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"Almost nothing fazes him or his wife, Noël, who have been living in a modest house in the under-resourced neighborhood since 1980. They know what to do if they hear gunshots (call 911 and then see if they can help), how to clean up a dozen hypodermic needles from the front porch
"(use a broom to sweep them up without touching them), and how to scare off someone breaking into your house (open the door and yell at them).

Piper didn’t have a grand vision for city revitalization when he moved in four decades ago. He just wanted to be able to walk to work,
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Good evening #Threadnought -

It's time for Hellfiling II Episode 3: Revenge of the ____.

(Otherwise known as the "Appellant's Sur-Reply Brief to Appellee Marchi's Brief")

Before we start, I'd like to make clear just how dumb the "sur-reply" thing really is.
There are three standard filings in an appeal: the opening brief, the response, and the reply. Those are the documents that you get to file routinely.

They're also the standard filings that the court expects to read. And you expect them in that order.
Brief, response, reply. Brief, response, reply. Brief, response, reply. Like a great double-play combination - Tinker to Evers to Chance.

You expect that exact sequence to follow the same way you expect 1 to be followed by 2 and then by 3.

This is 1, 2, 4.38.
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Good morning, #threadnought - time for the livetweet of the Appellant's brief in Mignogna v People Who Hurt Mignogna's Feelings.

The brief still isn't publicly available, but I'll be posting screenshots. Absolutely don't trust me and do check my work when it becomes available.
I'm going to grab a cup of tea, and give y'all a chance to do the same, and then we'll get rolling on this for real.
Right. So let's review what this document needs to accomplish:

(1) It needs to get the affidavits - at least Vic's and Slatosch's - in as evidence. (Huber's was basically useless.)
(2) It needs to clearly identify why the court was wrong on each claim.
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Good Afternoon #Threadnought - New Filing!

This one is from the appeal. It's another letter filing - but this one is from the 2nd Court of Appeals to Ty, and says (in lawyer): "Dear Ty:
You done screwed up. Fix it.
The Court…

(ht: @CPlanned)
@CPlanned I've got a few things to say about this brief filing. We'll start with the obvious, then move to the more substantive.

The obvious:
@CPlanned The more substantive:
(1) having the court threaten to dismiss your appeal of a final order for lack of prosecution prior to the hearing that would result in the entry of a final order is Time Lord absurdity, and I'm loving it.
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Good evening - or afternoon - #threadnought

It's time for Part 2 of the TCPA hearing transcript livetweet. Here's how I'll work this tonight:
I'm going to get through at least Rial/Toye and hopefully the whole thing.
There will be at least one interruption, and if things are going well enough to get through the whole thing I might split the thread at the start of the Funi portion.

As with yesterday's effort, I'm going to focus more on the argument than on the merits. Probably.
I'm also probably not going to see questions in time to work them into the thread, but will try to go back later on.

So, without further ado, let's return to the tale of Ty and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Hearing.
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[THREAD]“Tu nous as dit qu’un mur de boucliers antique était quasiment impénétrable, mais du coup à un moment faut faire la bagarre ! Comment on fait pour passer un mur de boucliers ?” Un #thread qui sent bon l’ovalie, la cavalerie, la fourberie, et la subtilerie #Histoire [1/32]
Pour rappel, sauter sur un mur de boucliers pour le disloquer comme dans les films, ça a le même effet qu’un moustique sur un pare-brise. Le thread :
Et j’ai fait une vidéo aussi ! [2/32]
Or donc, aujourd’hui je vous explique comment on fait pour enfin faire la bagarre sans se faire arrêter par ce vilain mur d’ennemis qui ne veulent ni mourir ni se rendre, les fourbes ! #TeamGaulois #TeamGrecs #TeamRomains #TeamMacédoniens #TeamGermains #ToutLeMondeEnFait [3/32]
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This poll ended up even more lop-sided than we expected!

Give me a moment...

Long-time listeners know our normal Twitter convention is for me to sign my tweets "MtSG" (Mike the Sound Guy) since normally I'm not on Twitter because this place is usually a dumpster fire hellsite

Unknown to the listenership, I have been pursuing my JD from the Twitter University School of Law. And I've been reliably informed that it has the equivalent of a 3L practice rule?

And for 3L-practice-rule tweets, apparently signing every one "-MtSG" would be weird
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