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How the European Union puts borders before lives. Refugees are the ones in need of protection, not EU’s borders. A thread on what you need to know about EU migration, their externalized borders, and overall complacency in upholding border imperialism #MigrationKorbelDU #Migration Image
Rhetoric in the news and media portrays #immigrants as a security threat, using words like “illegal” and “alien”. Harsh rhetoric has continued since the 2015 influx of migrants. Attitudes towards migrants and the security threat label is used as a justification for funding.
European Border and Coast Guard Agency @Frontex is the EU agency responsible for border control of the Schengen area. Funding for Frontex has raised from €143 million in 2015 to €543 million in 2021. Frontex has failed to protect the rights of migrants.…
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Here's a long thread with evidence about why the @RSPOtweets has failed to make any difference with key sustainability promises incl. stopping #deforestation #indigenous #landgrabbing #ecocide #slavery #humanrights abuses for supermarket brands. 1/7…
Source: @EIA_News @RSPOtweets members using so-called "sustainable" #palmoil continue with #deforestation #ecocide #illegal #landgrabbing from #Indigenous peoples.
Thus the certification is a #greenwashing con. @EIA_News #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
The certification of #palmoil is considered to be a con by @GreenpeaceUK as it doesn't stop #ecocide #deforestation. Certified "sustainable" #palmoil doesn't exist #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife
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1. We all saw the #destruction caused by visible #looting in #SAUnrest & communities are reeling from the impact. But about 1000 times of what it will cost to repair last week’s damage, was “invisibly” looted through #StateCapture & #corruption. Here are some highlights
2. According to @ShadowWorldInv1 the #ArmsDeal of the 1990’s cost SA an estimated R2,2 billion looted to pay bribes and kickbacks. To date nothing has been recovered. Money that could have changed the poor’s lives wasted on #GrandScaleLooting.
3. In 2015 @CompComSA found #construction companies #GroupFive, #WBHO, #BasilRead, Murray&Roberts, #Aveng & #StefanuttiStocks guilty of #colluding when building 2010 FIFA World Cup stadiums. This added R14 billion to construction costs. (Your taxmoney!)
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The #BombayHighCourt bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta & Justice Girish Kulkarni will hear a suo motu PIL taken up over #illegal constructions in #Mumbai and #Maharashtra.
The HC in the last hearing ordered a judicial enquiry into the building collapse on June 10, 2021 at Malwani in Malad where 12 persons including eight children had lost their lives. The report of the enquiry by Justice Devdhar is likely to be placed before the bench
CJ tells everyone that Justice Devadhar has sought extension of time till June 28 as vital information is yet to be given by authorities. Thus we keep it on June 29. Matter adjourned
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(1) The 4th stage of the Program by the Min of #Fisheries to build #ArtificialReefs and #FishSpawning habitats with old busses and concrete structures is been successfully conducted in the seas off the #Jaffna peninsula. Earlier stages were conducted in Trinco, Galle and Matara.
(2) The protest by the #TamilNadu #Fishermen against the program stating it as an irresponsible move has been rejected by the #GOSL and will be continued. Similar programs are conducted globally, it has been recommended by the #MarineResearch Institute in SL, #NARA as well.
(3) While it will boost Fish Spawning, #Marine Habitats and #environment damaged over the years by human factors and #illegal fishing methods such as #BottomLineTrawling, it will also act as an shield against bottom line trawling conducted illegally by the #Indian Fishermen.
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How Delhi’s rich & entitled flout laws to grab public spaces, even right under the nose of CM @ArvindKejriwal & Lt Gov.
Today I was stopped from walking in my own neighbourhood by the pvt security guards employed by an Ex MP MM Agrawal.
They shut the iron gate on my face+
+that has been put ILLEGALLY to blockade off the street where Mr Agrawal’s house is. When I insisted on walking on that street, public space, the guards at the illegal gate told me to talk to another guard named Guddu, who came out of Mr Agrawal’s house. “Aap yahan allowed nahi”+
I asked “By whose orders?” He kept repeating “allowed nahi hai”, “aana mana hai” “jaao yahaan se” & other random inanities. I repeated my question. He kept shooing me away rudely. I took the photo of the nameplate to be able to file a police complaint.
Another man came out.+
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#BathroomBills are unnecessary, cruel, and stupid: a thread...

The "purpose" of bathroom bills, according to supporters, is to protect children from being assaulted/kidnapped by #transgender people, right?

Sounds like a noble idea, right? Stay with me.

If I, a #cisgender woman, walk into a bathroom and assault/kidnap a child, would that be #illegal? Obviously yes, right?

If my husband, a cisgender man, walks into a bathroom and assaults/kidnaps a child, would that be illegal? Obviously yes, right?

So, now that we've established that it's illegal to assault/kidnap a child (or anyone, for that matter) regardless of your #gender, why do we need extra laws specifically for transgender people?

Why do we need to make it essentially double-illegal for a specific group?

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For months, we’ve been reporting alongside Yanomami and Ye’kwana organizations that the invasion of Yanomami lands is getting dramatically worse. #indigenous #humanrights #news

There are 20,000 illegal miners within the Yanomami’s territory in the #Amazon, who are poisoning rivers with mercury and attacking #indigenous people - as the terrible images of the past few days demonstrate:

Bolsonaro's government should be ashamed that Brazil's largest #indigenous territory has been invaded for years. Unfortunately, the opposite is true: #Bolsonaro and his allies encourage #illegal gold miners, perpetuating this tragic scenario.

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Sedat Peker konustukca,
Üstü örtülen Pislikler birer birer tekrar gündeme düsmeye basladi

En önemli gelismelerden biri;
#Tecavüzcü Tolga #AGAR'in
tecavüz ettigi ve kayitlara "intihar" diye GECIRILEN
Yeldana'nin #Otopsi raporu ortaya cikti

#AKP Hükümeti,

Tüm bu iddialari arastirip
Zanli Tolga #Agar ve babasi
kirli derin devletin adami Mehmet Agar hakkinda sorusturma acacagina;

Yeldana'nin resmi #Otopsi #Raporu'nu aciklayan
GAZETECi Baransel Agca hakkinda,
sorusturma aciyor..#hayretleri̇çerisindeyiz Image
Resmi Otopsi Raporu;
Yeldana'nin #intihar ettigi iddiasini

intihar degil;
ÖLDÜRÜLDÜKTEN sonra iple asilma-intihar süsü verilmis

bunlari teker teker ayrintili acikliyor

Ortada kesin olan
#Tecavüz sonrasi bir #CINAYET var
ve tüm KADIN ÖRGÜTLERI sessiz!
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Grau de investimento: crucial quesito avaliador na concessão de crédito…
"O #Brasil em 2018 não recuperou o seu grau de investimento perdido em 2015.

Após uma melhora na economia que sucedeu uma grave recessão, as agências justificaram a falta de medidas para conter o déficit fiscal como motivo de não elevar a nota do país."…
#Brasileiro é o turista mais rejeitado do mundo, diz pesquisa @IATA…
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Schadsoftware-Bereinigung: #BKA nutzt #Emotet-Takedown als Türöffner für mehr Befugnisse und neue Gesetze

"#Bundeskriminalamt hat ein Schadsoftware-Update auf zehntausenden Windows-PCs weltweit installiert, um sie zu bereinigen..." /1

von @andre_meister…
"Experten kritisieren die konstruierte Rechtsgrundlage dieser brisanten Aktion. Der #BKA-Präsident fordert, das Gesetz an die Praxis anzupassen." /2
"Im @Bundestag gab #BKA-Präsident Holger Münch zu, dass es für eine komplette Bereinigung der Systeme keine #Rechtsgrundlage gibt und die Aktion an der Grenze des rechtlich Möglichen stattfand." /3
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1/12 Regardless of how the SEC's claim against @Ripple plays out, note that the worst case scenario right now is that #XRP trading will only stop in the US.

#xrpcommmunity #xrparmy #xrpthestandard #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Litecoin #BTC #ETH #LTC
2/12 Most trading of #XRP already happens outside the US. The rest of the planet sees XRP as a currency. Trading overseas will go on. Even if on the off chance the SEC is able to get a ruling that says XRP is still a security, a BD/ATS can offer XRP for trading to everyone.
3/12 Also at some point, ownership of #XRP will be decentralized enough that there will be no question that it is not a security. It appears node ownership is already decentralized enough around the globe.
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#ICYMI Ep. 1415 Enough Already! Can We Get Straight Answer About This Swing State? - The Dan Bongino Show® @dbongino Press Lying Trying to Trump Trump(Vaccine Timeline, Middle East), MI Forensic Audit Shows Intentional Fraud, Liberal Media No Cred, & More!…
Order your copy of the #1 Best Seller “Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp” by Dan Bongino @dbongino #MAGA #DanBongino #BestSeller #DrainTheSwamp #MuellerReport #RT #Ad
Forensic auditors find shocking 68% error rate in one Michigan county's votes

#MI #Election #Dominion #Forensic #Audit #Uncovers #Fraud…
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Aujourd’hui, j’ai un peu de #temps (je blague), et je tente un #thread #scpo sur la #démocratie, parce que c’est un tout petit peu d‘actualité. Et oui, je vais mettre des #mèmes Internet parce que, en vrai autocrate, je trouve cela très très drôle. Prêts ?
2) D’abord, la #démocratie, ce n’est pas la #République (la chose publique). La République, c’est moi...euh, c’est quand le #pouvoir est exercé par tout ou partie du peuple (exit la monarchie) et que les élus représentent plus que le peuple (la #Nation dixit #Sieyes).
3) Les #députés représentent l’intérêt #général plus que le peuple. Utile pour voter une loi impopulaire, comme l’interdiction de la peine de mort (#Badinter), ou la taxe carbone sur l’essence. Encore faut-il bien prouver l’intérêt général (n’est ce pas les gilets jaunes ?).
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🚨🚩🔞🛑I am going to expose the whole #atheistRepublic #sexykali #hinduHating #Hinduphobic #pervert #rapist #hooligans #SickCult. Dear #atheist if you have an ounce of #conscience, i bet youll unfollow #arminNavabi #atheistRepublic. See👇 all:🕉️
(1/30) #lovejihad #HindusGirls Image
(2/30) Morality of #atheistHub: Normalizing #hindus to #pedofilo #Pedohunter : #atheistRepublic.
But #arminNavabi (Incessant Blocker)Refuses To Hear Our Pleas.
#underaged #hindus Matter #hinduDignity matters Image
(3/30)@AGAtheist_ (Employee of atheist Republic)
#sexykali , @ArminNavabi @AtheistRepublic Groomeers of #pedofilia #Pedohunter #pedofiliaecrime #pedo ImageImageImage
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The Vote Leave Connection to #CambridgeAnalytica
In the #UK, these revelations should prompt urgent questions not just about exactly what services were provided by Cambridge Analytica and associated companies to #Brexit campaigners, but also about the increasing vulnerability
of the #democratic process to #manipulation by unscrupulous #digital operatives.

As Vote Leave’s campaign director, Dominic #Cummings spent 98% of his campaign budget on digital advertising and #voter #targeting.
Fact, he overspent on Vote Leave’s legally allowed budget by illicitly funnelling £675,000 through #BeLeave, another pro-#Brexit group.

Altogether, Cambridge Analytica’s Canadian sister company AIQ took payments of nearly £3,657,000 from Vote Leave and associated campaign groups
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Yeni gelen bilgilere göre,
yakin bir zamanda
#Epstein'in virjinyadaki Özel Pedofili Adasinin
müsterileri arasinda yer alan bircok ünlü siyasetci ve isimler hakkinda
Tutuklama karari baslatilmasi bekleniyor.

Bunlardan biri de ELON MUSK

Hatirlayanlar bilir,
Epstein'in özel adasina gidenler arasinda,
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Elon Musk gibi isimler yer aliyordu.

Bill Gates;
Adadaki Özel Laoboratuvar'da
Cocuk ve Kadinlar üzerinde
Cesitli #ASI ve ilaclar icin
gercek deney ve arastirmalar yapip
#Finans saglamisti Image
Pedofili Adasinda;
#Adrenochrome üretimi
#Cocuk ve #Kadin ticareti
#illegal Laboratuvar arastirmalari gibi,
korkunc deneylerin yapildigi tespit edilmis
FBI tarafindan baskin düzenlenmisti
Gelen yeni bilgilere göre
Adada Yeralti-yerüstü birer tane
#TAPINAK oldugu yönünde ImageImage
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That this tweet exists suggests the problem is not just a general "looking the other way".

The challenge must therefore be FAR more specific, e.g. why are *US medical professional bodies* not investigating fully, and striking off anyone performing such #illegal operations?
Once made aware by citizens of conscience - don't ASSUME knowledge: lodge formal #complaints, follow up & keep copies of all correspondence - if US institutions want to maintain #ethical credibility they will act.

If not, they'll be #complicit - with no "We didn't know" excuses.
The public duty lies with people who care - it doesn't need to be many, but they must take *appropriate* action. That's not just protest, nor writing articles, nor railing about them on Twitter - but finding out which body or bodies are empowered to act.

And making sure they do.
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#belgique #Covid_19

Le port du #MasqueObligatoire est #Illégal malgré les quelques libertés prises par certaines #communes

L'avis d'un prof de droit ImageImageImageImage
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Trending hashtags are neither illegal nor unfair.

What Manafort, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn did was illegal, unethical and unfair.

Get it?
#AmericaNeedsARealPresident Image
Donald Trump’s chronic violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause and ongoing obstruction of justice is illegal and unfair. #HashtagsAreNotACrime
Kellyanne Conway’s violations of the Hatch Act are illegal and very unfair.
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Minister @mmKubayiNgubane @Tourism_gov_za

Several allegations have been made that the Covid regulations are #irrational and therefore #illegal.

Please join me as we investigate your media statement from yesterday regarding level 3 regulations.
For your convenience honourable minister I add a link to your statement from government's website.…
"This is because the last two months of lockdown gave us room to build up an extensive public health response and prepare our health system for a possible increased infection rate."
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Dominican Republic girls have a very high risk of not surviving during the abortion. Doctors will require a consent form for the women to have a decision for the women.#Njcurj #MyBodyMyRight's
Hospitals are not taken good care on their services on having girls who are going to do abortion and girls who are having their baby’s all in the same room #illegal #DominicanRepublic #NeedSolutionNeedRegularisation
Girls do not have power over their body’s choices. The lawmakers in the Dominican Republic have mentioned that every man should decide whether the girl should have an abortion or not.#Njcurj #lawmakers #socialchange
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A positive thread on the need for #aspiration for the #future of our #food & #farming industry...

🚜 🐓 🐄 🐑 🍎 🥦 🌾 🌳 🐝

[1/9] Image

We’ve a lot to be #proud of in 🇬🇧 - but we can #aspire to #better.

More productive. More tech-savvy. More collaborative. More environmentally proactive.

Change is coming. We have to embrace it & lead the #change. Consumers respect us - that’s a big asset ✅

[2/9] Image

With #NetZero we have to step up. It will be difficult; hard decisions will have to be made. But we must show #leadership.

We can’t complain about the consequences of #ClimateChange if we don’t play our part.

And only Ag can act as a carbon sink 💨 🌱

[3/9] Image
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#Freeland org urges #asian governments to shut all #wildlife markets immediately especially to prevent additional outbreaks of diseases like #coronavirus #COVIDー19. Launching report on #SoutheastAsia #illegal wildlife trade, group says trade valued at US$20 billion/annually ImageImageImageImage
#Freeland organization #INGO says "world is waking up to dangers of #wildlife #trafficking" due to #coronavirus #COVID19". But points out it's a problem beyond #China & this disease. Adds China wildlife breeding business is valued approximately at US$7 billion annually ImageImageImageImage
#Freeland says #wildlife #crime has become 1 of largest #international #organizedcrime as it was previously "ignored or downplayed". Its founder Steve Galster says world seeing "fastest rate of species loss" & #illegal #wildlife trade is "sleeping timebombs in #SoutheastAsia" ImageImageImageImage
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