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LMPD interim chief says he has 'no information' on when Breonna Taylor decision to be announced… via @WDRBNews
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1. Deadline in 1 hour - 5pm PST to make comments on the @LACountyRRCC #Voting system known as #VSAP #VotingSolutionsforAllPeople. You can email Sect of State Alex Padilla @AlexPadilla4CA at - right now! & for the next hour. #SecurityFail #LAVotes
2. We're asking @CASOSvote @AlexPadilla4CA & LA Supervisors @HildaSolis @mridleythomas @SheilaKuehl @SupJaniceHahn @kathrynbarger to repair the dangerous risky #Security flaws in the #VSAP system prior to any further certification. Petition here… #LAVotes
3. What is wrong with the "Voting Solutions for All People?" It sounds so perfect. If only the system was as good as the name. A coalition of good govt groups signed a letter detailing some of the problems that need to be addressed:… #LAVotes #SecurityFail
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‘Ya’ll gonna die one by one....this isn’t going to stop.’

Last night after two officers were shot.

At the hospital where the officers are recovering from being shot.
Los Angeles

Why I feel this is a retaliation
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🚨🚨Breaking: Video released by LAPD shows a planned assassination attempt on two LAPD police officers in an ambush hit in Compton. #LosAngeles.
Correction LASD officers
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🚨🚨BREAKING: 2 deputies shot in the head in possible "ambush" style attack in Compton #LosAngeles suspect at large.
Update: Video of two “LASD” officers ambushed and shot.
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"Smoke plumes rising tens of thousands of feet into the air over #California could be seen from outer-space ... as massive wildfires that touched off this weekend amid a statewide heatwave triggered dramatic rescue efforts for hundreds"… Image
#California: "at one point, people trapped by the flames were told to jump in the water as a last resort should the flames get too close"

"By noon Sunday, the #CreekFire was reported to be at the Shaver Lake Dam, about 5 miles from the center of the community ... Shaver appeared to be a ghost town, except for a few vehicles streaming down to lower elevations"… Image
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01/09 > Une forme de vie pourrait-elle exister dans des étoiles comme le #Soleil ? via @Numerama #LaMethSci Image
[L’étude à découvrir] 29/08 > Les espèces auto-reproductrices peuvent-elles s'épanouir à l'intérieur d'une étoile ? via #LettersinHighEnergyPhysics #LaMethSci
19/08 > Les tunnels de lave de la #Lune pour­raient abri­ter des villes entières via @UlycesEditions #LaMethSci Image
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#Breaking Abt 3:16 PM, 08/31/20 Deputy-Involved Shooting, No Deputies injured, Suspect Struck by Gunfire, 1200 blk W 109th Place, uninc #LA...
During the contact, a fight ensued between the suspect and deputies.  The suspect produced a handgun and a deputy-involved “hit” shooting occurred.  The suspect’s handgun was recovered.  The suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene.
*2nd UPDATE* LASD Deputy-Involved Shooting, 1200blk W 109th Pl, uninc #LosAngeles
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Thread 1.
#LosAngeles Done listening to 3 hours of testimony & public comments about the LA Voting System. Incredible that in all that time not a single member of the public testified with any kind of enthusiasm for the voting system. #VSAP #SecurityFail #LaVotes #SMARTelections
2. Instead ppl noted:
- The #VotingMachine can print on the paper ballot after the voter casts it potentially changing votes.
- The method that #security experts recommend: #HandMarkedPaperBallots is not being offered.
- the system is tabulating #QRcodes, something banned in CO
3. I noted: The new system makes it impossible to audit and/or recount. A group that wanted to recount a race that was won by 16 votes was unable to - because of the cost estimate of 200k due to the way the new system stores ballots.… #DontCertifyVSAP
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Moi #LosAngeles,

Our employee, eric, is showing quite a disdain for his people of late.

Well. We’re not his people. His donors are.

But who are they? Whose interest does he serve?

And: what job is eric gonna have after resining, with his network?

Let’s dig in—ongoing thread.
Let’s start with where eric’s cash comes from. You’d think a local office would be a local interest. But folks the world around seem to be interested in giving us eric.

While LA suffers covid and eviction at once, mr. jet-setter gets around.

A better career: location scout.
Some of those donors get shadier than others too. Our employee likes it fresh and green, and from such odd friends.

Though @MayorOfLA won’t #CancelRent, we think he should at least pay someone’s with these checks.

A better career: creepy Hollywood Hills party-goer.
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Anyoung #LosAngeles,

We must talk.

You may hear about the need to #CancelRent, due to the economic crisis of Covid. But that is just the surface. Our lives and lodgings have long been fragile.

The truth: we were in crisis already.
As of now, over 700k renters have missed payments. More even—at 62%—report being uncertain how they will make ends meet.

The virus now returns to full force, and the meager incomes the reprieve brought were never enough.

Many, even now, are merely borrowing time.
Let’s re-establish some figures. This is what it takes for us to keep indoors.

Some of you may be stacking this against your paychecks, recognizing the numbers as too large.

You are among a wide company. Especially if you’re perceived as a woman. Especially if you’re Black.
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#Fehler a digital magazine, celebrating mistakes, errors, and happy accidents and their innovative power with perspectives from Germany, India, Canada, and the US is finally online at:
Video: Florian @falzeder
Jingle: Alex Braden
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Good evening #LosAngeles,

Let’s discuss budget creep.

Personally, I don’t think moore and villanueva deserve a cent.

But your conservative grandpa might disagree. Let’s give him a sense of scale, and check out how bloated cops have gotten since 2013.
2013-2014 was the safest time on record for Los Angeles.

So what were we needing to “equip” the cops back then?
But boy howdy,

Look how @MayorOfLA’s cop spending has grown.

Crime isn’t going anywhere significant, but I guess we need 135% more ammo... for?

Protesters, oh yes. For shooting #blacklivesmatter protesters.

Thanks @ericgarcetti! Here’s to all the gas!
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DTLA Fireworks Report 06/21 - Saw repeated fireworks and tracked them to around 5th and San Pedro. An unhoused person told me he got a six-pack of short cylinders for a few bucks in Venice CA where many homeless people have them. They are loud AF and they explode about... 1/3
about 50 ft off the ground, just above the roof of a 2 story building. He was selling the remaining 2 for $25. He also had the sturdy plastic pipe launcher thing, said it came "for free with it". Got them from someone on the street. Said there are tons in Venice. 2/3
These fireworks are being flooded into the unhoused and black communities throughout Los Angeles. Seemed like they were having fun which was nice. They offered to sell me 2 for $25. I said I had to get cash and left 😂 Thats all I got tonight. back tmw 3/3
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Howdy #LosAngeles,

Today’s all about dads, and dads love their kids.

So let’s talk LAPD’s equipment spending, as we #DefundThePolice and look to put that money to use for our children.

As always @MayorOfLA, we’re here to fix your budget to the #peoplesbudgetla!
Each year, we spend an ungodly amount to equip our officers with gas and guns.

@latimes and @LAController have some lovely (partial) numbers from the 2020 budget for us. It’s a little larger than the $10,000,00 line item called “equipment” in the budget. Nice feint lapd!
I know that’s hard to parse, so let’s just break it down by person.

Fun fact, it’s about 5¢ a round for the ones they use in their pistols. That’s a lot of bullets, y’all.
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Hello #LosAngeles, let’s talk.

In light of the #DefundThePolice motions and #peoplesbudgetla movements, I think it’s important to know where your money is going now.

Let’s take a look at a few of the people who run our police department to start.
Pop over to @KPCC ‘s site and you can find any city employee’s salary.

So I did. This is an aggregation of a selected handful of officers and commissioners who have control in the actions of the LAPD.

Oh, that’s a lotta green. Woof.
Let’s compare their salaries to the total department budget of other services.

Mind you: this is staffing, operations, and benefits cost for each department listed—just against the salaries.

Funny: emergency management only gets 3mil during Covid.
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Our elected officials in DC are disconnected from their communities, like balloons lost in the air; they're unable to connect w or understand the economic distress, & deep suffering that our people go through daily. Yet, they're proud to say they're fully fighting for the people.
They legislate among themselves in DC first, & then report back to their constituents, all excited, about the crumbs they've secured for them, when it should be the other way around, where they talk w their constituents first about the relief they need, before legislating in DC.
They take corporate/PAC money & claim that this doesn't affect their allegiance to the people, when their votes for corporate bailouts show otherwise. With the death of the pension and birth of the 401K in 1978, where big corporations lobbied Congress to pass the risk of
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Another story that stinks to high heaven #California

”Suspect’s” wife also in Air Force, committed “suicide” in 2018 #SouthCarolina

Don’t worry. FBI on top of it 🙄…
Wife of suspect who shot #California Sheriff committed suicide 2018 #SouthCarolina 🚨…
Relative (wife’s side) has many unflattering things to say about suspect #California

But what was his MO is targeting SHERIFFS? 🤔

Yup, I’m sure FBI will figure this one out too...…
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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1/ This thread will be a VERY sobering analysis of some of the $billions (and $trillions, when pensions are included) that go solely to the #police--not including fire departments & other emergency management divisions of municipal budgets. @alex_zee @NigelJaquiss
2/ I've been saying for many years that over-militarized #police departments cripple #cities' budgets at BEST--and are brutal & racist at worst. NYPD's annual budget: $5 billion!! @NYCMayor’s proposed $24M cut is well under *1/200th* of the budget.
3/ New York City spends more on policing (possibly $6B/year, in fact!) than it does on the Departments of Health, Homeless Services, Housing Preservation and Development, and Youth and Community Development *combined*.
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Thread: #GeorgeFloyd murals in the US & around the world (Barron's)
“This wall is part of a large mural that’s on the other side that has a picture of Martin Luther King facing Malcom X, trying to show the struggle, the social struggle & racial struggle that’s been happening for so long"-- artist Octavio Logo (KNWA Fayettville).
Syrian artists Aziz Asmar & Anis Hamdoun painted their #GeorgeFloyd mural “to call for peace and love.” Asmar said Floyd’s death “by suffocation” reminded him of Syrian civilians “killed by suffocation after the Syrian regime hit them with chemical weapons" (Fox5DC).
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