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I get it, Shiro is a good guy and he'd never take advantage of Keith but what if...he did 😏

#sheith #nswf #nsfwsheith #ABO #ABOsheith #omegakeith #alphashiro #firstheat #dubcon #consensual also #cheathing whoops Shiro's kinda with Adam? Well, he was...
Also, disclaimer: In my AU's omegas have cunts bc that just makes sense to me but if that's not your cup of tea then feel free to click away now bc this is pure #filth
So I kinda imagine the following: it's Keith first year at the Garrison (so he's also probably #underaged /sorry for not tagging earlier) and he's opened up a to Shiro. How couldn't he? The older Alpha is so gentle, so caring and he doesn't treat Keith like a little kid.
Shiro is safe, Shiro is good and Keith trusts him. Keith knows that someday, hell officially present as an omega and even though he doesn't really know what that means, he knows that Omegas and Alphas are meant to be. Everyone knows that.
The only issue? Adam. Shiro's boyfriend. Unlike Shiro, he does treat Keith like a kid and makes fun of him for following Shiro around like a lost puppy. Shiro takes those jokes not seriously but Keith wonders if, maybe, Adam knows too that he isn't meant to be with Shiro...
he's only a Beta after all. Keith, silently, counts that as a winning and hopes that one day, Shiro will notice that too. The daydream makes him feel smug and he only feels a little bad at the idea. Adam isn't as good as a boyfriend anyway.
He'll wait. He knows one day he'll present and then he'll be an alluring omega and Shiro will finally notice him as someone that could be his mate.

It's only though, that Keith has no idea what *presenting* actually means.
See, he never knew his mom and his dad died when he was too young to have The Talk. Since people are already born with their secondary genders and only just later fully present, a quick DNA-test confirmed that he was an Omega but no one really told him what that meant...
Growing up, Keith was pushed from one foster home to another and then into the orphanage. No one bothered to really tell him what would happen to his body once he presented. Of course, Keith wasn't dumb. He caught a few sentences every now and then, overheard gossip and even
briefly tried to look the topic up in a library book but the issue was old and pages had been ripped out. Over his early teenage years, Keith collected most informations himself. He knew the differences between Omegas, Alphas and Betas and what society liked to assume about them
He knew that one day, he'd want to be with an Alpha because of his nature as an Omega. They would smell good to him and Keith, in return, to them. Some rowdy boys at the orphanage also liked to say crass things about heats and ruts and how Omegas were just
mindless breeding bitches. Keith didn't really listened to what they said then, thinking they only wanted to insult him. So in conclusion, Keith didn't know too much about heats. He thought it would be a bit like a second puberty, where his body would adjust again. His instincts
would sharpen. His pheromones would change and slowly, he'd morph into a grown-up Omega that was ready to be mated and have a family of his own.

A very romantic idea. Keith wanted nothing more than to finally, truly belong somewhere and have somebody at his side that would never
leave him.

Poor Sex-ed classes in school helped keeping that dream up and by the time Keith arrived at the Garrison, he still wasn't fully prepared for what was about to hit him once he presented.

The Garrison also didn't bother with Sex-ed, since no student was under the age
of 15 and therefore should've had The Talk by now.

Would Keith have been less of a loner and hung out more with the boys from his year, he would've at least learned a few more things about Omegas and Alphas but he kept mostly to himself and his books.
A year later, Shiro was still his only friend and his bubble of what it meant to officially present was about to burst.

Of course, Keith had upon arriving at the Garrison, received prescriptions for both suppressants and birth control. The GG was strict and careful about
housing all kinds of secondary genders under their roof since they wanted no funny business, hormonal shenanigans or lust-filled accidents of any kind disturbing the importance of studying. Alphas and Omegas lived in separate quarters and each student had to take their provided

Keith neither took his suppressants nor his birth control. He heard that taking suppressants before presenting was unhealthy and could prolong the process. He didn't want that. And the birth control he stored away for later, he'd need that one day but not /now/!
He never thought much of it...until the day he woke up covered in sweat and instinctly knew he couldn't head to the nurse with this. One look at his file would tell her he was an omega and the first question she'd ask would be about his suppressants. And then he'd be in deep shit
No nurse then. It would be fine. Surely he'd only caught the flu or ate something funny. They served Pizza every Friday night at the Garrison and maybe last night, Keith shouldn't have dumped an entire container of salad dressing over his remaining pizza crusts but he'd been so
hungry! Whatever. Too late now!

The only blessing was today being Saturday and that meant that he wasn't forced to sit through class, feeling as dizzy and itchy as he suddenly did.

It was early too, barely 7am and his roommate, a beta, was still asleep under the covers.
Keith didn’t think long before grabbing some cloths and his backpack before heading towards the showers. He felt so restless and hot all over, skin almost feverish with sweat. In his clouded mind, taking a shower made the most sense.
The stalls were blessedly empty but no matter how long Keith stood under the cold water, he weird itching on his skin would go away. It was almost like Keith was burning up from the insides and through the haze in his mind, he started to panic a little.
It wasn't so much that he felt sick. He didn't feel nauseous nor had he cramps but something was undoubtedly wrong with him. A strange tightness coiled in his lower belly and his chest was aching. He felt the urge to lay down and sleep but even though he felt foggy, he wasn't
really tired. He just...he needed something. He needed...to get out of here. He turned the water off and grabbed for his towel to quickly dry off. While he did so his hands brushed between his legs and he gasped audibly, the sound echoing from the tiled walls.
He'd just brushed his cunt with his fingertips but the touch had sparked like lightning up his his spine and Keith began to shake. It was only now that he noticed the thick liquid wetting the insides of his thighs and sticking to his fingertips like gloss.
Too scared to touch himself again and in the back of his mind beginning to understand what was actually happening, Keith threw the towel into his backpack and hurriedly pulled his clothes back on. He tried to think clearly but a mixture of panic and excitement made it hard to
concentrate. While stumbling from the showers and through the empty halls, he fumbled his phone from his pocket. His intent had been to google his syndromes to confirm his suspicions but then he looked at his lock-screen. It was a picture of a beautiful desert sunset, taken rough
two months ago. Shiro had taken him out there to race with him on- SHIRO! He was the only one Keith could trust with this. Pressing himself into a dark corner, Keith unlocked his phone and typed out a quick text.

Keith: You're awake?

He didn't have to wait long for a reply.
Shiro: Sure! I'm surprised you are, sleepyhead :)

Keith: Can I come over? I need to talk to you

Shiro: Everything okay? I went out for breakfast with some of the boys but I can come back if you need me

A unwanted whine escaped Keith's throat. YES! He needed Shiro.
He needed him so much! He tried to collect himself.

Keith: I'm okay. Something weird happened but I'm sure I can wait a little longer. Just thought I could come over. Maybe later?
Shiro: Are you sure you're okay? You can wait in our dorm if you want to, Adam is visiting home for the weekend. I'm heading home soon, okay?

Keith didn't have in in him to say no to the offer. He was sweaty and dizzy, heart racing and stomach twisting. He needed to be somewhere
safe and he wanted Shiro close! He texted back with shaky fingers.

Keith: Okay, thanks! Will wait in your dorm, please don't freak out on me later...

He knew that text would worry Shiro and he felt guilty but how else should he warn him?
It was better Shiro thought Keith had gotten into another fist-fight again than alerting anyone else of Keith's actual issue.

Keith made his way as fast and sneaky towards Shiro's and Adam's shared quarters as he could, collapsing right behind the door after
typing the code in with shaky fingers. For a moment he simply laid there and panted, the word spinning around him, his cloths suffocating him. Then the fog cleared a little...something tickled his nose... his mouth watered. A scent! Musky and heavenly!
It smelled strong and safe, like warm leather and desert sunsets and sweat mixed with cologne. Shiro. It smelled like Shiro. Keith left his backpack by the door and crawled toward the scent, knowing it would bring him relief.
(Okay im taking a short break. This wasn’t supposed to get so out of hand but whatever. When I continue this it will be from Shiro’s POV just because I wanna make it filthier)
Here we go again! From here on it will be #ShiroPOV
Keith: Okay, thanks! Will wait in your dorm, please don't freak out on me later...

Shiro frowned at the phone in his hand, around him the sound of laughter and clinking silverware continued. He had a bad feeling about this...
Ever since they'd become friends, Shiro had felt fiercely protective over Keith. A young omega that had endured so much already but stayed strong through it all...Shiro had been drawn to him from the beginning.

Adam had joked that Shiro had basically adored Keith like one
would a stray kitten. Back then Shiro had laughed. Nowadays he didn't laugh much anymore about the things Adam said.

And yes, maybe Shiro was a bit overprotective but he couldn't help himself. It wasn't only the Alpha in him that wanted to keep an Omega safe,
it was also because Keith was special and amazing and his friend. Shiro couldn't understand why not more people tried to make an effort with Keith but even if, he sometimes caught himself not wanting to share Keith with others and that was...weird.
Now Shiro regretted that Keith hadn't come along this morning when some of his friends and himself had gotten into town to enjoy a prolonged breakfast at a Diner, feeling tired of the tasteless cafeteria food that the Garrison provided.
Shiro had asked Keith if he wanted to come too but Keith wasn't very social and insisted he'd rather stay in his room and sleep in. Now it looked like Keith didn't get much sleep and somehow managed to get himself in trouble early in the day.
Shiro let out a sigh and gestured for the waitress to pay. One of his friends noticed.

"You okay, Shiro?"

Fishing for his wallet, Shiro answered. "Sorry boys, gotta head back to the Garrison early. Something came up."

Keith said it could wait but Shiro wasn't so sure of that
"Something with Adam?" One of his friends asked and gave him /the/ look.

Shiro ground his teeth. Great. Even these guys had noticed that things between him and Adam had been rough recently. He forced himself to smile.
"No. He's visiting his family this weekend. Gotta go, sorry!"

He paid and left the Diner in a hurry before more questions about his rocky relationship could come up. Shiro was actually looking forward to spending the day with just Keith now.
He always felt content around the younger boy and maybe, if Keith hadn't gotten into too much trouble, they would be able to spend most of the weekend with each other. Despite worrying for the Omega, Shiro found himself smiling at the idea as he sped back towards Garrison grounds
The sun stood high on the horizon by the time Shiro parked and headed towards his quarters. He checked his phone. Keith hadn't send another text. Maybe it wasn't so serious after all. He was just outside his own door, hand raised to type in the code when
Shiro felt his neck prickle. He looked around. No one there. He took a sniff. Nothing. As it should be. The living quarters along with the medical wing of the Garrison where scent-proof, so the hallways usually smelled like nothing more than dust and disinfectant.
Shiro shrugged the weird feeling off, typed in the code and slipped through the door. Inside he came to a sudden halt, the door almost hitting him in the back as it closed. His nostrils flared and his brain short-circuit as he couldn't cope with so many impressions at once.
Shiro swallowed, throat suddenly dry. His heart began to pound, his blood started to sing. Suddenly Shiro felt drunk. In the best way possible. His room, his /home/ was filled with the sweetest, thickest scent he'd ever smelled. Omega, his brain yelled, ripe little Omega!
His eyes darted around to find the source, getting stuck on little details. It was warm in here and someone had drawn the heavy curtains shut so inly little light filtered into the room. The couch cushions that Adam liked to put in a neat row where dented and scattered
and next to Shiro's feed stood a open backpack. Shiro knew that very backpack but that was something his brain didn't want to acknowledge right now. There was also a towel, part of it hung from the bag like someone had quickly tried to shove it inside without much care.
As if in trance, Shiro reached for it and pulled it out. The fabric was damp as he raised it to his nose and inhaled. A growled tore from his throat at the heady scent of fresh slick and he felt arousal shooting through him so strongly that it made him dizzy.
Omega. His dorm smelled like desperate Omega in heat and his Alpha body had responded to that the moment he stepped through the door. It made Shiro pant and beginning so sweat as his cock stirred and teeth began to ache. He wanted to sink both into fresh meat.
He clenched the towel tightly in his fist when he heard a desperate whine. His head snapped up in the direction. It came from down the hall but that was no secret. The scent was so strong that Shiro could've followed the track as if someone had painted it with red paint
on the floor. He knew it came from his bedroom. His muscles went tense as if he was ready to pounce as he followed his instincts down the hall. The further he went, the more cloths he found scattered on the floor leading to the bedroom.
Clothes too small to be his own or Adams but Shiro didn't need to look at them to know that. He would recognise that scent everywhere, heat infused or not. He had to swallow a few more times dryly before he could bring himself to fully push the door open, even though his
entire body screamed at him to stop wasting time! He felt an urge like never before to move quickly, to pounce and catch and claim. It was disturbing and yet it felt so right. Shiro's cock was throbbing inside his jeans as he finally stepped into his bedroom and the scent became
so overwhelmingly strong that Shiro nearly stumbled and went on his knees. He was so aroused it was like his abdomen was on fire.

Inside the light was dim, curtains drawn shut and Shiro's eyes immediately went to the bed, only to find it empty. Rumpled but empty.
"Alpha." He heard the raspy whine and his head whipped around at the sound only to have his eyes nearly bulge out of his head.

His bedroom floor was a mess. Blankets and pillows dragged out from all corners of his living quarters, arranged with towels and dirty laundry.
Shiro could spot his soiled workout clothes, the uniform he'd thrown into his hamper yesterday and even the dirty sleeping bag he used when Iverson dragged them out into the desert for survival exercises. All those things were bundled up with his sweaters and shirts that, only
hours ago, had been laying folded neatly inside his closet. Now his belongings were thrown to the floor, all twisted up and arranged to build...a nest.

Shiro's heart stumbled a little. A really nice nest, actually.

Shiro registered all that within a second before all his
attention focused on the beautiful being inside the nest. The omega that was whining and squirming, letting out little chirps that Shiro dumbly registered as a mating call.

Shiro couldn't help but stare. At long long naked legs, at soft pale skin, at beautiful big doe eyes
looking at him pleadingly with long wet lashes.

Objectively, Shiro had always known that Keith was pretty and would probably grow up to be even more of a beauty. Now though, with shining eyes and bitten-red lips, Keith was dreamlike.
Shiro wanted to sink to his knees and worship him, that was the only thing on his mind. Trance-like, he stepped closer to the nest, nostrils flaring to inhale as much of the sweet scent as possible.

Keith's chirping intensified and he took his hands from between his legs to
reach them out to Shiro instead. It was only now that Shiro realised that Keith was wearing one of his dirty shirts and a possessive growl escaped his lips. Keith's eyes started shining even brighter at that.

Mine mine mine mine mine mine, Shiro thought.
Then his phone rang, shrilling loudly inside his jean pocked and slicing through the tense atmosphere like a knife through warm butter. For a moment, Shiro felt the fog clear from his mind and he could concentrate again.

The caller ID told him his friend Matt was calling but
Shiro simply turned his phone off before chucking it towards the bed. There were more important things to take care of.

Like the distressed underaged Omega that kept rubbing his thighs together and making grabby hands at him. Keith. His Keith. No. NO. Not /his/ Keith just his
friend Keith. His pretty friend Keith that gets him like no one else and who is currently leaking slick from his virgin cunt all over Shiro's things.

Shiro would love to open a window to keep a cool head but he couldn't risk anyone else smelling that ripe Omega.
Shiro started shaping and he didn't know if it was because he was lowkey panicking or because he was trying his hardest not to pounce Keith like he was unprotected game.

Carefully, Shiro sank to his knees by the edge of the nest and tried his hardest to breathe through
his mouth.

"Keith? What are you doing here?."

Shiro didn't know what kind of answer he expected but he had to start somewhere, right?

"Alpha." Keith panted, "Needed you. Need you so bad."

"Have you taken your suppressants?" That question was as dumb as it was obvious and
Keith was only whining and squirming in response.

Shiro gulped. What he should do was probably calling Iverson and a nurse and lock himself away from the Omega but even before he finished that thought he knew that he couldn't do that.
Keith trusted him and he needed him. And Shiro had to protect him and keep him away from trouble and disciplinary consequences.

And if Shiro was honest, he didn't want anything coming between him and Keith. Right now or ever. Fuck the consequences.
"Don't worry, I'm here now, Keith. I'm here, baby." The petname just slipped out, Shiro didn't care.

"Alpha, please." Keith babbled, still making grabby hands.

Taking his shoes off, Shiro crawled into Keith's nest as carefully as he could. As if he crossed an invisible
barrier, Keith was on him in seconds. Wrapping his arms around him and nuzzling into his neck. Shiro's ball tightened painfully at the sudden proximity. The Omegas unmasked scent flooding into his system like a drug. Shiro couldn't help but nuzzle back, wrapping his arms around
the younger boy. Happy little purrs mixed into Keith's mating chirps as he rubbed himself against Shiro and tried to climb into his lap.

Shiro himself could help but moan as those small hands flew over his heated skin and the Omega started to lick at his neck and scent glands.
"Baby. Wait, we shouldn't-" Shiro had already forgotten how he'd intended to end that sentence.

Keith whimpered. "I need you, Alpha. It hurts, it hurts so bad."

That bought Shiro back from his lust-filled haze. "What hurts baby? Show me?"

And Keith, sitting directly
in front of Shiro, spread his legs and pulled the long hem of his shirt up, exposing his hungry, slick dripping cunt to the Alpha.

Shiro growled at the sight, feeling pre dripping from his own rockhard cock that was trapped inside his jeans. Nothing. There was nothing Shiro
wanted more than to shove his cock into that fat little cunt and cream it until he was completely spend.

Transfixed, Shiro stared at that pulsing hole, pink and wet and smelling so ripe and sweet that is mouth watered.

He licked his lips as Keiths slender fingers reached
between those messy folds to rub at his little red cherry, whining pitifully. "It hurt's, it's not enough, Alpha."

Shiro shouldn't. He shouldn't. Really, he-

"Shiro, what's happening to me."

The sound of his actual name made Shiro raise his eyes up from the dripping cunt to
Keith's flushed face. He seemed to have a lucid moment. Shiro wasn't sure if the same could be said about him.

"You're in heat, baby."

"It wasn't supposed to be like that." Keith whined.

"No?" Shiro whispered.

"No!" Keith started squirming again. "No one told me it would be
like that."

Shiro had trouble concentrating. Shit, did that mean that Keith had no idea how a heat usually went? He couldn't possibly stumbled into this unprepared, right?

But then again...no one had ever cared for the omega the way he would've deserved. Shiro saw red.
He would take care of Keith. He'd would take care of him so good... Keith's fingers stopped rubbing at his clit and slipped into his hole instead. The omega made a frustrated sound and rolled his small hips.

"Shiro, what's happening?"
He shouldn't but he was beyond the point of caring now. Only Keith was important now. Shiro pushed the omega to his back and crawled over him, caging him with his strong arms.

"Your pussy wants to be filled, baby. Fucked and filled and knotted and creamed by a big Alpha.
That's why you can't finish, sweetheart." He was eyes to eyes with Keith now, their noses almost touching. Keith's teary eyes shimmed like stars.

"Will you fuck me, Alpha?"

Shiro groaned. "I'll do anything for you." Then he leaned down to kiss Keith and it was feverish and
sloppy. Tongues and moans mixing and teeth catching on lower lips.

"I'm burning up." Keith whispered between messy kisses and Shiro licked over his neck, needing all his willpower not to bite him too hard and leave a permanent mark on the milky skin.
Shiro kissed lower while Keith buried his cunt-slick fingers in Shiro's hair. When their shirts got in the way Shiro ripped them off and latched onto Keith's tiny Omega-tits, kneading the flesh and sucking those perky nipples until Keith started sobbing and tried to push him
away. Lower and lower Shiro kissed and licked, biting at Keith's belly and small round hips. Over soft thighs and finally towards his dripping prize. Down here the omegas smell was so pungent that Shiro thought he would go crazy with it. His cock felt ready to burst out his
jeans and his mind was consumed by the urge to take Keith. To trap him beneath his thrusting hips until he was limply hanging off his cock, blissed out and full of cum.

This time Shiro did pounce, rushing forward to bury his face between Keith's pudgy lips and suck his clit
into his mouth. Keith yelped and bowed off the ground but Shiro simply snarled and grabbed him by the hips to keep him down while he slurped at his cunt. Slick was running down Shiro's chin as the Alpha moaned at the taste, his pulse racing like he was on the hunt.
Keith moaned and squirmed, struggling against Shiro's grip and simultaneously trying to get Shiro's tongue to fuck into him deeper.

It still wasn't enough, Shiro knew that but he couldn't stop himself from licking deeper into Keith. His taste was addicting.
If it weren't for his own heavy balls, Shiro probably wound't have pulled back so soon again. The Alpha had just decided that he wanted to die with his tongue deep inside this wanton Omega.

Tears were streaking Keith's face as Shiro looked back up at him and it made the Alpha
coo. "Poor little Omega you had no idea that you'd turn into such a greedy little thing, right? No idea, that you'd need a fat cock to keep you happy and healthy, hm?" Shiro didn't recognise his own voice. He didn't care.

Keith nodded hiccuping.
"And you didn't think twice about presenting your virgin cunt to me, baby. Crawling into my bed without being asked and dripping your slick all over /my/ things. You must be rather desperate, right?"

Keith kept sobbing. "Please, please." Shiro wondered if he even knew what
he was begging for.

Shiro would show him.

"I'll make you mine too." Shiro promised and reached for his belt. He couldn't wait a moment longer without loosing his mind.

Naked, Shiro kneeled before Keith who started at his cook with hungry eyes. Shiro would love to tell him
that it was all Keith's doing that he was so hard, about to burst and messy with pre cum but that had to wait until later. Now he grabbed Keith by the hips to pull him into his lap, positioning his pulsing cunt close to his throbbing cock.

Sweat was running down Shiro's back,
his heart about to beat out of his chest.

"Shirooo." Keith whines and the Alpha fucks forward, the aim precise as he slips through wet folds and thrust deeply into him right away, punching a gasp out of the Omega.

Even if Shiro wanted to go gentle and slow, it's too late for
that now. Shiro denied himself off this too long and he can't hold himself back, yanking Keith's hips towards his cock with every deep thrust. He's grunting at the tight hot feeling around him, spurred on by the yelping sounds Keith makes.

He closes his eyes, throws his head
back and speeds up his pace, faster harder deeper. Slick is dripping down Shiro's balls as they smack smack smack against Keith's tight little ass and Shiro already loves that sound, loves it as much as the squelching sound of Keith's wet cunt as Shiro fucks in relentless.
Shiro become mindless in his thrusting, gripping Keith's hips hard enough so he couldn't get away even if he wanted to. He opens his eyes to see Keith drooling from his open mouth, hands buried in the dirty laundry beneath them in an attempt to hold onto something.
His small tits are bouncing with every thrust and Shiro fucks in more roughly then, grinding his cock right against Keith's sweet spot to make them jiggle faster, to hear Keith's moaning increasing.

"Shit, I should've fucked you ages ago, baby. Should've battered that little
cunt the moment you arrived at the Garrison with your babyface and that sinful ass of yours. Don't know why I denied myself that." Shiro grunts, watching Keith's greedy pussy sucking is cock in again and again .

In that moment, he really can't remember why he didn't spend the
last year trying to stick his cock into Keith's cunt. Currently, it's the only thing that makes sense to him.

He never wants to see Keith in clothes again. He wants him always, spread out and begging for his cock. And Shiro will feed it to him, fuck him raw and knot him until
he's so full of cum that it drips past his swollen pussy lips. He want's to claim him, breed him fuck him full until he's knocked up and round.

Shiro moans at the thought and feels the base of his cock begin to thicken where his knot will grow.

He decides to pull out and
Keith makes a sound like he's wounded. He shuffles closer, clumsily trying to shove Shiro's cock back inside himself. It's adorable but Shiro doesn't laugh because Keith his chirping in frustration.

"Easy baby, you'll get what you want. Turn around."

Keith is confused and
disorientated, so Shiro helps him get on hands and knees. Then he pushes his head down into the nest and knocks his knees further apart with his own. Keith yelps.

"This is how a good Omega is supposed to present himself to an Alpha, don't forget that love."
In this position Shiro has a wonderful view of Keith's perfect, round ass. He can't lie, he does feel the urge to simply spread those globes and fuck into his other hole as well.

Instead he focuses on shoving his dick back inside Keith's fever-hot cunt and drapes himself
over the Omegas back to fuck him as deeply as he can. He reaches around to grab Keith by the tits, squeezing roughly and pulling the Omega forcefully back against him. The force makes Keith slip but Shiro can't pay attention to that now. He keeps his grip on the Omega and
starts drilling into him relentlessly to ruin him for any other dick out there. Keith is /his/ now. Shiro growls possessively, squeezing tiny tits tighter, hips aching from his rough fucking but that doesn't matter. Claiming Keith's cunt, that's what matters. He surges forward
to bite at Keith's shoulder and the Omega tenses up completely. Then multiple things seem to happen at the same time. Keith makes a broken sound of relief, arches his back and his muscles relax again, letting go and releasing an orgasm that powerful enough to make the
Omega squirt all over Shiro's cock as his cunt ripples and clenches around him, making the Alpha growl in ecstasy. Shiro feels so high and powerful, thighs wet with his Omegas release as he fucks him through it, listing as his moans morph into whining. Keith is probably
starting to feel overstimulated now but that's no concern to Shiro. Now it may hurt but if Keith endures that then the pain will give away to even greater pleasure.

That's why Shiro holds him close even when Keith tries to get away from his cock and starts sobbing.
"it's too much, please." He whines and Shiro shushes him. Keith will thank him later for it.

When Keith elbows give out beneath him and he falls face first into the nest, Shiro takes pity and slows his thrusts a little, deciding to fuck in slower but deeper instead.
He also lets go of Keith's poor tits and grabs him by the waist instead. The Omega is tiny enough for Shiro to almost wrap his hands completely around him. The sight makes his cock twitch deep inside Keith's swollen cunt and he feels his knot expand a little further.
Keith lays limply beneath him now, seemingly having just enough strength left to keep his ass up for Shiro. He's gasping out weak sounds at every thrust and the submissiveness of it all makes something stir in Shiro.

Without warning, he reaches beneath them and tweaks
Keith's clit between his fingers. The omega squeaks and tries to buck him off but Shiro's having none of that, quickly and firmly he starts rubbing over Keith's clit, making the boy sob again. A few forceful thrusts later the Omega is coming again, releasing a small scream and a
new gush of pungent slick.

Shiro has never felt prouder. He kisses down Keith's neck and shoulder, mumbling sweet nothings into his ear. Everything smells of sex and sweat and with the Omegas cunt pulsing around his cock, Shiro is on a complete power trip.
His knot is getting bigger with each thrust now and Keith seems to be drifting somewhere among the clouds after his second orgasm. Shiro would consider giving him a little break if he weren't so desperate to come himself and knot this little virgin hole.

It's what Keith needs
too, even if he's exhausted and wrung out. He could get heatsick without being knotted and Shiro wouldn't dream about pulling out now.

Anyone could walk in on them now and Shiro wouldn't stop fucking Keith. It's all that matters now: forcing his knot into Keith's tight cunt.
The urge is so strong, almost stronger than wanting to come for the sake of simply releasing. Shiro can feel it now, approaching faster as his balls tighten and his stomach twists with heat. He picks up his pace again, fucking Keith faster who's whining and squirming.
He holds onto the Omega tightly and fucks in deeper with each thrust, feeling Keith's cunt catch on his knot each time a little more, stretching as he get's even wetter to make the tight fit easier.

Keith instincts must tell him what's happening because he stops whining and
starts chirping again, desperate and excited, rolling his hips back against every of Shiro's thrusts.

"That's it, baby." Shiro praises. "Fuck yourself on my knot."

Keith's bouncing in his lap like he's forgotten all about his overstimulated pussy and Shiro keeps pounding into
tight heat, frantic with the urge to knot and release. He's grunting every time the knot almost catches on Keith's opening and it makes him double his efforts one last time. His knot is completely swollen and it will pop inside, there is no way around that.

Keith's chirps and
the sound of his pussy squelching echoed in Shiro's ears as he concentrated on adjusting his cock and this time the aim was perfect and with one last deep thrust, he forced his knot inside and groaned loudly as he finally got to shoot his load deep inside his Omega, who was clenc
around his cock and moaning weakly as he came a final time, shaking and dripping as Shiro lazily kept rolling his hips. Riding out his orgasm and creaming his Omegas cunt with hot cum, filling him up deeply. Keith's cunt kept squeezing his cock as if wanting to milk the Alpha
dry and therefore Shiro's cock kept pulsing and spurting as he knot locked them firmly together.

Shiro had never felt better in his life. This was where he belonged, this was what he was meant to do. He reached beneath them in amazement to feel with his fingers where Keith was
swollen and stretched around him. Shiro couldn't believe it, feeling completely blissed and content. Through his haze of happiness it took him a moment to realise that their position couldn't be comfortable for Keith, so he helped him lay down without tugging on his knot too much
Shiro then covered Keith his his body, keeping him warm and protected. He kissed his cheek and neck, whispered sweet nothings into his ear but Keith was out cold. Exhaustion having taken over him.

Shiro was alright with that, he was pretty woozy himself.

He closed his eyes
and basked in the memory of what had just happened until enough time had passed to make his knot go down and reality come crashing back to him.

Did he regret what happened? No, never.

But there were still a few things, as he now realised, that kept him form honeymooning
with Keith:

1. He'd completely forgotten about Adam. Whoops.
2. This was also Adams home and it now stank of heat-fucked Omega. Also, Keith's heat would last for another few days in which they couldn't leave/separate.
3. Keith wasn't on birth control so Shiro needed a Plan B
- fin

HOW DID THIS GET SO LONG I HATE MYSELF! (Also, sorry for any spelling mistakes and autocorrects)

Forgot to tag a buch like #squirting #sizedifference #dirtytalk #overstimmulation and so on #nsfw #sheith #nsfwsheith
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