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Round 1 starts now!…
R1 Q1

HIGHER EDUCATION: The “Research Triangle” is anchored by three universities: Duke University, the University of North Carolina, and what third University?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q2

BOOKS: In “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the abbreviation HAL is for Heuristically Programmed ALgorithmic Computer. An apocryphal explanation for the abbreviation is that it is one step ahead of which real-life tech company?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q3

CORPORATIONS: What is the name of the Indian Conglomerate founded in 1868 that holds eponymous companies in chemicals, communications, consumer products and motor vehicles?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q4

COOKING: What is the name of the cooking method that occurs in a water-based liquid that is warmer than “sous vide,” but is cooler than “simmering”?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q5

PHYSICS: The Crocker Nuclear Laboratory and its Cyclotron particle accelerator are housed in which Northern California city?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q6

LINGUISTICS: Malagasy is the national language of which island country?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q7

PARKS AND REC: This June, the city of Florence, Oregon, opened a new coastal park commemorating a 1970 event in which state authorities caused a spectacular explosion. What did they blow up?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R1 Q8

SOFTWARE: The current default web browser software for Microsoft Windows is called Microsoft Edge. What was its predecessor called?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 1 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 1 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q1 Answer

NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY. @NCState is the largest university in the Carolinas. The Research Triangle is named after the Research Triangle Park, the largest research park in the United States. Go Wolfpack!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q2 Answer

The letter after “H” is “I”, the letter after “A” is “B”, and the letter after “L” is “M”. The company is IBM.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q3 Answer

The TATA Group. Last year the conglomerate had revenues of $113 billion and employed over 700,000 people.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q4 Answer

POACHING occurs between 70–85 °C, suitable for delicate foods. Poached eggs are cooked in water and vinegar, fish in white wine, poultry in stock, and fruit in red wine. The liquid used for poaching is typically called a cuisson.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q5 Answer

The Crocker Nuclear Lab and its Cyclotron are located in DAVIS. We toured this @UCDavis facility as a CapSciComm field trip in 2017!…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q6 Answer

Malagasy is spoken on the island nation of MADAGASCAR. The term also refers to the people of that island.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q7 Answer

The new park’s name is Exploding WHALE Memorial Park, after the infamous incident in which a dead 8-ton sperm whale on the beach was blown up with explosives. @rayadverb with the story:…
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R1 Q8 Answer

The browser software that @MicrosoftEdge replaced was INTERNET EXPLORER, first shipped with Windows in 1995. Amazingly, IE was once the most widely used web browser, at about 95% usage by 2003.
🎙Good job on Round 1, everyone! Round 2 questions coming up! You're playing @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R2 Q1

ZOOLOGY: A tapir is what type of animal?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q2

ANATOMY: Tarsal bones—that’s spelled TARSAL— are found in what part of your body?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q3

SOCIAL MEDIA: A new hashtag began circulating in June to call attention to the discrimination and biases that Black scientists have long faced in the towers of academia. What is this hashtag?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q4

BOOZE: It is Brazil’s most common spirit, Cachaça is a sweet, fruity liquor made from the juice of what plant?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q5

Inventors: In 1902, the first modern electrical air conditioner was used to reduce temperature and humidity of air that interfered with quality control in the printing industry. What company grew out of this invention?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q6

UNCLES: This uncle of an American president was the director of the MIT High Voltage Research Laboratory, where he pioneered rotation therapy for cancer tumors with selective protection of adjacent healthy tissue. What is his last name?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q7

FOOD: Textured Vegetable Protein, a byproduct of soybean oil processing, was invented in the 1960s as a ground meat substitute by Archer Daniels Midland. What Federal program for children began using it in 1971?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R2 Q8

INVENTORS: Clarence Frank Birdseye II is considered to be the founder of the modern frozen food industry. His first freezing patent was designed to freeze which type of food?

Concentrated Orange Juice

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 2 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 2 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q1 Answer

Tapirs are MAMMALS. They’re hog-sized, hoofed mammals with a funny short trunk for a nose, found in South America and Southeast Asia.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q2 Answer

Tarsal bones are a set of bones in your FEET, from the midfoot to your heel.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q3 Answer

BLACK IN THE IVORY. Follow #BlackInTheIvory hashtag to grow your understanding of the prejudices and biases facing Black scientists and students in academia.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q4 Answer

Cachaça is made from SUGARCANE juice. It is the key ingredient in the Caipirinha, nicknamed Brazil’s national cocktail.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q5 Answer

Willis H. Carrier’s air conditioner led to founding of the @CARRIER Corporation, which manufactures HVAC systems, commercial refrigeration and foodservice equipment, and fire and security technologies.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q6 Answer

MIT Professor John George TRUMP was posthumously presented with the National Medal of Science in 1985. He also worked on radar defense in World War II and sewage sludge disinfection with energized electrons in the 1970s.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q7 Answer

The USDA allowed TVP to be used as a 30% blend with ground meat in the National SCHOOL LUNCH Program. TVP is cheaper than meat, can be in dry storage for a year, and can absorb nutrients lost from meat in the cooking process.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R2 Q8 Answer

@Birdseye fished with the Inuit in -40°C weather, and noticed the fish that froze at that temperature tasted much better than fish frozen at warmer temperatures. His 1925 double belt freezer froze (D) FISH quickly!.
🎙Good job on Round 2, everyone! We’ll take a 10 minute intermission. See you back here at 8:15pm for Round 3 and 4. You're playing @TriviaWithBens hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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🎙Welcome back to @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!! We're going to get started with Round 3 questions shortly!…
R3 Q1

GOVERNMENT: The Rural Electrification Administration, now the Rural Utility Service, provided loans for the installation of electrical distribution systems to serve isolated rural areas of the United States. Which President created it?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q2

EVOLUTION: In 1925, this school teacher was charged in Tennessee with violating a state law that prohibited teaching the theory of evolution. What was his name?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q3

DISASTERS: The Union Carbide Company created the world’s largest industrial disaster when in 1984 one of its plants exposed over 500,000 people to methyl isocyanate gas, killing 3,787. In which Asian country did this occur?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q4

FIREWORKS: A firework’s color is based on the salt that is added to the explosive mixture. The addition of sodium nitrate creates what color in fireworks?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q5

SPORTS: Known in Chinese traditional medicine as Ma Huang, this plant-derived substance made national news in the early 2000’s, when its misuse was linked to the deaths of a NFL player and a MLB pitcher. Name this substance.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q6

MOVIES: You remember Happy Feet as the 2006 movie about dancing penguins, but the same director also made Lorenzo’s Oil, a medical drama about the disease adrenoleukodystrophy, AND he also made the Mad Max series. Name this director.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q7

CHEMISTRY: Element 98 is a radioactive element partly named after this famous scientist who died on July 4th, 1934. Name this element.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R3 Q8

GEOGRAPHY: Ross University School of Medicine is located in Bridgetown, which is also the capital city of this Caribbean nation. Name the country.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 3 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 3 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q1 Answer

The REA was part of the President FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT’s New Deal, created in 1936. In 1934, only 11% of US farms had electricity; by 1952, nearly all farms had it.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q2 Answer

John Thomas SCOPES. The case was argued by three-time presidential candidate William Jennings Bryant and famed defense attorney Clarence Darrow. The trail was fictionalized into the 1955 play and 1960 movie “Inherit the Wind.”
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q3 Answer

Bhopal, INDIA. UCC CEO Warren Anderson refused to answer to homicide charges and remained a fugitive from India's courts until his death in 2014. The U.S. denied several extradition requests.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q4 Answer

Like sodium vapor streetlights, sodium nitrate creates YELLOW fireworks. Sodium nitrate fireworks are relatively harmless, but chemists continue to work on making colorful, non-toxic fireworks.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q5 Answer

This was EPHEDRA, made from the plant Ephedra sinica. The plant species has a long history in Chinese traditional medicine.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q6 Answer

The director of Happy Feet and Lorenzo’s Oil directed all of the Mad Max films, including Mad Max: Fury Road. And the movie 1995 film Babe. And he is a trained physician. We're talking about Aussie director GEORGE MILLER.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q7 Answer

Element 98 is CURIUM, named after Maria Skłodowska Curie, who died July 4th, 1934, and her husband Pierre Curie, who died much earlier in 1906. Curium was first intentionally produced and identified in July 1944 at UC Berkeley.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R3 Q8 Answer

Bridgetown is the capital of BARBADOS. @RossMedSchool moved to Barbados in 2019, after being located on a different island nation, Dominica, since 1978, until Hurricane Maria disrupted operations in 2017.
🎙Good job on Round 3, everyone! Round 4 questions coming up! You're playing @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night hosted for #CapSciCommLive.

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R4 Q1

AGRICULTURE: Sericulture is the production of what?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q2

BOOKS: The Bearded Lady Project is a film and photography exhibition and a new book depicting women scientists wearing fake mustaches, often in field settings, as a commentary on this technical field. Name this field.

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q3

FASHION: Known worldwide for its crocodile logo, the fashion company Lacoste originally created shirts for what sport in the 1920’s?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q4

PSYCHOLOGY: Sigmund Freud proposed the Oedipus Complex to describe how boys feel about their mothers. What is the corollary term, proposed by Carl Jung, describing how girls feel about their fathers?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q5

METALLURGY: Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. What third element must be added to create stainless steel?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q6

SYMBOLS: In 1966, The Dow Chemical Company developed a “memorable but meaningless” trefoil symbol that can be drawn with a compass and straightedge to indicate what particular health risk?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q7

SPACE: From 1966 to 1968, NASA launched seven unmanned spacecraft to the surface of the Moon to demonstrate the feasibility of soft landings. What was the name of this program?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
R4 Q8

SPORTS: Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile as a junior doctor at a track meet in Oxford in 1954. Which system of the human body did he go on to study?

#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens
🎙That's it for Round 4 for our @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night presented by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive ! Take 5 minutes to clean up your answers. Round 4 Answers coming up!!!
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q1 Answer

Sericulture is the production of SILK, through the cultivation of silkworms.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q2 Answer

PALEONTOLOGY. Fighting popular perceptions of the bearded, male paleontologist, this #WomenInSTEM project began as a photography and film project, and now a book published May 2020.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q3 Answer

“The Crocodile” was the nickname for French TENNIS star René @Lacoste (b. July 2, 1904), who wanted to invent a more comfortable playing shirt. He first wore it at the 1926 U.S. Open. He also invented the steel-tube tennis racquet.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q4 Answer

Jung proposed the ELECTRA COMPLEX. Electra was a daughter of Agamemnon in the Greek myths who avenged his murder by killing her mother. Freud dismissed Jung’s term as inaccurate.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q5 Answer

Stainless steel must contain at least 10.5% CHROMIUM. The Cloud Gate in Chicago (also called The Bean) and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis are both made from stainless steel.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q6 Answer

The BIOLOGICAL HAZARD or BIOHAZARD symbol was selected from a set of 40 symbols drawn up by Dow artists for its immediacy, uniqueness, recall, ease of drawing, symmetry, and universal acceptability.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q7 Answer

The SURVEYOR program. Five of the Surveyor craft made successful landings. A piece of Surveyor-3 was recovered by the Apollo 12 crew and is now in the Smithsonian.
#CapSciCommLive @TriviaWithBens

R4 Q8 Answer

Sir Roger Bannister practiced medicine in the field of neurology. He published over 80 papers, mostly concerned with the autonomic NERVOUS SYSTEM, cardiovascular physiology, and multiple system atrophy.
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Until next time: #KeepScienceSpicy!!!
It was so good to see everyone's smiling faces and funky dance moves last night!! Let's announce the Winners Circle for the July 7th @TriviaWithBens Virtual Trivia Night sponsored by @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive!!!
Scoring Notes: We did not accept "#BlackInSTEM" for R2Q3, nor did we accept "Ephedrine" for R3Q5. We gave a point for "Geology" for R4Q2. And again, we infamously goofed on R3Q7, although you all got "Curium" anyway for Element 96—good job to all there! #CapSciCommLive
🎙️IN FIRST PLACE (24 points): Snow Body Mongooses (Captain: @monsterbashseq) notch their fifth-ever 1st place!!! Only team to get yellow, ephedra, Surveyor—well done for our July 7th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm!🥇🥇🥇

🎙️IN SECOND PLACE (19 points): Team Graduated Cylinderzzzz (Captain: @nnntennndooo) grabs silver. One of two teams to get "sericulture" and "Chromium"—well done for our July 7th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥈🥈🥈

🎙️IN THIRD PLACE (18 points): Team Pinky and the Brain, once again an amazing solo effort by @andyfell! One of two teams to get R2Q7 and "biohazard"—well done for our July 7th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm! 🥉🥉🥉

🎙️IN FOURTH PLACE (17 points): Team Ensifera ensifera (Captain: @tricialouiselee) hums along for another Winners Circle appearance. Only team to get "Barbados"—well done for our July 7th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅

IN FIFTH PLACE (15 points): Team N95'Sync (Captain: @JoseBilingue) has played all 12 games we've ever hosted!!! Well done for our July 7th @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🏅🏅🏅

🎙️That's it for top scores for our July 7th game! Thanks again to all new and returning teams for joining @TriviaWithBens last night—we'll keep hosting if you keep laughing!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾again to @CapSciComm for providing our live video feed.

Until next time: #KeepScienceSpicy!🌶️🌶️🌶️
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