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Round 1 starts now!…
R1 Q1

EPIDEMIOLOGY: Young Chinese-Malaysian Doctor Wu Lien-teh popularized the public use of what device during the Manchurian Plague of 1910 that is still used today?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q2

SPACE: Chandrayaan-1 was the first Indian lunar probe, launched in September 2008 and landed near the Shackleton crater in November 2008. What was the probe looking for, first and foremost?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q3

MATERIALS: What material is sometimes called china, as Western countries were first introduced to the material from Chinese exports?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q4

PLANTS: Seedless watermelons are created by crossing diploid male pollen, with 22 chromosomes, with a tetraploid female flower, with 44 chromosomes. How many chromosomes does a seedless watermelon have?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q5

50/50: The former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Steven Chu was appointed by President Obama as the Secretary of Energy in 2009. Which Nobel prize did Chu receive for his academic research? Physics or Chemistry?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q6

ENGINEERING: On April 28, 1869, Chinese workers in Utah achieved an astonishing construction record known as the “Ten Mile Day”. What were they building?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q7

WARFARE: One of the darkest chapters in modern U.S. warfare involved the comprehensive application of a chemical herbicide to strip forest vegetation in Vietnam from 1961 to 1971. What is the code name of this chemical?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q8

BOTANY: Its Western botanical name is Colocasia esculenta, and it is widely cultivated in wet, swampy lands for its starch and leaves. Name this root vegetable.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 1 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 1 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q1 Answer

A SURGICAL MASK. Wu was the first director of the Manchurian Plague Service, first president of the Chinese Medical Association, and was the first Malaysian nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q2 Answer

WATER. The probe discovered the widespread presence of ice near the Moon’s south pole. Water’s usefulness for long term habitation of the Moon made this discovery incredibly important.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q3 Answer

PORCELAIN, which is transformed into glass when heated to over 1,200°C in a process called vitrification. Vitrification gives porcelain toughness, strength, and translucence other pottery lacks.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q4 Answer

The triploid seedless watermelon has 33 chromosomes. Like a mule, a seedless watermelon is the sterile offspring of two natural parents.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q5 Answer

Steven Chu was the co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in PHYSICS in 1997, for their research at Bell Labs and Stanford on the cooling and trapping of atoms with laser light. Chu is now once again a Professor of Physics at @Stanford.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q6 Answer

They were building the TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD. Facing grueling conditions and racism, the Chinese labor crew building the east-bound railroad pounded 55,000 spikes and lifted 125 tons of iron in one day.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q7 Answer

AGENT ORANGE. Despite challenges that its use was in violation of the Geneva Protocol on chemical and biological weapons, an estimated 4M Vietnamese people were exposed, with birth defects and genetic diseases possibly linked.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q8 Answer

We are talking TARO (KALO, DALO, etc.)—one of the most ancient cultivated crops. It is cultivated and eaten everywhere from East Africa to India to East Asia and across the Pacific Islands. We're really eating its corm, not its root.
🎙Good job on Round 1, everyone! Round 2 questions coming up! You're playing @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R2 Q1

TECHNOLOGY: Eric Yuan is the founder and CEO of what communications software company?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q2

EXPLORATION: Watercraft featuring one or more lateral support floats, fastened to one or both sides of the main hull, are called what kind of boats?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q3

MOVIES: Director Bong Joon-ho won Best Director this year for his film Parasite, which of course was not about some mutant monster. What 2006 film directed by Bong Joon-ho *was* about a mutant monster? Give us the film's U.S. title.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q4

GEOGRAPHY: Three different countries touch the Strait of Malacca. Give us one of these three countries.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q5

RACING: In March and April, drivers set new records in the challenge to drive from the Red Bull Garage in NYC to the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach, carving at least 2 hrs off the 2013 record to 26 h 38 m. What is this challenge’s name?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q6

BEER: Charlie Bamforth, UC Davis’s “Pope of Foam,” says that the most beautiful brewery in the world is Sierra Nevada’s brewery at Mills River, and is worth a visit. Which state is the town of Mills River in?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q7

SPACE: Chandrayaan-1, the probe from R1Q2, made India the fourth country to impact a device on the Moon. The USSR and the US were first and second; who was the third?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q8

ART: The “Four Gentleman” is a term that refers to four plants commonly used in Chinese traditional ink and wash paintings. Which of the following is not "a Gentleman"?

A. Bamboo
B. Chrysanthemum
C. Orchid
D. Peonies
E. Plum Blossom

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 2 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 2 Answers coming up!!!
R2 Q1 Answer

@ericsyuan is the founder of ZOOM Video Communications (@zoom_us). He was born in the Shandong Province of China, and moved to Silicon Valley in 1997.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q2 Answer

These are called OUTRIGGER boats. The first true ocean-going ships, outriggers were instrumental in the historic movement of Austronesian peoples across the Pacific and Indian Oceans thousands of years ago.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q3 Answer

Bong Joon-ho’s 2006 film was titled THE HOST in the U.S. (Korean title: “Monster”). It was at the time the highest-ever grossing film in Korea. Incidentally it alludes the monster's origins to chemical dumping by US military...
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q4 Answer

The Strait of Malacca runs through INDONESIA on the southwest side (Sumatra) and MALAYSIA and THAILAND to the northeast side (Malay Peninsula). It is the main shipping channel between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q5 Answer

CANNONBALL RUN. The 28 h 50 m 2013 record has been beaten seven times in the last five weeks. NY-to-LA challenges have been around since 1915. A modern Cannonball Run includes modified cars, high tech and dozens of spotters.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q6 Answer

Mills River is located near Asheville, NORTH CAROLINA, and supplies @SierraNevada beer to the East Coast. It is featured in Charlie’s lecture series in the Great Courses.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q7 Answer

The third was JAPAN, in 1990. It was a controlled crash.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q8 Answer

D. PEONIES. The Four Gentlemen are a recurring theme for their symbolism of uprightness, purity, humility, perseverance against harsh conditions. They have been used as a theme since the Song Dynasty 1,000 years ago.
🎙Good job on Round 2, everyone! We’ll take a 10 minute intermission. See you back here at 8:15pm for Round 3 and 4. You're playing @TriviaWithBens hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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🎙Welcome back to @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!! We're going to get started with Round 3 questions shortly!…
R3 Q1

GEOGRAPHY: The largest tropical wetland area is called the Patanal, a gently sloped basin with an area greater than 50k square miles. During the rainy season, about 80% of the Patanal is under water. In which country is it mostly located?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q2

CHEMISTRY: Increased accumulation in the body and decreased breakdown of acetaldehyde, a byproduct of alcohol metabolism, due to gene variants causes what condition? You can give us the colloquial name.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q3

LITERATURE: The book “The Fountains of Paradise” by Arthur C. Clarke introduced the idea of a space elevator into popular culture. The elevator was built on Taprobane, a fictional country based on what real country Clarke called home?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q4

TEXTILES: Silk is harvested typically from the cocoons of silkworms that feed on the leaves of what tree?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q5

TELEVISION: This Tony-award winning actor of stage + screen is best known for his role as geneticist Henry Wu in the Jurassic Park franchise and as psychiatrist George Huang in Law & Order: SVU. Name this actor (more than just a last name).

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q6

INDUSTRY: Now recognized globally as an entertainment technology brand, when Nintendo was founded in 1889, what product did it originally manufacture?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q7

LINGUISTICS: Chamorro is the native and spoken language of Indigenous peoples of what Pacific island chain? Give us the name of these islands or one of their geopolitical units.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q8

SPORTS: Naval aviator and NASA astronaut Sunita Williams once held the women’s record for most spacewalks and spacewalk time. But what athletic record does she still hold?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 3 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 3 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q1 Answer

BRAZIL, with some parts in Bolivia and Paraguay. The Pantanal ecosystem is thought to be home to 463 bird species, 269 fish species, more than 236 mammalian species, and 141 reptile and amphibian species.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q2 Answer

ALCOHOL FLUSH REACTION, also known as ASIAN GLOW. The gene variant that increases acetaldehyde is in 80% of the East Asian population, and 30-50% have another gene variant that slows acetaldehyde breakdown.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q3 Answer

Taprobane was based on SRI LANKA, the country Clarke called home 1956 until his death in 2008. Sri Lanka was fictionalized into Taprobane, as the space elevator had to be built near the equator. Sri Lanka is above the equator.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q4 Answer

The MULBERRY tree. To produce 1 kg of silk, 104 kg of mulberry leaves must be eaten by 3000 silkworms. Silk is made of protein.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q5 Answer

His name is BD WONG. One of the most recognizable Asian American actors on screen today, we love @wongbd for his cerebral scientist roles.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q6 Answer

Founded in Japan 130 years ago by Yamauchi Fusajirō, Nintendo originally manufactured PLAYING CARDS, though they were hanafuda cards (“flower cards”) first popularized in Japan in the 16th Century.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q7 Answer

Chamorro is the language of the Chamorro People, who inhabit the MARIANA ISLANDS—which today are divided as GUAM and the Commonwealth of the NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS, both U.S. territories.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q8 Answer

@Astro_Suni is the first person to have run a MARATHON in space, completing the @BostonMarathon on the ISS in 2007 with a 4:24. In 2012 she also was the first person to simulate a TRIATHLON in space.…
🎙Good job on Round 3, everyone! Round 4 questions coming up! You're playing @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R4 Q1

GEOGRAPHY: The Ainu people are primarily indigenous to what modern day Asian nation?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q2

HISTORY: Located in San Pablo Bay north of San Francisco, China Camp State Park preserves the last remnants of a once vibrant Chinese-American village dedicated to what industry?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q2 Answer
R4 Q3

TECHNOLOGY: ASUS, Acer, HTC, BenQ, and Transcend are all computer technology companies headquartered in what country in Asia?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q4

RELIGION: The Hindu deity Hanuman is one of the central characters of the Hindu epic Ramayana. What kind of animal is Hanuman?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q5

HIGHER EDUCATION: The three most prestigious universities in Korea are Korea University, Seoul University, and Yonsei University. What acronym is used to refer to this group of elite schools?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q6

DEMOGRAPHICS: About 100,000 Hmong live in California, mostly in farming communities in the Central Valley. Which California city has the largest Hmong population?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q7

CORPORATIONS: Originally named the Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Corporation, this company was founded in 1946 and created Japan’s first commercially produced transistor radio in 1955. What is its current name?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q8

MATERIALS: Mortar used in Ancient China included a material not used in the West that gave the mortar high adhesive strength, sturdiness, and waterproofing capability. It was used to build the Great Wall. What was it?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 4 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 4 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q1 Answer

The Ainu people are indigenous to JAPAN, as well as Russia. The Ainu were heavily forced to assimilate. Only in 2019 did the Japanese government officially recognize them as an Indigenous people.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q2 Answer

China Camp was home to a bustling FISHING industry—specifically SHRIMP. More than 3M lbs of shrimp were harvested each year throughout the late 1800s and into the early 20th century, exported widely.…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q3 Answer

ASUS, Acer, HTC, BenQ, and Transcend are all computer technology companies founded and headquartered in TAIWAN, the 22nd largest economy in the world.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q4 Answer

Lord Hanuman is the divine MONKEY companion to Rama of the Hindu deity Rama. Hanuman is revered for his wit and perseverance in adversity. This year’s Hanuman Jayanti celebrations began on around April 8th and ended around May 17th.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q5 Answer

S.K.Y. About half of all high ranking government officials and CEOs of major companies in Korea are graduates of SKY universities.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q6 Answer

FRESNO, California, home of KBIF 900AM Hmong Radio. Sacramento is the second largest. The majority of Hmong immigrants to California have settled between Fresno and Chico.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q7 Answer

SONY was one of the first Japanese companies to spell its name with Roman letters instead of kanji. “Sony” is a mix of the Latin “Sonus” and the slang “sonny boy,” a popular loan word at the time.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q8 Answer

The secret ingredient is sticky RICE, which results in a more compact and resilient binding material. Sticky rice mortar now is used to restore ancient Chinese buildings.…
🎙And that's all 4 rounds for our @TriviaWithBens for tonight, May 26th, hosted for @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!! Time to share your total score!

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Until next time: #KeepScienceSpicy!!!
Hello teams! Without Floyd around to help, we're not as quick with tallying scores. But without further delay, let's announce the Winners Circle for the May 26th @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night sponsored by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!!!
🎙️IN FIRST PLACE (25 points): Captain @tricialouiselee and Team Sula Sula defend their title AND notches their 4th🥇finish—the most of any team to date! Well done for our May 26th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm!🥇🥇🥇

🎙️IN SECOND PLACE (24 points): Team Snow Body Mongooses (Captain: @monsterbashseq) took a break last week but didn't miss a beat in their return. Well done for our May 26th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥈🥈🥈

🎙️IN THIRD PLACE TIE (22 points): Team N95'Sync (Captain: @JoseBilingue) has played all 9 games we've hosted to-date—thank you and well done for our May 26th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥉🥉🥉

🎙️IN THIRD PLACE TIE (22 points): Team Don Gibson (Captain: @DNAgibson) has been a frequent player but finally has chance to complete a game—well done for our May 26th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥉🥉🥉

🎙️IN FOURTH PLACE (20 points):Team Graduated Cylinderzzzz (Captain: @nnntennndooo) scored a perfect R1 and keeps their 4th place medal from last week—well done for our May 26th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅

IN FIFTH PLACE TIE (18 points): Team Mantooth (Captain: @mrmansell) stays in the Winners Circle (and makes a #Mulan reference)! Well done for our May 26th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅

IN FIFTH PLACE TIE (18 points): Team Pinky and the Brain (@beckyoskin @andyfell) brings up our Winners Circle for this week. Well done for our May 26th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅

Quick special mention to Team "Wear your f'ing face mask" (Captain: Dominic Gutierrez). They just missed out on the Winners Circle with 17 points, but we love their rotating team name this week and thank them for their 4th straight @TriviaWithBens participation! 🎙️🎙️🎙️
Thank you again to all paying @CapSciComm Professional/Student Members whose membership dues make our new @TriviaWithBens audio/video feed possible! We'll continue to improve the registration experience—please tell a friend about joining CapSciComm!
🎙️That's it for top scores for our May 26th game! Thanks to @mshybut @MikeCarri and all teams who played @TriviaWithBens last night—your happy laughs are why we'll keep hosting this event☺️☺️☺️

Until next week: #KeepScienceSpicy!🌶️🌶️🌶️
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