he explains. 👉 Image
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The P.1 variant has already been detected in at least 26 countries, with local transmission currently confirmed in 4 of them. Recently, New York announced a Brooklyn resident patient with no travel history to Brazil who is infected with the P.1 variant.……
Three recent preprints, yet to be peer-reviewed, have found that the SARS-CoV-2 variant P.1 is about twice more transmissible than the resident, wild type virus, in Manaus, Brazil.
These studies arrived at very similar results employing different methodologies, converging in their assessment of a very high transmission rate for the new variant.
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#Brazil #Brasilia #Coronavirus

According to the Ministry of Health, Brazil saw a record high number of new COVID-19 cases per day on Friday, with 90,570 tests coming back positive.
COVID-19 claimed the lives of 2,815 people in the last 24 hours, the second highest number of single-day deaths since the outbreak began in the nation.
The death toll from COVID-19 in the South American country is 290,314 people, with a total of 11,871,390 people being infected, the world's second highest after the United States.
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I’m confused. Maybe someone in the media can explain naming conventions to me. Health Care workers, administration officials, and the media are referring to differing variants of the CoronaVirus 🦠 as the “UK” variant, the “South African” variant, or even the “Brazilian” 1/2
Variant....but it’s racist to call the virus by its original name (and place of origin) the Wuhan Virus? Someone please send the decision tree for me to follow along. Hat tip to @JustinPulitzer . #China #SouthAfrica #Brazil #UK #Wuhan
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😰 Mais um dia difícil na vida de divulgadora científica! Ter que divulgar notícia que batemos novamente o recorde que ninguém gostaria 😭🖤
🏴 Hoje chegamos a triste e lamentável marca de 2.841 óbitos em 24 horas no país... São quase 3k!🇧🇷🖤 Image
Números de óbitos do RS de sexta pra cá - dados de @schrarstzhaupt:

Sex - 276
Sab - 331
Dom - 72
Seg - 152
HOJE - 502

Batemos a marca de 282.127 vidas perdidas no BR desde a primeira morte pela COVID-19, uma doença totalmente evitável 😥
Lidar com tudo isso não tem sido nada fácil.
Me coloco facilmente no lugar dessas famílias enlutadas, das pessoas que perderam alguém querido neste 1 ano de pandemia descontrolada, desgovernada, que não ouve a ciência e os seus apelos...
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Happening now: @USNorthernCmd @Southcom commanders testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee

SASC Chair @SenJackReed says there will also be a classified briefing on #China's growing influence in Central & South America...
"Now, more than ever, I feel a sense of urgency about the global threats we face here in our neighborhood" @Southcom's Commander, Adm Craig Faller, tells lawmakers

Faller says top 2 threats are #China & transnational criminal organizations
#China working on "over 44 deals" in the @Southcom area of responsibility per Adm Faller

Deals include "significant loans", push for IT infrastructure

"We can't let them prevail" per Faller
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Sunday's #Coronavirus megathread will, as always, be updated throughout the day with news, data and analysis.

Few paid attention while we warned of rising #Covid19 cases in the Balkans then central Europe. Now everyone's concerned as big nations suffer.

Come inside folks!
And I'll start with Europe's biggest nation (in population), #Germany

A further 27% rise in #Covid19 cases confirmed overnight with 10,572 new infections for Saturday vs 8,311 the week before.
#Brazil's been the focus of much attention of late as deaths soar.

The number of people who were reported to have died of #Covid19 yesterday actually dipped, but only because it's the weekend. In fact 1,940 deaths is 30% higher than last Saturday's 1,498

New cases: 70,934 (+5%)
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According to the Ministry of Science and Technology's National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC), a potential new version of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has been found in several regions of Brazil.
Brazilian scientists have discovered a new variant as the country's healthcare system is nearing collapse due to a spike in P.1 strain cases that appeared in northern Brazil's Amazon state in November 2020.
The analysis carried out in 39 municipalities of five Brazilian States 'led to the discovery of a potential new variant of SARS-CoV-2 originating from variant B.1.1.33 which had circulated in Brazil,' said the laboratory in a statement on Friday.
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The daily #Coronavirus thread is underway.

If Friday turned out to be fearful, we can only hope it's not a shocking Saturday.

More and more countries and regions heading back into lockdown as #Covid19 spreads quicker then the vaccines.

And already today new record - read on..
The first record to report is from crisis-torn #Brazil

For the 3rd successive day over 2,000 deaths.
But it's new #Covid19 cases rewriting the record books today with 84,047 positive tests, that's 12% more than the week before

2,152 more deaths takes total fatalities over 275k
Almost a record for #Norway too tonight.

905 new #Covid19 infections diagnosed in the last 24 hours, just 25 below the national record. Today's total is 31% up on the previous week.

Over 300 more Covid patients have been admitted to hospital in the last 2 days alone.
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Finally got to analyze & put my thoughts together on the recent #posaconazole vs. #voriconazole phase 3 trial for invasive #aspergillosis published in .@TheLancet a few weeks ago.
Best is to put the major trials of the 3 #VIP triazoles done over the last 20 years in perspective!
Here is the table with key points of trial design of the #TresAmigos trials, interesting features:

#Vori-Ampho was open label, but with blinded adjudication, including to adverse effects.

All where non-inferiority trials, #vori-amphoB had a clause for claiming superiority.
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Human Activities Obliterated Two-Third of #Earth’s Tropical Rainforests Between 2002-2019: Report…

(📸: IANS)
Human activities have contributed to the massive destruction of nearly two-thirds of the world’s original #TropicalRainforests in the last two decades, a new study has found.

The analysis has revealed logging and land conversion for various agricultural practices as the two primary factors behind the wipeout of these forests, which serve as the largest reservoirs of carbon and effectively mitigate #GlobalWarming.

#TropicalRainforests #Environment
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#Brazil #RiodeJaneiro #Coronavirus #VACCINE

After an important shipment of raw materials arrived, the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) research facility in Rio de Janeiro started large-scale production of the Astrazeneca vaccine.
According to this, the vaccine produced with drugs imported from China passed the tests and 3.8 million doses could be handed over to the Ministry of Health in Brasília by the end of March.
The import of raw materials to make 12.2 million doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine had raised new hopes for a vaccination breakthrough amid the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Brazil. With Fiocruz, Brazil has a vaccine factory that is considered the largest in Latin America.
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Three recent preprints, yet to be peer-reviewed, have found that the SARS-CoV-2 variant P.1 is about twice more transmissible than the resident, wild type virus.
These studies arrived at very similar results employing different methodologies, converging in their assessment of a very high transmission rate for the new variant.
The P.1 variant was initially detected in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, and its presence is strongly associated with the rapid increase in hospitalization rates in Manaus, followed by a collapse in the city's health care system shortly thereafter.
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@biswajitmohanty @BKArukha @TheGreatAshB @Naveen_Odisha The truth is @BKArukha is responsible for all destruction of Forests in #Odisha. This is for every #Odia 2know that 5,291 #forestFires hv been recorded in 8days here between Feb 22- Mar 1, 2021 as per @down2earthindia report #SimilipalOnFire #Forestfire #ResignArukha @bjd_odisha
@biswajitmohanty @BKArukha @TheGreatAshB @Naveen_Odisha @down2earthindia @bjd_odisha Its very suspicious/fishy about @dpradhanbjp ji taking up d #ForestFire issue all of a sudden.The world is aware of #stealthy_human_littering of rain forest of #Amazon & forest of #Australia so dat post-burning fertile soil will help grow #ETHANOL generating plants #SimlipalFires
@biswajitmohanty @BKArukha @TheGreatAshB @Naveen_Odisha @down2earthindia @bjd_odisha @dpradhanbjp 2) #Brazilian_Rain_forest of #Amazon getting gutted by fire over & over again & the incident being called as an #Accident is no more believed by people bcoz it can never be a coincidence that #Brazil is the #first country started using #ETHANOL & also suffers massive Forest fire.
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