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1. News: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz requested additional 1,200 National Guard soldiers:

1,700 National Guardsmen expected in Minneapolis tonight; military police on alert after riots rage across US

-Thread (May 30)… #riots
2. News: Portland: Antifa Members Destroying Justice Center #riots
3. News: Fox News Channel's Leland Vittert surrounded, overtaken, and chased off of his live-shot by an angry mob shouting "f*** Fox News."

Shannon Bream tosses to him - he shakes his head as if to tell her not to. #riots
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1/4) Qdrop 4327-“Australian researchers see virus design manipulation” in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). #FactsMatter #KnowledgeIsPower #EndCoronaHoax #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGAWW…
2/4a) Qdrop 4114- Research done as early as Dec. 2019 showing similar findings (re: ACE2)...…
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1. 🇺🇸 The future of our Republic is at stake.
Survival as a Nation.
We Rise or We Die.
We, the People.

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1. News: What!? TWITTER TAGS TRUMP TWEETS AS 'MISINFORMATION'...mere hours after KARA SWISHER appeared on CNBC to CALL ON TWITTER to establish a panel of 'content reviewers' who can help the platform tag & remove "misinformation"… @realDonaldTrump
2. News: Twitter 'UN-VERIFIES' Journalist 1 Hour After He Tweets About Obama Spying On Journalists: His article suggests #Obamagate is just the "latest development in nearly a decade-long battle" for journalists like former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson…
3. News: Former worker on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean Pedo island says HE SAW BILL CLINTON ON THE ISLAND, Netflix doc… #Trump #ShareTheNews
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1. News: “What am I doing? I'm fighting the deep state,” Trump told Sharyl Attkisson. “I'm fighting the swamp…If it keeps going the way it's going, I HAVE A CHANCE TO BREAK THE DEEP STATE. It's a vicious group of people”… #News @realDonaldTrump #PATRIOT
2. News: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Bring ‘Criminal’ Anthony Fauci To Justice… #Trump #News
3. News: Hungarian Politician: Facebook Appoints “Soros Oversight Board” to Police Acceptable Online Speech in America… #Trump #News #ShareTheNews
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1. News: James Woods Brands New York Gov. ‘KILLER CUOMO’ Over Nursing Home Deaths - THREAD 5/21/2020… #Trump #News #KnowYourRights #CoronaVirus
2. News: President Trump: Gretchen Whitmer Should Free Michigan to Help Flood Victims… #Trump #News #OpenAmerica #KnowYourRights
3. News: Biden made a bizarre claim about hydroxycloroquine, the drug some doctors have said has cured their patients of coronavirus.

Biden: "Taking Hydroxychloroquine is like injecting Clorox into your blood"

#Trump #News #CoronaVirus
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Corporate media control [source]:
Bill Clinton_ 1996 Telecommunications Act
[2016 campaign [+CF] contributions [HRC] by media]
Control of information.
Control of narrative.
Control of people.

Thread May 18 2020

2. News: California: Newsom Budget Closes Veterans Nursing Home, But Gives $80 Million To Illegal Aliens [Yet cries out for money from US Government!]… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus #KnowYourRights
3. News: Navarro: China Deliberately Allowed Coronavirus to Spread Outside Its Borders. Navarro said, “China hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization,"… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
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1. News: Senators Want Details On President Trump's SECRET POWERS. The day he declared the COVID-19 pandemic a national emergency, he made a cryptic remark,

“I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about”… #Trump #News #PANIC
2. News: WHOA! Gavin Newsom looks to CLOSE PRISONS amid budget woes… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
3. News: Michael Flynn adversary’s law firm backs Democrats, having contributed $240,000 in the 2019-20 election cycle, almost all to Democrats or left-leaning causes, the filings show.… #Trump #News #ObamaGate #FreeFlynn
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2. News: Neurosurgeon: Face MASKS POSE SERIOUS RISK.

If you wear a face mask, contract a sickness, you can't fight it off as effectively as if you had normal blood oxygen levels.

It could create a “DEADLY CYTOKINE STORM" in some… #Trump #COVID19
3. News: NEW JERSEY: Latest Coronavirus Insanity: Surfing Is Allowed But Swimming Is Not… #Trump #News #KnowYourRights #CoronaVirus
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1 News: Judge Napolitano: Americans must stop acting like sheep & tell the government to take a hike. We've fought wars against tyrants who wanted to tell us how to live. Today we've elected masters who are doing just that. 5/14 THREAD… #Trump #CoronaVirus
2. News: 'I Don't Have Proof': Gov Whitmer Balks When Challenged By Reporter About Claim That Protests Are Spreading Coronavirus… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
3. News: COVID-19 fear will destroy America: Citizens can't stay home until perfect safety can be guaranteed… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
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Do you live in a Red or Blue controlled area?
Does your household have a gun?

Nobody can see your private answer, but don’t answer if this topic makes you uncomfortable.

I have zero issues saying I own multiple Glocks, a sweet AR-15, and my kids are trained to use them.
My purpose with this poll is to help the people in Blue areas with no household gun... to hopefully reconsider.
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@BeyondDefense @EccEveryday I am sorry, but I don't agree with some of this.
If you know your rights, there's no need for a BAR attorney.
Give notice of your political status
Only ask questions even answering in a question form.
Never be silent, that is aqueousent, giving them jurisdiction & you ....
@BeyondDefense @EccEveryday .... are considered incompetent in the Law, they are also trying to protect the public from incompetence.
You are a living man, are you acting in the capacity of a peace officer or a public safety official working for a STATE?
Has their been a crime? Traffic violations are ....
@BeyondDefense @EccEveryday .... not crimes.
Is your name your private personal property Estate? That is what they [pinkertons] need to contract with you, always be polite and respectful
Are they trying to steal your property? If you are pulled over you are already in arrest & are guilty of a ....
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How do you comm [secure] non_publicly?
Define 'backchannel'.
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News: Shelley Luther Sentenced to 7 Days in Jail for Opening Dallas Hair Salon During Coronavirus Lockdown… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus #KnowYourRights #FIGHT
News: Armed Texas SWAT Team Raids Daddy Zane’s Bar in West Odessa After Breaking State Orders and Reopening

— 8 Arrested!… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus #KnowYourRights #FIGHT
News: Over $92,000 Raised for Brave Texas Salon Owner Shelley Luther After She Is Given 7 Days in Jail and Fined $7,000 for Opening Business… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus #KnowYourRights #FIGHT
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👀 See Something, Say Something if it’s against the Constitution & our President.

Lets see what we got.

🚨Add yours as well.

😷All in one place.


#NeverForgetBenghazi #NeverForgetEpstein #NeverForgetYourImpact #WWG1WGA #ExonerateGeneralFlynn
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Q Thread 05.05.2029
!!NEW Q - 4106
00:08:33 EST…
Toolkits can be helpful.
!!NEW Q - 4107!!
00:12:54 EST
Q links to Anon’s reply to Q’s last post.…
Should probably get around to messing with that.
!!NEW Q - 4108!!
00:26:52 EST
Anon replies to Q’s link in Q4106 with this:
Q replies with the pic below. File name unknown.jpg.
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DOJ Supports Church Suing @GovernorVA Ralph Northam For Threatening Imprisonment Of Pastor For Hosting A 16-Person Church Service On Palm Sunday #KnowYourRights…
The Department of Justice announced it will aid a Virginia church suing Gov. Ralph Northam after a pastor was threatened with jail time or a $2,500 fine for hosting a 16-person church service on Palm Sunday.
According to Northam’s shelter-in-place restrictions, churches cannot hold services with more than 10 people.

The DOJ filed a Statement of Interest in a VA federal court citing freedom of religion in support of Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Chincoteague Island, VA.
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Q Thread - 05.03.2020
!!NEW Q - 4078!!
12:55:09 EST

Locked on target [painted].
Planned and immediate.
!!NEW Q - 4079!!
12:58:55 EST

Listen carefully.
Date speech made?
[-1] Election Day
!!NEW Q - 4080!!
13:01:08 EST
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🚨THREAD: As we see ICE further escalating its violent and abusive behavior towards immigrant communities, here are some key #KnowYourRights resources currently available at Make the Road NY.

1. Workshops available at *ALL* our sites in March:…

Please RT!
2. Our Deportation Defense Manual w/ @ImmDefense available in English and Spanish.

This manual provides information, resources, and a guide to creating a plan of action to protect targeted communities against ongoing anti-immigrant attacks.

Download at:
3. Our 5-step Know Your Rights infographic!

We hope that this resource is able to help communities understand and assert their rights in the face of #ICEraids

Available in English and Spanish on our website:…
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Southern Border Patrol SWAT teams are coming to a city near you!

Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit & Newark, N.J. are all being dosed with "elite special forces" to help local ICE agents.

What, exactly, will these CBP SWAT teams help ICE with?

I'm glad you asked!

💥 Run-of-the-mill immigration violation arrests. 💥

That's all.
Wait, what?

Trump is sending 100 CBP ELITE SPECIAL FORCES JACKWAGGONS TO "Sanctuary Cities" to make ORDINARY ARRESTS?

No kicking in doors or knocking down tables?

No drug busts or breaking up crime syndicates?

Just...normal, everyday, regular CIVIL INFRACTIONS?

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Get a load of this!

Dear Colleague on Resolution Responding to President Trump’s Xenophobic Statements

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @almostjingo @tracybeanz @TheChiIIum @Quodverum_ @CarrollQuigley1

#JustTheRealNews #TheMighty200…
Dear Democratic Colleague,

On Sunday, it was a sign to us that the Catholic Gospel reading was that of the Good Samaritan, where Jesus teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves and treat them with mercy.
Trump’s ICE raids this weekend are the opposite of mercy.  We have been monitoring these raids closely insisting that #FamiliesBelongTogether and that everyone #KnowYourRights.
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Now more than ever, we need everyone to know: WE HAVE RIGHTS.

Share our #KnowYourRights guides in multiple languages.

Know Your Rights. Conozca Sus Derechos.
Conheça seus direitos.
Konnen dwa ou yo.
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🚨THREAD: Know Your Rights!

DHS has confirmed #ICEraids starting Sunday July 14th, and at least 10 cities will be impacted, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, LA, Miami, New Orleans, NY, and San Francisco. 1/8
We believe the raids will be focusing on people with prior orders of deportation who entered after 2014. This means can mean folks who never had notice of court in the first place, those seeking counsel to understand their case 2/8
and those who were subject to expedited removal at the border by CBP agents who did not inform them of their rights. Additionally, raids may also target not only those with old deportation orders, but those who are present at the time of a raid and their family members. 3/8
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“Nationwide raids to arrest thousands of members of undocumented families have been scheduled to begin Sunday...”

As the government continues to separate families at the border, this plan to deport thousands of migrants will devastate even more families.

We cannot stand by while this occurs. The moment to stand up is now.

And for those who need it, here is a helpful guide from the @ACLU.


More information, in multiple languages:…
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