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The relationship between Florida & Disney started
in 1965 when Walt began buying up worthless swampland in what was then the middle of nowhere

Disney wanted land, power, and control and they wanted it cheap!… #disney #florida #reedycreek #politics #news
Wasn't just cuz Walt wanted to build another Theme-Park,

“Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”

Disney wanted to build a self-sustaining 'imagineered' city where folks would live, work & play under the auspices of Disney… #disney #epcot
So under that premise, the Florida Legislature let Disney have independent autonomy under the

Reedy Creek Improvement Zone

Where Disney would be its own county gov, run its own police, fire, sanitation, etc without any of that messy local political oversight #disney #florida
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#MoviesForKids 😍🎬

பெஸ்ட் மூவிஸ் டு வாட்ச் வித் ஃபேமிலி அண்ட் கிட்ஸ். நிறைய மூவீஸ் இருக்கு அதுலகொஞ்சம் #IMDb ரேட்டிங்வைஸ் குடுக்கப்பட்டிருக்கு. இதுல அதிகபட்சம் இங்லீஷ்ல தான்இருக்கு சோ! தமிழுக்கு டெலிகிராம் (அ) tamilyogi[dot]cafe siteல தேடிபாருங்க கிடைக்கும்.🍁

1 #TheLionKing 1994
8.5 Anmtn,Advnte,Drma,Music

2 #BackToTheFuture 1985
8.5 Advnte,Cmdy,Sci-Fi

3 #WALL·E 2008
8.4 Anmtn,Advnte,Rmnce,Sci-Fi

4 #Coco 2017
8.4 Anmtn,Advnte,Drma,Fntsy,Music,Mstry

5 #Up 2009
8.2 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Fmly

6 #FindingNemo 2003
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy
7 #HarryPotter Seires (2001-2011)
8.1 Advnte,Drma,Fntsy,Mstry

8 #JurassicPark 1993
8.1 Actn,Advnte,Sci-Fi,Thrllr

9 #Monsters,Inc. 2001
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Fmly,Fntsy

10 #StandByMe 1986
8.1 Advnte,Drma

11 #InsideOut 2015
8.1 Anmtn,Advnte,Cmdy,Drma,Fmly,Fntsy
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Extending from the recent #Mulan controversy, #Uyghur lawyer @RayhanAsat argues in this latest op-ed that the persecuted minority deserves a high-profile public figure who is willing to speak out against the repression against the #Uyghurs.…
"The mass atrocities against Uighurs have largely met with silence. It is hard to tell whether this is due to a lack of understanding or fear of retribution. 2020 marks four continuous years of devastating persecution of millions of Uighur men, women and children."
"Those who value freedom in the world should not ignore what is happening as our families are torn apart and innocent people are persecuted. The walls of internment camps may not look like the Berlin Wall,...
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Tras un debate con @cronocine sobre si los datos de taquilla de #Tenet son un indicador de un éxito o un fracaso, he decidido compararlos con los datos de #Mulan teniendo en cuenta la evolución de las votaciones de IMDb #TenetvsMulan [abro hilo] ...
El procedimiento que he seguido para realizar esta comparación es el que expliqué en el siguiente artículo de mi blog, donde expliqué que los datos de IMDb pueden ser un buen indicador del éxito o fracaso de una película en taquilla (entre otras cosas).…
Si comparo el número de votaciones en IMDb #TenetvsMulan se observa que el número de visualizaciones de Mulan en los primeros días era superior, algo normal teniendo en cuenta que los cines tienen el número de espectadores limitados.…
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take your place, Mulan

#mulanfanart #mulan Image
aqui tem outros desenhos meus se alguém quiser ver 💕…
me sigam no instagram, tô sempre postando meus desenhos lá também 💗

aqui o link ImageImage
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It doesn’t matter when, where, what context, I will always always always always recommend Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜. Just the best damn thing.
I made a list of c dramas (Nirvana in Fire and more) that you could be watching instead of #Mulan:…

h/t and cc. @witchywonderer @ourobororoboruo @rzhongnotes in case there's more to add to the list (let's be honest I just like talking about drama)
I have a work call at 8am and it is now 4am and I am awake because I stayed up to watch and savour new episodes of Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿, that is my devotion to drama
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Already watched #Mulan. Jadi gini :
Kalo lu kecewa abis nonton #Mulan, brati lu tlalu byk berekspektasi. Tp karna gw dari awal udah gak naruh ekspektasi tinggi, jadi pas nonton ya gak kecewa2 bgt.

Ibarat ni film kek lu makan ikan asin + sayur asem tapi gak ada sambel, HAMPA.
Gw mencoba nonton #Mulan live action ini sebagai separate identity dari #Mulan animasi. Berusaha meyakinkan diri kalo #Mulan live action ini adl #Mulan yg harus ditonton berbeda dari versi animasi.
Secara Mulan bagian dr childhood gw.
Yang paling gw KZL adl mereka ngilangin karakter Captain Li Shang! Like wtf men, dia ini adl karakter yg penting banget dlm perjalanannya hidupnya Mulan as Mulan Love-Interest.

Dan lu tau gasi sebenernya Capt. Li Shang itu “suspiciously” karakter Disney Prince yg Bisexual? 😜 Image
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Going to work off the horror of reading @XiranJayZhao's live-tweeting of #Mulan by watching the animated version with my husband. He said he's never actually seen it, and I was like

I remember watching Mulan II as a kid and thinking it really wasn’t great, but now I think about what I’m hearing about live-action #Mulan and it’s like “maybe I’ll just watch Mulan II again”
Looking back, I think I was actually really excited when I first heard that they were going to make a live-action #Mulan, and then I think it all started going downhill from the moment they announced they were going to cut out all the songs
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OK so I got it off my chest in the podcast to come this week, but here’s my take for how I’d have made #Mulan the remake we deserved.

First: Cast a big woman. 6‘, cut like jade, looks like she was born to fight. Liu Yifei handles herself fine, but this ain’t a princess movie.
Disney clearly didn’t want to make a straight comedy—this is a war movie, action/drama—so lean into it. Give us a Mulan who’s “different” not because she’s a pixie tomboy scamp, but because she’s bigger than the boys in the village, and can kick all their asses in an even fight.
Her dad approves of his heroic daughter and teaches her to fight. Her mom does not. We’ll make Mulan’s younger sister a mama’s girl and her petite, girlish rival—Sansa to her Arya. The two fight and mock each other, but when the chips are down, they have each other’s backs.
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Okay let’s get down to business

#Mulan Image
It’s clear that the hordes’ ability to run directly up vertical walls is what made the Great Wall irrelevant #Mulan
Jason Scott Lee can still get it #Mulan ImageImage
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If #Mulan wasnt going to stick to the source material in the first place, they needn't have cut Mushu out ""for authenticity""
Every soldier has his hair up in a bun but Mulan letting it down somehow reveals her secret? Disney, please. Do better.
I prefer the original #Mulan by far
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#Mulan is a Xianbei girl from Northern China & a Northern Chinese folklore. Why would she lived in a tulou like a Hakka (Khek/客家) people in Fujian? 😂

Hakka lived in this walled village because they‘ve been persecuted & have so much conflicts as an immigrant to Southern China. Image
When Disney decided to make #Mulan as another musical live-action in order to make it look serious, at least make it historically accurate or AT LEAST make it non-fiction.

Don’t add up ridiculous fictional elements like OP witches & inaccurate usage of ‘qi’.
They made #Mulan born with some sort of power like a ‘chosen one’ as if she’s a Jedi or Harry Potter 😂 it would be great if they’d just potray Mulan as a hard-working person who works her own way to become a warrior. Not someone who just born with it.
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I’m only 10 minutes to #Mulan and I already smell the scent of Western cliches
Exactly 💀 they probably used qi because it sounds fancy & give 0 shit about the context
“You must hide your chi!”, who are you? Chinese Elsa? 😂 as if chi works that way Image
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ALL RIGHT YOU GUYS READY TO WATCH ME LOSE MY MARBLES FOR 2 HOURS?? (but less because i watch on double speed). Livetweeting #Mulan, the thread:
why are you telling this to your ancestors i'm already confused
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So I'm watching #Mulan and I'm going to livetweet this because I'm literally 1 minute in and I already made a "the fuck is this?" face at my TV.
For context: I'm a first generation immigrant, my family is from the mainland (Shanghai, specifically), and I was benignly fond of the original Mulan. It wasn't important to me and it didn't particularly "speak" to me or my culture.
Anyway, major #spoilers for a movie that is a cash grab remake that does not need to exist or whatever.
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For all it’s baggage and issues, I greatly enjoyed #Mulan. And hands down, it’s definitely the BEST @DisneyStudios live action remake thus far.
Also if you haven’t yet checked it out, I would recommend @nancywyuen’s review of #Mulan…
Here’s an additional piece critiquing the issues w Mulan’s story
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Worth remembering, #Mulan is based on a Xianbei (proto-Mongol/proto-Turkic) heroine, who lived in North China when it was ruled by a dynasty of nomadic origin around the 5th c AD. Here's a 5th-c figurine of a Xianbei woman, known in history for their bravery and love of freedom.
In Mulan's times, or the Northern dynasties, women in armor and cavalry were not uncommon. Good at archery on horseback, Lady Pan (6th c), the wife of a Tibetan (Di) general, is said to fight side by side with her husband on the battlefield, thus gaining an epithet "General Pan."
Following these daring exemplars, Chinese women in the succeeding Tang dynasty (618-906) pursued greater freedom&power, testified to by numerous representations of women dressing themselves in men's fashion, playing polo, hunting, and by the reign of the female emperor Wu Zetian.
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In 3 days, #BoycottMulan. Disney's #Mulan actress supports #HongKong #PoliceBrutality and fought against freedom as a US citizen.

WATCH this new alternative trailer on Hong Kong's #FightForFreedom. Check out this thread for the stories behind the source videos #StandWithHongKong
First, context for why we are calling for #BoycottMulan.

Chinese actress #LiuYifei, a naturalised US citizen who enjoys freedom and democracy, supports #HongKong #PoliceBrutality in a social post.

#FightForFreedom #StandWithHongKong…
One of the first videos is the "Thin Yellow Line" by @SCMPNews. It's a citizen-led initiative to form human barriers during 2019 #HongKongProtests to protect young protesters. It won the prestigious 2020 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize:…
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🎬1. Sobre lo de #Mulan. 21.99€ es un precio entendible dadas las circunstancias. Y España como país ha dejado a Disney con pocas alternativas dados los repuntes.

Puede no gustaros, pero Hollywood va a seguir tirando por esta vía en los próximos años.
🎬2. Entiendo el alboroto, pero ya cuando se habló sobre Screening Room se leían estas reacciones. Tengo algo claro: muchas familias aplaudirán tener acceso a una de las películas más esperadas del año en un momento en el que salir de casa se hace más difícil.
🎬3. 21.99€ para una familia de tres sale a 7.33€ por cabeza. Sin desplazamiento y sin pagar palomitas desorbitadas de precio. No es lo mismo que una sala de cine, EVIDENTEMENTE, y Disney lo sabe.

Por eso el precio es alto. Considera también que la demanda será menor.
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I’m going to rant about @DisneyStudios and @disneyplus’s decision to offer #Mulan for viewing at home, as a one-time rental, for $30, at a time when 30 million Americans are out of work, schools are closed, and parents have to keep their kids home for their health. Shame. Shame.
I don’t pretend to understand the “thinking” that went into @disneyplus setting a rental price of $30 for #Mulan, but here’s my guess: $30 is what @DisneyStudios imagines a “typical family of four” would pay for movie theater tickets on discount.
For a company that charges around $400 a day for a family of four to visit their theme park, $30 for a two-hour movie probably seems like a ridiculous bargain, right, @WaltDisneyCo?
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En noviembre del 2020 tendremos #DisneyPlus en Latinoamérica!!!!!

#Marvel #MarvelPodcast
peeeero.... no tendremos trailer de #Eternals posiblemente hasta el estreno de #Blackwidow
ATENCION!! #Mulan se estrenara en VOD por la modica suma de U$S 30 (?).... y si es un exito... Posiblemente #BlackWidow siga el mismo camino
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E lá vamos nós de novo (pela milésima vez)! ⚔️

Segundo o @THR, o @DisneyStudios adiou indefinidamente a estreia de #Mulan.

Devido à pandemia, o filme foi adiado de Março para Julho, e depois para Agosto.

Ainda não se sabe qual será o destino da produção.
Outras mudanças no calendário (EUA):

▪️ The Personal History of David Copperfield estreia em 28/08/2020;
▪️ Morte no Nilo estreia em 23/10/2020;
▪️ The Empty Man estreia em 04/12/2020;
▪️ Espíritos Obscuros estreia em 19/02/2021;
▪️ O Último Duelo estreia em 15/10/2021;
▪️A Crônica Francesa também adiado indefinidamente;
▪️ Sequências de Avatar estrearão em Dezembro de anos pares (2022, 2024, 2026 e 2028)
▪️ Novos filmes de Star Wars estrearão em Dezembro dos anos ímpares (2023, 2025 e 2027);
▪️ Live-action Sem Título da Disney em 17/12/2021.
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You don't say.

China investing $1.4T in "next-generation technologies as it seeks to catapult the communist nation ahead of the U.S. in critical areas. ... Beijing seeks a global edge in construction of superfast cellular networks known as #5G."…
You don’t say.

CCP General Secretary Xi “warned [US firms] they could be wounded in a trade war if they failed. ‘In the West you have the notion that if somebody hits you on the left cheek, you turn the other cheek. ... In our culture, we punch back.’”…
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🎙LIVE FROM #SACRAMENTO, it’s #science #trivia night! Welcome to @TriviaWithBens hosted for #CapSciCommLive🌶️! Follow the game here on Twitter (@CapSciComm Prof/Student Members gain call access:…). Tonight's theme: #AAPIHM [1/n]
🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules: No limit on how many people to a team—solo, with family/roommates, or virtually with friends! Come up with your team name and have a great time. Tweet selfies of your team all night long by tagging @TriviaWithBens and #CapSciCommLive 🌶️!
🎙@TriviaWithBens Rules for #CapSciCommLive 🌶️: We will score answers after each round. Y'all are on your honor to score your own sheets. No checking your phone/internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! This isn't a Google-contest 😂🧐…
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