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Initial slides shared by @BMTC_BENGALURU in the meeting about bus lanes . Pilot will launch on Nov 1 says BMTC. They are seeking suggestions from public in this meeting and will try to incorporate. Will be done on left lane (1/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Purpose of this project : If exclusive lane is given for buses , BMTC speed to be aimed to increased from 7km to between 10-20km/hr, increase load percentage from 68% to 90%. Expecting 1 lakh plus ppl to be by bus.This will reduce other vehicles (2/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Responding to a suggestion, Director S&V, BMTC says they have suggested to government to introduce congestion tax so that private vehicles are disincentivised. (3/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Q from audience - Do we have a overall transport strategy ? Isolated projects have danger of not meeting needs be being abandoned. MD says this is a beginning . Director SV says 12 routes identified for bus lanes . This is a pilot he says and they hope to expand. (4/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Audience Q : Is police on board? In 2016 they asked for huge funds to implement bus priority lane. DULT earlier said there should be headway of half minute . Is that planned ? Another Q : Will this be persisted with after pilot ?(5/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Bmtc : All 4 agencies of govt BMTC, DULT, BBMP, Police are working together on this . We have made many joint trips together. Police and us working round the clock. 6-7 meetings done. 15 crores allotted. We are looking at decisions based on traffic data from 2016 (6/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Bmtc : CCTVs will be used to do automatic challan of violators of bus lanes. We aim to reeux manpower required for violation. Govt will also issue notification declaring this as exclusive bus lanes so that violations can be reduced (7/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Bmtc : At junctions right now traffic will be merged. Medians will be closed. We have a detailed presentation about junctions. We are having continuous discussion with @AddlCPTraffic . Once project starts too we can sort out some issues. (8/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Suggestion from @WFRising member : Do it from mahadevapura to silk board only , as its tough to get bus lane beyond due to metro construction. Also ppl avoiding buses due to safety issues on this stretch. There is lot of demand. If buses are given it will be full (9/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Buses will clog bus lanes say @tarauk . then it will fail. Also issuing tickets are manual, this may slow process. We need a bypass lane at bus stop , additional carriageway so that all buses don't get stuck at bus-stop. Also take care of pedestrian safety , in design (10/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs BBPV member asks about frequency. Bmtc : 45 additional buses will be deployed as bus priority lane buses. Frequency will be staggered, more for peak hrs. This will also get refined during trial.We are aware of bus bunching problem.Also planning adequate gaps between stops (11/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs @srinualavilli says there is tremendous support for BMTC in city. Speed,reliability and cost are big issues in this city and this simple logic has been missed all these years. Many of us happy to see so much planning work is done. We will all support bmtc in communication (12/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Solid communication plan including emails to tech park employees needed,need low bus fares, need celebrity endorsements in that stretch to popularise it. Please share all the work you are doing on FB and twitter says @srinualavilli (13/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Pedestrian crossings key says @meerak . They have done studies on commuter data in that stretch and that where ppl are getting off,staying etc have been studied and it could be used. Another suggestion is that citizens who have data should be allowed to meet BMTC tech team (13/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Audience suggestion : Many buses ply on KG road , need separate lane there.Buses also bunch at several points like 4th block,south end. Need to see if rerouting can be done there too.BMTC should have say in infratstuxture work like BMRCL, since buses r affected by this work(14/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs All members of audience who have spoken so far have supported this project and assure BMTC. Audience asks : Is this priority lane or dedicated lane for buses. What will be definition of success of this project? Is it load, speed or both? Clearly articulate goals pls (14/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Audience suggestion : Need route optimization to make bus system a success. We can't just depend on bus lanes. This is what @PawanMulukutla @soshku and others also been saying (15/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Communication should show that there is intra agency communication between @AddlCPTraffic @DULTBangalore @BBMPCOMM @BMTC_BENGALURU . Then people will have faith that any niggling issues can be sorted out in pilot (19/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Bmtc also means ಬಡವರ, ಮಧ್ಯಮ ವರ್ಗದವರ ಸಾರಿಗೆ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆ. Metro carers to very few as do Volvo. We need more buses which have lower fares in bus lanes. I am also a techie, we techies can be made to wait a bit but ordinary commuters should be taken care of says an audience member (20/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Audience : BMTC should take over portion of service road, so much space not needed for private vehicles. BMTC : We will be using a portion of service road (21/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Now @soshku says government must already make allocations for the 12 corridors and that money should be with BMTC. Also need a nodal officer for this project who can communicate with public regularly on this project. (22/n)
@BMTC_BENGALURU @ChristinMP_TOI @reya_mirror @WeAreBangalore @KidiyoorSuchith @citizensforblr @WFRising @fovlabs Due to technical issues we have to stop live tweeting now. Others in room,pls do try and tweet @harsha5550 @Sushmahabala @srinualavilli @tarauk
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