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This #AAPIHM & #MilitaryAppreciation month we recognize Frank Arceo, an immigration service officer at our Las Vegas field office. Frank knows his Pacific Island values and family’s history of military service has contributed to his career.
“My parents and grandparents instilled all the values that come with the Filipino, Hawaiian, Chamorro, Samoan cultures in me including respect (especially for elders), humility, service to others & our country, spirit of aloha, hard work & to protect our loved ones," said Frank
Frank says he brings these values to USCIS to serve others and protect our nation. "I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) vet, my son is in the military, my dad served in the Gulf War and my grandpas served in WW2 and the Korean wars."
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Thrilled to kick off our #AAPIHeritageMonth program with keynote speaker @chancellor_li from @UNOmaha to discuss the importance of community!

We are all from different families, cultures and backgrounds. The strength of an academic health center is in its diversity! Image
"This is a time of tragedy with recent hate crimes. This is also a time of opportunity. The more we can bring our communities together the better we can eliminate disparities. We are so lucky to have @chancellor_li's leadership!"

- Chancellor @jeffreypgold at #AAPIHeritageMonth Image
"With our 10,000 plus employees at @NebraskaMed, I am thrilled to celebrate #AAPIHM and to learn from our colleagues. Our culture is so important to our work in healthcare."

- @drjlinder CEO on the importance of diversity on our teams. Image
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🚨 JUST OUT: The 2022 STAATUS Index

Despite a new administration, attacks against our community continue to increase, reminding us that racism against #AsianAmericans is deeply embedded in US history, culture & institutions, and have been for over 150 years.

🧵 of some findings
1/ Compared to 2021, Americans in 2022 are nearly TWICE as likely to say that #AsianAmericans are at least partly responsible for #COVID19: 11% vs 21%
2/ Alarmingly, in 2022, 33% Americans believe that #AsianAmericans are MORE LOYAL to their country of origin than to the United States, up from 20% in 2021.

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🧵#AAPIHM Lesson #31: It's been a historic year. Over 6,600 anti-Asian hate incidents reported. But out of fear and violence, a new Asian American movement has taken hold led by people & organizations rising to take action. Let me share just some who have inspired me (1)
Even before infections were reported in the US @chinotronic was tracking the Yellow Peril rhetoric framing the epidemic and then the pandemic. His early documentation & other work w/ @18millionrising helped us prepare for what would happen in the US (2)
@StopAAPIHate started tracking & addressing anti-Asian hate w/ a multilingual reporting tool, data, and analysis. This work and advocacy have been essential in raising awareness throughout the pandemic and in advocating for change. (3)

Latest report here:…
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This month, we are excited to #PassThePlatform to @_projectlotus! Celebrate #AAPIHM and #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth by learning how you can get involved and ways to dismantle mental health stigma. Keeping reading to learn more: Image
Hi, we’re @_projectlotus! We’re excited to share our mission and the work that we’re doing to educate and empower Asian American communities, destigmatize mental health, and tackle the model minority myth. Check out to see our work!
While all communities care for mental health and face mental health problems, Asian Americans often deal with community-specific problems that exacerbate the issue, causing Asian Americans to be 3x less likely than white people to seek help.
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This 71-year-old Asian Latino man was bitten by a woman & dragged face-down on the pavement for his jade necklace.

He lost 7 teeth & now needs dental implants. He told me “I love Oakland but not anymore.”

#stopasianhate #aapihm #AAPI
Today he met with Carl Chan of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce who was attacked himself last month.

Carl is not only helping him w/services but encouraged him to speak out to encourage other Asians “not be afraid.”

#StopAAPIHate #StopAsianHate #AAPIHM
There was also a witness named Linda. She told me multiple cars drove around the 71 y/o’s body & NOBODY stopped.

The man is grateful for Linda saying she was a “Good Samaritan to me & I will forever be grateful to her.”

#StopAAPIHate #StopAsianHate
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What does it mean to belong somewhere? #APAHM
"That question of belonging is at the heart of our essay exploring how Asian Americans across generations navigate the balancing act of their identities and carve out a place for themselves in this country," writes Elaine Teng (@elteng12)… Image
Elaine and photographer Haruka Sakaguchi (@hsakagphoto) met with over a dozen families in the Atlanta area, the site of the deadliest anti-Asian hate crime in the last year, to ask what belonging means to them, and what their American Dream looks like.
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Today the media & community waited for Chesa Boudin outside Fanly Chen’s store in Chinatown

She was attacked & pepper sprayed after stopping a shoplifter

Chesa was supposedly going to visit

Critics say he appears w/AAPIs for “photo ops” so I asked...

1/4 #StopAsianHate #AAPI
Fanly her thoughts: “I don’t care about him use me…I just want to do the right thing”

So we waited. Chesa didn’t show. Ppl f/DA’s office did met w/Fanly tho

They came out & Fanly said something different: she didn’t expect Boudin today.

#StopAsianHate #AAPIHM

Nobody f/the DA’s office who met w/Fanly today wanted to talk.

This is what I emailed Chesa and his communications person shortly after I left the store.

I have yet to receive a response.

(3/4) #StopAAPIHate #AAPIHM
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"65% of reports of anti-Asian hate are against women.

Allyship is something for us to practice.

Report incidents to #StopAAPIHate and work on your allyship."

- @InclusiveComm Virtual Table talk with Krystal Vuong Wegner, Lorraine Chang, Sharon Ishii-Jordan, @mariaecorpuz
"We need to have a seat at the table so our voices are heard. "

- Lorraine Chang at @InclusiveComm Table Talk on the need for Asian American Pacific Islander voices to be included in elected office, leadership, diversity initiatives, etc.

"You can learn more about Japanese Americans by visiting this website - We have to work in a bipartisan fashion to stop anti-Asian hate crimes."

- Sharon Ishii-Jordan on #AAPIHM
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I teamed up with @comcast to share my recipe for a Maharashtrian Spiced Flattened Rice in celebration of #AAPIMonth. I ate this delicious dish all the time at home growing up in NY and in India when I visited.
Enjoy my rendition of Aulaki! Image
Vegan Aulaki:
1 c Flattened rice rinsed 5x, drained
1 russet🥔 peeled & diced
1 small red 🧅 diced
1-2 serrano chilies minced
1/2 fresh🍋
Handful fresh coriander chopped
1-2 tsp neutral oil
2 tbsp🥜
1/2 tsp hing
1 tsp Turmeric
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 c 🥥
Sev for garnish Image
1. Over medium heat, saute together onions, chilies, potato, peanuts, hing and salt in neutral oil until potatoes are fork tender (cover occasionally). Add in turmeric, sauce another 3-5 minutes.

@comcast #comcast #AAPIHeritageMonth #AAPI #AAPIHM
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Imagine a Native American community with a Disneyland-like resort built over their villages & ancestor's graves, made to do bastardizations of sacred dances, in 'sexy feather headresses' & entertain the rich tourists for starvation wages, 12 hrs a day 7 days a week 1/?
living sardine-packed 20-to-a-house. And then be arrested for speaking their own language. It'd be an outrage, right? But that's just everyday life, in US-colonized Hawaii. (2/?)
#AAPI #AAPIHeritageMonth
Yes, the language was banned, and in 2018 a Hawai'ian professor Kaleikoa Ka'eo was arrested for speaking Hawai'ian in court despite Hawai'ian *technically* being an officially recognized language.…
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𝗧𝗥𝗜𝗚𝗚𝗘𝗥 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚: after much discussion and debate, I am choosing to show you video I obtained from sources of the two Asian senior women were stabbed along Market Street this week.

This was not an easy decision.

Here is why:

(1/5) #StopAsianHate #AAPI
There always has to be a purpose to what is shown. To show context.

In this case my team and I felt like it was important to see what happened so you understand how serious this crime is— as you learn the previous criminal history of the suspect.

Takeaways f/the video:

You can see how calmly the suspect approaches

There are others in the area but the women are the clear targets.

A bystander rushed to help. More came shortly after.

I spoke to one yesterday who cradled Mrs. Fong while SFPD arrived (3/5) #AAPI
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Yes, exactly. The definition of "Taiwanese" or "Taiwanese American" is something that has continually evolved. I will attempt to unpack it a bit 🧵👇(but may oversimplify and make some mistakes, so pls correct me if ! do). Paging @TaiwaneseAm_org. #AAPI #AAPIHM
@TaiwaneseAm_org First, a generalization. People in Taiwan can largely be categorized into three groups:
@TaiwaneseAm_org The first group would be native/indigenous/aboriginal. People such as the Ami, Bunun, Kavalan. Roughly a dozen or so groups, who currently make up 2-3% of Taiwan's population.
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Excited to kick off #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth at @unmc @NebraskaMed with incredible panelists and thought leaders.

As we have learned in the last year, we all have much to learn about inclusion and it is helpful to approach with a sense of humility.

"The #AAPI community is critical to building our future.

All voices need to be heard in our community and our med center."

- Chancellor @jeffreypgold on #AAPIHeritageMonth
"I have had dear friendships with members of the #AAPI community since high school and college. We have so much to learn from our colleagues."

- @NebraskaMed CEO Dr. Jim Linder
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The grandson of one of the two women in their 60’s and 80’s— stabbed on Market yesterday gave me permission to share this photo.

She was stabbed in the arm and chest. I learned the other woman was stabbed in the back & has broken bones.

#StopAsianHate #AAPI Image
The grandson and his family have requested privacy during this time. I promise them I would learn as much as I could about their suspected perpetrator and his record.

More soon. (2/2)
#StopAsianHate #aapi
Here is the only real @gofundme the Eng family has set up.

Grandson Andrew says he doesn’t like asking for a handout but that his grandma really needs the support. I told him the community wants to help ❤️

#StopAsianHate #AAPIHM ImageImage
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𝗔𝘀𝗶𝗮𝗻 𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘁 𝗼𝘄𝗻𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝗝𝗮𝗽𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗼𝘄𝗻 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝘃𝗲𝘀 𝘄𝗵𝗼 𝗯𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝘃𝗲𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗹𝗲

Jeremy & Hudson of @PainaSF finished holding a self-defense class when they spotted the robbery in progress! (1/4)

The tourist family were from Chicago & on their way to the airport. Here is their luggage, which Hudson & Jeremy managed to save.

Jeremy told me break-ins happen ALL the time & most of their staff have had their cars broken into. One 9+ times!
Jeremy & Hudson have been so fed up about the attacks on Asians & crime in general they started a group called Asians Are Strong which promotes unity & being proactive not passive.

Here you see staff of @PainaSF when they hear the break-in happening outside. (3/4) #AAPIHM
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Once again, & because now more than ever, #AAPI must be fiercely proud of our heritage, I’ll be posting a thread, updated daily, for #AAPIHM .

My 2018 thread:…

2019 is here:

& 2020’s thread begins here:
For day 1 of the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month thread, I wrote a few years ago about the question we all hate, “where are you from?” #AAPIHM…
When I started this daily #AAPIHM thread a few years ago, I wanted to highlight people who had left a stitch or 2 in the fabric of American society, regardless of how or where. I hope that people can find value & inspiration in them like I have.
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Today is the start of Asian Pacific American Heritage month, and I ask you (everyone not just AAPIs) to do at least one action. It’s been a tough year for AAPIs. Hear Us, See Us for who we are. I made this #AAPIHeritageMonth guide with ideas to do. Please share. #APAHM (THREAD)
WATCH: I often get asked how to learn about AAPI history. I’ll admit I don’t know as much as I should too. Please set aside time to watch this PBS series on the history of Asian Americans. AAPI history is American history, for all of us to learn(2/20)…
READ: There are a lot of good books and people should recommend others. One that is really informative about Asian American history is Erika Lee’s THE MAKING OF ASIAN AMERICA (3/20)…
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Our diversity is our strength. The AAPI community has been a part of this Nation’s fabric since our founding, & the heritage, history & diversity of the 22 million AAPIs in the United States has made a lasting impression on American cultural and political life. #AAPIHeritageMonth
It is shameful and disturbing that some have used this pandemic as a pretext to act on hateful ideologies, which is why I signed a letter led by @SenDuckworth @maziehirono & @SenatorMenendez to President Trump stressing the importance of standing up to anti-Asian racism. #AAPIHM
I also cosponsored a resolution condemning the increasing discrimination against the AAPI community.

I stand in solidarity with the Asian-American & Pacific Islander community in PA and throughout our Nation who are experiencing discrimination. We must reject this kind of hate.
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Growing up as an adopted Asian American, I've always found difficulty making sense of my identity.

As #APAHM comes to a close, here is my attempt to articulate just that and what I’m doing about it – a thread.

#AAPI #AAPIHM @TwitterAsians #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth ImageImage
My name is Annie. A lot of people assume Wu is my last name when they find me on social media since it's @Annie_Wu_22.

My last name is actually Henry, which is the last name of my adoptive family. They chose to incorporate my Chinese last name as my middle name. ImageImage
I was adopted as a baby and haven't been back to Asia since. I was adopted into a white family in a VERY white town.

Growing up, I never felt different – even though I was usually one of the only non-white children. In fact, I don't even think I realized this most of the time. ImageImageImage
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🎙LIVE FROM #SACRAMENTO, it’s #science #trivia night! Welcome to @TriviaWithBens hosted for #CapSciCommLive🌶️! Follow the game here on Twitter (@CapSciComm Prof/Student Members gain call access:…). Tonight's theme: #AAPIHM [1/n]
🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules: No limit on how many people to a team—solo, with family/roommates, or virtually with friends! Come up with your team name and have a great time. Tweet selfies of your team all night long by tagging @TriviaWithBens and #CapSciCommLive 🌶️!
🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules for #CapSciCommLive 🌶️: We will score answers after each round. Y'all are on your honor to score your own sheets. No checking your phone/internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! This isn't a Google-contest 😂🧐…
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#tdih 1954 Decades of strategic planning and brave actions by students, teachers, principals, lawyers, and community members led to the historic SCOTUS #BrownvBoard ruling. See just a few of countless stories in thread below.…
The Brown v. Board ruling had a long history. For example, in 1848, African American Benjamin Roberts filed the first school desegregation suit after his daughter Sarah was barred from a "white school" in Boston, Massachusetts.…
#BrownvBoard Chinese American families in the Mississippi Delta petitioned against school segregation all the way to the Supreme Court. They lost in 1927 in Lum v. Rice. #AAPIHM…
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#OTD in 1882 President Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act into law. The law ostensibly barred “Chinese Laborers,” but the way the law was worded meant that almost all Chinese immigrants were barred from entering the United States. Image
It wasn't until 1965, a time in very recent memory, that China received a quota on par with the rest of the world. This discrepancy is highlighted in the April 1882 political cartoon from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, seen here. Image
Chinese immigrants are again a target for vilification during fears of Covid-19. Let us not be guided by fear again. #AAPIHM #immigrationlaw #standwithimmigrants #tenementmuseum #thisdayinhistory
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I apologize, but I won’t be doing a daily thread for #AAPIHM #AAPIHeritageMonth this year. With that said, I think I had 60 gems from the #AAPI community in the previous two Mays.
I changed my mind. I’ll commit to doing the daily thread after all, because there were so many worthy people I missed in the last 2 #AAPIHM threads.
Today for #AAPIHM: James Mukoyama was born in Chicago to a Japanese immigrant & a Japanese American who’d recently been released from internment at Manzanar. In 1986, at age 42, he became the US Army’s youngest general. Image
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