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Southern Border Patrol SWAT teams are coming to a city near you!

Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit & Newark, N.J. are all being dosed with "elite special forces" to help local ICE agents.

What, exactly, will these CBP SWAT teams help ICE with?

I'm glad you asked!

💥 Run-of-the-mill immigration violation arrests. 💥

That's all.
Wait, what?

Trump is sending 100 CBP ELITE SPECIAL FORCES JACKWAGGONS TO "Sanctuary Cities" to make ORDINARY ARRESTS?

No kicking in doors or knocking down tables?

No drug busts or breaking up crime syndicates?

Just...normal, everyday, regular CIVIL INFRACTIONS?

@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good So...REALLY, the job of the 100 ELITE CBP SPECIAL FORCES BORAT SWAT JACKWAGGON GOONS is to just stand around and look menacing?

That's pathetic.

REALLY pathetic.

Like, "Oh, yeah, well, my dad can beat up your dad" level of pathetic when called out on your shït.
@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good The effect on immigrant communities will be real, don't get me wrong. This is vindictive and petty, and calculated to intimidate and nothing more.

People who are afraid of being deported if they go to the cops...don't go to the cops. That's why Sanctuary Cities exist.
@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good Further, these ELITE CBP SWAT GOONSQUADS are used to dealing with

💥drug dealers
💥violent situations
💥the deadly heat of the desert
💥the jacked up world of shoot em ups

where they get to use boy toys like stun grenades & sniper rifles.
@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good Now they'll be dealing with families.

People are going to get hurt.

Innocent people.

@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good Trump wants to see an increase of 35% in arrests in those Sanctuary Cities thanks to these SUPER ELITE CBP GOONY SWATSQUADS.

He's giving them until May.

Surely we can do *something* to get in their way.
@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good The medium sized Oregon town where I live is a Sanctuary City...and my house is a Sanctuary House. This sign is on my front porch. Maybe it's time to renew our promises to help those in need.

Will you take the pledge?
@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good Excellent advice from former CBP Agent @BuddJenn on how to prepare for the deployment of CBP SWATSQUADS into Sanctuary Cities.

@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good @BuddJenn Then you should read this thread by @BuddJenn and understand just how jacked up CBP is right now. Just how above the law they see themselves, and wonder...

What are they REALLY doing in our cities?
@carlyinNJ @porpentina2017 @LunaLuvgood2020 @ifindkarma @CaptainResists @B52Malmet @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus @MTGirl4Good @BuddJenn This @ScottHech thread has some great videos on knowing your rights should ICE & ELITE CBP SWATTIFIED GOONSQUADS show up at your door or try to arrest you.

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