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EVERYONE stop what you’re doing and listen to this plea from Dr. Ngozi Ezike , Illinois / the Midwest is plunging into a 2nd wave.. These are the voices that people should be listening to.. Doctors are pleading with us... #Chicago #COVID19 #illinois…
Sit down Karen.. Dr. Ngozi is saving lives and attempting to guide us from falling off of a cliff! You’re a willfully ignorant local talk show host who doesn’t care if our medical system is on the brink of being overrun or how many ppl are infected or die
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This makes me ABSOLUTELY livid.. a longtime employee who has special needs was fired from his job for standing up to a customer who had been harassing him for months and refused to wear a mask! #chicago…
As a parent of a child with special needs I know how important it is for companies to employ ppl w/ disabilities and how much these employees give back in return.. They are definitely the most dedicated workers and often are close with people in the community...
I’m upset that @jewelosco is willing to toss their longtime employees under the bus and risk the lives of their employees and customers. They didn’t stand up for their employee Khaled who was being harassed for months by a customer because he’s disabled…
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BREAKING: The man who suspended himself from the side of Trump Tower in a 14-hour standoff with @Chicago_Police SWAT negotiators just escaped from a private ambulance, saying he has a mission to complete.
..."He knows jujitsu."
#ChicagoScanner #Chicago
...He may have jumped into a sedan. Might be heading to an address in Lincoln Square. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago #SlightlyDelayedTweet
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Now: Multiple calls of shots fired. Magnolia/Leland, etc. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
...Call of a person calling for help 4600 Beacon. People running. 6-7 shots. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
...Nobody found shot at this point. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
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Bonafide person shot. 1040 West Hollywood. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
...The 20th District is now trying to push this case to the 19th District since it started as a road rage incident on LSD. (The 19th district border is over a mile away).
#BorderWars #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
...The 19th District is now kicking it back to the 20th District. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
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suicide prevention? See @codeofvets

ending the death penalty? #CatholicsforTrump & #JewsForTrump

fighting poverty? Ask #BlacksForTrump & #HispanicsForTrump

curbing hunger? Ask #FaucitheFraud how these lockdowns worked

Or stopping gun violence? Start in #Chicago
Ending wars?

Three Nobel Peace Prize Nominations.

You know, things that save lives like Trump COVID response saving 2 million of the estimated 2.2 million lives threatened according to your science guy Anthony Fauci!

Police killings? See @FBI stats for reality check😉
Of course, if #FakeNewsMediaClowns would quit with their #FakeNews doctrine, y’all on the left might be aware of a wide ranging approach to reducing opioid deaths. Helped in part by having the will to #BuildTheWall which slowed the incoming drugs and #illegalimmigrants aliens.
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#OurFavoriteTurkishTroll is back to show off his lousy Twitter game. He must have forgotten that the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees started the #SanctionTurkey chorus:
He must have also missed it when the US Congress passed the NDAA last year with a provision calling for the US to #SanctionTurkey Image
It must really burn him up when a Congressman in his former jurisdiction (and member of the Congressional Turkey caucus) introduced legislation this summer to #SanctionTurkey…
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#AaronSwartz advocated that all academic research should be available for free to the people instead of being kept behind publishing paywalls and #government control.
This led him to download millions of journal articles without authorization which ensured him federal
prosecution, that many believe led to his suicide.
Knowledge is power and that’s why the #NWO controls much of it.
Aaron believed an open access information “helped me become the sort of person I am, and writ large, would probably have a similar effect on the rest of
the #world.” Aaron’s father told the #Chicago Sun Times that Aaron was murdered by the government. In 2013, #MIT would release its report on Aaron.

2 Major Key findings: 1) MIT did NOT ‘call in the feds’ to take over the investigation. A #Cambridge police detective brought
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I hope everyone across the world knows this is NOT who #Chicago is. The corrupt Chicago political establishment is a small pocket of psychos who destroyed our urban black community so they can rule trafficking operations via gangs & push corrupt candidates. #Lightfoot is crazy!
FYI, I run COVID stats for a large percentage of the Chicagoland pop & I can prove without a shadow of a doubt, these theatrics are based on zero factual evidence in the area. Last 45 days have had less than <3.4% positive rate. 99% of those survive (No nursing home scandals). Image
I’m still putting together a March-May database but from my memory I believe it peaked around 18-25% positive tests, however this doesn’t account for false positives as we, like everyone else, took whatever tests we could early on. ALL of the theatrics are election based agendas! Image
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Small gathering of people at Roosevelt and Columbus. People are demanding that the charges against Jeremy "Mohawk" Johnson are dropped. Johnson allegedly struck a police officer with a skateboard. #Chicago #ChicagoProtests Image
The group is about 50 strong are going over some chants and will be marching pretty soon. #Chicago #ChicagoProtests Image
People are moving westbound on Roosevelt police and protest marshals are helping block traffic. #Chicago #ChicagoProtests
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D. A. Pacygas "#Slaughterhouse" ist e. Buch über industrielle Produktion v. #Fleisch, aber auch über die brutale Dynamik des US-Kapitalismus, bei d. Parallelen zur Gegenwart ins Auge fallen. Noch e. Thread über Fleisch & #Chicago, aber auch die dt.e Provinz & (kurz) Literatur. /1 Image
1922 ist "meatpacking (...) the largest industry by volume in the United Staates", stärker als Stahl- o. Autoindustrie (140), & Chicago das unangefochtene Zentrum. Das hat nicht allein m. industrieller Schlachtung zu tun, die dt.e Autor_innen auf Durchreise bestaunen, sondern /2
mit Trägertechnologien, (1.) der Eisenbahn, deren Bedeutungsverlust gegenüber dem LKW-Verkehr in den 1950er & 60er Jahren innerhalb kürzester Zeit zum vollständigen Kollaps v. Chicago als Fleischzentrum führt; (2.) Kühlmöglichkeiten & -technik. Noch in den 1850er Jahren /3
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Multiple calls of people shooting pedestrians and other vehicles with paintballs in River North and Streeterville. White SUV involved. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
...More calls:

474 North LSD

#ChicagoScanner #Chicago
...the 1st District had a 20-year-old woman walk-in with a paintball gun wound to her abdomen. EMS going. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
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Small gathering of people at 71st and Chappel to commemorate the life of Lequan McDonald and discuss the FOPs contract.

#Chicago Image
Jesse Jackson is speaking at this celebration for Lequan McDonald. #Chicago Image
Balloons have been give out to individuals here at this celebration for Lequan McDonald, they'll be releasing them soon. #Chicago Image
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Bond court —

For the second time today, a defendant is claiming that he was exonerated after being wrongfully convicted. Robbery this time.

...He's also claiming that he was exonerated for wrongful murder conviction in the some case. Again, the state has no knowledge of this purported exoneration.
...Unlike the previous defendant today who claimed to be an exonerated murderer, there is no media coverage of any kind to support this second man's claim.
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Violence court —

Judge: You're here on a kidnapping warrant. State, how do you want to proceed?

Defendant: Um, if I could get an I-bond, I don't have any felonies in my backgro...

Judge: Not you, sir.

Prosecutor: Uh, regarding what he said. He has a prior murder conviction.
...More info now: The defendant received a 60-year sentence for murder stemming from a 1997 case.

1997 + 60 = 2057. 🤔

Defense says he's been out of prison for 15 months.
...Defendant: "It was vacated. I was wrongly convicted. It was vacated."

The defendant is now accused of participating in an armed home invasion in which a family member was kidnapped by men who demanded (as I recall) $1 million cash or a haul of cocaine.
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NOW: @cta says man grabbed woman by the neck and stole her phone at the Belmont Red Line station. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago
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A couple hundred folks have circled up on Madison and State and are blocking traffic. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor Image
Now marching southbound on State Street after a moment of silence. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor Image
Moving westbound on Van Buren now Northbound on Dearbourn. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor Image
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Snowplows are blocking off access to the CPD HQ at 36th and Michigan. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor Image
A few hundred here outside the CPD HQ in the intersection of Michigan and 35th St. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor Image
Folks are now marching eastbound on 35th Steet. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor Image
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Currently a small group of people at St. Sabina's for a Breonna Taylor solidarity protest. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor Image
The plan is to block 79th a d Racine and will have a group of speakers speak for reporters. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor Image
Around 50 people have marched to Racine and 79th and are closing the intersection down. #Chicago #BreonnaTaylor
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Exclusive: New details of allegations against Adam “Census Cowboy” Hollingsworth. According to information in charging documents:

…Horse collapsed outside animal shelter. Could not get up on its own. (1/4) #Chicago
…Upon arrival at shelter, horse was overheated, extremely exhausted, shook uncontrollably.

…Horse has saddle sores, injuries to its Coronet band, and multiple wounds from being canter on concrete without shoes. (2/4)
…While on highway, horse galloped for short distances and also walked slowly “as if it was to the point of exhaustion.”

…Case was delayed by a day because assistant state’s attorney initially declined felony charges, sending cops to do further investigation. (3/4)
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We're a-hearin' the long arm o' the law has a-walloped the cowboy with some a them thar felony charges. #Chicago
...The rumblin's from out west is the sheriff might-a be rustlun' the cowpoke into bond court 'rorrow.
...I s'ppose all you city slickers ought ta leave the videotaped horsey abuse to Mel Brooks.
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Chicago fire on scene for a building that collapsed in the 1000 block of North Marion Court. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner Image
A view from the back of the home. #ChicagoScanner #Chicago Image
The building itself appears to be underconstuction. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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